Welcome to Eorzea: A Beginners Guide to the World FFXIV

by in General | Jul, 23rd 2021

FFXIV is the hot MMO on the block right now, so I’m here with a beginners guide. There has never been a better time to get into FFXIV either. November 23rd is the official launch of FFXIV: Endwalker and the Benchmark Tool is already available. I’ve been blessed to see so many people in my life deciding to try FFXIV and (not surprisingly) loving it because it’s a quality MMO. People who enter into it expecting WoW, RIFT, TERA, or some other MMO are going to be well disappointed. Over the weekend I’ve been reaching out to new and experienced players alike to see what they want to know/wish they knew when they began FFXIV.

I’ll cover as much as I possibly can in this FFXIV beginners guide, and if something comes up that I missed, I’ll edit it in. So much has changed in FFXIV since A Realm Reborn launched, making a beginners guide like this feel important. There are also so many resources online to help you figure out quests, boss strats, leveling guides, you name it. You can also always reach out to the community itself. There isn’t a more welcoming group of people than the FFXIV crowd, and that’s a fact. One of the best things about the game though is if you decide you don’t like a class/job, you can just play another!

Endwalker is going to be amazing, and there’s plenty of time to catch up in. You will virtually never have a moment in FFXIV where there’s nothing to do. Whether it’s fun stuff in Gold Saucer, Card Games, Sidequests, Dailies, Raids (New and Old), PVP, Crafting, and that’s just a sampling. I also recently wrote about what else makes this game so great, and you can read it here.

FFXIV Beginners Guide Table of Contents

Before You Start: The Free Trial:

One of the best things about Final Fantasy XIV is that it has the greatest free trial in all of MMOs. That’s just a fact. If you have a new account, you can instead, choose to play the Free Trial, which has now become a meme in the community. You can play on any of the platforms available: PC, Steam, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5. Over the years, the Free Trial has grown and grown, offering players more access to the game than before. After all, there is the main game (A Realm Reborn), and a trio of expansions (Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringers). Endwalker is coming too, so you have a lot to see to make an informed decision. It’s a great idea, so you can take a look at the game if you aren’t really an MMO player. While you can’t take part in some aspects of the social/money parts of the game, there’s a good reason. It’s to prevent people from taking advantage of it (Gil sellers, etc). 

It’s not cheap to get into MMOs these days. You’ve got the main game, the expansions, and the first month of subscription. Final Fantasy XIV has made it far more reasonable with this, and the FFXIV Complete Edition. For the price of a retail game, you get FFXIV and all of the expansions. As of this writing, it’s also on sale for 60% off, but that will change before long. So what can you take part in, thanks to the Free Trial?

You get access to the entire game, as of A Realm Reborn and the first expansion, Heavensward. You can take part in any content in those two, and have a Level Cap of 60 on all Classes/Jobs. You aren’t required to purchase the game during the free trial, and the free trial has no time limit. If you choose to spend a year going through the first two parts of the game to see for yourself, that’s fine! But there are some restrictions.

What You Can’t Do:

You can’t join Free Companies (Guilds), can’t use certain channels: Shout, Yell, Tell. You can’t use the Market Board either. You can’t trade or send letters via Moogle Delivery Service. You can’t use Retainers either. You can’t assemble a party for Duty Finder, but you can be invited to a party. If you want, the full complete details on the Free Trial can be found here. There are restrictions, but unlocking the full game gives you access to everything. You keep all of your progress, and the game is fully cross-platform. You can play with your friends on the same server no matter where they play FFXIV. You can also do cross-server content! Then, in Endwalker, you can play with anyone in the game at all! It’s such a great time to jump in. 

Starting Out: Races/Classes, Unlocks, Where They Are

It all starts with race and character class. You also need to pick a server. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what Race/Gender you pick! The only requirement is that you’re happy with your look. With a Vial of Phantasia, you can also swap races at a later date. These are real-money purchases, though they were given away as rewards for subscriptions too. In brief:

  • Hyur: Humans
  • Miqo’te: Catboys and Catgirls
  • Elezen: Elves, with kind of long necks
  • Roegadyn: Big, hearty, muscular men and women
  • Lalafell: Short, adorable, childlike beings
  • Au Ra: Rumored to be descended from Dragons. Scales and horns help this case
  • Hrothgar: Large, bulky Lionmen. Lionwomen are coming in Endwalker
  • Viera: Tall, gorgeous Bunnywomen. Bunnyboys are coming in Endwalker
Choose from one of eight races, including the bunny-eared Viera

You can play whatever strikes your fancy, and it will be fine. Don’t feel bad if you decide you don’t like a class after you’ve begun it. You can start taking on other class quests pretty early on. All you need to have done is the Level 10 Class Quest at your Guild. Every five levels, you’ll pick up a new quest (if you go back to your Guild). After you take on that class’ corresponding job, that will resume, though sometimes from a new location. This number between classes does change at higher levels though. Don’t worry, the game tells you when you can take on your next job.

Not requiring a variety of alts is so wonderful. As long as you meet the requirements, you can pick up a quest and take on the new jobs. Some of these require expansions, level requirements, and more. Perhaps one of the most important things to know though is where the class quests begin. For example, if you decide you want to start as a Lancer (Old Gridania) and decide immediately you wish to go to Thaumaturge, that is in Ul’dah. It’s going to be a bit until you can journey to the other capital cities. So be aware of these things.

You guys are so lucky! Back in my day, you had to get Level 30 in a Primary Class and 15 in a Secondary Class. Until fairly recently, to unlock Summoner, you needed 30 Arcanist / 15 Thaumaturge, or Paladin needed 30 Gladiator / 15 Conjurer. Now you just need the Level 30 Job. One important difference is that a Class is what you start with. Jobs are unlocked. There’s only one Class you can’t start with Rogue. Rogue requires you to have Level 10 in a Disciple of War or Magic, and have access to Limsa Lominsa.

