What the Apex Legends Next-Gen Version Needs to Do

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 3rd 2020

Apex Legends is one of the biggest battle royale games in the world right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But those two console platforms are about to be on their way out as they are replaced by the shiny new PS5 and Xbox Series X. As such, we need an Apex Legends next-gen version.

We Need an Apex Legends Next-Gen Version

Without a doubt, we need to have an Apex Legends next-gen version that will let the battle royale leap from the current generation of consoles to the next-gen ones. It needs to be available at the launch of those consoles as an old game is an old game.

As of right now, there is no Apex Legends next-gen version confirmed for PS5 and/or Xbox Series X, unlike Fortnite, which will have one available at launch. This needs to change as the game is thriving on older systems and could do just as well on the newer ones, if not even better.

After all, the launches of new hardware in gaming have been notorious for not having a lot of games for players to play. Besides backwards compatible games and the annualized ones like Call of Duty, FIFA, and so on, there usually isn’t much in the way of launch games.

And this year could be a similar situation, as the PS5, in particular, is looking to have a less than stellar launch lineup with its only heavy hitter being Miles Morales. This smaller title isn’t a full-on follow-up to Spider-Man PS4, which is confirmed when writing this.

While Xbox Series X has the highly anticipated Halo Infinite at its launch, there is the chance that that will be the only major game there. It doesn’t look too great if you buy a console at launch, which is where an Apex Legends next-gen version could help those systems out.

And not to mention, it would be severely disappointing if there wasn’t a next-gen version at launch for the PS5 and Xbox Series X since there are new platforms that Apex Legends confirmed for this year. We recently found out that it will come to Steam and Nintendo Switch soon.

Also, the mobile versions of the battle royale game are all but confirmed at this point. In this way, Apex is trying to be like Fortnite in that it is available just about everywhere you could imagine. Except, unlike that game, it hasn’t been confirmed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It Needs New Additions and Changes

Not only does the Apex Legends next-gen version need to happen this year, but it needs to bring along new additions and changes for the game with it. It doesn’t just need to show up and be available on those systems, as backwards compatibility can easily take care of that on its own.

Instead, we will need some new additions, features, modes, and changes to the overall game itself that will justify the next-gen nomenclature of this version. Of course, all of these changes (well, except performance and graphics-based ones) could come to the other platforms.

To help with this, I have listed the various features, game modes, and more that I would like to see in the next-gen version of the game below. I’ve even gone into great detail for many of them, noting what this means and how I would like to see it changed or implemented in the future. Let’s get started.

Apex Legends Next-Gen Version Needs Better Graphics and Performance

To make things simple, I will kick off this list with the most obvious change with the next-gen version: Better performance and graphics. This is guaranteed when it comes to a next-gen version. There is no reason it won’t here.

When it comes to the new hardware that players purchase, they expect a change and leap up from the older hardware they used to own. This is a given and something that does take time often to get going with a new generation.

Even still, some things can be done with the next-gen version of Apex Legends that isn’t too crazy or outrageous as soon as it comes out. For instance, it could support higher resolutions than before and, perhaps, have a higher max frame rate than on PS4 and Xbox One.

Also, the graphics could get an overall boost to textures, detail, and so on, and maybe even take advantage of that fancy new ray-tracing feature that the new consoles will have available. Of course, this could extend to the PC version and an update to make it on par with the new console versions.

Cross-Play and Cross-Progression Across Generations

Another pretty obvious change that will likely happen is cross-play and cross-progression between the generations and all of the platforms. This is something that I don’t doubt will happen, nor do I think that Respawn will let a next-gen version release without these features.

After all, the recent announcement of the Steam and Nintendo Switch versions noted that the game would have cross-play across the different versions, or at least on the console side. This is something that needs to happen with the next-gen versions so that the community on the new hardware isn’t too limited at first.

Also, friends who aren’t able to get the new systems yet will still be able to join with their friends and play together. And more importantly, the PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X jump should allow players to keep their progress from the previous system. It is understandable if there is a caveat like you can only jump from a PlayStation to PlayStation and so on, but it would be welcome nonetheless.

More Permanent Game Modes

Moving on from the more obvious points, we have something that needs to happen but isn’t necessarily guaranteed at this point. That is to have more permanent game modes join Apex Legends. Though this battle royale game is one of the most groundbreaking and progress, there is a place where it falls short.

