Which Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Is Worth Buying, If Any

by in General | Nov, 4th 2021

Lost Ark’s limited Closed Beta has begun, so we’re going to look at the various Founder’s Packs. There’s always going to be talk during the launch of a free-to-play MMO, on whether or not its Founder Packs or shop is pay-to-win. What constitutes “Pay to Win” is ultimately a topic of heated debate, but we’re going to offer our own personal thoughts alongside what comes with each pack, what they come with, and if any of them are worth buying for you, the player. Ultimately it depends on what kind of player you are if you need any of the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack items in the first place.

What Do They Have in Common?

The most important thing, the thing shared between them all, is Beta Access. Many websites have given out keys to this latest beta event, the Technical Closed Beta. There are a few items that come with all of the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack bundles. You get the above Beta Access, which is handy to get a feel for the game and help find bugs/issues with the game. You also get a Three-Day Head Start. All bundles, regardless of which one, allow you to get this.

Get an exclusive pet with any Founders Pack (credit Amazon)

You also get an adorable Founder’s Exclusive Pet, and it helps you gather loot, which is handy. We have a feeling that pets won’t be too hard to find, or at least, we hope so. All people who buy in also receive a Founder’s Title, to show that you spent money on the game, unlike everyone else. Or “Show that you were a core part of bringing Lost Ark to life with this Founder’s title.” Finally, you get the 30 Day Crystalline Bundle. This comes with every single bundle, and this may be where people find some contention.

Crystalline Aura

Crystalline Aura is a buff you can purchase in the in-game shop, and you get a 30-day buff to start the game with. It does a whole host of things to help make the game faster, easier. Now, I don’t think it gives you a real advantage in the game, other than faster grinding, through the “Ultimate Stress Buster” in your Stronghold. According to the in-game prompt, it can grant 7k EXP per minute for participating.

What does this come with though?

  • Triport Cost Waver (Free Teleport)
  • Liner 50% Discount (Half-priced ship travel)
  • Daily NPC Affinity Interaction +1 (Increases the number of times you can increase affinity)
  • Life Energy Recovery +10% (Recover energy for hunting, logging, excavating faster)
  • Bifrost Slot +2 (Two additional Bifrost slots to help travel to other places faster)
  • Song of Return Cooldown -50% (Hearthstone more often)
  • Stronghold Research Time -10% (Research faster)
  • Stronghold Craft Time -10% (Craft projects faster)
  • Stronghold Dispatch Time -10% (Send followers out faster)
  • Stronghold Action Energy Recovery Speed +10% (Restore energy for Stronghold projects faster)
  • Free Ultimate Stress Buster in Stronghold (Scarecrow to beat up for EXP)
  • Exclusive Title, Crystalline Benefactor

After looking at all of this, no, it’s not game-breaking. Games like this tend to be a little bit of a grind. While yes, it does feel a bit shady to offer something like this and develop a game to be a grind, it’s just how this style of MMO is. We’ll have to see for ourselves how good or bad it is though. What about the other bundles?

The Bundles

The aforementioned items make up the Bronze Bundle, which costs $14.99. The various Lost Ark Founders Pack bundles have a varied price range: 14.99 (Bronze), 24.99 (Silver), 49.99 (Gold), 99.99 (Platinum). All packs come with the same items we listed above, and starting at Silver, you start getting other useful things to help you in the game.

Silver Bundle: 24.99

At this point, we receive 1,000 Royal Crystals on top of everything else. These are premium, in-game currency to spend in the in-game shop. You also receive the Silver Supply Crate. The Silver Supply Crate comes with 10,000 Silver and 30 Resurrection Feathers. Overall, useful stuff. You also get the Adventurer’s Equipment Crate, Gatherer’s Tool Chest, and the Adventurer’s Ascent Chests every 10 levels. The Adventurer’s Equipment Crate gives you a few items to use in combat to help you out, such as Flame Grenades, Sleep Bombs, Swiftness Robes, Taunting Scarecrows.

