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by in Valorant | Nov, 22nd 2021

It’s official! Just a few days ago, the seventeenth Valorant agent was released! Chamber is the name, he’s coming from France, and is bringing forth sleek European style in a wicked Sentinel package. This here, as the title suggests, is our in-depth Valorant Chamber guide. If you’ve already activated the contract or you’ve purchased him right off the bat, you might want to stick around to learn what you’re supposed to and what you’re not supposed to do with the French assassin!

Valorant Chamber Guide | A Closer Look at His Abilities

Chamber is a sentinel, just like Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher. All four sentinels offer vastly different skillsets, require different playstyles, and serve different roles. Chamber’s abilities make him a very dynamic defender, ready to set up defensive points on sites, exploit his anchors for quick rotations, and play mind games with the opposing players.

Here’s what each of his skills does:

Trademark (C)

You can buy up to two Trademarks, each will set you back for 150. Trademark allows Chamber to place a miniature trap that scans enemies upon placement. Once an enemy walks into its range, Trademark trap starts the countdown. After the countdown, the trap explodes, creating a lingering effect and slowing players inside.

The thing with trademark is that it can easily be hidden in hard-to-see spots like flowerpots and behind boxes. It’s small, the countdown is relatively fast, and the slow effect is quite substantial. It’s a great tool in his site-defense arsenal. It can be easily combined with stuff like Sova’s Q or Breach’s C for instant heavy damage.

Trademark traps can be destroyed, though, so don’t go around placing them in wide-open areas.

Headhunter (Q)

Next up, Headhunter, a unique weapon-based skill that can easily be exploited by players with stellar aim. Chamber’s Headhunter is basically a Sheriff with a scope. You can open up the scope by right-clicking, which greatly aids in long-range duels.

Headhunter deals typical damage (55) with torso shots. However, unlike the Sheriff, headshots with Headhunters are instant kills no matter the distance. As you probably know, long-range Sheriff headshots deal 145 damage, which is the most rage-inducing thing in the game.

How exactly does Chamber’s Q work? Well, you can buy up to eight bullets, each costing 100 creds. That’s pretty much it – you can equip it at any time, just like a regular pistol. It takes some time getting used to, but not as much as you’ll initially think.

Rendezvous (E)

Rendezvous is Chamber’s signature ability… and my oh my, it’s a beauty! It allows Chamber to place two anchors at two different locations, as long as they are within range of one another. The range isn’t massive, but it’s just long enough for you to place it in two different peek areas when guarding a site.

When you’re in range of one of the anchors, pressing E again will teleport you to the other anchor. Depending on how you place them, you can either get aggressive or run away from the action and peek from another angle. Later on in this Valorant Chamber guide, we’ll tell you more about how to use his abilities on certain maps and in certain scenarios.

Tour de Force (X)

Last but not least – Chamber’s ultimate ability is Tour de Force. Similar to his Q (Headhunter), Chamber’s ultimate is a weapon. This time around, we’re not looking at a glorified Sheriff but a one-hit-kill Operator.

Yep, by pressing X you’ll equip a massive sniper rifle that kills enemies no matter where it hits them. Yep, even if you hit them in the legs, it’s a one-shot kill! Upon killing an enemy, Tour de Force leaves the same lingering effect as Trademark, slowing all enemies that walk inside of it.

Key Skills Chamber Players Must Possess

Pinpoint Accurate Aim

First and foremost – aim! If you have great aim, you won’t need a lot of time adjusting to Chamber gameplay. If you’re confident with Sheriff, you’ll absolutely love this guy’s arsenal! His Q will be an instant success, giving you insane fragging potential in pistol rounds as you’ll be able to get both armor and four bullets in your Headhunter. This will mean a great deal to your team… if you can hit your shots, of course. You’ll need good trigger discipline and good aim to master his Q.

The same goes for his ultimate ability too! As mentioned earlier, Tour de Force is an instant kill no matter where you hit your opponent. There’s no verticality involved with your sniper shots anymore – just make sure you hit your target and that’s it!

Map Awareness

This goes without saying for virtually all agents, but it’s of even bigger importance for Chamber. You need map awareness not just because of your E anchors, but because of your Trademarks too. You need to place them at strategic locations and remember where you’ve placed them each round so you can be alert to rushing enemies once they either activate or destroy your traps.

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Map awareness is key to being successful with Chamber

As for your anchors, being aware of enemy players’ positions will give you flanking opportunities, especially in clutch situations if you’ve previously placed anchors in viable locations. This involves a bit of luck too, but that’s not to say map awareness falls to the background.

Game Sense

Game sense and map awareness go hand in hand. But, game sense is more important when it comes to analyzing your opponents’ movements, their playstyles, and how you can use your anchors and traps to counter them. We’re talking about raw game sense here; a skill that comes with experience. You need a ton of gameplay experience to be able to track your opponents’ movement, recognize patterns, and use your skills (mainly anchors and traps) accordingly.

How to Play Chamber on Different Valorant Maps

This section of our comprehensive Chamber guide will give you guys a closer look at things you can do across all seven currently available maps. We don’t want this section to eat up the whole piece so we’ll go with just one defensive and offensive scenario on each map. They should be more than enough to give you a rough image of what to expect, tingle your imagination and make you play around with your anchors a bit.

