What Fortnite Season 2 Needs to Do to Keep Players Interested

by in Fortnite | Feb, 19th 2020

Fortnite battle royale is finally nearing the launch of Season 2, the long-awaited latest season for the game. While most every season is welcome in the game for what it brings, this upcoming one is notably anticipated due to the timing of its release.

Fortnite Is in Severe Need of a New Season

Fortnite Season 2 comes at a very crucial turning point in the history of the battle royale game. If you read message boards, posts like this one and see what the community currently thinks of the game, a lot of players think the game needs help.

Players are tired of Season 1 and what Chapter 2 offered up until this point in time. Fortnite is in dire need of a new season right now. After all, the current season is the longest one ever. It has gone on for about the length of two whole seasons of standard battle royale.

It isn’t uncommon for players to get tired of a current season even when it goes for the normal 10 to 12 weeks or so and want a new one to arrive. Double that length and you have the current season, creating a tumultuous time for the game.

Fortnite Season 2 changes need to be more than standard map changes, new weapons, vehicles and so on. The game requires a substantially more radical change of pace to get and keep players interested, which is ironic given the massive change Season 1 was at the start.

Fortnite Season 2 Changes Needed: Meaningful Map Changes

Before the launch of the second season of battle royale arrives in Chapter 2, we are going to let you know the Fortnite Season 2 changes we would like to see. This includes the most standard and expected changes for the game: map changes.

As with any new season, you can expect some new map changes to the battle royale island. Typically, you will see one or two new named locations join the island or have existing ones change to make way for something new and improved.

While those changes are all good and welcome, more meaningful map changes need to happen in the upcoming season. What we mean is changes to the fundamental core of what makes the current battle royale island what it is.

At this time, we have an island marred with poor mobility for players, for instance. While this can be remedied by having new vehicles thrown into the mix, seeing the map shift and change to allow for this to exist would be nice.

Instead of adding new locations, we want to see the terrain and locations become something new. For instance, the northwestern corner of the map features a string of islands by Shifty Sands, rarely visited by players.

In Season 2, the islands should come together to form one massive island, complete with a new named location. The wide sweep of open land is another issue with the current island. There’s nothing really to it in the middle of the map.

The small island in the middle of the map and central area needs to be converted into a sprawling metropolis. Have it take up a significant portion of the entire island while still retaining the same rivers flowing from and through it.

Game Modes That Expand the Horizon of Fortnite

Occasionally, the release of a new season will see a new game mode come out and allow for players to check out a new gameplay experience. Some time has passed since the battle royale has received a new game mode significantly different and stays on the roster permanently.

We would like to see something radically different from anything we’ve played before. Increasingly more and more, Fortnite is becoming a social gaming experience like Roblox rather than a battle royale title.

Epic Games should fully embrace this idea and allow for new game modes that are not battle royale at all. Something like Jailbreak which allows players to start as criminals or police officers. They battle it out in a persistent game mode that keeps track of money, stats and progression even after you leave.

New Progression Beyond the Battle Pass

Speaking of progression, there should be a new type of game progression beyond the standard battle pass, leveling system and more. For instance, having the levels mean something.

Perhaps leveling up gives you access to new items to purchase or craft that ties into the new progression system we’d like to see. A new hub world experience could be where players can interact with one another, play mini-games and maybe own/build a house.

In the hub experience, players could meet up and hang out. It could give more meaning to the leveling system, too. Players could level up and gain access to new items to purchase for their house, friends and more. This could easily tie into the normal battle royale experience with players leveling up through matches to gain more content in the social experience.

Live Event Collaborations That Matter More

When it comes to the social experience, live event collaborations are the most prominent ways of doing this, such as the recent Birds of Prey crossover. Other collaborations included Star Wars, Avengers, John Wick and many more.

Oddly, over time, the limited-time collaborations in promotion of a brand, film or product are less interesting. The prior standard built by Avengers was more like an exception rather than the rule when it comes to these.

Instead of having a varied and solid limited-time game mode that captures the property in the crossover, we get some cool skins and maybe some minor changes to the map at best. The contractual agreement between Epic and the third-party could be the reason. However, some examples don’t make sense.

For example, not having a massive Star Wars game mode of the Resistance versus the First Order or Jedi versus the Sith when the collaboration with The Rise of Skywalker movie happened. Especially given Epic’s prior history working with Disney.

Live event collaborations need to matter more and have more substance to them like before. This is one of the easier Fortnite Season 2 changes to make since it existed in the past.

Fresh Changes to the Current Metagame

The next change might seem most obvious, but worth mentioning, nonetheless. Fortnite’s metagame has been in the same place for a while, even with the start of Chapter 2. The long season further contributed to this factor.

Though the metagame is fine and not nearly as egregious as past seasons like the ill-fated mechs, players are getting bored with the way things are. There are even prominent streamers and personalities like Ninja who want to see massive changes here.

By far, the easiest change when it comes to the metagame changes is the mobility factor that we’ve already brought up. Currently, the boat is the only vehicle available. There is no real equivalent of that on land, resulting in many players having to walk most of the way to the next storm circle.

Adding a new vehicle to the game would fix this. But, it would be great to have the new addition be a call back to one of the greatest mobility moments in battle royale history: airplanes. Planes were exceptional. However, they weren’t handled as well as they could have.

Make them less powerful, required and common, and we could have a strong addition to the metagame. After all, other battle royale games successfully did this in the past. Seeing Epic Games finally set the metagame rules for the competitive modes would be nice.

In the past, Arena and Tournament had the same rules as normal battle royale modes, except for when they didn’t. Random choices would be made like not allowing for weapon upgrades without much rhyme or reason to it.

It’s high time that Epic Games sits down and gives players a specific ruleset for the competitive modes openly and clearly so that we aren’t surprised by the strange choices.

The Return of Patch Notes

The final change that we would like to see for Season 2 isn’t the most important one. However, it helps the lack of communication we mentioned with the competitive modes. It’s finally time for patch notes to make an official and permanent return to the game.

Patch notes in Chapter 2, Season 1 has been sporadic. They will sometimes appear with new updates and be conspicuously absent other times. And even when they did appear in this current season, they usually split into different sections and seemingly not as detailed.

We aren’t sure the reason why this happened in Season 1. Perhaps time was a problem, but it would be great to see these return. This lets us and the players know more about the game in general. Also, it would go back to better communicating all changes with each update.

Fortnite Season 2 Release Date and What We Know About It

We won’t have to wait long to find out what Epic Games has planned for Season 2 of battle royale in Chapter 2. After months, the highly-anticipated release of the new season comes on February 20.

At the time of writing this, we don’t know much about the season at all. Oddly, only a few leaks and teases popped up for the upcoming season with little information. More details will come soon, Epic Games may be keeping most of the season a surprise until it drops.

Stay tuned here for more news about the upcoming launch of Season 2, including (hopefully) the patch notes, Fortnite Season 2 changes, additions and more.


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