What the PUBG Next-Gen Version Needs to Do

by in PUBG | Jul, 8th 2020

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games in the world that you can play right now. It is largely regarded as the game that kickstarted the battle royale genre as we know it today. We believe that there will likely be a PUBG next version soon.

We Need a PUBG Next-Gen Version

As you likely already know, we are due to receive the new video game consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, this year. Both are coming out this holiday season, so there are only a few more months until the new systems are out in the wild. The new generation has begun.

But there is something that we still haven’t heard about, even though they are so close, and that is anything regarding a PUBG next-gen version. Sure, interviews and comments hinted towards a next-generation version in development, but that’s it for now.

At this current time, we have no actual official announcement that there will be a PUBG next-gen version in the future. But quite frankly, it needs to happen. I don’t doubt that it will. Even if there is no next gen-specific version, it will likely be backwards compatible with both systems.

However, that isn’t what I am asking for as there needs to be an actual next-generation updated version of PUBG that players can play on PS5, Xbox Series X, and more powerful PCs. There are a couple of reasons for this and what I would like to see from the PUBG next-gen version.

Why We Do: Other Battle Royale Games Will Be There

First and foremost, there needs to be a next-gen version of the battle royale game because other games in the genre will likely be there at launch or soon after that. As of right now, of the major battle royale games, Fortnite is technically the only one that is confirmed.

But then there is Call of Duty Warzone that will likely have a next-gen version as it is confirmed to work with the next mainline Call of Duty game. That game will likely be on both current consoles and the new ones later this year, so it would make sense for Warzone to be on PS5 and Xbox Series X, too.

Apex Legends hasn’t been confirmed at all for the new consoles, but we wouldn’t be surprised. EA is supporting the systems well with stuff like sports games being available on them. We have Apex coming to Steam and Switch later this year, so PS5 and Xbox Series X also make sense.

With that being the case, it is increasingly likely that PUBG could be the only one of the four main battle royale games that will not be on the next-gen systems if things keep going the way. This needs to change so that we can enjoy playing it in an updated format that takes advantage of the new power.

Why: PUBG Made the Battle Royale Genre What It Is Today

The other reason PUBG needs a next-gen version is a rather simple one: it has made the battle royale genre what it is today. Sure, some games came before PUBG, but this was the title that was released in Steam early access in 2017 and took over Steam nearly overnight.

It is likely the only reason that we even have Fortnite battle royale, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone today. Many of the gameplay systems, decisions, and features that PUBG made popular were taken and used in those other three games.

So, it would be a darn shame to see this progenitor of the battle royale genre not be available on the new hardware when the games it inspired are there. It was among the first in the genre before and now it has the chance to be among the first on the new systems, so it would be a missed opportunity if it isn’t at launch.

With the right new features and interesting changes, PUBG could sell some of its players by purchasing the updated next-gen version on the new consoles. They could also usher in players who want something to play at launch when there might not be too many high-quality games. Here are some of the features and changes that I would like to see with the next-gen version.

What the PUBG Next-Gen Version Needs: Better Graphics

If you’ve read my Fortnite next-gen post, you likely already know where this first point is going: the PUBG next-gen version needs to have updated graphics and performance that is better than we currently have on the existing consoles and, yes, even PC.

This is honestly a pretty obvious point as with greater power comes greater graphics and performance anyways. But PUBG needs this more than any other game in the genre, as it has a long history with its performance issues and sometimes graphical problems that have plagued users over the years.

These days, you can pick up PUBG on consoles, PC, and even the mobile version. You will have a decent experience. But if you were at its early access launch like me, you will know how much of a problem that was and the rampant issues that happened.

With years of development changes under its belt and the new hardware coming in, PUBG can soar in terms of graphical and performance improvements. It could feel more smooth to play while looking even better, having more detail, ray tracing, higher resolutions, and the like.

More importantly, though, this is also a chance for the PUBG Corp. not to repeat the launch issues that the game has notoriously had in the past when it came to early access and other systems. If done right, this could be a good launch with features and changes that players have wanted.

Cross-Play Immediately Available and Same Day Updates

The second point that I would like to go over is another simple one: cross-play. This is something that currently exists in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game (plus the separate mobile one) where the console players can play together in online matches.

This is something that should be the standard moving forward, so it would be great to have the PUBG next-gen version offer cross-play between the PS5 and Xbox Series X right at launch. Also, it would be great to see the older consoles be included in this as well unless the performance is just too vastly different between the two.

Furthermore, I think it would be interesting to allow PC players to play with console players, if possible. This one is optional, but we have seen this done well in other battle royale games, so I think it wouldn’t be too bad to have it available for those who want it.

It would also be great if players could take their existing profiles from the older consoles and maybe PC and transfer them easily to the new consoles, so they don’t lose those hard-earned cosmetics and levels. For the most part, though, I don’t worry too much about this happening.

But what I would like to see that isn’t guaranteed is day and date updates. I would like to see the new updates for the PC version of the game coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X simultaneously. Also, a test server on the new consoles would be awesome, if possible, so that console players could test stuff out early for the first time.

New Map and Game Modes

As for new content in the next-gen version of PUBG, I would like to see a new map and other new content to mark the next-gen version’s launch. One way to encourage players to check the game out at launch is to have something new to offer to them, which is great for veterans and newcomers.

PUBG is known for having the most maps out of the genre, so it would be awesome to continue that trend with a new battle royale map to explore and play on at the next-gen launch. Presumably, this one would be a massive one that would take full advantage of the hardware.

Perhaps it could have the largest area size to date and maybe even have something unique to it like a larger player count, exclusive vehicles, etc. In addition to the new map, I would like to see at least one new game mode join the title.

The original PUBG has begun experimenting with other game modes lately, much like its mobile counterpart. It would be a great time to introduce something new to players besides the usual battle royale matches. Maybe we could see something more zombie-focused like taking on waves of zombies on a map or a game mode like Infected.

Offer Singleplayer Story or Something Different

A new map and game mode isn’t too far-fetched and certainly is within the realm of possibility for the launch of a next-gen version of the game. For this next point, I would like to go out on a limb and ask for something that is much less likely: a new singleplayer mode or something unique.

For instance, we could get a singleplayer portion of the game that could let players go through a level and fulfill some mission while getting long-awaited lore and story content. I already know that there are games in development in the PUBG universe, but why not tease those with a smaller mode in the main game?

It could be a concise experience that is only an hour or two, but it would be reason enough to pick the game back up or for the first time. If a singleplayer mode doesn’t fit well with the game, then how about something that is more cooperative-based?

I already mentioned that there could be a zombie one where you survive waves of the undead enemies, and this would be a great addition for players to do. Maybe you grab a squad of friends or use bots and then jump into a match to see how long you can survive with a store to earn credits from taking out enemies and buy more gear to improve your chances.

Hint at a Possible PUBG 2

Finally, if you didn’t think the last point was wild, you might think this one is. I would like to see the PUBG PS5 and Xbox Series X version hint at a possible PUBG 2 soon. This could be done through the singleplayer story or other additional game modes, but I want to see it happen regardless of how.

I have mentioned several times in these blog posts that I would like to see sequels to games like Fortnite and PUBG, but the latter is the one that I think stands the best chance of actually doing it. It came before all of the other popular ones these days and is the oldest because of that fact.

It would be cool to see it break the trend of basically no sequels in the battle royale genre (and no, Warzone doesn’t count as a sequel to Blackout). As the one that started it all and made the genre what it is today can do it once more by hinting and eventually making a sequel that can, once again, define the entire genre and inspire other games.


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