What Apex Legends Titanfall Crossover Features We Want to See After Valkyrie

by in Apex Legends | Jun, 30th 2021

Apex Legends is not just a battle royale game that came out of nowhere as it is building upon the legacy of a series that came before it: Titanfall. Titanfall and Titanfall 2 were Respawn’s first attempts to make a blockbuster FPS hit after Activision’s studio founders left. As such, some Apex Legends Titanfall crossovers have come about. 

After all, Apex Legends is in the same universe as the Titanfall series, though it would be difficult to say that it is a direct sequel since it focused almost entirely on the Apex Games. Instead, this battle royale-focused game show of sorts is where competitors from across the galaxy compete to be the last one standing.

Apex Legends Legacy Season Brought Valkyrie

That said, some clear Apex Legends Titanfall connections have come about since the launch of the battle royale game in early 2019. Taking place about 30 years or so after the conclusion of Titanfall 2, Apex Legends features a pretty much set of characters battling in these Apex Games. 

You know the drill: squads of two or three players each hop onto one of the three (and likely to be more in the future) maps from around the galaxy to find out who the last remaining player or team will be in the end. Over time, the game has continuously grown, adding new maps and characters each season. 

The crux of Apex Legends is the ability-based characters in there, falling into a set of classes, but each having its unique powers and ability kits. Some characters are inherently better than others, focusing on the void, mechanical, and hard-earned talents they each have. 

At the time of this writing, one of the most recent characters is Valkyrie. Released in the ninth season known as Legacy, this season introduced the latest character. She is capable of using a jetpack to hover at will with other strong abilities. 

That makes Valkyrie one of the unique characters around and a fan favorite when she dropped in the Legacy season. However, there is more to her than meets the eye. For one, she is by far the largest Apex Legends Titanfall connection to date. 

Valkyrie’s Connection to the Titanfall Series

Valkyrie connects to the Titanfall series because she is the daughter of the Titanfall 2 character Viper. Now, there will be some slight spoilers for that game, so if you have not played the main singleplayer campaign yet, now would be the time to skip over this part. 

With that spoiler warning out of the way, Viper is the father of Valkyrie, who is in Apex Legends. Her dad was one of the main villains in the Titanfall 2 campaign. One of the members of the Apex Predators faction, which is in both games, he played an integral role in the only Titanfall campaign to date.

However, the conclusion of that game saw Viper be killed as he was not exactly the nicest person around. It got more interesting because players began to think that he would become a character in Apex Legends since his Titan was seen in the workshop that Rampart has. 

However, that Apex Legends Titanfall connection was not necessarily to tease the arrival of Viper in a simulacrum role, like fellow Apex character Revenant, but to tease the arrival of his daughter: Valkyrie. We finally received her release in the ninth season of the game. 

Before starting the season, we saw her introduction in the cinematic trailer that went over her backstory, much like the other post-launch legend. It was revealed that she recovered her father’s Titan after his death and took it to fellow competitor Rampart. 

It was then that Rampart could take the remains of the Titan and repurpose it for Valkyrie’s own jetpack set. This is where the Legacy part of the season comes into play as Valkyrie carries on her father’s legacy by literally using his former mech as the main part of her ability kit. 

At the same time, though, this is not the only purpose of the Legacy nomenclature. There is also the fact that there is the history and strengths of the Titanfall series, being leveraged for Apex Legends now, or at least in a way that the previous hints and lore teases were not. 

This, of course, has me wondering about the future of Apex Legends. It is only likely that Respawn will now use this as a gateway to start having even more Apex Legends Titanfall connections than ever before. I imagine that they will even be on the level of Valkyrie’s character and possibly even greater than that. 

That is why I will go over the Apex Legends Titanfall crossover features and characters that I would like to see over the next couple of years and seasons of the battle royale game. There are four main ones that I think the game would benefit from significantly. 

Apex Legends Titanfall Crossovers We Want to See: More Characters

First and foremost, there is the most obvious one: more characters from the Titanfall series arriving in the game somehow. While it was theorized that Viper would be a legend in Apex, that was not the case as it turned out to be his daughter, instead. 

However, that does not mean that we cannot see a different Titanfall character show up as a legend in the game, despite the huge time gap. There is the possible creator of the Apex Games in general: Blisk, the leader of the Apex Predators. 