Playing Chamber on Haven

I love playing Chamber on Haven offense just because the defenders frequently push deep on both mid and A if the attackers play slow. If this does happen and they don’t react to your teleports (or you manage to hide them in plain sight), you’ll be able to flank them effortlessly and grab two or three free kills. He’s viable in other positions too, though there are no concrete anchor placements to talk about.

On defense, you can really utilize Chamber’s E for quick rotations across the map. No matter what you play (though I strongly prefer C Garage and C Main), Chamber will be viable and fit well into all types of team compositions.

Chamber Guide for Playing on Bind

Next up, Bind! On offense, placing traps behind B Lobby and on B Link when going for A plant is a must! As for anchors, it all depends on if you’re going for a split push or not. Chamber is viable on the other end of the map too. On B, you can connect anchors on B Short and Long, though be careful as people tend to check both sites (behind walls in both locations) so you could be killed upon teleportation or end up with destroyed anchors.

Defensively, rotating between A and B takes five seconds with your anchors. But, if you want to do multi peaks, B Elbow and either Hookah or Garden is an obvious way to go. Place the first anchor on Elbow and just wait for your team’s callouts. That way you can place the second anchor accordingly and wreak havoc on your enemies.

How to Play Chamber on Fracture

Honestly, even though Fracture isn’t a brand-new map anymore, I just can’t wrap my head around the best anchor and traps location. The crazy ropes system makes it incredibly difficult to guess anything with somewhat accurate results. It’s just absurd, especially on the attacking end where it seems like you have numerous options, but as soon as you start calculating and placing the anchors, the enemies will peek from somewhere and give you a nice little headshot.

fracture ropes
Connecting A Ropes to A Link is a good strategy on Fracture defense

On the defensive end, I prefer connecting A Ropes with A Link. That way you can be the first one to call A main and hold the drop, but at the same time be present directly on the site through A Link, especially in situations where the opponents push with all five men.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Chamber on Ascent

Ascent is a wide-open map that doesn’t really do Chamber a lot of justice on the attacking end. While his traps are useful on both attack and defense, his anchors don’t really stand up to the task. Yes, you can rotate a bit faster if you’re split pushing, and you can flank in post-plant situations… but that’s about it.

On the defensive end, though, the situation is much brighter! There’s plenty of verticality on A which can easily be exploited with anchor-powered multi peaks. On B, you can do crazy stunts on Market and Cubby. But, don’t do the same thing over and over again. Mix things up with regular B site multi peeks – that way you’ll keep your opponents guessing.

There’s more to it than just that, though it will take you some time to get used it, and figure out the best locations for your anchors and traps.

Chamber Does Split Well Too

Split is my all-time favorite map, for sure! I love playing it with Yoru and Omen on it; Yoru because of his teleportation mind games, and Omen because of his verticality. Chamber, as expected, combines both of these characteristics and is, at least for me, the ultimate Split mind f**ker.

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Chamber is insanely powerful on Split

On the defensive side, I like to play passively on B Back, but connect the anchor to B Alley for retreats, if needed. Mid and A Heaven are easy to guard too, especially if you put an aggressive Trademark past the gates on Heaven.

The attacking side of the story has plenty of potential too. You can quickly shift peaks on Bottom Mid and B Main, but be careful of pushes and campers in tunnel. As for A, your options are quite limited due to narrow entries to the site and heaven. But, if you’re playing against flankers, you can set up A Lobby and Heaven anchors, though it will only work against players who aren’t keen on destroying them.

Defensive Mountain on Icebox

Moving on with our Valorant Chamber guide, let’s talk about Icebox, one of the game’s most beloved maps. Icebox offers a unique setting, that’s for sure, but it also offers interesting opportunities for Chamber and his Anchors. Chamber is viable on both sites on the defensive end, though I prefer playing him with anchors on Ropes and Screen A.

On top of all that, Icebox is a very Operator-friendly map, meaning Tour de Force will come in useful more often than not. Don’t even get me started on the map’s verticality which you’ll easily be able to exploit with your E anchors.

Breeze is a Breeze with Chamber

Last but not least, let’s talk about Breeze! On attack, you can push A ropes with someone’s flash without wasting pushing power if you set one of your anchors either at shop or cave. This will allow you to scout for potential counter-pushes, but won’t hinder your team’s dueling ability if you’re going for a fast A take.

VALORANT Patch Notes 2.08
Chamber has great scouting potential on Breeze and can anchor a site well if needed

On the defensive end, you can set up traps top mid and your anchors at B tunnel and B main. This will not only give you a fast rotation but a dynamic peeking routine too. It’s a great way to confuse your enemy and rush to the other site as fast as possible.

Wrapping Things Up

There you have it, boys and girls – that’s all from our Valorant Chamber guide! Hope you now have all the know-how regarding the new Valorant agent, and that you’re ready to set your feet into competitive waters with him. He’s not that complex – good aim is the base, if you have it, you’ll become good with Chamber in no time!

As always, thank you guys for sticking till the very end!

Until next time,

Stay safe!


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