What We Want to See From Black Ops Cold War Season 2

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 22nd 2021

Treyarch is getting ready to introduce Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s second season of content. It will be an interesting one that will show us what the future of this game truly is. To help with that, we have come up with our COD Cold War Season 2 changes that we would like to see.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Was Great But It Could Be Better

The Black Ops Cold War first season is currently here and coming to an end soon. In fact, by the time that you are reading this, it is possible that the COD Cold War Season 2 changes are already here, and they have been implemented into the game. 

That is alongside the brand new content coming to this season, like the new maps, game modes, and everything else that you would typically expect. Season 1, overall, was pretty good and, in fact, one of the best seasons that we have seen since the franchise moved to this format. 

One of the biggest problems with the season was that everything was so divided up to the point where we got some of the most important content in the season, literally only a couple of weeks away from the next season’s launch. 

That seems pretty weird since you would think that Treyarch would move that content to the second season, given that it was so close to releasing anyways. That said, the season as a whole, when you look at its parts’ sum was a fantastic one overall.

Overall, it fulfilled that idea of having the most content to ever release for free in a single season of Black Ops history and potentially for the other Call of Duty franchises at the same time. It was great, but the second season is potentially more important than that one. 

You could argue that the first season had to be an amazing one since it would bring with it content that we all knew was coming anyways and other pieces of modes and maps that were possibly planned for the original launch of the game but had to be pushed back. 

Because of that, our eyes are more on the COD Cold War Season 2 changes that are ahead of us. These changes are going to tell us what the future of this game is going to be. There are about six seasons confirmed to be happening in the future for Cold War. This one will let us know how substantial each one will be. 

As such, with the release of Season 2 looming ever closer, here are the COD Cold War Season 2 changes that we want to see for that Season. I will go over some of the more obvious stuff that we expect to see and the more specific changes that I and some others in the community want.

By the time you are reading this, it is likely that we already have some official information about the season and what it contains. We will do our best to ignore what we already know and focus on what we want to see. 

COD Cold War Season 2 Changes We Want: More Zombies Content

Starting off this list, we have the fan-favorite third pillar of a Black Ops title: Zombies. This cooperative wave-based game mode has a pretty solid entry in the Black Ops Cold War series, though it does have its fair share of problems associated with it. 

At launch, it was the problem that we only had one single Zombies map that we could play on. It was a remake of the original map to boot. Since then, we did get the long-awaited second overall and first original Zombies map with Firebase Z

That map was pretty good, too, though it was a bit disappointing for me. I can’t believe I’m saying this. As tired as I was of Die Maschine, I vastly prefer it over Firebase Z. This in and of itself is a pretty significant problem for the map that we were looking forward to for so long. 

So, I would like to see more quality content be added to Zombies that makes it much more exciting and better than what we have had thus far, for starters. Of course, I want to see at least one new Zombies map this season. It could be an original or a remake. 

Originals are more exciting for me when they are of the high quality I expect from Zombies, unlike Firebase Z, which is just alright, so if that isn’t possible, I would want a remake of one of the older maps. Speaking of which, I know just the right old map to bring back for Cold War. 

If you hadn’t noticed, it seems that Cold War is being seen as a “Black Ops 2” of sorts in that it is bringing multiplayer maps from that game back into this title and remaking a lot of them rather than original Black Ops maps. As such, there is a Black Ops 2 map I want to see come back for Zombies.

Though I may be the only person to think this, I want to see Tranzit come back for Black Ops Cold War. I do get people’s gripes about this map, but it is the one that made me fall in love with Zombies. I have a lot of personal nostalgia for it. Plus, Treyarch could use this as an opportunity to expand and make it much better, as it did with the original World at War Zombies map. 

Brand New Multiplayer Maps

Like we expect new Zombies content in Season 2, one of the other COD Cold War Season 2 changes is new multiplayer maps. But for this section, I want to focus on brand new maps in the game rather than returning ones. Cold War is excellent for focusing a lot on original map content. 

The maps in the game’s multiplayer are some of the finest that we have seen in years, leaps and bounds better than what we saw in Black Ops 4 and even 3, even though the latter is my favorite in the series. It harkens back to the high-quality nature of the maps in Black Ops 2. 

