Valorant Agent Tier List Featuring All Playable Characters Including Reyna

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Hello and welcome to our first-ever Valorant agent tier walkthrough. We wanted (well, I wanted) to make this piece a lot earlier but my boss thought it would be better to wait until the full game is out. And, now that I think of it, he was right! Valorant launch update (patch 1.0) brought forth rather significant changes to several agents. While there are no major differences in the essence of their abilities, the changes will still deeply affect how agents approach different angles and team compositions.

Valorant Agent Tier List

What sort of data we’re backing our Valorant agent tier list with? Well, it’s sort of a weird system. Usually, we’d base our tiers with’s data and nothing else. However, since Valorant came out earlier today and there’s still not enough data to draw concrete conclusions, our Valorant agent tiers will also take some subjective connotation based on the matches played on the patch 1.0 as well as the freshest batch of nerfs and buffs.

With that said, let’s jump straight into our Valorant agent tier lists!

S Tier Valorant Agents


Sage is still the best, most OP agent in the game. However, patch 1.0 nerfed her hard. Her Healing Orb now as a 45-second cooldown, a 10-second increase. Her wall has less HP and lasts 10 seconds less than before. It’s still a great stalling tool, there’s no doubt about that!

The best thing about Sage is not her ultimate ability. I mean, it is her most useful ability, but it’s not what makes her the best agent in the game. It’s the whole Sage package that makes here a necessary asset to every team. She has excellent crowd control, stalling capability, healing (both herself and others), and she can resurrect fallen teammates. She’s still the ultimate Valorant agent, but there are two who are, thanks to the recent gameplay alterations, right behind her.


The first one would be Cypher. He’s a necessity in his own right, but delivers a completely different set of skills and requires a totally different approach. Cypher can’t heal himself or his teammates and doesn’t really have that much crowd control. However, he excels at providing information to his team, sort of like Sova but in a much more effective way.

Cypher’s camera is superb, not just for gathering information but for serving as a decoy. His tripwires are great too. They do a great job in terms of perimeter control and work even when they are destroyed before activation. Cypher’s ultimate is, obviously, the strongest point of his entire arsenal. In fact, I’d like to argue it’s one of the most useful ultimate abilities in the game, which is why it costs an extra point.


Raze’s skill set makes her a lethal agent. She can bruise hard, climb on top of boxes, and has a unique decoy ability that can, unlike Cypher’s camera, be quite deadly. Combine all that with her ultimate ability that does a ton of damage in a large area and you got yourself a proper tier A tank!

There’s a downside to Raze that might make it fall to the A tier pretty soon. You see, all of Raze’s abilities are based around increasing her damage output or allowing her to climb or peak certain angles. While that’s fine for winning rounds at this point, it might not be good enough later on when players get used to her bombs and grenades. It’s just a thought, though. Raze is still the best Valorant agent in terms of round-win percentage, which is enough to help it reach A tier!

A Tier Valorant Agents


Sova might not be the most entertaining agent to play with, but he’s an important part of the current meta. His scouting ability is unparalleled, bringing forth more information for his teammates and allowing smart plays on the attacking end.

On the defensive end, Sova does a good job of containing entrances with his Shock Bolt. He’s also able to scare enemies off with timely Recon Bolts, adding an extra layer to his defensive skillset. Let’s not forget about his ultimate ability, which works great on both ends. Even though he plays a bit too passively, Sova’s skillset makes him a pretty OP agent, at least for the moment.


Phoenix is the next Valorant agent we’re going to talk about. Contrary to popular belief, Phoenix is a great choice for solo Q competitive/ranked mode. His skill set is more aggressive than that of Sage, while still retaining some sort of healing mechanisms.

But, in addition to healing and rushing abilities, Phoenix has a solid dose of area control too. His wall does some damage but is long enough to block most entrances. Plus, the duration has been increased in the latest patch from 6 to 8 seconds. Lastly. Hot Hands is another viable skill that can be used on both ends, either to prevent enemies from pushing to the sites or as a safe healing spot.


Next up on our Valorant agent tier list, we have Breach. Even though he’s not a popular pick (picked in 41.79% of total matches, according to CypherCam), his in-game presence is an invaluable asset to every team. He has an excellent area and crowd control, as well as the strongest flash in the game. It’s much more versatile than that of Phoenix.