Class Starter Locations

Ul’dah: Gladiator (Tank), Pugilist (Melee DPS), Thaumaturge (Ranged Magical DPS)

Gridania: Archer (Ranged Physical DPS), Lancer (Melee Physical DPS), Conjurer (Healer)

Limsa Lominsa: Marauder (Tank), Arcanist (Ranged Magical DPS – Can Become Healer or DPS), Rogue (Melee Physical DPS – Cannot start as Rogue)

That’s one of the most important things to know if you learn anything from this FFXIV beginners guide. You don’t want to pick a class, decide you don’t like it, and then feel stuck. Each capital city has other options. Around level 15 in the MSQ, you’ll start to get access to the other Capitals, so you can try other classes. The MSQ (Main Story Quest) will take you there, don’t worry. I’ve also put together a list for where you go to unlock the various Jobs in the game:

Advanced Jobs
JobShorthandRoleQuest NameLocation/AreaX/Y CoordinatesRequirements
AstrologianASTHealerStairway to the HeavensThe Pillars, Ishgard15, 10Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Heavensward Expansion
BardBRDRanged Physical DPSA Song of Bards and BowmenNew Gridania, Gridania15, 11Archer (ARC) Lvl 30
Black Mage BLMRanged Magical DPSTaking the BlackSteps of Nald, Uldah7, 12Thaumaturge (THM) Lvl 30
Blue Mage BLURanged Magical DPSOut of the BlueLower Decks, Limsa Lominsa10,11Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Heavensward Expansion
Dancer DNCRanged Physical DPSShall We DanceThe Pillars, Ishgard9, 12Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 60, Shadowbringers Expansion
Dark KnightDRKTankOur EndThe Pillars, Ishgard13, 8Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Heavensward Expansion
DragoonDRGMelee Physical DPSEye of the DragonOld Gridania, Gridania14, 5Lancer (LNC) 30
GunbreakerGNB TankThe Makings of a GunbreakerNew Gridania, Gridania11, 11Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 60, Shadowbringers Expansion
Machinist MCHRanged Physical DPSSavior of SkysteelFoundation, Ishgard8, 10Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Heavensward Expansion
MonkMNKMelee Physical DPSBrother from Another MotherSteps of Nald, Uldah9, 10Pugilist (PGL) Lvl 30
Paladin PLDTankPaladin’s PledgeSteps of Thal, Uldah9, 11Gladiator (GLA) Lvl 30
Red MageRDM Ranged and Melee Magical DPSTaking the RedSteps of Thal, Uldah14, 11Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Stormblood Expansion
NinjaNINMelee Physical DPSPeasants by Day, Ninjas by NightLower Decks, Limsa Lominsa8, 16Rogue (ROG) Lvl 30
Samurai SAMMelee Physical DPSThe Way of the SamuraiSteps of Nald, Uldah9, 9Disciple of War or Magic Lvl 50, Stormblood Expansion 
Scholar SCHHealerForgotten but Not GoneLower Decks, Limsa Lominsa4, 11Arcanist (ACN) Lvl 30
Summoner SMNRanged Magical DPSAusterities of FlameLower Decks, Limsa Lominsa4, 11Arcanist (ACN) Lvl 30
WarriorWARTankPride and Duty (Will Take You. . .)Upper Decks, Limsa Lominsa11, 6Marauder (MRD) Lvl 30
White MageWHMHealerSeer FollyOld Gridania, Gridania6, 10Conjurer (CNJ) Lvl 30
The advanced jobs of FFXIV

Before we move on, a word about Servers/Data Centers. There are a variety of Data Centers, each home to a cluster of servers. You can play with anyone on your server, and can also do content with people on other servers on your data center. You can only join Free Companies (Guilds) on your server though. Here is a list of the Data Centers/Servers per region. When selecting a server, if you don’t have friends on one already, I look for servers that have a Low Population. When selecting a server, some will have a buff that offers 100% EXP until level 60 (and it continues with other jobs/classes).

Crafting/Gathering Classes: The Other Option

Unlike many other MMOs, instead of having to pick one or two professions and that’s it per character, you can use them all on each character in FFXIV. Disciples of War are Physical classes/jobs, and Disciples of Magic are the Magical classes. There are also Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Land. Disciples of the Hand are the crafting classes, and Disciples of the Land are the gathering classes. Each city has its own crafting/gathering classes for you to pick up as well. They each have their own special abilities, features, and things they can craft/gather. However, there are two trains of thought on leveling them.

You can either look up a guide (much like our FFXIV beginners guide), and grind the classes out in one sitting, or you can take your time, level them slowly, and use the Grand Company daily turn-ins to level your classes at the same time, more or less. It really depends on how you want to approach the game. I used guides and grinded my classes out in one or two sittings. It was expensive, Gil-wise, and was a little frustrating. Biral, my roommate began using the GC dailies, and that worked for him. We’ll be talking about Grand Companies very soon, don’t worry.

Crafting/Gathering Jobs
JobGuild Location
ArmorerLimsa Lominsa
BlacksmithLimsa Lominsa
CarpenterNew Gridania
Culinarian Limsa Lominsa
LeatherworkerOld Gridania
BotanistOld Gridania
FisherLimsa Lominsa
The crafting/gathering jobs

Quite frankly, Crafting would take a longer piece than this to cover on its own. It’s not an especially hard concept though. The hardest part is getting the right stats on gear to consistently create High-Quality Gear, and making the leveling process go smoothly.

UI and the Active Help System: Some Notes Before Getting Started

Very briefly, I want to touch on this. If you’re worried about being overwhelmed by systems and additions to your UI, don’t be. Just breathe. There’s a nice long list of helpfiles that pop up when you play, teaching you systems as you unlock them. If you hit ESC, you can also pull up your list of options, including the Active Help system. Your UI can be adjusted however you like. Make it as big or small as you need, remove or keep whatever you want, and drag it into place. In the character select screen, you can also upload/download these. Just remember, by default, if you make a new character, you’ll have a default UI again.

You can redownload it, or you can go to Documents/My Games/Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on your PC. There are a series of cryptically named folders, each one for a character on your account. If you keep an eye on these, you can find the character with the settings you want to keep. I do this when I make a new character to keep my controls, hot bars, key binds, macros, UI, and things of that nature. You just copy the appropriate files within that folder into the new characters’ and there you go!

The Leveling Experience: MSQ, Leves, FATES, Roulettes, Extra Leveling Methods

So now you’ve got a character and a class. You’ve picked a name, customized their appearance, and are ready to set into the world. As far as grinding EXP, my suggestion is to just “Play the MSQ”. The Main Story Quests are your best source of exp as a new character. There are side quests in each area, but frankly, I avoid these for the most part. I use these if I come back later to get some quick exp on other classes. You will unlock new features for the game through the MSQ, and this is also how you unlock most of the dungeons.