As such, this is the Treyarch that I would like to see more original maps from. The Pines mall map was alright in Season 1, but I think it is one of the game’s weaker original maps thus far. With brilliant maps like Miami, Crossroads, Garrison, Checkmate, and more, I want to see at least one new map in the veins of those. 

Since this would be an original multiplayer map, it hard to predict what I would like to see, but some general ideas would work for sure. I want a larger map and one that doesn’t have the standard lanes design of Checkmate and Garrison. Having something more open and unique in design would be a great addition to the highly competitive-focused ones we currently have.

More Classic Black Ops Maps

Moving on from the original multiplayer maps that I would like to see, I think there is a place for the return of classic Black Ops maps. It seems that Treyarch is focusing on Black Ops 2 maps, as I mentioned before, so here are a couple of maps from that game that I want to see come back. 

The first is Standoff. When it comes to the most memorable Call of Duty maps in its history, Standoff is one of the most recognizable. This small town is a variable area with plenty of different locations to fight in. The long streets, packed corners, and different buildings mean that it has the perfect blend of close, mid, and long-range capabilities. 

While I could pick some of the more standard maps that players love from Black Ops 2, I will go for Magma. Certainly one of the most unique multiplayer maps in the history of the series, Magma features a town covered in, well, magma. 

Players need to carefully navigate this tricky map where there are plenty of risky but well-rewarding paths through the lava to your opponents if you don’t fall into the molten pit of death. There is nothing quite like Magma, and now that League Play has its maps established, there is no reason not to pave the way for some more stranger locales like this one.

But it seems odd that Cold War is so focused on bringing back maps from only Black Ops 2. I would like to see this branch out to the original Black Ops maps or even Black Ops 3 locations. This would open to a whole lot of new possibilities, like Launch and Cracked. 

Changes to League Play

This next section is deserving of its post, so be sure to keep an eye out for it soon, but the end of Season 1 saw the launch of the ranked mode known as League Play. It mostly follows the general format established by its predecessor Black Ops 4, controversies and all included.

While I’m not going to emphasize a total overhaul of the ranked mode right here in this post, there are some changes that I would like to see. For one, there is the matter of the maps that are available in the mode. I get that it follows the Call of Duty League, but both it and the league could benefit from adding some new maps.

It is a darn shame that pretty great maps like Crossroads, Armada, and Cartel are either not given enough love as in the case of Crossroads Strike or not shown at all in the League Play. While I’m not expecting the Call of Duty League to add more maps randomly, I think that League Play certainly could get away with it and should. 

Then there is the issue of the scorestreaks system. At this time, it does feel like scorestreaks are pretty lame for now. With team kills allowed, many of the scorestreaks are either a waste of time or just liable to kill half your team at the same time as eliminating the enemies. 

Worse still, many of the scorestreaks require so many points that you are stuck having to pick the same three or four as everyone else. Either add more scorestreaks in or take them out entirely. I think that League Play will be much better off. 

Finally, this last change might be a controversial one, but I would like to see more weapon types added to League Play. Again, I kind of get why the Call of Duty League has eliminated tactical rifles and LMGs, but I would like to see them come out in League Play at least. 

Both weapons types are some players’ favorites and, though I’m not one of them, I think the more options for those who are good at those guns could help them be better and more enjoy the ranked game mode. There are plenty more changes I want, but those are the surface-level ones at least. 

More Fireteam and Combined Arms Game Modes

And last but not least, for the COD Cold War Season 2 changes I would like to see, there is the final one that I’ve been beating the drum about for ages now. I want more Combined Arms and Fireteam game modes to come out. Combined Arms, for one, does have three modes, but there could be more.

For one, I think that Combined Arms: Search & Destroy would be excellent with three objectives or so to destroy on the attacking side rather than just two like usual. Or, we could even get Combined Arms: Gun Game where two large teams are doing their best to get kills using a chain of different weapons.

But while I want more modes for Combined Arms, I accept that three is pretty solid, especially compared to the one Fireteam mode we have. With the Fireteam name, it seems like this will be a series of modes like Combined Arms, but we have only had Dirty Bomb to date. 

This needs to change as soon as possible and open up this game mode to more types, especially since players like myself aren’t fans of Dirty Bomb but like the 40-player idea of Fireteam. Something better like Fireteam: Domination or Fireteam: Kill Confirmed or something else brand new would be a fantastic addition in the future, so I’ll keep banging the drum on this one until it happens. 


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