Xbox FPS Boost for Series X/S Consoles Is the Real Deal

by in General | Mar, 19th 2021

Xbox FPS Boost is an astonishing new feature for Series X/S consoles and is definitely worth talking about. But what is it, really? Well, the title itself is pretty self-explanatory: this feature boosts the performance of last-gen titles. And we’re not talking about any marketing hogwash either — it’s the real deal and can easily be the difference between “barely playable” and “extremely enjoyable.”

Back when it was first announced in mid-February, it seemed like an ingenious move from Microsoft. Their commitment to backwards compatibility has always been commendable (to say the least), but this has definitely taken things to a whole ‘nother level. The hardware both Series S and Series X consoles pack underneath the hood is nothing to scoff at, and they’re more than capable of running last-gen titles without breaking a sweat.

Still, most of those titles never ran all that well back in the day, and were basically always capped at 30 FPS. Heck, certain games even struggled to maintain a constant thirty frames per second which resulted in quite a dreadful gaming experience.

Enter Xbox FPS Boost.

Developed by Microsoft’s backwards compatibility team, this feature employs a bit of tech wizardry to double (and sometimes even quadruple) original frame rates on “select titles.” The difference between 30 FPS and a constant 60 FPS is like night and day, and this is especially true for fast-paced shooters and action adventures. Developers can now update their older titles and harness the true power of next-gen consoles — unshackled from the hardware limitations of yore! It’s a win-win, basically. Gamers can now play their old favorites and enjoy them in a wholly new light or, even better, experience them for the very first time the way they’re supposed to be experienced: in glorious sixty frames per second (if not higher) and at 1080p+ resolutions.

The list of titles that currently support Xbox FPS Boost is as follows: Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, Watch Dogs 2, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Prey. The five Bethesda titles listed at the end all support this brand-new feature regardless if you bought them on the Xbox Game Store or if you got them through Xbox Game Pass!

This list will only get bigger and bigger as time goes on, so stay tuned for more information!

More Than Just Higher FPS

Higher frame rates are amazing — on this we can all agree — but they’re just one half of this equation: shorter loading times are perhaps equally as important. One of the biggest issues with last-gen consoles was their slow storage — we’re talking mechanical hard drives running at 5400 rpm. That’s about as “ancient” as it gets!

Long loading times are always a huge point of frustration, and that’s especially true if you’re playing a game that pushes you to experiment, roam around, and explore as much as possible. That’s when loading times go from being a nuisance to a full-blown dealbreaker. Fortunately, Xbox FPS Boost solves that as well. Take Dishonored, for example. On Xbox One S it takes between 30 and 50 seconds to load, depending on the area; with Xbox FPS Boost, however, things load in less than two and a half seconds. That’s about as mind-blowing a difference as possible!

For a more detailed breakdown, make sure to watch the following video, courtesy of Digital Foundry!

Xbox — The Place to Be

In most parts of the world, Xbox was never synonymous with a good gaming experience — Microsoft’s consoles paled in comparison to whatever Sony had to offer. But as the years went on, Microsoft decided to shift their focus bit by bit. Now, in 2021, an Xbox is more of a multimedia machine that just so happens to be a beastly gaming rig as well.

And with Xbox FPS Boost and Xbox Game Pass — undoubtedly the best deal in gaming right now — it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore what this venerable Redmond-based tech giant has to offer.


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