What I Expect From Mario Party Superstars

by in General | Jun, 24th 2021

I am a massive fan of Mario Party. Playing the game with my former college roommates was a highlight of the weekends. While most of my friends and I played Mario Party 6, I never had the chance to play Mario Party 1, 2, or 3. However, it seems like my time is finally coming with the upcoming release of Mario Party Superstars, a game that remasters the boards and minigames from Mario Party 1, 2, and 3. 

However, it’s fair to be skeptical as the Mario Party series has been through some bumps in the road. Since Mario Party 8, the series has attempted to reinvent itself and keep players interested. Mario Party 9 and 10 had players run through boards together while in a car, turning a more like Monopoly into a game akin to Candy Land. However, it seems like the series is going to return to its roots. While that may be the case, there are some things about the unknown game.

What To Expect From Mario Party Superstars

A lot of what was announced for Mario Party Superstars is a good sign for the Mario Party series. Here’s what is going to be changing from the previous game’s mechanics.

Star Prices and Coins

The Mario Party series is returning to the tried-and-true methods used in the previous titles. Super Mario Party tried to make an easier pick-up and play version of the original game, starting players with five coins each and making the price for a star 10. 

A lot of fans had issues with this. Racking up many coins allowed players to purchase stars without having to worry about winning minigames. Combining this with the price of the Golden pipe being 10 coins, players would have no issue cycling between the shop, and the star point, having the richest player win overwhelmingly compared to other players. 

Mario Party Superstars change things back to the way they were. All players now start with 10 coins and 20 stars. Players are awarded coins for playing the minigame, with the top player earning five, the second player earning three, the third player earning two, and the last player earning one. However, these participation awards in Mario Party have ceased, as only the second and third place player only receive three coins for playing. While this does seem to carry over from Super Mario Party, players will find that Mario Party Superstars still contains the DNA of the previous titles. 

Old Larger Boards Returning

There were only two boards shown during Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation: Peach’s birthday cake and Space Land. However, three other boards haven’t been shown for Mario Party Superstars, each of them coming from one of the N64 Mario Party titles. I find this a breath of fresh air for the franchise as Super Mario Party’s boards were extremely small. 

There is only one playthrough for the player to taste everything the game has to offer. However, with these larger boards, the replayability value of the game has skyrocketed. Mario Party 6 has only six boards. While it’s one more than Mario Party Superstars, all these boards are classic from classic games, which layers haven’t played yet. This is more than enough to keep players intrigued and coming back to the game. 

100 Minigames from Previous Mario Parties

The minigames are also made for controllers for players to enjoy Mario Party either on their Switch Pro controller or their Nintendo Switch lite. Super Mario Party relied heavily on motion controls, meaning that Switch lite players would have a difficult time playing the game if they were out a set of $80 Joy-cons. Instead, not only does Mario Party contain 100 of the biggest minigames in the series, but it also comes with full button controls, so players won’t have to rely on those pesky motion controls to hinder their fun. 

Online Multiplayer

It seems like the test for online multiplayer for Super Mario Party wasn’t a fluke after all. Mario Party Superstars will contain online multiplayer and randomized matchmaking for players who want to play against other people and computers. 

Despite players asking for this in every Mario Party game since the 3DS version of Star Rush, the best part about this addition is that online matchmaking and multiplayer work on every single mode of the game. It lets players experience the fun with friends or strangers in classic Mario Party fashion. 

What I Expect From Mario Party Superstars

With a new Mario Party game, there’s always some skepticism while the game is releasing. While it may be that players are excited about the title, I’m wary of some cracks that are already showing themselves during the Nintendo Treehouse presentation. Although the game may be well on its way, there are still some things that I expect to come out of this new entry in the Mario Party series. While it may be too late, one can only hope. Here’s what I expect from the new Mario Party Superstars.

Bring Back the Costumes

Mario Party 2 is the only game in the series to have the characters wear costumes. With Space Land being in the game, it’s only fair for the characters to put on their spacesuits before heading out onto the map. While players don’t know how many playable characters would be in the game, it’s fair to assume that Nintendo probably will not bring the costumes back, combined with the fact that Mario Party 2 is the only game in the series to have that function. 

Mario Party 2 allowed the characters to dress up depending on what board they played on. However, the actual chance this would be added is based on how many of the five boards would be from Mario Party 2. With Mario Party 1 already having one and Mario Party 2 having one, that would leave one for Mario Party 3, and then two more spots for boards to include from previous Mario Party Games. However, the possibility of costumes as DLC could also be an option. 

Game Centric Modes

With Mario Party 1, 2, and 3 being at the forefront of the minigames and the boards, the opportunity for Mario Party to include special modes where the minigames and boards are played with only content from the game that the board comes from is a no brainer. For the hardest of hardcore fans, having the option to include minigames from the specific Mario Party titles would give the most optimal experience for players who want only to play Mario Party 3 content or Mario Party 2.

Bring More Boards From Other Titles Onto the Game

While the five boards are enough for the base game, this remaster of the classic boards from the Nintendo 64 version of the game makes for the optimal Mario Party experience, as each of the five maps and 100 minigames come from the N64 titles. 

The possibility of Nintendo releasing more DLC for the game, featuring maps and minigames from Mario Party 4, 5, 6, and 7, would make Mario Party Superstars the definitive Mario Party experience, with the mechanics of the game-changing based on what game players are trying out. The controls are easy to remember. No console is left out, thanks to the Switch’s control scheme. Players would be in for the ultimate Mario Party experience. 

Mario Party seems to come back to its roots with the release of Mario Party Superstars. It’s a faithful recreation of the title’s early years, uses everything the developers learned thus far in the series, and applies it to the original game, bringing them to the modern age and letting players enjoy some of the best content that the series has to offer. 


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