What We Want From Fortnite Season 6: New Crossovers, Map Changes

by in Fortnite | Feb, 15th 2021

Once again, it is time to begin looking towards the end of the current season of Fortnite battle royale and the beginning of something new. Fortnite Season 6 is on the horizon, while Season 5 is coming to an end very soon, so here are our standard predictions and desires post. 

The Current Season 5 Is Ending Soon

Fortnite Season 5 is coming to an end soon, but it is a rather weird situation. This is one of the least talked about endings of a season to date. It is reminiscent of the strange scenarios surrounding the first season in Chapter 2 in how we don’t know what’s going on.

In the previous season, Season 4, one went on for about a month longer than it originally was planned to, which was understandable. Season 5 is probably doing a similar thing, which is likely the case from what we have heard from leakers, but we aren’t sure. 

Epic Games has been pretty quiet about the whole situation, making everything odder than it should be. The developer used to be pretty open and clear about what it is doing, but that hasn’t been the case in a long time, so we don’t know when the new season is coming.

While this isn’t unheard of in Fortnite history, the problem with this is that Fortnite Season 5 is going in a slightly different direction than we have seen with just about every other season. The main thing that is weird this season has to do with the normal weekly quests. 

We have weekly challenges every week in a season. They are a great source of experience for doing well in the battle pass and reaching that highly coveted tier 100. The strange situation is that after the normal ending of the challenges with Week 10, we got a Week 11 of sorts.

The Fortnite Valentines Day Week 11 challenges, but they are being treated and even follow the same formula as the usual weekly missions. Also, we have already heard leaks of Week 12 challenges. You probably have already seen them by the time you do this. 

This has us wondering when exactly Fortnite Season 6 is going to be releasing for the game. If Season 5 is getting nice and comfortable with more weekly challenges, how long will it go on for? That is something that we will have to wait and see, so, hopefully, it releases in March. 

Fortnite Season 6 Needs Some Changes

Above all else, Fortnite Season 6 needs some significant changes to it soon if it will be the next successor to Chapter 2. Throughout this chapter, there have been many different seasons with some unique styles and ideas that Epic Games has developed. 

To that, I have to applaud Epic for finding ways to continuously keep things exciting and feeling new in each season of this chapter. Simultaneously, though, there are some changes and wants that I have that I would like to point out for the upcoming season.

Personally, many of these are what I want, while others are ones that I know the community as a whole wants to see. Also, I will give my predictions for what I think will happen for some of the features that I am going to mention, like the crossovers that will inevitably happen. 

Overall, these are the Fortnite Season 6 changes and desires that I would like to see in the next season of battle royale, whenever that ends up happening in no particular order. However, I will start with the obvious things that will likely happen: more and more crossovers in the next season. 

What We Want: Unexpected Crossovers

If there is one thing that I do know without a doubt about the next season of Fortnite battle royale, there will be a lot more crossovers where this last season came from. Season 5 proved to all of us that this battle royale game would be so much more. 

Season 4 proved that Fortnite was a secret Marvel game, but Season 5 elevated it by widening it. Sure, we had some crossovers that weren’t Disney-related but nothing on this level until this season. 

We had The Terminator, Predator, various DC Comics characters, Tron, and so many more this season. It felt like every week. There was someone new dropping in Season 5, which is likely to continue in Season 6. But rather than randomly guess the characters that will appear, I want to hone in on something specific. 

One of the most common elements of Chapter 2 is having it where there is a main crossover character that each season focuses on. In Season 2, Deadpool, Season 3 was Aquaman, Season 4 was everyone in Marvel even though Wolverine was the secret character, and Season 5 was The Mandalorian.

This was the first season where the star character was someone who wasn’t a superhero with The Mandalorian. He was throughout the season from some map changes to the bounty system. I would like to see this sort of thing happen again in Season 6, but I hope that Epic Games surprises us. 

There are some safer choices that Epic Games could go with that I think would be unique, like, for instance, Spider-Man finally. He is perhaps the most high profile skin that should be in the game but isn’t. A Spider-Man-themed season would be a safe choice but an amazing one. 

Have the entire season be centered around Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and other characters who haven’t shown up yet but can due to the whole multiverse thing that is going on in Fortnite. This would be a great premise and, potentially, lead to some incredible map changes. 

