What the Call of Duty Warzone Next-Gen Version Needs to Do

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 22nd 2020

Activision has released one of the most important games of 2020 with Call of Duty Warzone, a battle royale spin-off that didn’t take long to become one of the biggest games this year. That said, new consoles are also coming this year, and there needs to be a Warzone next-gen version.

Warzone Is One of the Newest Battle Royale Games

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the newest battle royale games to be released for the genre (though not technically the newest one anymore with Hyper Scape), and it has quickly taken the genre by storm. At one time, it was just PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Those were the three games that ruled the genre, but then others started to appear on mobile like Call of Duty Mobile, and now we have Warzone, too. This battle royale game has undoubtedly ensured that, yes, there can be four highly successful games in the genre at one time.

Not to mention, we had nothing but praise to give to Call of Duty Warzone in our best battle royale games of 2020 list this year for the most impressive launch of any game in the genre to date and so much more. The amount of content, both at launch and what has come in the following months, is staggering.

The flexibility of this game to change on the fly doesn’t need to stop here. It needs to continue this year by releasing a new version of the game that will make it even stronger than ever before. Yes, we need a Call of Duty Warzone next-gen version.

There Needs to Be a Warzone Next-Gen Version

There needs to be a Call of Duty Warzone next-gen version if it is going to compete with the other games like Fortnite that are confirmed for the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X releases. Sure, it will be backwards compatible on both systems, but it shouldn’t end with that.

Even though Warzone released this year with tons of great content and revolutionary changes to the genre, there is still so much more that can be done, and a Call of Duty Warzone next-gen version would help that. The increased power and utility of the new consoles could help the game out.

Of course, there is the fact that it will likely need to exist on both the next generation of consoles and the current one at the same time for at least another year, but even still, a Warzone next-gen version could help the game keep things as fresh as it has since the launch in March this year.

As such, I will go over the various features, changes, improvements, and more that I would like to see in a Call of Duty Warzone next-gen version. From the obvious stuff like better graphics and performance to the more specific requests, here’s what I want to see from the PS5 and Xbox Series X version of Warzone.

What It Needs to Do: Graphics and Performance Changes

First and foremost, let’s get the most obvious one out of the way: graphical and performance changes in the Warzone next-gen version. With more power comes the ability to do even better things with a game. And that power could be used to make Warzone even better.

I’m not expecting anything major to happen for the game since it already has solid graphics, and it is burdened by the fact that it will be a cross-gen game, so it can’t reinvent itself at this time. That said, some key improvements could be made with the help of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

For one, it is high time for ray tracing to hit Warzone in a major way. This is a tried and true graphical upgrade that doesn’t require a ton of changes to how the world looks without also changing how it looks on the current generation of consoles.

Beyond ray tracing, there is a ton that can be done for the next-gen version in terms of performance. The new consoles may be capable of 120FPS, which is much higher than the standard 60FPS that we are used to on console.

With the help of the new systems, the PC and next-gen console versions can reach 120FPS, giving that performance boost over the standard version of the game on PS4 and Xbox One. Then there are changes like true 4K support, potential future support for 8K, and so on that could come to Warzone.

Connection to the Next Call of Duty Game

This next one is pretty obvious since we already know it to be true, but it is worth mentioning. It needs to connect to the next Call of Duty game, which is likely going to be a Black Ops soft reboot similar to Modern Warfare and have a setting in the Cold War.

Unfortunately, when writing this, the Call of Duty 2020 game has still not been announced, so there is even the possibility that it might not release this year after all with everything going on. But we know the next one is coming at some point and that Warzone will connect with it.

That connection between the two games needs to be a massive one that isn’t wasted with just minor Easter eggs and references. Warzone needs to switch from its connection to Modern Warfare to the next Black Ops game.

The two games need to share the skins, cosmetics, battle pass, and other items. If a player buys a new skin bundle in the item store in Black Ops, they should have access to it in Warzone for use there as well and so on.

Each new season of Black Ops should mark a new season for players in Warzone and new content, gameplay changes, and so on. The two should be the same, being technically separated, but also having Warzone be the battle royale experience for Black Ops players.

