Where to Find Fortnite Alien Artifacts in Season 7

by in Fortnite | Jul, 9th 2021

Epic Games released Fortnite Season 7, which included a massive alien invasion theme throughout the island. As part of this, there are new alien weapons, the flying saucer vehicles, and even the Fortnite alien artifacts that players can find around the island. 

Fortnite Season 7 Introduced Aliens

At the start of Season 7, we had the long-awaited introduction of the alien invasion to the island. As part of this, the mothership looms over the entire place along with the smaller ships, like the flying saucers that you can control and the Abductors that are more stationary places. 

With the introduction of the aliens, Epic Games has offered a ton of new content surrounding them. There are the ray guns and other weapons that you can use, the new flying saucer vehicles that you can pilot, and the parasites and alien NPC enemies to fight. 

There is a lot of alien content this season, and we expect there to be more on the way in the future. However, one of the lesser-known pieces of alien content in Fortnite Season 7 is the release of the alien artifact items that you can find around the island. 

These alien artifacts are special collectible items that are useful for a major part of the current Season 7 battle pass. You do not use them for the typical weekly challenges that we get each week, but for furthering a specific part of the battle pass. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Fortnite alien artifacts. 

What the Fortnite Alien Artifacts Do

For starters, the Fortnite alien artifacts are limited items that you can find across the island in Season 7. They are useful for battle pass owners since they are the collectible items used to upgrade and unlock new customization options for a new skin. 

When you purchase the paid version of the battle pass this season, it works differently than most other battle passes in past seasons. Instead of following a set path through the 100 tiers or so that you can unlock by leveling up in the season, it is more free form in nature. 

What you have, instead, are 10 pages of battle pass items that you can collect in your way. When you level up in the season, you will receive some battle pass stars to unlock some of the items, with each one costing different amounts to get. 

When you first unlock the battle pass, though, there is one item that you will get right from the start, which is the new Kymera alien skin. It is the base skin that you can unlock in the battle pass right at the First, you do not have to do anything else to get it other than buying the pass. 

However, the Kymera skin is a fascinating one that is similar to the Maya skin that we had back in the spies season of Fortnite Chapter 2. It is a fully customizable skin that players have the opportunity to figure out what their alien is going to look like. 

There are so many different options that you can choose from, including skin color, head type, facial features, and much more. You can create your alien skin, and you probably should, as the base available from the start is pretty bland and uninteresting. 

You do this by unlocking the various options that you can choose from, like skin color and stuff, since they are not available from the start. You unlock them by using the Fortnite alien artifacts to “purchase” the new options and then use them from then on. 

Fortunately, unlocking a particular option for your alien will unlock it for good, so you can mix and match and experiment with your Kymera skin as much as you need to until you have a right look that you want to have. 

Since the Fortnite alien artifacts are the only way to unlock the various customization options for the alien skin in Season 7, they will be very important to those looking to create their alien creation to show off in battle royale matches online.

And that is where we come into play. We will share with you the Fortnite alien artifacts locations that you need to know about so that you will be able to find them easily so that you can enjoy creating the alien that you want to use in battle. 

Where to Find the Artifacts: Week 1

What is interesting about the Fortnite alien artifacts is that they are not like other collectible items like gold, for instance, that you can keep collecting over and over. Instead, you have to visit specific locations on the island to find the artifacts and unlock the different alien options. 

Worse, there is only a set amount of artifacts that are given out each week to players to find, and that is it. This limits you to choose a couple of different possible customization options a week, so you need to make everything count. 

At the time of writing this Fortnite alien artifacts guide, we are only four weeks into the seventh season, so there are only some Fortnite alien artifacts that have been released. That said, there are around five or so that are available every week, so that is still enough to unlock a good number of alien skin items. 

To start with, we have the first week of the Fortnite alien artifacts locations. We will break down the five available, starting with the initial launch of the seventh season. They are all in different spots on the island, so you may not get them all in one match, but that is fine, as you can take your time with them. 

First up, we have the first artifact found at the center of the island where The Spire used to be. With the end of the last season, there is an alien impact area in the middle of the map with this purple region found there. You can also find the first artifact here above the water in the middle of the landmark location. 

The second alien artifact that you can find in the first week of Season 7 and beyond is found north of Corny Complex near The Orchard area of the island. The next one you can find is near Catty Corner way on the opposite side of the island.

This one is just south of the Catty Corner named location and near where Meowscles used to be when he was one of the NPC bosses that you could fight on the island. For the next one, we will switch from the east side of the island to the west side. 

The fourth location that you can visit is found just northwest of Slurpy Swamp and southwest of Weeping Woods in one of the buildings at the Logjam landmark location. And for the fifth and final location for this week, you can find the alien artifact east of Believer Beach near where the smaller Spire tower landmark is found. It is right here atop the stairs that lead up to the top of the small tower. 

Week 2 Artifact Locations

The second week of Fortnite alien artifacts is available and will be for the duration of the season. As with the first week, there are five in total that you will be able to get. They are also in random locations throughout the entire island. 

First and foremost, starting with the island’s western side, the point is found just west of Believer Beach and right off of the coast where the dish base is near here. Like the other ones, interact with it, and you will be good to go. 

The second artifact that you can find is near Pleasant Park and is just northeast of this named location. It is near the group of houses and destinations where we have had to visit these NPCs in past seasons for challenges. 

This week’s third artifact is east of the Aftermath landmark location and south of the Corny Complex point of interest. You can find this one on the bridge running south from Corny Complex right there, waiting for you to pick it up. 

The fourth artifact is where the old Grotto point of interest used to be. You will find it near a satellite in this area. And the fifth and final artifact is north of Misty Meadows in the middle of the lake that Lazy Lake is named for. It is on the western island in the middle of the lake. 

Week 3 Artifact Locations

From there, we come to the Fortnite alien artifacts. There are only four of these that we have been able to locate at this time. There could be one more missing, or this is it for the week. 

We are going to start in the northwestern corner of the island. You can find this one near the Coral Castle named location on the northern side of this point of interest. You will be able to find it at the top of the main building in this location. Like with the past two weeks, all you need to do is interact with it to be good to go. 

The next one is in the center of the island, but this time near the Boney Burbs town. When you get to this town, what you need to make sure to do is head into the main building that is in the middle of the point of interest. 

The third location is near Slurpy Swamp, found on the northeastern side of the factory district here, inside one of the buildings. And finally, there is the last location that is northeast of Craggy Cliffs on the boat that is near the beach there. 

Week 4 Artifact Locations

Now we come to the most recent week of writing this post, which is the fourth week of the current Season 7. Oddly enough, for this one, there are five total Fortnite alien artifacts that we have found at this point, so there is a chance that we missed one in week three or Epic went down one that week for some weird reason. 

Starting on the left side again, we have the location that is near Holly Hedges. You can find this first one on the outside of the main Holly Hedges garden center in the small town’s middle. Like in previous weeks, interact with the purple and pink artifact to collect it. 

Next up, moving east, we have one near Weeping Woods on the eastern side of the forest. There is a building in the main area of the campsite on the eastern side; the next artifact can be found inside. 

Moving east some more, we come to the third location found on the northwestern side of Lazy Lake. There is a house on the edge of town here where you will be able to find the next artifact. Then we come to the fourth one found on the eastern edge of Dirty Docks in the large warehouse found here.

And last but not least, the final artifact for this week is near Steamy Stacks. You can find this one near the middle of the factory named location outside near some pipes. Pick it up, and you will now have 19 of the alien artifacts to date if you have collected all of them thus far. 


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