FFXIV is a very story-driven game, and much of the MSQ is talking to people and going to another area. There’s combat, worry though. If you’re starved for combat, there are Leves in most of the towns, or other ways, depending on how far you’ve gotten. You won’t be grinding endless amounts of enemies in the wild in FFXIV – except in some of the Relic Weapon chapters. That’s something a bit outside of the scope of this FFXIV beginners guide.

Leves and Fates

Back in the early days, Leves were an important part of leveling. There are whole guides devoted to maximizing your leveling through Leves. Levequests are repeatable quests that you use to gain XP and other rewards. You start with access to the Level 1 and 5 Leves, and in certain new towns, you have a side quest to unlock further Levequests. You unlock more every five levels from levels 1-45. Each of these takes a Leve Allowance. You get 3 of these every 12 hours, up to a cap of 99. You can also use these for Gathering and Crafting classes, which is what I use them for, these days.

Levequests can be found in your journal (image courtesy of FFXIV Wiki)

They feel far less important these days, and later expansions don’t even add new ones anymore. Instead of Leves, you’ll probably see FATES all over the world. They are similar to Guild Wars 2’s open area events. You’ll see on the map a series of large blue circles. Highlighting them will show the time remaining, the level required to do them, and the name. Entering these areas will begin a quest that everyone can participate in at the same time. These FATES cannot be done if you’re too high a level – unless you Level Adjust. It will be in your quest-list UI, don’t worry. It’s easily seen. There are a wealth of FATE guides too, where it shows you the FATES you should do to maximize your leveling. FATES are awesome, and you will occasionally see groups forming for these in the Party Finder part of your UI.

Hunting Log

When soloing, an excellent way to gain exp is through the Hunting Logs. You will unlock these through one of your first class quests, and it unlocks them for all classes. The Hunting Logs are not shared between classes, so it’s a great source of exp for the first time leveling something. Each class has five ranks of Hunting Log, and each rank has a list of monsters you need to kill and how many. Each completion grants exp, and finishing a rank gives a lot of exp. It’s 100% worth doing these if you’re after exp. The game doesn’t tell you how to find them, but you’ll see an icon by an enemies’ name if it’s a Hunting Log mark. Fortunately, guides to finding each target are easily resourced, such as this one.


As time progresses and you complete more of the MSQ, you’ll unlock Roulettes. This is closer to level 50+ content. Roulettes are a daily quest, where you complete a random dungeon/trial/raid for bonus exp and Gil. There are a variety of Roulette’s, from Leveling (typically low-level dungeons), 50/60/70 Dungeons, Trials (One Boss vs. 4 or 8 party members), Normal Raids (8 players vs. a few bosses), and Alliance Raids (three groups of 8 versus a lengthy series of bosses). There are other Roulettes of course, but these are the easiest ones to get access to. There’s also the biggest daily XP, MSQ Roulette. There are only two things that pop out of this, and it is a huge amount of XP. Reserve about a half-hour of time before you do MSQ Roulette, but you only need to do it once per day.

I won’t spoil those though, because you do complete them as a part of the Main Story, as the name implies. 


There are ways to do some mindless grinding though if you’re of the mind. Around 17, you can unlock a dungeon called Palace of the Dead in Quarrymill. It’s a procedurally generated dungeon with 200 floors. It has its own leveling system, and you can far outstrip your current progress. When you complete 10 floors, you complete a run and gain exp for the class you went in as. That’s the brilliant thing about it. You can unlock a class, try it at higher levels, and get a feel for it. After you’ve cleared floor 60 once, you can start on 51-60, and that’s the ideal grind.

One of the many enemies you and your party can encounter in Heaven-on-High (credit FFXIV Wiki)

That means you need to run 1-60 in one save file. When you talk to the POTD NPC in Quarrymill, you can see a pair of Save Files. Each save file is one current one on a particular class. If you’re grinding the same floors over and over, you’ll be resetting a save file over and over. You can also do it with a group of friends, or with random people, if you want. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a normal party (Tank, Healer, 2 DPS). It can be a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun.

You can also try it solo, but I wouldn’t dive into it that way right away. That’s a challenge for later. Once you hit 61, and have the Stormblood expansion, you can tackle Heaven-on-High at The Ruby Sea. The system is pretty much identical, and you’ll want to get to Floor 30, so you can grind floors 21-30 over and over. If you’re just looking for mindless XP with no story attached, here’s your game! You can also unlock bags of random items, which can include some seriously valuable, sellable items. Things like minions, Chocobo Barding, hairstyles, can all be sold on via your Retainer (which you unlock through the story early on). EXP, and potential money-making? It’s a great combo! That’s where I made a fair amount of my money, truth be told.

There’s also Adventure Squadrons for leveling, but we’ll tackle that next.

Grand Companies, Your Chocobo, Adventure Squadrons – FFXIV Beginners Guide

Now that we’ve gotten some leveling in, one of the next major things about the game is Grand Companies. Think of them like factions. Each of the three starting Capital Cities has a Grand Company:

The Maelstrom: Limsa Lominsa

The Immortal Flames: Ul’dah

The Order of the Twin Adder: Gridania

The biggest question is “Does it matter which Grand Company you pick?” and the answer is an empathic “no”. You don’t even have to join the Grand Company you started the game in. It’s completely up to you. Each of the Grand Companies has its own ethos and aesthetic. Thanks to the FFXIV Eorzea Collection site, it’s easy to pull up visuals of what each groups’ aesthetic is. I’ve got some links for Maelstrom, Immortal Flames, and Order of the Twin Adder.

Ultimately, it does not matter which you pick.It’s entirely up to you. You will get the same missions, leves, the same ranks. Each Grand Company has the feel of a military unit and has a series of ranks. You start off as Private Third Class all the way up to Captain. You rank up through the acquisition of company seals, and through the completion of certain quests. However, you have to go to the Grand Company HQ to rank up. It will not happen automatically.

Grand Company Missions and Leves

Another source of exp, there’s the Grand Company missions. You gain exp for specific classes, and company seals through the Crafting and Gathering Supply/Provision missions. You go to the Grand Company Personnel Officer in each HQ to pick these up. Each of the Crafting/Gathering classes gets one of these per day, and the item changes daily. As you level up these classes, so do the items you need to create/gather. You don’t have to go to the HQ to learn what the daily missions are. Just go to your Duty Tab, and click “Timers”.

