Fortnite Battle Pass – Is it Worth it?

by in Fortnite | Jul, 3rd 2018

Since the launch of Fortnite and the battle pass people have been asking is the Fortnite Battle Pass worth its asking price? And I’m here to tell you yes, it’s worth it because of how much benefits that you receive from purchasing it.

In this blog, I will go into detail on the items you will receive from the battle pass, how it virtually pays for itself, the challenges that you can complete, and the cross-platform use of the battle pass.

Buying the Battle Pass

There are two types of the battle pass that you can purchase in Fortnite. The first one is the generic battle pass that costs 950 v-bucks, and the second version is called the battle bundle that costs 2,800 v-bucks. The difference between the two is that the battle bundle unlocks the next 25 tiers for you at a 40% discount. The battle bundle can be beneficial if you don’t have a lot of time left in the season or you know you won’t be able to play as much that season and still want a chance to unlock all the items.

According to Epic Games, it typically takes 75 to 150 hours of play to unlock all 100 rewards of the battle pass. You can also buy tiers for 150 v-bucks each.

The Items of the Fortnite Battle Pass

The most important part of the Fortnite battle pass are the items that you will earn. Every new tier that you complete will come with an award, whether it is a skin, dance, spray, experience point boost, v-bucks and much more. These items are worth over 25,000 v-bucks according to Epic Games.

While you can still earn some items for free, the items that you will receive from the battle pass are simply better in my own opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone run up to me during a 50v50 match and start to dance. And its usually the dances you see from the battle pass like ‘Hype’ or ‘Groove Jam.’

In the photo gallery below you will see all the items that you can earn from the free tier and the battle pass tier list.


The Battle Pass Pays for Itself

Like the title of this section says, the battle pass will pay for itself if you save your v-bucks earned. During Season 4 you will have the chance to gain 1,500 v-bucks if you can complete the entire battle pass tier list and up to level 34 on the free tier list.

The battle pass will grant you 1,300 of the 1,500 v-bucks that you can earn in a season. If you are smart with your v-bucks and choose not to spend them, then the next season will be completely free. While, I understand the store can be very tempting with the new skins being released, but it’d be in your best interest to not spend your earned v-bucks. You will make that $10 that you paid to buy the initial battle pass last a lot longer if you save your v-bucks.

The Challenges

The second significant part of the battle pass are the challenges that you get weekly. Every week during the battle pass there will be new weekly challenges. If you can complete the required challenges, then you will earn 40 stars that will help you move up the battle pass tier. Each tier requires ten stars.

There will be seven challenges in each of the weekly challenges, with four of them being worth five stars and three being worth ten stars. While some of these challenges can seem tough to complete, the whole list can be completed in a couple of hours if you focus directly on the challenges and not so much winning every match you play.

There are also daily challenges that you can complete that will give you five stars and 500 XP to help you advance in the battle pass tiers.

If you have completed the 100 tiers of the battle pass, but you aren’t at level 100 for the season, then the weekly challenges will reward you with XP. The five-star challenges go to 500 XP, and the 10-star challenges go to 1,000 XP.

Cross-Platform Use

An extra benefit to the battle pass is that it works across multiple platforms if you log in under the same account. This will allow you to level up your battle pass tier whether you are on console, pc or mobile. I know this became beneficial for me personally because I’m a console player, but I have played multiple matches on PC too, and it has helped me reach level 100 before the end of the season.


In my eyes, the battle pass is worth its asking price of 950 v-bucks in Fortnite. Just the fact that you can essentially pay $10 once and earn enough v-bucks to pay for the next season by just playing the game. The battle pass can pay for itself!


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