Warzone Tips and Tricks to Help You Conquer Verdansk 84

by in Call of Duty | May, 14th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular games in the series history, being a free-to-play battle royale game. Warzone has joined Fortnite and Apex Legends as a juggernaut of the battle royale genre. With a new map fresh in the players’ minds, many who haven’t tried Warzone yet join to see what all the fuss is about. Here are some Verdansk 84 tips and tricks for all the new players in Warzone to help you get your bearings and hopefully win a game or two in the process.

Set Up a Custom Class That Works for You

One of the keys to doing well in Warzone is your weaponry. Many players have their go-to weapon. While some like the assault rifles like the FFAR or M4A1, some find the SMG’s like the Milano or MP5. Find a weapon that works for you. It takes some trial and error. But eventually, everyone comes across their go-to weapon. With custom classes, players also get to use perks that help them in Warzone. While some may not be as useful outside of multiplayer, some of them have Warzone-specific uses for the game mode. Tune Up in multiplayer only reduces the regeneration of a field upgrade, and since players only pick those items up, Tune Up now revives players 25% faster in Warzone. If you’re planning on playing medic, this perk could be the one for you.

Picking the right custom class also depends on who you’re playing with if anyone. For solo players, a good option would be to run overkill as a perk, as overkill nets the player two primary weapons instead of a primary and secondary. This makes for the opportunity to have an “all-in-one loadout,” which has a weapon for short to mid-range combat and a weapon for long-range combat. That could be an assault rifle and a shotgun or a sniper and a submachine gun with an extended barrel. If you’re playing with a squad, then picking a class that meshes well with the rest of the team is a good idea.

Also, make sure to choose what kind of field upgrade comes with your custom class. A field upgrade can be an ace in the hole when it comes down to it. Something like dead silence can help you not only escape a sticky situation but also help you get the jump on an unsuspecting player. In contrast, something like the trophy system can help you deflect grenades when you’re hunkered down in a building or on a rooftop. Be sure to investigate the kinds of primary and secondary grenades as well. A grenade might be your go-to. If you plan on sticking around an area for a while, give yourself peace of mind with a claymore. Or keep a stun in your back pocket if you are about to get cornered.

Every part of your custom class can make all the difference. Picking them up from the loadout drops that fall on the Verdansk 84 map in intervals is a must and is one of the best Warzone tips. Although, every player in the game will see the location of the loadout drops too, which means that if you’re not prepared, you might find yourself in a fight for the chance to get your gear.

Always Have a Heartbeat Sensor

Since the UAV killstreak is not as prevalent in Warzone, finding enemies will be something you’ll have to rely on other items for. Listening to footsteps through your headphones is one thing, but it can only get you so far. A lot of players have opted to use the heartbeat sensor in their custom classes.

However, the sensor can also be looted regularly. While not required to win the game, it’s very helpful. Holding it out will show you the general direction of enemies in front of you and how far away they are. If you and your team are hiding in a building, having a sensor to show you just how close the enemy team is can be the difference between living till the next circle or dying.

Pick a Strategy That Works to Your Strengths

When it comes to strategy, picking one that works to your strengths is key to helping you get a win in the game, some players will sneak around from building to building. Some players will find themselves staying in a specific spot and not moving unless forced to.

Some players might stay on the move to make themselves harder to track. Picking a strategy that works to your strengths and your team is key to helping you score the win you were looking for. Many beginner players will find themselves camping in hard-to-reach areas and moving with the circle. This is a good idea. The circle gets smaller and the amount of cover a player has can vary. With other players also riding the circle in, combat will become increasingly more likely as the match goes on.

A good recommendation is to ride the circle for a little bit. As it gets smaller, try to make it to the middle of the circle and pick a spot to stick around in. This will allow you to have a place locked down when the circle gets smaller, rather than having to fight over a building with another team.

If you and your team are very good with snipers, a good place to stick around for the start of the game is the air traffic control tower at the airport. It gives a good sightline of a wide portion of the map, and there is only one entrance if you’re attempting to climb up to the top from the ground level.

Experiment with Weapons

Finding weapons while looting is one thing, but since Warzone is a battle royale game, finding a weapon that you’re good with is only half the battle. Weapons will come in different rarities, and based on the color; those weapons will do more damage.

A green LMG will do less damage than a blue SMG, or a grey sniper rifle will do less damage than a purple assault rifle. Warzone is a fantastic game to help you experiment with the weapons that you probably didn’t think of using in the first place. At the same time, damage is a good start; it’s not everything you need to win. However, it shouldn’t have to be said that specific weapons of higher rarities should be held onto if you have a weapon you’re willing to drop.

Cover Your Tracks

When navigating the world of Warzone, you must make sure you survive until the final circle. This means you’ll always have to watch your back for anyone who may be tailing you. A good idea to prevent someone from following you and getting the jump on you is to cover your tracks. When you enter a building to loot, close your doors. When you’re leaving through a window, consider breaking all of them. This means that someone who enters the room is not going to know which one you left out of. If you’re putting down claymores or proximity mines, consider setting them somewhere not to see them, but they’ll be tripped if the player comes close.

Buddy Up in Squads Mode

When you’re with friends fighting to the finish, an item off in the distance may pique your interest. However, don’t go for that item all by yourself, as if the enemy team catches you, you just gave up your life and items you’ve acquired because you couldn’t fight all of them by yourself. Instead, buddy up with another member of your team, and go off for that item together, players are less likely to attack people who aren’t alone, and if you do get attacked, you’ll have a friend to back you up. Going as a full squad together is even better, as an evenly matched fight is more winnable than a 3v4 or a 1v3.