You can tell which grant bonus exp, since they have a star beside them, and each of the missions resets at 21.00 server time. Once you’ve reached Sergeant Second Class, you can start doing Expert Delivery Missions, which are a bit more flexible. You can turn in your Rare Equipment to the Grand COmpany in exchange for seals, through the Grand Company Personnel Officer. There are only a few restrictions:

  • Gear with names that are not yellow in their help window are acceptable.
  • You cannot turn in repurchased gear from the Calamity Salvager but equipment from Dungeons, Trials, or Tomestone Vendors can be turned in as often as you’d like.

Technically, you can max out all three Grand Companies, if that’s what you want. After hitting Second Lieutenant, you can change allegiances. You start over at Private Third Class, but you keep your other rank. So you can change between all three and cap them out if you want. The first change is three, each other change costs 50,000 Gil. Second Lieutenant also starts giving you access to Grand Company-specific minions and Chocobo Barding.

My First Mount

On the note of Chocobos, your first mount will be through your Grand Company – The Company Chocobo. After joining a Grand Company, and completing the “My Little Chocobo (Faction)” quest, you can acquire a Chocobo Whistle for 200 Company Seals. This is a Level 20 Side Quest, that you acquire in each of the Grand Company HQs. You just have to purchase the Storm Chocobo Issuance for 200 Company Seals and bring it back to the NPC. From there, you name the Chocobo, and it’s yours! This one is just a mount, but upon hitting 30+, there’s a quest to undertake to have a Chocobo that can have its color changed, and it can fight alongside you! You can even equip it with awesome barding to change its look. We’ll cover other mounts in brief in the side content section.

Grab a Chocobo mount at level 20 and race against your friends (credit FFXIV Wiki)

Adventurer Squadrons

So, full disclosure: I never really messed with Adventurer Squadrons, but I will for my one or two DPS classes I have left to level. This is because I spent most of my time in the game as a Healer, so I always had a party. I didn’t have to wait around. There are some people that stress about doing group content though or the Duty Finder. Perhaps they simply hate how long the timer is for DPS queues. Adventurer Squadrons are a precursor to the Trust System from Shadowbringers.

Adventurer Squadrons allows players to command a group of NPCs in their Grand Company. You can deploy them on missions for pretty neat rewards. In order to unlock this, you need to be the Second Lieutenant rank and complete a quest at level 47. You’ll be given a list of reasons on why you want to Enlist, and each is bound to a Challenge Log category.

Reason for Enlistment and Category

I wish to serve under an officer who can balance work and play: Gold Saucer

I was inspired by your countless deeds of heroism: Dungeons

To serve both my Grand Company and my fellow Eorzeans as bravely as you do: Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company

To challenge the limits of my abilities as you challenge yours: PVP

I wish to emulate your calm and resourcefulness in the face of chaos: FATEs

I wish to serve under an officer whose hands can create as well as destroy: Disciples of the Hand

I would follow a commander who appreciates the blessings of nature: Disciples of the Land, Treasure Hunt

There are so many Squadron Recruits though, so don’t worry. It’s a system that requires its own guide beyond this FFXIV beginners guide to get the most out of it. Thankfully, there is one! There is plenty of variety. In Stormblood though, Adventurer Squadrons got a new feature that really makes it worth doing: Command Missions. Command Missions allows you to enter a dungeon alongside your Squadron NPCs! This is amazing for DPS players who simply want to complete dungeons without having to wait. You just have to have Squadron Rank 2 or above, and there’s a list of eligible dungeons.

Grand Companies are a cool feature, and a way to immerse yourself in the world.

Important Side Content: Gold Saucer, Materia, Chocobo Companion, More

A great deal of the important content in the game comes through the Main Story Quest. For example, Retainers. You learn about Retainers through the MSQ. Retainers are how you sell gear on the Market Board, store extra items, store Gil, and more. There are things that are important, useful, or just fun that you could miss out on, thanks to sidequests. I know I said that many sidequests are skippable, but these you should definitely not ignore. So I want to cover some of this stuff, so you don’t miss out. The biggest of these? The Gold Saucer.

The Gold Saucer

That’s right, FF7’s home of gambling, entertainment, and Chocobo Racing is in FFXIV in all of its glory, and we had to include it in this beginners guide. Almost everyone I talked to said, “Please mention Gold Saucer, I was so mad I missed it!” You can access this incredibly early. After you complete the Envoy MSQs (Gridanian, Lominsan, Ul’dahn), you can pick up It Could Happen To You in Ul’dah (Steps of Nald – Emerald Avenue – x: 9.7, y: 9). This NPC will grant you a Golden Ticket that allows you to get access to The Gold Saucer.

The Gold Saucer has its own currency: MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points). There is literally something for everyone here. Do you like FATEs? They have GATEs. Do you obsess over Glamour (like me)? You can get an awesome title, and farm easy MGP once per week. You can play Doman Mahjong, or the classic Final Fantasy card game, Triple Triad. You can even do Chocobo racing! It’s the best part of the game. I wish I spent more time here than I do. You can unlock amazing mounts here, too through MGP.

It can be easy to completely lose track of time in the Gold Saucer though. That’s not a bad thing at all. Unlocking most of this content requires doing a quick little quest in the Gold Saucer. They’re easy to pick out though. Here’s all the fun stuff you can do in brief!

Join in the fun at the Gold Saucer (credit FFXIV Wiki)
  • Cactpot: Mini Cactpot and Jumbo Cactpot are games of chance/gambling. There Mini Cactpot has you scratching off spots on a card, and the number total determines your winning. Jumbo Cactopot is a weekly lottery drawing that I have never won.
  • Chocobo Racing: You use race Chocobos, improve their abilities via training and breeding, to make the perfect Chocobo. It’s awesome, and I have more than one friend that has spent metaphorical weeks at a time Chocobo racing.
  • GATEs: These are group-based audience participation events, and you have to go to the area it’s taking place in and talk to the GATE client. There’s a nice variety of them.
  • Mini-Games: There are bunches of these! Crystal Tower Striker, Cuff-a-cur, Monster Toss, Moogle’s Paw, and more. They’re fun games of chance you can tackle in the Gold Saucer.
  • Lord of Verminion: Inspired by an FFXI game, it’s basically a Tower Defense game using minions. It’s awesome. You can even play against other players or the CPU.
  • Triple Triad: Deckbuilding madness! Lots of bosses drop cards you can use, or you can purchase some/acquire them through other means. If you’re remotely familiar with FFVIII’s Triple Triad, you’ll be ready to start this. This is a game that would definitely get its own guide at a later date, perhaps.
  • Fashion Report: The Masked Rose will give players a cryptic challenge each week to gain up to 60k MGP for 80% success or higher. This can be difficult to figure out, but Miss Kaiyoko Star on Twitter always has the weekly solution. Go get your free money!
  • Doman Mahjong: Mahjong is a tactical game for four players, and you can find the rules here. Personally, I avoid it, because I’m only just now getting decent at traditional Mahjong, thanks to the Yakuza franchise.