While I think that is a solid idea for Fortnite Season 6, I would like to see Epic Games surprise us again. While I’m not quite sure what that would be — it would be a surprise after all — there are some fundamentally exciting ideas that I can think of.

How about a Harry Potter-themed season where Hogwarts shows up on the map, players can pick a house, and then get rewards in the battle pass from it? You could even have some magic and broomsticks thrown in there. Or, what about a Jurassic World one where dinosaurs now roam the island? Now that The Mandalorian has proven that something other than heroes can be the theme, the sky’s the limit here. 

Gameplay Changes That Make Sense

In a way, tying into the crossover, I want to see some gameplay changes that make sense in Fortnite Season 6 and ensure that players have something new to do in the middle of matches. Season 5 tried hard with this, making it so that you could do bounties, quests, and more in the middle of a match.  

Season 6 should have a showcase character and theme that is shown even in the gameplay. With the Spider-Man idea, for instance, it would be a chance to bring back superheroes but allow for everyone to have the same smaller selection of ones based around the Spidey heroes. 

In Jurassic World’s case, there could be dinosaur monsters roaming the map that you can fight or try to avoid. One of the other crazier ideas that I had a long time ago was that I would like to see a monster-collecting Pokemon-like idea where players can collect monsters to either fight alongside them in combat or follow them around. 

I love how the bounties system was used quite well to make sure that The Mandalorian wasn’t just a character that you unlock but someone who inspires the new season’s ideas. I would like to see that continue in the next season but in a balanced way for those in the competitive scene, of course. 

A Much Better Season End Event

I loved the Marvel-themed Season 4, but one of the issues I had with it was the end of the season. It was the biggest issue that I had from that time of Fortnite. The end event was hyped for so long with the showdown against Galactus, and it disappointed in the end. 

The player did so little in the event. The interactions were fun when they happened, but it felt like building towards something and just cut short. Literally to the point where I turned to those who live with me and was like, “oh crap, I think our connection dropped in the middle of the event.”

But, no, that wasn’t the case at all. It was done and over with but ended so poorly that I thought I lost connection to the live event. Fortnite has had much better ones in the past. Season 5’s ending and the beginning of Fortnite Season 6 needs to learn from that mistake. 

I want an ending that is a spectacle, sure, but something with a nice ebb and flow to it. It can have crazy set pieces and effects, but it needs to have some substance to it as well. It should have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end while offering those nice surprises that Epic Games is usually great at.

I’m not quite sure what the end of Season 5’s event will be, but it will likely be revolving around the Zero Point again. Whatever happens with that or whoever tries to take it over again, I hope that the next season-ending event is a great one. 

Interesting Map Changes

If there is anything else that I know about Fortnite’s next season, there will be some map changes. Above all else, I hope that these map changes are exciting and welcome to keep the train of fun new named locations going. 

I was surprised by how many new named locations appeared in Season 5, given how many we had shown up for a limited time during Season 4. As such, I do have reserved opinions about how the map changes will go in Season 6.

There will be a minimal number of changes and new locations this time around. I think it is alright, honestly, if done right. Changing Salty Springs in Season 5 was something that needed to happen, and it finally did.

I would like to see some changes to Pleasant Park but in a more permanent way as the next location to get changes. Doom’s Domain just wasn’t that different. It is time to see what a new and truly improved Pleasant Park would be as something else. 

Maybe only one other new named location would be good here in Season 6. This is because the places like Salty Towers and Colossal Coliseum should stick around in Season 6. It is a shame that there is nothing to remember Season 4 by on the island that shouldn’t happen again with the Season 5 locations. 

More Competitions

Finally, this is a pretty simple one to go over but challenging to execute: more esports events. The competitive scene surrounding Fortnite has diminished quite a bit during 2020. It looks like 2021 will only be marginally better at this point. 

Unfortunately, it is the one game that it is floundering while other similar games are flourishing, like PUBG and Call of Duty. This is a darn shame, especially when we could have had a Fortnite World Cup remotely and online this summer, but that isn’t happening. 

So, I hope that there are some more competitions in the future for players to participate in and watch. The Fortnite Flash Cup is a start, but I don’t want that to be the only thing that Epic Games is doing with its seasons and the Competitive Series.

There needs to be more or, at the very least, more availability for third-parties to host their tournaments within the game. This final desire of mine is probably the least likely to happen as the esports scene of Fortnite looks to be quite dire at this point. 


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