Warframe Ghoul Saw Guide – How to Unlock Ghoul Saw and Nidus Prime

by in General | Sep, 8th 2021

Thanks to the latest update in Warframe, Tenno can now unlock the Ghoul Saw, so we’re going to help you with this brief guide. Players have known about the Ghoul Saw for years, with its legendary power. It’s how the Grineer just mash through us Tenno with ease. In addition, this update also brings the 33rd Prime Warframe, Nidus Prime. That’s right, a new version of the plague-bearer Nidus Prime is here, and you can unlock it, or buy it. That’s one of Warframe’s biggest bonuses – you can unlock so much of it by actually just playing the game.

How to Unlock Ghoul Saw in Warframe: A Brief Guide:

A limited-time event is returning today in Warframe: Operation: Plague Star. It’s going to run from today until Thursday, September 30th. Players will rally together to defend the Plains of Eidolon on Earth – one of the expansive, open-world maps in Warframe. Infested lifeforms will try to make their way to Cetus, and you need to lend a hand. Operation: Plague Star drops quite a few rewards, such as the brand new Ghoul Saw, and so this guide recommends taking part in this Warframe event.

Operation: Plague Star also has a chance to drop Nidus Prime RElics in drops, and adds an additional path to unlocking Nidus Prime. During this event, Nakak also runs a Syndicate during the event called “Operational Supply”. As with all Syndicates, you can rank up with it, so make sure to check in often. You can find Nakak in the middle of Cetus. In addition to the normal Masks, he will be selling parts to the Ghoul Saw, which costs Operational Supply Standing. From there, you build it in the Foundry.


The Ghoul Saw is essentially a Circular Saw that’s also a gun! It’s huge and just, it’s just incredible. You can solo during Operation: Plague Star, but it may be better and faster with friends. It’s also incredibly useful to have Archwing Launchers. The objectives spawn fairly far apart, so having Archwing Launchers means you can get places faster. 

During the event, Konzu has a Plague Star Bounty where players have to steal a Toxin from the Grineer and use it on the boil. There are four phases of the mission. You raid the Thrax Toxin storage (in one of the caves on the plains) and is typically at the end of the cave. Then need to go to a Toxin mixer, which spawns in an Armored Vault in one of the Grineer outposts. After putting the Toxin in the mixer, you have to defend it for three minutes. 

During this, players can add Eidolon Phylaxes and/or Infested Catalysts, to increase the Standing reward from the bounty in exchange for increased difficulty later on. That’s entirely up to you. From here, you head to a downed Grineer Drone which will drop the Toxin in the boil. Another defense mission, you don’t want the drone to be downed. Finally, the boil will respond with Infested, and you have to defeat the horde until the gauge reaches 100%. Decisions made during the Mixing phase will affect the difficulty:

  • For every Eidolon Phylaxis mixed with the Toxin, both the density of the Infested and their level range increases, up to level 30 if 4 Phylaxes were added.
  • For every Infested Catalyst mixed with the Toxin, a Hemocyte will spawn at specific points, pausing the percentage gauge until players defeat it. The Hemocyte can spawn up to 4 times if 4 Catalysts were added, with its level(s) affected by the presence or absence of Eidolon Phylaxis. Check its page for more details.

Unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed to get the Ghoul Saw parts in each of the Warframe events, but we hope this guide leads you to exactly what you need to do. It’s an incredibly fun event, and there will no doubt be plenty of people doing it, so finding a party will likely not be hard at all. 


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