See? There’s so much in the Gold Saucer! Do not miss out on it. It’s about the most fun you can have just messing around in the MMO.

Materia Melding

There is so much content that unlocks as you level. From housing, dungeons, the Party Finder system, Airship Travel. But there is content that you can absolutely miss, thanks to it being a part of out-of-the-way Side Quests. One of these is Materia! You need to complete a trio of quests that culminate with the ability to meld Materia into your gear. The first quest, Forging the Spirit gives you NPCs in the capital cities – Materia Melding NPCs. It also unlocks Materia Removal. Forging the Spirit takes place in Central Thanalan (X: 23.9, Y: 13.7) at the NPC named Swynbroes. All you need is to be any Class/Job Level 19 and you can do this simple quest.

Also in this area is the follow-up quest, Waking the Spirit (X: 23.5, Y: 13.9). Unlike the previous quest, you need a Crafting Class (Disciple of the Hand) Level 19. It’s another incredibly short quest, and unlocks the ability for you to Materia Melding. Materia Melding NPCs are very convenient though in the early game. They don’t have any level requirements. You can also Overmeld (Meld more Materia into a piece of gear than it has slots), and you have to be Level 25 or higher on a crafter. This is the Melding Materia Muchly quest, from Mutamix at The Bonfire (the same spot for the other quests) (X: 23, Y: 13). This is Advanced Materia Melding, also known as Forbidden Melds/Overmelding.  This typically has a very low percentage of success, especially when going for the full five. So be aware of that at least.

You can completely miss out on this though. If you aren’t the kind of person that looks at every sidequest or ignores them entirely, you could not have access to Materia Melding. Your friends would likely tell you anyway, but it’s something to know about. Much like having a cool ally to help you in battle: A Chocobo!

Chocobo Companion

In addition to the Chocobo from the Grand Company system, you can also unlock the Chocobo Companion at level 30. After you complete My Little Chocobo for whichever Grand Company faction, and hit level 30, you can head to South Shroud (Camp Tranquil – X: 17.1, Y: 28.3) and take on the quest My Feisty Little Chocobo. This short quest requires you to get some Gyshal Greens and deliver them to Luquelot. Then you defeat a Brood Ziz with your companion, and there you have it! You’ll also want to do the follow-up quest, Bird in Hand.

That will unlock Chocobo Raising, and then you can do a lot with your new friend. To summon your Chocobo, you have to be in an open-world area (no dungeons, not at your Free Company house, no Capital Cities), and some Gysahl Greens.  As it helps you fight, it gains EXP, and will slowly rank up. It really does feel like it takes forever unless you’re doing lots of fighting in the world (Leves, FATES, Relic Weapon grinding).

You can also stable your Chocobo at your Free Company House (or personal house, if you’re that lucky) to Train your Chocobo. Make sure to keep the stable tidy though, or you’ll gain less XP. You have a few types of feed to offer, and each one has a special effect/benefit. If you keep feeding it the same one for a period of time, it becomes the favorite feed and has added benefits. Below you can see the Feed, its Normal Effect, and Its Favorite Effect:

  • Tantalplant: Companion Max HP Up (Companion Maximum HP UP II)
  • Sylkis Bud: Companion Attack Up (Companion Attack Up II)
  • Pahsana Fruit: Companion Enmity Up (Companion Enmity Up II)
  • Mimett Gourd: Companion Healing Potency Up (Companion Healing Potency Up II)
  • Curiel Root: Companion EXP  Up (Companion EXP Up II)

As your Chocobo levels up, it levels up, which also grants Skill Points. There are three trees: Defender, Attacker, and Healer, and you can mix and match as you see fit. You can also reset the skill trees with a Reagan Pepper, purchased from your Grand Company for 20 Allied Seals or 48K Grand Company Seals. My personal Chocobo is a Tank with some Healing since I tend to level as a WHM. I want something to keep Enmity (Threat) off of me. The most important part is customizing your Chocobo! You can unlock a variety of Bardings, to give your Chocobo a new look. These come from bosses, events, or just buying them on the Market Board.

Chocobos are more than mounts, they can also join you in battle (credit FFXIV wiki)

But the coolest (most expensive) part of the Chocobo experience is Dyeing it! You can change your Chocobo’s color to one of many options. Your Chocobo starts off as Desert Yellow, and through a variety of fruits and other treats, you can change its color! It’s very important to note that when you begin this process, it will take six hours. You have to leave it in the Chocobo Stable. If you feed it anything other than a Han Lemon (restores the original color), you’ll see the message “[Chocobo’s Name]’s plumage will change in 6 hours.” Any other fruits you feed after that go towards the final color. So you feed them pretty much all at once.

The best way to figure out your desired amount of fruits is through the FFXIV Chocobo Colour Calculator. You pick a color, take a preview of what it will look like in-game, and hit Calculate. The next screen will tell you how many of what fruits you need. You can grow them at your house, or just buy them (or ask a friend/FC member if they can help). It’s a very easy system, though depending on the fruit, it can be seriously expensive.

Daily Quests (Beast Tribes)

One of the things I genuinely hate about World of Warcraft is how important it is to do Dailies every single day and never miss one. To not keep up with Dailies and Rep grinds means you aren’t getting better gear. In FFXIV, you have Beast Tribes in each expansion. Now you do unlock Beast Tribe Quests from the Main Story Quest, for A Realm Reborn. The other Beast Tribes unlock through side quests in expansions. The MSQ just gives you access to the system. I will say that it does not feel worth it to grind the ARR Beast Tribes, but you can. The reputation rewards for the ARR Beast Tribes are just very minimal.