The different Founders bundles for Lost Ark

The Gatherer’s Tool Chest gives you a set of Apprentice Tools for all of the gatherer professions, so that’s also very handy. The Ascent Chests drop you more silver, and healing potions to keep you going throughout your adventures. So far, nothing that’s pay-to-win, just convenience.

Gold Bundle: 49.99

The Gold Bundle, for 50 dollars, comes with all of the previous items but changes the Silver Supply Crate to the Gold Supply Crate. Ultimately, the website seems to have the exact same thing across these. All it has is a new name. Is there anything new in the Gold Bundle? You receive 4,000 Royal Crystals instead of 1,000, which is a much higher number. You also get a Founder’s Exclusive Avatar. You receive the “Northern Lawmaker Avatar”, which is essentially a new look for your character. The Gold Bundle also grants one additional character slot, which could come in handy if you’re an Altaholic. This bundle in particular frankly doesn’t feel worth it. You get another character slot, some more currency, and a skin. But what about the Platinum Bundle?

Platinum Bundle: 99.99

Now we’re talking major money, at about 100 bucks. This one comes with 7,000 Royal Crystals instead of 1,000 or 4,000 Crystals. Your supply crate is now the Platinum Supply Crate. You get 60 Resurrection Feathers instead of 30, and 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates instead of just one. The Adventurer’s Ascent Crates are now Hero’s Ascent Chest, which are again, mostly the same.

Special avatars you can get from the Platinum bundle

At Level 50, you get 300,000 Silver, 100 Super Healing Potions, 30 Shining Elemental HP Potions, 10 Daily Una’s Task Instant Completion Passes, and 10 of the Offense/Healing/Utility/Stronghold Activity Relief Chests. Finally, it also features 150 Awakening: Chaos Pieces, which help you unleash chaos power.  You still unlock the Northern Lawmaker Avatar, which is nice.

There’s also a Founder’s Exclusive Mount – a three-headed mount, and the Founder’s Avatar. This is exclusive only to Platinum Founders. If you’re a Platinum Founder, you also unlock the Platinum Welcome Crate. It gives you a special login screen, a “Special Building Project for your Island Stronghold”, a Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest, and the Launch Limited Card Pack. The Rapport Chest will help you build your NPC relationships faster. The Launch Card Pack is a special card pack for the Platinum Founder’s Owners only. Again, like the Gold Pack, I don’t really think this is especially great.

Are They Worth It: It Depends

The Bronze Package is frankly, not too bad. It’s 15 bucks to get early access and a few useful things. The Silver Package is also not especially terrible if you play the Technical Beta and find yourself loving the game. A user on Reddit spent time on the Korean servers, and points out that the Packages aren’t really offering enough for their price. The game, according to this player, offers tons of potions and plenty of Silver, and the Una’s Daily Task items, selling items, and mob drops. It’s not going to be a game where you’ll sweat your Silver to buy stuff with.

For a casual player, with plenty of time on their hands, these bundles aren’t worth it. You’ll get everything you need by playing the game at your own pace. The Aura is nice, but you can also buy it in the in-game shop if you want. None of this stuff is overpowered, though some of it is exclusive. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t think twice about spending hundreds on a f2p game, you have already made up your mind to purchase or not, most likely.

Truthfully, I don’t think they’re worth it, and have zero interest in them, despite being interested in the game itself. Sure, people who hardcore grind are going to be more powerful than casual players. People who spend real money, and lots of it, might level and get powerful faster. The shops only look like they feature cosmetics and convenience items. Nothing that offers actual greater power. The player who has more time to spend is probably going to be the most powerful in a game like this. If I were going to get any of them, it would be the Bronze Package, and nothing else. The skins and other stuff sound nice, but not a bit of it sounds it is worth spending that kind of cash on. Many games have pay-to-win elements, but so far, I’m not seeing it here in the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack.

If you’re not someone who cares about Beta Tests, none of these packs may be for you at all. That’s the big selling point, outside of the items to help you get started. Lost Ark launched in 2018 in South Korea, so this game is nearly five years old. That’s another thing potential buyers may want to be aware of. They may want to just wait until it drops as a free-to-play and check it out instead.


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