What’s even more interesting about Warzone’s connection to the next Black Ops game is that it can go on much longer than the initial one with Modern Warfare. Both games will have a full year to connect, and that allows for an even better shared experience than Warzone has right now.

A New Map to Explore

But it is so important that the Call of Duty Warzone next-gen version doesn’t squander the opportunity set before it with its newfound connection to the next Black Ops game. From what we know of the game, it will likely be during the Cold War and potentially feel very different compared to Black Ops 4, developer Treyarch’s last game.

You will potentially have a slower experience or at least one that is stripped down compared to the tons of perks, scorestreaks, movement options, and so on that have been prevalent in the Black Ops series in the past.

As such, it only makes sense for Warzone, in turn, to get a new map to explore that takes full advantage of the new areas in Black Ops. The entire map of Verdansk only exists because it is the main setting for Modern Warfare and its singleplayer story mode.

To be fair, Verdansk doesn’t have to go as it is a great map, and it would be a waste to see it go now. Instead, there needs to be a second battle royale map available that takes full advantage of the new areas that players visit in the Black Ops singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

Given the Cold War setting and what we have heard about its main campaign story, it is likely that a large portion of the game will take place in Russia. There could be a new map that pops up for players to check out and explore, with a massive landscape of varying environments.

There are snowy areas in the original Verdansk map, but this could be a chance for an even wilder blizzard-like area with cities and rural towns spread throughout. Given the Cold War time, this could also mean that the new battle royale map could have a nice period piece feel to it as well with a more retro look of the buildings and other locales.

New Game Mode and Gameplay

But the new battle royale map isn’t complete without some changes to gameplay as well. This is the more complicated part where Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Treyarch will need to work together to figure out what to do with Warzone on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The gameplay of Modern Warfare is essentially replicated in Warzone, but that gameplay will likely be very different from what the next Black Ops has. This makes the connection between the two games trickier as Warzone will likely retain the same gameplay on Verdansk.

There has to be a distinct difference between the battle royale matches on Verdansk and the ones on the new map. The former can focus on the more modern gameplay while the latter can have a stripped-down focus on the Black Ops reboot’s style of gameplay.

This also means that there should be two distinct game modes for battle royale, Plunder, and the like that indicate that you are on a different map with different gameplay available. It could be like Modern Battle Royale and Retro Battle Royale, or something of that nature.

This would let players know there is a difference right off the bat, so they aren’t surprised by the queue or RNG when thrown into the match that they didn’t want. This changed gameplay is largely dependent on Black Ops, but we expect potentially slower movement, different weapons to use, and less focus on perks, scorestreaks, and the like.

But even beyond the modern and retro battle royale game modes, I would like to see some new game modes introduced into the game. They can vary, of course, but I would certainly want something more like a Zombies battle royale game mode where the map is totally infected with Zombies and the other players.

Maybe if you die in this game mode, you are no longer able to win, but you do become a Zombie and can keep playing, hunting down the other surviving humans until there is only one squad, or player left standing who will then win the match. Zombies and battle royale mixed with 150 to 200 players altogether would be insane and fun.

More Contract Types

And lastly, one of the unique parts of Warzone is the contracts that players can do. Players can take a minor break from the battle royale match and complete these objectives like capturing a point or taking out an enemy player who has a bounty on their head.

There have been new contract types added to the game since launch, but I would like to see a couple more come to the game with the Warzone next-gen version. One particular one that I would like to see is a race contract type where you have to get a vehicle and make it to a checkpoint before the timer runs out.

Of course, you can see the contract ahead of time, so players can know that it is a race one and get a vehicle before accepting the contract. Another type that I would like to see is something like a PvP-focused one where two different squads (or more) are given a contract at the same time.

One team will have a defensive objective where the spot where they are, they have to defend for two minutes or something. In contrast, a second team is given an objective to capture that same point from the other team. This would add another PvP-like element, similar to the bounty contract.

The skies limit these contracts, as they are optional objectives that don’t truly take away from the battle royale experience. Regardless of which ones are added to the game, there needs to be new options for players to enjoy.


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