You can do 12 Dailies a day, and at Neutral Rank (Rank 1), players can only accept 3 quests from a faction. The quests for a Beast Tribe vary from day to day, and they’re very short. What’s the point of doing Daily Quests though, if you aren’t getting new gear? The first (and best) part for me is the EXP. It’s a great way to level alts a bit each day. You also unlock a variety of rewards in each of these. You can get crafting materials, occasionally rare/cool Dyes (for Glamour/gear customization), Minions, and Mounts. That’s the big reward for each Beast Tribe. When you max them out (Rank 4 usually), you unlock cool Mounts!

Each expansion brings a few Beast Tribes with it, too. In Shadowbringers, for example, there are the Dwarves, Qitari, and the Pixies. It’s important to note that not every Beast Tribe is based on combat. There are often Crafting/Gathering Beast Tribes too. Currently, the following Beast Tribes are in the game:

Beast Tribe Dailies
TribeExpansionUnlock QuestTribe LocationCoordinatesDaily Type
DwarfShadowbringersIt’s Dwarfin TimeKhoulusiaX: 15.7, Y: 30.3Crafting
QitariShadowbringersThe Stewards of NoteRak’tika GreatwoodX: 37.2, Y: 17.5Gathering
PixieShadowbringersManic Pixie Dream RealmIl MhegX: 12.4, Y: 32.9Combat
NamazuStormbloodSomething Fishy This Way ComesThe Azim SteppeX: 5.8, Y: 23.4, Z: 1.2Craft or Gather
AnantaStormbloodBrooding BroodmotherThe Fringes X: 30.2, Y: 25.7Combat
Kojin StormbloodTide Goes In, Imperials Go OutIsariX: 6.8, Y: 13.3Combat
MoogleHeavenswardTricks and StonesThe Churning MistsX: 27, Y: 34Crafting
Gnath HeavenswardThe Naming of VathThe Dravanian ForelandsX: 24, Y: 20Combat
Vanu Vanu HeavenswardThree Beaks to the WindOk’ZunduX: 11, Y: 14Combat
Amalj’aaA Realm RebornPeace for ThanalanUl’DahX: 8.4, Y: 8.9Combat
SylphA Realm RebornSeeking Solace New GridaniaX: 9, Y: 11Combat
KoboldA Realm RebornHighway RobberyLimsa Lominsa (Upper Deck)X: 12, Y: 12Combat
Sahagin A Realm RebornThey Came from the DeepLimsa Lominsa (Upper Deck)X: 13, Y: 12Combat
IxaliA Realm RebornA Bad BladderNew Gridania X: 9, Y: 11Craft/Gather
The Beast Tribe Dailies

As someone who collects Mounts and Minions, I love Daily Quests in XIV. I appreciate that it’s not an important, must-do thing if you want to be Raid Ready or to have the strongest gear in the game. No, you do them because they have cool stuff that you can unlock if you want. Some of those mounts can be unlocked in other limited-time events, too. That’s the best thing about them though. You don’t have to do them. They can help you level up, but I tend to skip the ARR ones. I’ve never completed them, and likely never will.

The Hunt

The Hunt is a system that I do not do as often as I’d like. It’s a system that unlocks at Level 50, after the Let The Hunt Begin sidequest. These quests unlock through your Grand Company, so head there at level 50 to get this going. The Hunt system has you killing certain monsters around the world, for Allied Seals, Centurio Seals, and Sacks of Nuts. You can unlock some pretty awesome items through these currencies. That quest unlocks Hunts for A Realm Reborn, and you can use the Hunt Boards at the Grand Company HQ to pick up challenges. In Heavensward, you can take Let the Clan Hunt Begin at The Forgotten Knight in Foundation (Ishgard), once you are level 53.

One-Star Veteran Clan Hunt is the quest you unlock at Level 61, in Kugane or Rhal’gar’s Reach. Finally, Nuts to You in The Crystarium unlocks the Shadowbringers Hunt Boards in Crystarium and The Understory in Eulmore. Each of these has its own rewards, depending on the rank of the Hunt. In Shadowbringers, for example, the One/Two/Three-nut Clan marks are dailies, and reward gil, 3-15 Sack of Nuts, and 492K EXP. There are more often than not Hunt groups going on Party Finder, or in the actual zones that you can join. If you want a full list of all of the Hunts, the Level Range, and the Zone they’re in, you can click this link.

It’s another thing you certainly don’t have to do, but it’s fun and challenging. There are tons of monsters to seek out, and doing it with friends or guildmates can be a really fun experience.

Glamour and Dye

You can’t fight crime if you aren’t cute. Don’t blame me, it’s the law. To unlock the ability to glamour, you need to be at least level 15 and be far enough in the main scenario quests to access Western Thanalan. In Vesper Bay, you’ll find a female NPC with an eccentrically colored outfit named Swyrgeim, who will give you the quest “If I Had a Glamour.” (X: 12.6, Y: 14.3). You also unlock gear dyeing here. To actually glamour a piece of gear, you need a Glamour Prism – cheaply purchased on the Market Board. You also need the piece of gear you want to change equipped and the desired look in your inventory. All you have to do is right-click the gear, click glamour, and pick the new look!

You can also go to an Inn and use the Glamour Chest to hold pieces for later. Preferably, stuff you aren’t going to equip anymore. Glamour is the Real Endgame. There are so many ways to customize your look with gear and dye much of it to look exactly how you want. Truthfully, it’s one of my pastimes in FFXIV. Dye jobs should come right after this from the same NPC. You just have to have the Dye in your inventory and you can right-click the piece of gear and select “Dye” to pull up the color UI.

Can You Solo FFXIV? MSQ, Dungeons, Trials, Raids – FFXIV Beginners Guide

This is a pretty big question I get from time to time. Not everyone who plays MMOs wants to do it with other people. Some people just want to play through the content on their own. One of my best friends in the world is this way. He’ll do dungeons when it’s needed but tends to prefer to play on his own.  No shame in that! So it’s worth it to ask if you can play this game without any help. It’s a “Yes and No” sort of answer, however. Why is that, exactly? The Main Story Quest (MSQ) is done almost entirely alone. There are scenario battles, where you tackle specific fights alone, or with NPC allies. These cannot be done with your friends at all.

So most of the MSQ is played alone. You’ll unlock a series of Dungeons, Trials, and a raid or two throughout the MSQ. These cannot be done alone, per se’. In Shadowbringers, the Trust System lets you complete MSQ dungeons without going to Party Finder though, so I mean, there’s that! You do fight in the MSQ, but there’s a lot of stories to go through. You’ll travel from town to town, outpost to outpost, and interact with people. There were parts of the MSQ that were challenging as a Healer main, or at worst tedious. Occasionally, you will have to do dungeons with people, so no; you can’t quite solo the game. For the most part, the FFXIV community is pretty welcoming, and if you’re new to a dungeon, your party members will lend a hand on things you need to know.

