What We Want to See From Fortnite Season 3

by in Fortnite | Jun, 10th 2020

Epic Games is going to give us Fortnite Season 3 eventually; that much is certain. But when the third season of Chapter 2 finally arrives for players on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, there will be a lot to uncover. As such, here are my Fortnite Season 3 predictions and wants.

Fortnite Season 3 Is Almost Here

After all, Fortnite Season 3 is almost here; at least, I think it is. After so many delays, new release dates, and so on, it does seem like the third season of battle royale will be releasing very soon for the game on all platforms. Fans have been waiting for a long time and it seems like the wait is almost over.

The reason that many have had to wait for so long is because outside circumstances have intervened with the game for some time now, along with the normal development problems. With the COVID-19 global pandemic happening, that has caused problems for a lot of games.

And it is likely the main culprit behind why we didn’t get Fortnite Season 3 when we originally thought we would. It was going to release some time around the end of April or the beginning of May, which is around the time that the second season in Chapter 2 was supposed to end.

But before we could ever get to that point, Epic Games announced a delay for the third season and extended the current one for another month or so to June 4. But here we are past that point and we still don’t have Season 3 here to play yet.

This is because Epic Games needed a little bit more time for the game to be ready and delayed a week until June 11. But then that was moved yet again to June 17 for, hopefully, the final release date for it. That last change, though, was the most understandable one as Epic wanted to make sure to give some time to its employees and community given the protests and movement surrounding George Floyd’s murder in the United States.

Here Are Our Fortnite Season 3 Predictions and Desires

But now that Fortnite Season 3 is finally on its way here, I decided to give my Fortnite Season 3 predictions. There are some details that we likely already know of about the upcoming season due to leaks and rumors, but I am going to mostly stay clear of that for the duration of this post.

So, if you are worried about spoilers, I will do my best to avoid that here. However, there are some details, features, and changes that we don’t know about currently and it is important that these not be ignored by Epic Games. Things like themes, lore, the metagame, and more are important topics that should be addressed in this new season.

To help with this, I am going to give both my Fortnite Season 3 predictions and desires rolled up into one post. Most of these are likely to happen, or very possible at the least, so they are expectations that I have for the season while some of them are a little bit more far-fetched and are simply what I want to see happen.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at what I would like to see and what I think we will see happen in Fortnite Season 3, starting with one of the most important parts: the map.

Map Changes That Matter

Kicking off my Fortnite Season 3 predictions and desires is the battle royale map. There is one thing that is certain every season in Fortnite and that is that you will see some sort of change of some kind to the battle royale map when the season kicks off.

This is all but certain at this point and so predicting that doesn’t mean much. But what I would like to see, though, are some map changes that matter. In the grand scheme of things, Season 2 has gone a long way towards establishing some major shifts and changes that I like.

One of these was introducing named locations that are meaningful to the lore and story while having substance to them. That said, there are still some gaps missing in the map that I would like to see addressed this season. One is having a more city-like named location.

Sweaty Sands is perhaps our closest named location to a Tilted Towers; a city where players can gather and fight among skyscrapers. But I would like to see a more prominent location that focuses on that city structure than Sweaty Sands and Season 3 would be a good place for that.

If you believe the rumors and leaks that have appeared lately, a city location could work in the context of that but we will have to wait and see. Regardless, there don’t have to be a lot of changes or new areas in Season 3, so long as the ones that do happen matter to the overall game.

Cohesive Theme That Goes Beyond Season 3

Something crucial for the third season of Fortnite to get is a cohesive theme that goes beyond that season. One of the other great things about Season 2 is that it had a singular theme of the spy agents and their mayhem that was at the core of the entire season.

From the Spy Games event that lasted all season long to the release of the Deadpool crossover that also prevailed throughout the season, there was a lot that tied the season together. Even the new named locations that were added to the game were important to the lore of Fortnite.

This is something that needs to continue in Season 3 with a main theme that is prevalent in everything that happens from the changes to the additions to the battle pass. But I would like to see it taken one step further where the same theme is used to go beyond just that season.

It would be nice to see a more well-rounded storyline be introduced in Fortnite Season 3 and have that carried throughout the season and beyond. There should be characters and lore events that happen that have weight to them and affect everything else that is to come.

Meaningful Lore Additions

Speaking of lore, I would like to see some more meaningful lore additions to the game besides the usual locations and interesting tidbits that give you a general idea of what is happening. Epic Games toyed around with this in the current season, having little cutscene intros for some of the main characters.

It is time for there to be actual story-like cutscenes that can be short and sweet, but flesh out the world more. If something huge happens to the map in Season 3, there should be a cutscene to reveal that and introduce us to the main characters of this season.

This should evolve across the season with new patches and content bringing new (skippable for those who don’t want it) cutscenes to reveal why this change was made or pave the way for major events later down the road. It is high time that Fortnite get the backstory content that some players have wanted.