All of the cool features like the ping system, multiple maps, and respawns that other games have emulated don’t make up for the fact that there are two real game modes. That is the unranked and ranked, and no, the two maps available don’t count.

That is it. You are given the option of playing unranked with a squad of three or ranked with the same number of players in your squad. This is rather unfortunate as Respawn has dabbled in stuff like duos and solos in the past, but never kept it around.

The community has been calling for more permanent game mode options like solos, duos, four players, and so on, but Respawn has yet to answer the call in this regard. I would hate to think that we would have to wait until the holidays finally happen, but it seems like a good spot to introduce them while celebrating the new systems.

A Third Map

While not nearly as necessary as more game mode options for players, one thing that would help the launch of the new hardware would be to introduce a third map to the battle royale game. We have two maps already and they are both excellent, but more options are almost always a good thing.

Apex Legends surprised everyone when, in its first year alone, it suddenly released a new map at the start of an early season rather than make some changes to the already existing Kings Canyon map. This was shocking as the game was still relatively new, and games like Fortnite hadn’t toyed with the idea of a new map.

It was a wild moment that showed that Apex Legends wasn’t playing any games. Since then, both maps have been made available to play. While World’s Edge and Kings Canyon are different maps with different styles, they are similar in visual themes and style.

As such, it is high time for Apex to throw another curveball and add in a third map for players to enjoy. This one could go in a wildly different direction, like adding a snowy area, jungle-themed location, or even make the whole map one huge, dense cityscape.

Larger Player Counts

This next point kind of goes along with the new map and the permanent game modes and that is to have larger player counts in the battle royale matches in Apex Legends. It doesn’t have to be a larger player count in all matches, which might throw off the balance of the game.

Instead, it would be good to have one particular game mode or map with a large number of players on it. This makes sense for an arcadey game mode or the third map that is, perhaps, much larger than the first two that we have right now.

In my opinion, the 60 players in each match are pretty lame and could benefit from a boost in the future. It isn’t bad, but it does feel like you haven’t made much progress to make it to the top 20 players in a match in Apex compared to other games where there are 100 players in total, if not more.

At bare minimum, I would like to see the third map or new game mode with 100 players in total for you to go through or even 99 for three squads. This would at least make the match feel more competitive and interesting, providing more action and less downtime for everyone involved.

Metagame-Changing Legends

I have already covered this in a previous blog post, but I would like to see a new legend launch with the release of the new console hardware. This could be timed around the launch of a new season in the game, or a new legend could be dropped to coincide with new versions of the game.

Regardless of what happens, I want to see a new legend that is much more groundbreaking and metagame-changing than the ones that we have seen recently in the past. Loba and Revenant are great for sure, and Crypto is okay at best, but none of them have changed the game for the better.

So, I would like to see one or more new legends at the launch of the next-gen version of the game that is much more focused on either providing something entirely new and different or centered around filling a gap that is currently missing in the metagame.

I won’t go into too much detail about the legends that I would like to see in the game, but there are a few solid options. There could be a legend that is a shield repairer or healer to give an option besides Lifeline, a defensive buff tank who can protect the team and give them a boost, and someone quick and melee-focused.

The possibilities are seemingly endless at this point, so here’s hoping that the new legends are more substantial and interesting than the ones we have had in past seasons.

A Story Mode

And last but not least, like the Fortnite blog post about its next-gen version, I am going to end on a more far-fetched idea that I would like to see in the Apex Legends next-gen version. I would like to see a story mode, either singleplayer or cooperative, be added to the game in the future.

The launch of the new hardware could be celebrated with a story mode that you could play through to learn more about the lore of the world and maybe hang out with friends in a less competitive mode. Perhaps you have various one-off missions that tell you more about certain characters while you play as them in places around existing maps or new levels.

This would be a great way to offer something potentially relaxing and different from what players are used to in Apex. This would also give a chance to add more lore to the game and offer that Titanfall-like experience without making a new game in that series directly.

We have already had hints of this in season five with the hunts and everything like that, but I would like to see it more fleshed out and given more detail and attention, and the launch of the new hardware seems like a good place to make that happen. And not just for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but all other platforms as well.


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