Explore Paglth’an and other Dungeons with up to three party members

That’s been my personal experience, at any rate. No community is perfect. Dungeons are generally 20-30 minute affairs and are four-person parties: A Tank, Healer, 2 DPS. The next step up is the Trial, which is typically 4 or 8 people. You fight one boss, typically some large, imposing Aeon. These will mostly feel familiar: Ifrit, Ramuh, Gilgamesh, Typhon and Ultros, Titan, et cetera. There are a lot of them, and learning the strategies is key. Dungeons are typically pretty easy, except for Hard Modes. Those have mobs that hit harder, new abilities for bosses, et cetera. Raids are a full party of 8: Two Tanks, Two Healers, Six DPS. Triple that for Alliance Raids. Unlike in World of Warcraft and other major MMOs, Raids are much shorter.

You might have one or two pulls of trash mobs (basic enemies), and then a boss. Then you’re done with the fight! The whole raid itself is broken up into separate instances. This makes raids shorter, easier to learn and get into. Alliance Raids are different and feel more like traditional MMO raids. You have three full parties going in to fight a series of bosses and pulls. You’re likely going to complete nearly every Trial for the MSQ. High-End Trials, the harder versions are not required, but that’s the cool stuff drops (Mounts). Most of the Raids/Alliance Raids tend to be optional, but are certainly fun. You get awesome gear from Raids/Alliance Raids, so in my estimation, it’s worth it. So in summation, most of the game is soloable for the MSQ, but hopefully, you get caught up in playing with the community.

A lot of the early dungeons and trials can be soloed at higher levels. This is great if you’re hunting mounts from trials, for example.

Party Finder

You can queue for Dungeons, Trials, Alliances, PVP, etc through Group Finder, but there’s also Party Finder, which a separate system entirely. This lets you form parties or find parties to tackle more than dungeons. You can find FATE groups, specific quests, grinding Trials for Mounts, groups to learn strategies together, and way more. You can sort by a variety of criteria, including Data Center/World. You can look for groups on other servers for the Data Center, which is brilliant. The advent of those Cross-World parties was really a game-changer, in the 3.5 update. You can even look for Cross-World Alliance Raids, and Custom Matches. Custom Matches let two teams do battle in The Feast PVP, which is awesome.

PVP in FFXIV: How Is It? – FFXIV Beginners Guide

FFXIV has PVP, so of course, we’ll cover it in this beginners guide. It may not be immediately thought about, because it’s not talked about all that much. Around level 30 (Disciple of War or Magic), you can head to your Grand Company HQ and pick up the quest A Pup No Longer. There are two PVP quests, that one, and Like Civilized Men and Women – for Frontline, where the former is for The Wolves’ Den. The Wolves’ Den is also an actual area in Moraby Drydocks that you can teleport to. Once you’ve unlocked it, showing up there swaps to your PVP Hotbar.

That’s right, each class has Actions and PVP Actions! When you’re making macros for PVP, you’ll need to know that they are constructed differently. Instead of action, it will be “/pvpaction “Cure” <t>” just as an example. There are three major PVP types: The Wolves’ Den (4v4 Arena), Rival Wings (Tactical 24 vs. 24 battles), and Frontline (Large-scale, up to 72 players). You can also compete in ranked Wolves’ Den battles, in “The Feast” seasons. After you complete the quest to unlock The Feast in Wolves’ Den, you’ll get Earning Your Wings in Wolves’ Den (X: 5.7, Y: 5.4), to unlock Rival Wings.

Now truthfully, I don’t PVP a lot in FFXIV.  It’s not really my cup of tea like it used to be. I do use the PVP Roulette for XP though because it is fantastic XP. Your stats and skills all change when you enter PVP battle, so it’s something to be aware of. So what goes on in each of the PVP battles? We’ll cover that briefly.

The Feast/Wolves’ Den

Your aim is to steal your opponent’s medals in The Feast. Whichever team has more at the end is the winner of this 4v4 battle. It’s very heated PVP, that’s for sure. Players have individual PVP ratings and tiers, and the top players receive rewards at the end of each season – Mounts, Minions, Gear, and Achievements. You also receive Wolf Marks here, which can be used on Gear and Materia within the Wolves Den. You also receive PVP EXP, PVE EXP, Wolf Marks, and Allagan Tomestones for completing matches (except in Custom Matches). Tomestones only go to players that are Level 50 or higher also.

The Wolves Den is a PVP arena for 4v4 battles

It’s pretty straightforward PVP, and teamwork is going to be the key to success. It’s shorter, tight PVP, but I personally play Frontline more than anything. That way, it’s not so blatantly obvious when I’m doing poorly. This is also because it tends to be the PVP Roulette, so it’s worth queueing for once a day for me. I was thinking about when I get everything to 80 and geared appropriately, I will go back and try to spend more time in PVP.


This is the Big PVP (™). A large-scale PVP battleground, three teams of 24 players each do battle against each other. Each one represents the Grand Companies, and you’ll be slotted into one of them. There are four maps for Frontline, as well:

  • Borderland Ruins (Secure)
  • Seal Rock (Seize)
  • The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
  • Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam)

The PVP match you can queue for changes daily as well. Each has a different strategy to it, and knowing what each map requires is so very important. I’ll go over those briefly too:

Borderlands Ruins (Secure): The first of the Frontline maps, you have three ways to score points, and the first team to get 1600 wins. You can either Hold locations on the map, defeat the other players and defeat the Allagan Nodes that appear in the middle of the map. Ideally, you want to be in the center when these Nodes are spawning, and hold objectives otherwise. Chasing kills isn’t really worth it, but you still want to kill the other team. But chasing people isn’t the way.

A map of Frontline (credit FFXIV Wiki)

Seal Rock (Seize): In Seize, you want to claim (Seize) Allagan Tomeliths that light up on the map for points. You are after 800 total points. There are set spawn points, but the order in which they show up is random. You will click on them (It is a long cast time, beware), but enemies can interrupt. If you can get Battle High (defeat several enemies without dying), and then steal someone’s Tomelith, that’s the best/most satisfying way to play. You can steal it from your opponent by clicking after the other team does.

