Why Jarvis May Have Been Lucky to Receive a Permanent Fortnite Ban

by in Fortnite | Nov, 19th 2019

Recently we reported on how Fortnite streamer and content creator Jarvis of FaZe Clan received a permanent ban from Fortnite by developer Epic Games after blatantly using an aimbot in one of his YouTube videos.

While the permaban seems like an exceptionally harsh punishment to dish out to a kid not even out of high school, Epic’s history of dealing with cheaters in their game may mean Jarvis actually got off easy with his ban.

Far From the Maximum Penalties

Epic went after a 14-year-old creating content under the name CBV earlier this year for promoting cheats and exploits for Fortnite in his videos, and even last year went after several other kids for cheating in the game as well in lawsuits claiming millions of dollars in damages.

There’s also the case, brought to our attention by a German YouTuber recently, of a YouTube channel in the country formerly known as Red Sama, which had over 1,400,000 subs, recently coming under threat of being deleted by the platform.

The channel changed its name to “Please Don’t Delete Me” after Epic Games began manually claiming all of his videos as their own in order to get the channel banned for “stealing content.”

Epic allegedly began the claims process after Red Sama was caught in several of his videos promoting websites that allow you to sell Fortnite skins and account, a complete breach of the Fortnite Terms of Service (ToS).

As of the time of this writing, all but one of the videos on the channel have been removed, proving Epic does not mess around when it comes to those promoting exploits in their games.

The fact that Jarvis managed to get out of all of this with only a lifetime Fortnite ban instead of being sued or have his YouTube account terminated clearly shows just how lucky he is to not receive a further punishment beyond his game account.

Now that isn’t to say the ban is justified in terms of its length, as Poach pointed out on Twitter that,

“There’s different levels of cheating, I think almost any developer will value an actual cheat client higher than teaming with opponents. Not saying that either suspensions were just, during a competition like worlds they should of been banned for the remainder of the competition. Jarvis should be punished but lifetime is obviously ridiculous there isn’t any consistency with EPIC.”

Epic has to respond to the controversy or Poach’s statements, though we’ll keep you all updated if one is released.


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