That name, of course, is the same one as the most elite group of players in the ranked gameplay can become. But, unfortunately, so few can become Apex Predators that is a prestigious honor every season. This connection is a little bit on-the-nose for it not to be related to Blisk, who recruited some of the legends for the games. 

It stands to reason that Blisk may very well show up at some point down the road as one of the legends in the game or some other lore figure. This is something that I fully expect will happen again eventually. 

Then there is Ash. One of the other Apex Predators in the history of Titanfall 2, this simulacrum is a villainous character who is almost certainly coming to the game eventually. She is already in Apex Legends through the Broken Ghost quest in Season 5, where it was revealed that she is trying to stop Revenant. 

There have been leaks of Ash’s character coming to the game, and this is more of a when, not if, sort of situation. But it leaves room for even more legends to appear in the game in the future that hail from the Titanfall series or has connections to previous characters, like with Valkyrie. 

More Weapons From Titanfall

Another key component that I would like to see introduced in Apex Legends from the Titanfall series is more weapons. There are several weapons in the battle royale game right now that derive from the original games that Respawn Entertainment developed. 

One of the most notable ones is the Volt SMG that was leaked for the longest time and was known to be coming to Apex at some point and finally did in Season 6. However, it is far from the first gun to come from the Titanfall multiplayer and will likely not last. 

For the most part, it does seem that Respawn is pretty particular when it comes to releasing new guns in Apex Legends. This is likely due to the delicate balance of a game where you do not pick out a loadout for you and your team, but you have to find gear from scratch in every match that you do. 

This means that there is the chance that some players will have better luck and find weapons that are just simply better than the ones that you have, and you cannot balance that by having set loadouts that you pick. That said, there are some weapons that I would like to see come to Apex from Titanfall in the future. 

There is the CAR SMG, for instance, that is a powerful beast that could be repurposed to work as a strong entry in that category of guns. The EPG grenade weapon is a powerful one-shot gun that leaked in the past and would be an interesting addition. We could see others, too, and we imagine that it is only a matter of time. 

Singleplayer Story Missions

From there, we come to the less obvious choices of Apex Legends Titanfall connections and the ones that have me most excited. To begin with, I would like to see some singleplayer story missions of some kind come to Apex Legends in some way in the future. 

Taking from the Titanfall 2 campaign, we could see more mission-based singleplayer content in the future for Apex Legends. Respawn has proved that it has great storytelling in previous games like Titanfall 2 and Jedi Fallen Order, and it is time to see more of that in their biggest game to date. 

Apex Legends had the Broken Ghost questline in the past and similar features that took you out of the everyday battle royale experience for something more lore-driven. I want to see it taken a step further and turned into its full-fledged game mode apart from battle royale. 

We already have Arena that has broken the trend of only battle royale in Apex Legends, so there is a chance that this could happen. More than likely, though, I think it would be a cooperative story campaign of some kind that you could do with teammates. 

Regardless, I want to see it happen since Fortnite had its form in Save the World that was not super successful. But if Respawn can focus more on this and make it truly something worth playing with great levels and strong writing, it could be a portion of Apex Legends that some players never knew they wanted. 


And last but not least, I’m going to say it once more: we need Titans in Apex Legends. I’ve said it before in other posts about Apex Legends needs, and I will say it again here: I want to see the mechs come to this game. There are a few reasons why and how I could see this happen. 

For one, you could argue that the Titans were the focus of those previous games, and the focus now is on the legends. However, the problem with that is that these games are too connected and in the same universe for that to be the case. 

Furthermore, Titans were defining parts of what made the multiplayer so interesting and fun in the Titanfall series. Without the Titans, to me at least, it still feels like Apex Legends is missing something. As for how I could see this happen, there are two main ways. 

I think that it would be too overpowered, for sure, to bring a character like Ash or someone else who has a mech as their ultimate ability; that would not end well at all. But what I want to see are the Titans come back in the story campaign portion of the game that I am proposing. 

Here, you could have your teammates. You can use the mechs against the AI enemies, and it would not be an issue of balancing so much. The other way I want to see it happen is in a new game mode. We have Arena, so the door is swung open for more game modes in the future. 

Perhaps it could be a Titan-focused mode or an objectives-one where you can earn points to summon a mech of your own to battle against the other team. This would keep the mechs out of battle royale proper but still have that gameplay continue for those, like myself, who want it sometimes. 


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