Why People Like Ninja So Much

by in Entertainment | Jul, 30th 2018

If you’re one of the millions of players who have become immersed into the massive Fortnite community after it became one of the most popular games ever created, then you’ll know about Ninja, the ruler of the Fortnite Twitch community.

He’s known for his insane Fortnite mechanics, the trademark hair, and the huge numbers he pulls in per stream. It’s not uncommon to see him rise up to almost one hundred thousand viewers when something big is happening.

In fact, you could even say he’s the one responsible for killing out the League of Legends community after their player base went from averaging one hundred thousand viewers to barely over sixty thousand.

But why? Why do people like Ninja so much? What has he done that has caused him to bring in huge numbers every day? Why does he have so much popularity that he can stream with top class celebrities and even be featured on major news anchors?

The answers are actually quite simple given the complexity of the question. He was there when no one else was. In this article, we’ll be talking about how he got to where he is, aspects that he uses to keep his viewership numbers intact, and ultimately, why people like him so much. Let’s get started!

Ninja Pioneered the Way

I’m sorry to say, but Ninja doesn’t actually have too much that’s special to him, streamer-wise. He brings in large numbers, that’s for sure, but he certainly doesn’t interact with them as much as other major streamers do.

He still thanks people for subscribing and reads out donations, occasionally giving out advice to those who ask for help, but it doesn’t feel like a personal experience since one, Ninja has to deal with more than forty thousand people every day and two, he focuses more on the game than the stream which isn’t actually bad.

The people came to watch him play Fortnite, not for him to talk with the viewers about their problems or everyday life. That’s why Ninja has garnered so many viewers in such a short period. When he was a smaller streamer, averaging incredibly smaller numbers than before, he was still playing Fortnite.

So, reasonably, when the game blew up, and everyone started heading over to Fortnite’s Twitch channel to watch gameplay and see how the professionals played the game, Ninja was the first one there with a decently sized following and skills that were unmatched at the time.

Plus, with the Fortnite fandom quickly exploding into the hundreds of millions, Ninja was the one pioneering everything. He was the one professional out there when the community was full of amateurs.

Ninja was the person who everyone watched at the beginning to learn how to get better. They watched him to see how he won the matches, how he was able to shoot so far, and how he continuously got the victory royales.

Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that made him such a versatile and awe-inspiring streamer. He has thousands of Twitch highlights showcasing his trick-shots and abilities to make plays whenever the pressure is on.

Even to this day, Ninja is regarded as one of the bests despite there being an influx in new players coming onto the scene. He continuously revolutionizes the game and brings about new aspects of the field that we ourselves didn’t know until he made it known.

Simply put, Ninja was there first, and he was the person people went to so that they could immerse themselves in the Fortnite fandom that was completely taking the video game industry by storm. He was the person that everyone watched and to this day, still watch.

In fact, you could say that Ninja is the face of Fortnite, with all that he does for the game. Whenever people think of Fortnite, people think of Ninja, and this isn’t just community-wide, Ninja is associated nationally.

He Constantly Innovates

Most professional streamers continuously add new elements to their stream to keep it exciting and fresh for their viewers. Ninja does this as well, but he took it to a whole new level. In fact, he took it to a whole different playing field which brought him international fame.

Most notably, he brought internationally acclaimed rapper and singer, Drake, onto his stream which would result in Ninja breaking the record for the most viewed stream ever. Sure, there have been celebrity appearances on stream but none to the level where they play with them.

Ninja is continually changing up the stream so that he’s playing with different people, but at the same time providing entertainment for his viewers because that’s what it’s all about. By bringing Drake into his Fortnite group, he allowed his viewers a chance to interact on an almost personal level with him.

This may not be literal as Drake didn’t answer donations or thank people for subscribing to Ninja’s channel, but it still felt as if something revolutionary was happening (which was the case). Ninja brought something new to the table, and this was received across different forms of media.

Because he played with someone who had fame across the globe, Ninja saw his follower base shoot through the roof. Not only did he create something new, but he also did it in a way which brought him more attention than ever to a game that had just become the most popular game in the nation.

These two added up is undeniably a formula for success. He not only brought global attention to his stream, but he was also doing it on a game that had unbelievable potential to become the most popular game, thus resulting in him breaking Twitch records.

Another good example of his works is his adjustment to the game. Sure, Fortnite is an entertaining video game to watch, but playing it for too long can result in boredom and loss of interest. I mean, it looks great and all to win a lot, but when you see the victory royale screen over and over, you want something new.

Ninja adjusted to this by switching from Solo matches to Squads. This meant that he was going to have a harder time winning but at the same time, a more entertaining stream for his audience to watch so that he could keep their interests up.

That being said, Ninja knows how to innovate. He knows how to keep the crowds interested and most importantly, how to keep upgrading the stream. If this weren’t the case, then it would be very easy for Ninja to fall off in the later days but by doing this, he’s become the most popular streamer to date.

He Keeps You Engaged

The last and most important thing that Ninja always makes sure to do is to keep his audience engaged. It’s not all about him. It’s about the audience. He’ll make sure to make it feel like his viewers are part of the game and that it’s almost like a conversational environment.

Despite bringing in massive numbers, he still watches over the donations and subscriptions, making sure that every single one is read. Sure, some people think he can be a little rude at times over controversial donations, but most of the time, he gives out advice as well as tips and tricks for Fortnite, making him an approachable guy.

At the same time, he talks to the chat almost as if he is talking to one person: you. This helps make the field a little more personal even if there are one hundred thousand people watching the stream. All of these factors are key towards Ninja being one of the most appealing people on stream in the history of streaming itself.


Ninja is by far the most popular streamer to date. He has some of the most loyal fans by his side and was the first streamer to make Fortnite popular. In fact, you could even attribute him to making Fortnite the leading game on Twitch, taking down League of Legends’ once renown dominance.

Thanks to him, Fortnite is alive and well and so far, it looks like he won’t be stopping anytime soon, and neither will the game. How does he do it, though? How does one man single-handedly out-stream thousands of channels on the Twitch platform and build himself a community that could populate a city?

Simply put, he is innovative, engaging, and was there first. He’s been revolutionizing the game of Fortnite while at the same time, finding new ways to keep his audience entertained. When he’s not pulling off consecutive “victory royales” or streaming with different rappers like Lil Yachty, Drake, or Travis Scott, Ninja is giving back to the community.

He likes to challenge himself while at the same time, playing with followers and subscribers. He also has a strong presence on the Youtube platform which brings in a large audience as well, making him someone that works in a three-dimensional field.

I think that Ninja is going to be the man that makes Fortnite the most revolutionary game of the twenty-first century. A large part of his success comes from his affiliation with Fortnite. As I’ve said before, when you think of Fortnite, you don’t think of a developer or specific aspects of the game, you think of Ninja due to how much he’s done as a streamer and entertainer.

If you’re looking for a popular streamer, Ninja is always the way to go. Sure, he has tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people to attend to, but he always finds a way to make the entertaining game of Fortnite feel personal to every single person watching, making him someone who very well deserves the success he’s been getting.


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