What are the Best FUT 22 Starter Teams Right Now?

by in Sports Games | Oct, 4th 2021

FIFA 22 is officially out, boys and girls! Everyone now has full access to the game and some players are already grinding the h** out of it. Some already have exceptionally powerful squads featuring the likes of Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, KDB, and similar. But, we’re not here to talk about players most of you can’t buy yet. We’re here to talk about the best FUT 22 starter teams!

Another year, another list of “illegal” starter teams. That said, hopefully, you’ve accumulated somewhere in the neighborhood of 50k to 100k. If you don’t have that kind of money, go and do the foundation Squad Building Challenges as well as the newest Marquee Matchups. That should give you the proper monetary boost you’ll need to recreate some of our best FUT 22 starter teams!

Best FUT 22 Starter Teams

I prepared three teams for you. They’re not overly expensive, though some players will set you back for quite a bit. Hopefully, you haven’t already spent your coins on those darn packs…

Let’s roll!

Defensive-Minded Premier League

I’ll start off with the league I know and love the most – the English Premier League. This year, the ePL has more world-class players than ever before. Sure, they lost Aguero and Wijnaldum, but got the likes of Varane, Sancho, Lukaku, and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Images courtesy of FUTBIN Squad Builder

Unfortunately, all these players are way too expensive for our budget. What you can see above is actually just above 50k. Around 60k if you’re playing on PC – deal with it! But, it brings forth great compactness in defense, poised with center-backs who can actually run, and wing backs that can carry the ball up field and pose as threats in both boxes.

4-2-3-1 formation is what I opted for here. It’s the ultimate bunker base, great for executing swift counter-attack plays thanks to this year’s return of long pass viability. Richarlison up front will serve as a potent target man, no doubt about it. Just pass him the ball in the six-yard box and he’ll somehow get it into the net.

If your opponent doesn’t allow such passes, this starter team has good outside-of-the-box potential too. Gundogan, Havertz, Foden – they can all shoot pretty well outside of the box. They’ll take some time, but they’ll score a goal eventually!

Haaland-Powered Bundesliga Machinery

Next up, Bundesliga! Bundesliga teams are the most popular bunch at the start of FIFA 22. Every second team I come up against either uses full Bundesliga or a Bundesliga-based hybrid. There are lots of quality (read META-viable) players in the German Bundesliga, at least two good options in every position. This resulted in massive price drops that dictate the league’s popularity.

We’re using a slightly different formation here so we can take advantage of Bundesliga’s powerful wingers like Gnabry and Kostic. Of course, there are far stronger options in the likes of Sane and Coman, but they’re way too expensive to be listed in our best FUT 22 starter teams.

Haaland, obviously, goes right in the middle. He’s the perfect striker in FIFA 22. He’s fast, he’s agile, and when you give him Engine, he turns into Pele! Don’t even get me started on his ability in the air. Without him, every corner was wasted. With him, every corner is dangerous. He’s a real game-changer and is worth every penny!

The midfield trio is dirt cheap, yet they possess exceptional ball control, passing, and even long-range shooting ability. Reus and Sabitzer are there to make your opponents’ lives miserable, while Witsel is there to prevent that from happening to you.

The total price of this team is pretty steep, though. Overall, you’ll end up paying around 100k on PC, and around 80-90k on consoles. That’s what the current prices indicate, though things could change going forward.

Mukiele and Schulz are our go-to wing-backs. Of course, the first options are of course Mbabu and Davies, but they’re pried more than the rest of our team combined. Akanji and Gvardiol are easily upgradeable too, making this Bundesliga team an easily upgradeable masterpiece! If you’re struggling to win matches, be it in Division Rivals or FUT Champions, invest in this team and thank us later!

Aggressive La Liga Eleven

This is the cheapest team out of this bunch, but it packs a ton of outstanding players! Let’s start off with the goalkeeper. While I do believe having a strong goalkeeper is essential early on, Oblak and Ter Stegen are at around 30-40k right now and they’re just not worth it.

Instead, Sergio Asenjo is between our posts; he’s consistent, he’s a great diver, and he’s okay in terms of positioning and kicking the ball. He’s not the fastest goalie out there, meaning you shouldn’t expect Neuer-like sweeper gameplay from him.

We’ve made several compromises in the defensive end of the field. Renan Lodi, Alaba, Kounde, and Jesus Navas are our leading men. Of course, you can spend a lot more money to upgrade these positions right away, but it doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint. The prices will drop in a few weeks; until then, this bunch will do just fine.

As for the CDM position, there’s no valid reason not to buy Casemiro. He’s a beast! Accompanied by Saul on the right and Isco on the left, Casemiro will do you a world of good. Moreno is the CAM; his ability to shield the ball, penetrate behind the lines, and shoot with his trusty left outside of the box are important now more than ever.

We’re wrapping things up with Inaki Williams and Correa up front. This duo magnifico helped me reach Division six on the first day of FIFA 22 pre-release. Their stats are brilliant and it perfectly reflets on their gameplay. Try them out and you’ll see just how powerful they are!

Of course, there are lots of additional hybrid options that are viable in the current FIFA 22 meta. Go on YouTube, check out what competitive FUT 22 players have to say about this year’s iteration of FIFA. There are lots of good links you can exploit to get the best experience and results from your FIFA Ultimate Team.

That said, we’re all done with our best FUT 22 starter teams.

No worries, though, as we’ll be continuing with our FIFA 22 coverage this week!


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