Considering all that, seeing Breach in A tier of our Valorant agent tier list isn’t that surprising. He might not be the most lethal agent out there, but his skill set is great for pre-plant and post-plant scenarios, as well as heroic action on the defensive end.


Finally, the last agent that belongs to the A tier is the all-new Reyna! Even though some people don’t like her seemingly over-complicated mechanics, I find them to be a breath of fresh air in Valorant. If played correctly, Reyna can turn from a lovely Lolita to a squad-eliminating machine pretty quickly. Her Devour and Dismiss combination works wonders, especially when combined with her ultimate ability, Mistress.

Reyna’s ultimate ability is kind of difficult to time sometimes, but the duration seems to be on point, without making her too powerful, even in late post-plant scenarios. She’s self-sustainable, has excellent damage output and extra agility. Think of Reyna as Jett but with a flash instead of a smoke – that’s about it!

B Tier Valorant Agents


Moving on with our Valorant agent tier lists, we need to address the B tier! It sports three agents: Jett, Brimstone, and Omen, and as the heading suggests, we are going to focus on Jett here. She’s agile, fast, and sports a lethal snowballing potential.

Jett’s skillset has been slightly buffed, giving her more area control with her Cloud Burst (duration increased from four to seven seconds), and more effective with her Tailwind (she can now break free of Cypher’s Tripwires). The rest remains the same – a pretty entertaining agent, but one that probably won’t be that big of a deal in competitive Valorant.


Brimstone is in B tier! Oh my God, how is that possible? Well, even though his skills haven’t been altered with the Valorant patch 1.0, other agents featuring similar abilities have been buffed, which slightly lowers his overall value. Don’t get me wrong – Brimstone is still the best smoker in the game and can be an invaluable asset to every team. But, considering the likes of Sage and Cypher have excellent crowd-control abilities while also being effective in other areas, Brimstone’s arsenal seems pretty disappointing. Perhaps disappointing is not the best word, but I’m sure you know what I mean.


Omen, the teleporting menace, still feels like a one-trick pony even though his abilities have been heavily altered with the newest patch. Even though I’m a big fan of Omen’s skillset, I have to admit it was plagued with bugs. Well, not exactly bugs but “mechanical” issues that didn’t help the overall quality of life.

For instance, Paranoia is now equipped instead of a quick cast. Dark Cover’s controls have been revamped with an added phased targeting. Omen can now cancel his ultimate ability, From the Shadows, can now be canceled, which adds an extra layer of safety with such a high-risk move.

Despite all that, Omen still doesn’t feel 100% chained in. Don’t get me wrong, he’s entertaining to play; more entertaining than before. In solo Q and medium-to-high ranked levels, he’s pretty useful. However, when talking about the highest levels of competitive play, I reckon Omen won’t find his place in the current meta. He will require more love, that’s for sure!

C Tier Valorant Agents


Viper ought to remain the least picked agent in the game and the agent with by far the worst win rate. Surprisingly enough, Riot Games didn’t make a single change to the toxic damsel, even though the majority of players felt like she was the first agent in dire need for a rework.

Her abilities remain the same, meaning she’ll still be pretty useless even with the stuff she’s supposed to do effectively. Remember, we’re talking about a crowd-control agent here, one that thrives in post-plant situations with her ult. What’s the problem then? Well, for someone based on poison, her abilities don’t deal a lot of damage. We’re talking real damage here, not decay.

This Reddit post perfectly describes everything wrong with Viper as well as the changes that would be welcome for her background/current skillset. It’s a short but informative read so make sure you check it out!

Knowing Riot Games…

Knowing Riot Games, we’re bound to see a whole heap of new balancing changes and game updates regularly. That’s one of many reasons why League of Legends is as balanced and thus as popular as it is. These changes (probably) won’t drastically change how the game plays, but will feature buffs and nerfs to certain agents, based on their pick rate and in-game behavior.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s it as far as our Valorant agent tier list goes! It’s been a pleasure discussing the pros and cons of all Valorant agents. Hopefully, you’ll agree with our list and pick your main accordingly, which ought to reflect in your win rate.

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