What We Want to See From Fortnite Season 4

by in Fortnite | Aug, 24th 2020

Epic Games has revealed that Season 4 in Fortnite is coming soon. Though previous seasons of battle royale have been delayed or extended for a good while, it seems like Season 3 is not too far away. As such, it is time to go over what we want to see from this new season.

Fortnite Season 4 Is Shaping Up to Be an Exciting Season

Fortnite Season 4 has a release date that was just revealed strangely. Epic Games teased that on Thursday, Aug. 27, there is some Marvel-themed event that will be happening. Geoff Keighley, known for hosting the annual Game Awards, noted that that same day is special for other reasons.

That date also happens to be the start date for the fourth season of Chapter 2. Players will enjoy new content, including a new battle pass, skins, map changes, and everything else that players have come to expect from a new Fortnite season.

With the sudden announcement of this fourth season, it finally breaks the trend that has happened thus far in this chapter, with each season being delayed and extending the current one for a bit longer. It was thought that this would be the norm from now on, but we guess not.

As such, it only makes the upcoming Fortnite Season 4 more exciting. Epic Games has a vision for what will happen in the next season of battle royale, and it is ready to make it happen on time, rather than delay the current Season 3 for another month or two.

This makes it clear that this season of battle royale will be something special, as it is already unique compared to the past ones extended or delayed and then became a disappointment to some players. There are few expectations this time around, as we don’t have to wait too long.

There isn’t much time for getting our expectations high, so there’s no telling what we will get from the mostly under wraps Season 4. To help with this, I will go over what I would like to see in Fortnite Season 4, beginning with the map changes.

What We Want to See From Fortnite Season 4: Map Changes That Matter

When it comes to a new season of Fortnite, one of the features that players always know will happen is that the battle royale island is going to change some at the start of the season. There will be new named locations, existing ones that will be replaced, or some biome change.

Regardless, these changes are inevitable. We can expect there to be something new on the battle royale island when Season 4 launches soon. Since we know that these are coming, I am more focused on hoping that these map changes will be more substantial than previous ones.

I’m not talking about having five or so new areas added to the map, but rather some smaller changes that will make the gameplay a lot different than it was in Season 3. After all, we got several new named locations in the current season, and the same happened in both Seasons 1 and 2.

It is unlikely, therefore, that Epic Games will continue this trend and add more brand new named locations since the island is already starting to get so crowded. Season 3 began with the map covered mostly in the water, but that has since changed with the water receding.

It brought back basically all of the previously named locations on the map and the new ones introduced in Season 3. And then that is on top of the new Coral Castle that appeared after the water went down north of Sweaty Sands.

This has made a very densely populated map with tons of locations that you can visit during the match. This is more apparent with the fact that there are now vehicles to drive around in. It’s just too crowded for there to be new named locations.

I could see one come out for the game, maybe in the southeastern corner of the map but, then again, Catty Corner is there now, so that isn’t too necessary. Other than that, it doesn’t make sense for a brand new area. So the map changes need to matter now and be a little bit more thoughtful.

For the most part, I expect to see some of the older locations on the island be sunset for something new. Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, and Retail Row have been stalwart parts of the Fortnite island for years now, so it is high time for something to change with at least one of them.

Given that Retail Row changed in the past, it makes more sense to focus on Pleasant Park and/or Salty Springs. The latter might have the nostalgia factor for it, but its only use is for gassing up your car. Perhaps it could become more of a car factory town or something like that.

We will likely get another crossover character this season like Thor as the teases seem to indicate, so I would like to see the crossover location with him like Asgard. And better yet, I would like to see this area launch with the new season rather than come later as the map changes will likely be rather meager otherwise without it.

More Story Elements That Flesh Out the World

When it comes to the overarching story of Fortnite, the lore has been growing more and more over time as the seasons go on. It is time for Epic Games to take that to the next level with Season 4. This would make a lot of sense, as the original Season 4 in Chapter 1 was where things started to get interesting with the superheroes and villains.

Epic has played around with the idea of cutscenes and other story moments, and I would like to see that come to a head this season. It would be great if there were a full-on storyline that pops up in Season 4 as the player progresses through it.

Perhaps it could be tied to the challenges that show up every week or after playing a certain number of matches online. After completing those matches, a cutscene could play when returning to the lobby. It could play out like this throughout the season, with several smaller scenes that tell a new story.

Maybe there could even be new story cutscenes that could show up with some of the patches that arrive during the middle of the season, making players wait a little bit of time for new things to happen. There are a couple of ways that Epic could handle these story elements.

They could be original story beats that have to do with whatever will happen in Season 4, or it could focus on the Marvel event like Thor. It could show the character and his interactions with other characters like his lookalike Jonesy, Peely, and more.

The rumor that we had before about the comic book pages could be a great way to add optional lore to the game. Players could collect comic books and read about the world of battle royale whenever they’re not in a match. It doesn’t intrude too much into gameplay but still offers a much-needed foundation in the season.

New Limited-Time Event Modes

One major part of some Fortnite seasons are events and new game modes that come along with them. Unfortunately, the current third season hasn’t been great when it comes to events and special game modes. In general, it has been a while since we’ve had great crossover event modes.

The days of the Avengers and Star Wars game modes and map changes are in the past. But this is something that should change, as some of the very best parts of Fortnite have been those events, and it is finally time for them to make a triumphant return in Season 4.

The teases and rumors making it seem like this season will be an even bigger Marvel-themed one than even the second season when Deadpool was a huge focus. It is the perfect time to recapture the amazing moments that Fortnite had with its previous Avengers game modes.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a repeat of those game modes, so long as it fills the niche of offering something new and unique that you can’t normally experience in the typical battle royale matches. These could be team modes or just something that changes up the map with interesting new NPCs to fight or other things to do.

Vehicle Skins

When it comes to cosmetic items, there aren’t too many new categories that we get these days. Fortnite is mostly in the same loop of offering normal skins, weapon skins, emotes, music, and so on. But there is a new type of cosmetic item that I would like to see in the new season.

Vehicle skins aren’t too uncommon in the game, but I would like to see more arrive, specifically, for the new car type launched. In Season 3, four types of cars came out for the game and offered what players had wanted for a long time.

You are now able to zip around the map in 4 different vehicles, ranging from the normal sedan to the sports car, pick up truck, and semi-truck. These vehicles all have different stats and use gas as their way of being able to travel all around the island.

Players can make their cars stand out more by offering car-specific vehicle skins that players will be able to collect and equip. This will allow them to show off their unique car look and then drive it around for everyone, including teammates.

This would be one way to have a unique battle pass in Season 4, where players are working towards unlocking cool styles for their cars like a sports car with flame, for example, or a shiny gold car, and so on.

More Competitions Online

One of the most difficult things about 2020 in gaming has been its effect on the esports scene. Teams and organizations have had their original plans changed, and Fortnite is no stranger to this. The World Cup was something that everyone was looking forward to, but it was delayed to next year.

That said, it shouldn’t stop games like Fortnite from having online competitions for players to enjoy. These could be entirely done remotely and online so that no one is interacting in person, but Epic Games hasn’t done too many of these.

There are some, for sure, but the consistency has been lacking some. Though some problems and logistics have to be figured out for these online competitions, other games and publishers like Activision with the Call of Duty League have made it work as best as possible.

There is certainly more than Epic Games could be doing, especially given the popularity of Fortnite, so here’s hoping that Season 4 is when we can see more consistent competitions for players and fans to enjoy alike.


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