Pinging is More Useful Than You Think

While many teams play with some voice chat, many battle royale games include a ping function that allows players to point out specific locations on the map or mark weapons for other teammates to pick up. Pinging is one of the best Warzone Verdansk 84 tips. It can have players point out where they saw an enemy or divert attention to a squad firing upon your team. While this may not seem like it’s useful if you’re talking to the rest of your team through voice, it’s more useful than you think. Players who are in the middle of a firefight will ping the location of other enemies rather than calling out their location to their teammates. Since it’s quick, easy, and more precise than naming where you think the shots are coming from. Pinging can be the one thing that keeps you and your squad from meeting their end.

Drop at a Place That Doesn’t Have a Lot of Activity

When it comes to battle royale games, picking a place to land with your team or by yourself is a huge part of strategizing for a win. Players who find themselves landing in areas with a lot of activity will die fast if they don’t know what they’re doing, and since players only land with a single pistol. If you’re not fast enough, it can spell the end for you. For beginners or anyone looking to play it safe, look at the map and find a location that’s not too far from the path of the helicopters you jump from.

Most players will jump directly near the path, as it lets them reach the ground faster and pick up weapons quicker. If you’re new to the game and want to survive longer than usual, picking a location away from the helicopter will allow you to land without much resistance and stay within the range of the circle so you’re not running across the map from the get-go. A couple of good places to start would be Lumber, Farmland, The Military Base, and Hills. They’re not too far from the center of the map. Many players don’t jump there as often as locales such as Superstore, Stadium, and Downtown.

Use Your Money

In Warzone, there are buy stations all around the map, which will give players plenty of things to purchase. Money can be obtained from killing enemies or picking it up through looting and intel missions. With lots of money, it’s a no-brainer that getting something from the buy station will help you succeed in your Warzone match.

Some good options include a UAV, armor boxes, self-revives, and a personal loadout drop if you and your team have enough. This loadout drop isn’t marked on the map, but it’s also able to be seen by anyone nearby. However, this is a good way of getting your loadout without risking conflict between you and an opposing squad. The buy stations also allow you to revive teammates if they happen to die or fail the gulag. It costs around $4,500 to revive a teammate, so if you’re playing with a squad, a good option is if you’re the only person alive, pick the friend who you think is going to help you get the rest of the squad back, it’s a sacrifice to keep friends spectating. Still, they’ll thank you if you manage to win with all four of them.

Intel is Important

Completing intel missions is a fantastic way of bringing in the dough to buy friends back or help your squad get loadout drops. Some of them are easy, such as opening a couple of chests. Others are a little more difficult but net higher rewards, like bounty missions, which have you hunting down another player. These missions will net not only you but also your whole team the amount of money shown on the screen, and since it’s not split between you and your team, everyone gets the full completion amount.

Doing enough of these can give your squad enough for a loadout drop or more to upgrade and gear up for the rest of the match. Be careful, though, as some missions, like the bounty and holdout intel missions, will notify other players you’re completing them. And in the case of the bounty mission, your prey will know not only that they’re being hunted, but they’ll also know just how close you are to finding them.

Vehicles are Valuable

If you find yourself in more populated areas of the map, such as the city or the prison, you can find many vehicles at your disposal. These include everything from cars to dirt bikes and even helicopters. These are all important to help you get around the map faster, but they also damage other players. If you’re in a car and you see someone in front of you, don’t hesitate to run them over. They’ll get run over, and the car has enough armor to withstand some bullets from the poor player firing at you. Multiple players can stand on vehicles as well.

Some savvy Warzone players managed to make a nearly unbeatable ATV by having all players stand on it with riot shields out. Helicopters can also deal damage through the blades of the copter. But helicopters are frailer than the average car you might come across. You will be in for a hard time if you find yourself flying in the direction of someone with a rocket launcher. The creativity of vehicles in the game is nothing but astounding in Warzone, and if you consider getting behind the wheel, remember that any vehicle is your best friend.

Always Have the High Ground

This is also another no-brainer, but it’s hard to remember when you’re in the middle of a firefight. Having the high ground is extremely important in the scope of any battle royale game. You are always more likely to win any encounter with another player if you’re in a higher position than them.

Aiming upwards is more difficult than aiming downwards—the visual given by being higher up. If you find yourself being attacked by enemies from a hill or building, consider running away before fighting them, there’s a very solid chance you will not win.

Don’t Finish off Downed Players

While fighting an enemy team, players who get shot enough will be put in a downed state. This allows them to crawl around and get revived by a friend. However, if you’re fighting more than one person, shooting a downed player to finish them off might not be the best decision when it comes down to the wire. Shooting an enemy into their downed state and then finishing off their teammates will cause all of them to die at the same time.

If you shoot the downed player before finishing off the rest of the squad, this diverts your attention from the squad and puts you in the position to get shot instead. However, a player being downed does not mean they’re entirely harmless. If a player is downed, they can’t attack you, but they can self-revive if they have one in their inventory. However, you won’t see players like that in the early game. So, if you land and shoot a player if their friends are nearby, you might be better off just leaving the downed person as is and hunting down the rest of the group.

With all this in mind, remember that these Warzone Verdansk 84 tips can only take you so far. Warzone is a difficult game, and with 110 million players, you’re going to be coming across enemies from all skill levels. But if you lose once or twice, don’t hesitate to continue playing. Eventually, you’ll figure out what works for you, and hopefully, you’ll be able to get a win or two finally. Warzone isn’t just about finding good weapons and having a lot of armor; it’s also about skill. And if given enough practice, you’ll have the skill to make it through the game.


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