Events With New Game Modes

Another component to Fortnite that is key to each season are events. While the events in Season 2 were great, for the most part, I do think that I would like to see a return to the crossover events of the olden days when Fortnite would come together with a property and have a new game mode.

The main example that I can think of is the Avengers crossover events that happened for two years in a row. They were excellent and not the only crossover events of this kind. But since then, there haven’t been too many cases of a similar game event mode for crossover.

Sure, we had the Spy Games in Season 2, but they were solely all about the Fortnite property and the theme for the season. In the case of something like the Deadpool thing, it didn’t have a game mode of its own. This is something that I would like to see again with some crossover property.

More Customizable Skins

If you couldn’t tell already, I do think there were some cool ideas presented in Season 2 that should be expanded upon in the upcoming third season of the game. One such feature was the Maya skin as well as the normal battle pass ones.

They were the most customizable skins that I have ever seen in the game period thus far. The normal battle pass skins like Midas and Meowscles, for example, were already great on their own but then you could choose to give them a Ghost or Shadow variant as well.

And beyond them, there was the exceptional Maya skin that boasted millions of combinations for players to customize and create their unique skin. This is something that needs to be a staple moving forward. Give us a new customizable skin in Season 3 with totally different options and maybe new ones that we haven’t seen before.

A Shorter Season Overall

This next point is going to be one that I think many in the community agree with at this point. There is a major problem with the fact that Fortnite has been having a very long Chapter 2 so far. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that we could see the anniversary of this chapter starting during Season 3.

What’s most crazy about that is the fact that that would mean that this past year since the start of Season 1 has only had 3 seasons in total. This could, of course, change and we could see season 4, instead, at that anniversary date, but regardless, these have been two very long seasons.

Season 1 was supposed to end in December of last year but went for more than two more months until February this year. And since then, we have only had Season 2 and it was also delayed for over a month and a half. While these delays are understandable, I do want to see shorter seasons again.

I don’t advocate overworking the employees at Epic Games, so I hope I’m not the only one who is willing to sacrifice some new content and interesting ideas to have a shorter season overall. For instance, I don’t think we needed five new locations in Season 2 and we certainly don’t now.

It is fine to cut some of the new locations or changed ones and save them for later on in the season or the next one, if it means that we can stick to the normal 10 weeks of battle royale plus a week or 2 more for the overtime stuff to get us ready for the next one. This will keep morale high in the community and ensure that we don’t get too bored with what is available like has happened in both seasons in this chapter.

More Vehicles

The Fortnite Choppa is one of the best vehicles that the game has ever had before and it would be unfortunate to see it go. While it could stay, there is also the chance that we won’t have it anymore when the new season starts.

But I don’t want to see it removed without an equally awesome replacement to join the game. And if it does stay, it would be nice to see something fill the gap between the Choppa and the motorboat that we currently have in the game.

For instance, something like a land vehicle would be nice to see in the game as it is unfortunate that we no longer have the quadcrasher and golf cart that we used to have. A cool motorcycle, Jeep, or something of the sort would be a nice addition to have in matches.

Unique Weapons

While I have praised Season 2 for what it did do right, there is something that it did do very wrong and that was regarding its weapons. The list of available weapons in the game right now is pretty low and not very varied at all.

Players are grabbing the same old sniper rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun as always and using that to take out other players. There isn’t anything interesting at all in the current metagame, which is why it is understandable that some are growing tired of its current state.

While Season 2 did add a ton of cool features, it didn’t alleviate player concerns regarding the current meta state very well. This is something that I do think Season 3 will fix, but it is of the utmost importance that it happens so that players don’t grow tired and weary yet again.

To this end, there needs to be more unique weapons in Fortnite that offer different gameplay advantages over others. The coolest weapons that have ever been introduced in the game are no longer available. Give us more interesting grenades, explosives, guns, and so on.

Understandably, some will not want too powerful and different weapons as they could break the game (again) but some variety is better than the static lineup that we have currently. This is a must-have and a given if Epic Games wants players to be on its side again.

Free-to-Play Save the World

Finally, there is one more desire that I have for Fortnite Season 3 and it is one that isn’t guaranteed or even likely, in all honesty, but I will continue to bring this up until it happens. When Fortnite first released its battle royale version, it was in beta form.

This was intending to release into a full game and version in the future. When this eventually happens, players will be able to play the Save the World PvE portion of the title for free without having to buy into it. Here we are approaching three years that battle royale has been around and still no full release date in sight.

This is something that needs to happen someday because Save the World could use the boost in player count and players would be able to check it out, in case they ever are bored of the normal battle royale gameplay. While it is unlikely to happen this season, this is something that I would still like to see and by the end of the year, if possible.


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