These Valorant Companion Apps Could Help You Improve Your Competitive Rank

by in Valorant | Jul, 15th 2020

Valorant was meant to be a highly competitive esports title from day one. After all, it’s “borrowing” the best stuff from the world’s most competitive games (CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends). That same spirit was always going to brush off on it. People are doing everything to reach the next level on Valorant’s competitive ladder, and often enough, they seek third-party solutions. Even though the game’s only been out for slightly more than a month, there are already Valorant stat tracker and companion apps packing quite the punch. They deliver numerous handy tips, offer insights into one’s gameplay, point out key areas to work on and give an overall better picture of the things that players are doing right and wrong.

But how good are Valorant companion apps? Are they that helpful? Or, better yet, do they bring forth a tangible competitive advantage? What are the best Valorant companion apps currently available?

To be able to answer all these questions, we need to have a better understanding of companion apps!

Valorant Stat Tracker and Companion Apps Explained

Companion apps have been around for ages, but their first real jump to mainstream popularity was with League of Legends. And we’re not talking about real apps here, but online platforms that used the game’s API to give players valuable insight into the players they’ll be playing against.

Other rising multiplayer titles did the same thing – releasing their APIs to the public, which paved the way for a sea of companion apps for wannabe pros. The thing is – these companion apps/websites weren’t just helping players reach higher ranks. They helped them become better at the game, taught them how to act in certain situations, and emphasized the importance of tiny, often overlooked, gameplay details.

Here’s what people typically use in-game companion apps for:

  • Tracking matches
  • Tracking competitive stats
  • Examining opponents
  • Accessing core item info
  • Measuring success
  • Explaining gameplay elements
  • Setting up goals

Best Valorant Companion Apps

As for Valorant companion apps, two of them stand out as the most practical specimens: Valorant Tracker and Valorantics. In-depth overviews are coming right up.

Valorant Tracker

Valorant Tracker is an Overwolf app by Tracker Network. Its job is to teach players about the core gameplay mechanics, show them a plethora of interesting stats, share Agent-based tips and tricks, and analyze past matches and graph out the most important stats.

The best thing about Valorant Tracker is that it just works. It doesn’t require any special love after installing it. As said above, it’s an Overwolf app, so seamless integration was always going to be a thing. What surprised me the most is the simplicity of its interface and the sheer number of stats it packs. Nothing is overcomplicated or overcrowded. Stats are visible, and the trends are easily noticeable… if you know where to look, that is.

As for Valorant Tracker’s makers, Tracker Network, we’re talking about a highly sophisticated organization that already has a wide array of companion apps. Their Valorant stat tracker is the newest offering, and it seems to be the favorite choice of aspiring Valorant gamers. With almost 180,000 downloads at the time of writing this piece, it was the most popular of all Valorant companion apps currently available. However, considering last week’s release of Valorant APIs, we could see a sudden influx of new Valorant companion apps flooding the market.

The first set of Valorant APIs ought to bring more options to developers, which should result in even more features. Who knows, perhaps Overwolf won’t be a prerequisite for live match player tracking. I guess we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see how that whole thing shapes up.

Valorant Tracker is 100% free to use. However, there’s a premium option that removes ads. If you’re somewhat serious about becoming a Valorant pro, you might want to get rid of the ads. You show/hide the interface with CTRL+F, so ads aren’t a biggie… but I’m sure some of you won’t mind paying three bucks per month to be free from gaming chair ads.


Next up, we have Valorantics! Valorantics is another Overwolf app that aims to bring an experience similar to that of Valorant Tracker. It sports many of the same features and stats like the Tracker Network’s wonder but does so in a different style.

From the looks of things, Valorantics seems to be more oriented towards general stats rather than player-based info. It’s not as useful nor easy to use as Valorant Tracker, which is why it has nowhere near as many downloads. Valorantics has roughly 27k downloads, whereas Valorant Tracker has just short of 180k.

As for Premium access, Valorantics offers a $1.99 monthly subscription that doesn’t just remove all ads but also unlocks more stats for you to crawl. It’s a good purchase. Two bucks per month are nothing. You won’t even feel it. It will give you a broader, ads-free Valorantics experience.

Can These Apps Give You Competitive Edge?

When discussing competitive advantage, the thing that stands out the most is live match tracking of opposing players. At the moment, Valorant Tracker supports that, but only shows players who have the Overwolf app installed on their PC. However, we could see this prerequisite gone in the next few weeks, thanks to the release of the game’s APIs.

So yeah, while Valorant companion apps can already give players a competitive advantage to a certain extent, they are likely to have an even bigger impact as time goes on. They’re definitely worth the hassle if you’re serious about improving your Valorant competitive rank.

Best Platform for General Valorant Stats is another useful Valorant stat tracker. We’re not talking about a mere app here, but a sophisticated platform that keeps tabs on all sorts of Valorant stats. We’re not talking about non-competitive matches. We’re talking about in-depth esports stats, including detailed subcategories such as map win rates per agent, map defense/attack win rates, stats per patch, weapon stats, event showcases, etc. is the first website of its kind. It’s the place to go for info on Valorant’s competitive scene.

Wrapping Things Up

I guess it’s time to wrap everything up, huh?

After checking the two most popular apps, it’s safe to say a good Valorant companion app can be pretty useful. They encompass a wide variety of stats for people to crawl through, some of which can yield quite a competitive advantage. Speaking of live in-game match tracking (without particular prerequisites) is the most common feature I’m looking forward to. If Tracker Network does an excellent job with the recently released set of Valorant APIs, perhaps their Valorant Tracker will receive another boost in popularity. Either way, if you’re looking for that extra bit of competitive edge over your opponents, Valorantics and Valorant Tracker are solid companion apps!

We’ll finish things off with a quick heads up – we’re preparing some behind-the-scenes stuff to support this piece. If you’re interested in a quality Valorant stat tracker or companion app, stay tuned for a big treat coming in next week!


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