The Fields of Glory (Shatter): The names are very on the nose. Icebound Tomeliths will spawn, and you want to destroy them, getting 1600 points to win. Each team has a base that has an objective point. You want to keep your base safe so you can keep getting points. The huge Icebound Tomeliths spawn randomly, but there are set patterns. The big ones spawn one at a time (usually), but you can see two.

Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam): In this battle, you occupy Ovoos for points, and are aiming for 1600 to win it all. It’s not too different from Seal Rock – the Ovoos spawn around the map, but here, the enemy cannot steal. This means it’s very aggressive and there’s no use in playing defensive. You push and push constantly, to keep your opponents from every securing Ovoos. If a team is vastly ahead, start denying them, and the lower teams ought to work together to give themselves a better shot at winning.

One of the keys to success is not dying. Battle Fever/Battle High gives you more damage/healing, the higher the rating is. Getting this makes you feel incredibly powerful (because you are)! The trick is to also not die and lose it. Being defeated cuts your Battle High rating in half. There are awesome rewards (mounts) for getting Frontline wins, but there’s a catch: You need a lot of wins. 100 Frontline wins, 200 wins, and then other mounts for 100 wins per faction.

Many people will tell you that PVP is dead in FFXIV. I’m not sure that I disagree. It’s definitely not as popular as the other content, but I don’t think it’s bad. I just personally don’t want to commit to the grind for the mounts. It may be something we return to for greater detail at a later date. It’s not bad, but the queue times can feel really awful. I like the idea that we have separate sets of powers for PVP though.

The Mog Station: Real-Money Purchases; Is It P2W?

So, this is a bit of a controversial thing to talk about, I think. It’s been pretty divided among the few people I talked about it to. Because personally, I don’t think the Mog Station is P2W. Can you increase some of your class/job levels with real money, or skip some of the MSQ in it? You absolutely can. Does this make you better at the game, or make you better than other people in content? It sure does not. The gear you get with your level increase isn’t going to be viable for long anyway.

I can see the argument, but I don’t agree. If it gave you any sort of advantage in competitive battle, I’d agree wholeheartedly. At best, it’s “Pay to Go Faster”. Those boosts are mostly for people playing alts, or simply are tired of grinding. So what can you buy in the shop anyway? This is where you put your subscription in, subscription codes, and pre-order expansions/etc at. You can also buy the game on Steam, but please be aware: If you buy the game on Steam, you cannot get the expansions on the Mog Station. You must buy them on Steam.

But the “controversial” part of the Mog Station is the Optional Items. In particular, we want to highlight the Tales of Adventure section. This is the section where you spend real money to get a little bit of an advance. I’ll break it into two sections: Tales of Adventure: MSQ and Tales of Adventure: Classes/Jobs/Retainers.

Tales of Adventure: MSQ

The MSQ Advancement Tomes do not level you up at all. Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn, for example, completes the Main Scenario of A Realm Reborn. It goes through “Before the Dawn”. With it, you can take on “Coming to Ishgard”, and begin Heavensward. It does however grant ten Silver Chocobo Feathers (usable with Calamity Salvager) and 30 Allagan Platinum Pieces (300,000 gil) to help you get started. The idea isn’t to get someone to the end of the game faster, but likely for people coming back to the game who want to just jump into the next content.

But I cannot stress enough that it does not level you up. If you use this at level 10, you are going to have to grind to 50, so you can take the “Coming to Ishgard” quest. There is one for Heavensward and Stormbringer as well. They will give you completion for all the MSQ to the content before them and also grant Silver Feathers and Platinum pieces. These also require you to own the other expansions first before using them. If you use the Stormblood Tomestone at level1, you’re going to have to grind to 70 just to play Shadowbringers content, so be advised.

That’s why I don’t think this is a pay-to-win thing. There are always people coming back who don’t want to go through the story. Personally, I have never, and will never use this. I don’t judge people who do though.

Tales of Adventure: Jobs/Classes/Retainers

Tales of Adventure for Jobs/Classes unlock a Class or Job at Level 70, a set of gear for them, and accessories. It also completes all of the Job Quests up through the current Level 70 quest. Warriors, for example, go all the way up to “The Heart of the Problem”. Sometimes, a player doesn’t want to grind. Sometimes, they’re back from a long time away and want to catch up, level-wise, and do the story easily. Why is this not pay-to-win? Because it only unlocks a job to a certain level and decent gear. It doesn’t make you suddenly godlike in the class. It’s going to be up to you to set up macros, learn rotations, and get good at the class. It’s still going to be up to you to figure out what you’re doing.

Pay to go Faster? Absolutely. You can also buy these for your Retainers. Eventually, you’ll gain the ability to send your Retainers on adventures for you, and they’ll bring back loot (sometimes rare, awesome loot)! For this, they’ll need Gear and a Job Class. This can take some time, so it cuts the chase, and lets you get them set up and ready to do cool stuff. I like this idea, to be honest. I like the Job/Class ones too, and I won’t deny that I’ve used the service once or twice. I could be loving a class, and simply don’t have time to grind it from 1-60/70. Then, I can get to the good stuff, and have fun with a class. Zero judgment, zero shame.

What Else Is In The Mog Station?

Everything else in the Mog Station is cosmetic or neat. You can buy the fastest mount in the game – The FFVII Fenrir Motorcycle mount. It also comes equipped with some awesome FF7 music when you mount it. You can buy mounts for 1, 2, 4, or 8 people (The Lunar Whale!). You can get emotes on the shop (like the Ranger Poses if you missed them), and Eternal Bond items. The Eternal Bond sets (0 USD, 10 USD, 20 USD) are for people who want to get married in-game.

Buy a Lunar Whale mount in the Mog Station

You can purchase Dyes (single/10-item set), Weapon/Armor Glamours (not statted, useful gear), and Tools (Tonberry Knife). None of that stuff is pay-to-win, they just look awesome. Same with the accessories. You can buy Minions, Chocobo Barding, Orchestrion Rolls, and Housing Furnishings. How is any of this overpowered? It’s all convenience, or something really cool that you normally can’t get in the game. If you’re going to buy a mount though, always check on Youtube to see if it has cool, customized music. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth it, if you ask me.

So no, the Mog Station is not p2w, not even close. Some of it is mighty convenient, but you aren’t a worse player for not taking advantage of it. Some people just don’t have the time, and simply want to push forward a little faster.


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