What to Watch in October 2019 | Best Upcoming Esports Events

by in CS:GO | Oct, 4th 2019

Another month, another series covering the hottest esports events. October is settling in, while autumn takes a full swing and brings forth several highly anticipated esports spectacles. If you’re an avid esports fan, chances are high you’ll be at the edge of your seats for the most significant part of this month. That said, let’s waste no more time and head straight to the most prominent esports events in October 2019!

Esports Events in October 2019

As mentioned above, October brings several top-tier competitions that are bound to stir a ton of dust. As the esports scene continues to grow, so does its public exposure, and I expect to see massive esports viewership numbers by the end of this month.

Of course, my expectations are fueled by the start of the annual LoL World Championship. The most prestigious League of Legends events started two days ago and is already showing off spectacular matches, pinning some of the world’s best franchises against each other.

In addition to the LoL Worlds, CSGO is going strong with three notable events, so shooters’ fans have nothing to worry about. Not just because of CSGO events but because of PUBG Global Championship too. Yep, everyone’s favorite battle royale is bringing forth $2 million in prize money for its biggest esports event yet. However, PUBG GC begins in early November, so it’s not a part of our esports events in October 2019 list.

Lastly, the popular mix of soccer and racing, Rocket League, is coming back with the eighth season of Rocket League Championship Series. The scene has seen several notable transfers recently, and the entire community is eagerly waiting for both NA and EU iterations to kick off.

Yep, there’s a ton of awesome esports events in October 2019, and you can find more details about them right down below:

DreamHack Masters Malmo


Yet another DreamHack Masters event takes place in the Swedish esports capital, Malmo. With $250,000 in prize money and sixteen world-class teams, DreamHack Masters Malmo ought to be one of the biggest esports events in October 2019.

The group stage is already done and dusted, with surprising eliminations (cough, RIP Team Liquid, cough) and thrilling Bo3 contests. DH Masters Malmo is turning its focus to the playoffs with six teams still in the competition. Two are already in the semifinals, Astralis and NaVi, eagerly waiting to see whom they’ll play against for a spot in the grand finals.

As I write this, Fnatic and NiP are going at it on Overpass, the deciding map that leads to the semifinals against Astralis. In roughly an hour or so, Team Vitality will go up against Mousesports. Both of these matches should be all done by the time you get to read this, so here are my quick predictions on the semi-finals fixtures.

  • Astralis vs. Fnatic
  • NaVi vs. Vitality

Did I get at least one of them right?

StarSeries & i-League Season 8


The eighth season of StarSeries & i-League starts on October 21st. As usual, there’s a hefty prize pool involved. This time around, we’re talking about $500,000 in prize money, half of which is reserved for the winning team, just like the last event.

As far as the competing teams go, StarLadder must’ve sent out a ton of invitation, but only a few of them have been accepted at this point. AVANGAR and Renegades are the only known teams in the invited section, which holds twelve of the total sixteen spots. In addition to StarLadder Major sensations, 5Power and Invictus Gaming will be competing too. They earned their tickets via the Asian Qualifiers by overcoming the likes of TYLOO and EHOME.

European and South American qualifiers will finish soon, with just a few remaining matches to be played. All in all, StarLadder is set to host yet another world-class competition, and I doubt they’ll disappoint us.

DreamHack Open Rotterdam


The third notable CSGO event in October 2019 is DreamHack Open Rotterdam. Perhaps not as lucrative and prestigious as the above-featured two, but still a noteworthy specimen. A total of eight teams will participate in the Dutch spectacle, including impressive StarLadder Major Berlin performers such as AVANGAR, CR4ZY, and DreamEaters.

The likes of ForZe, Heroic, and Besiktas are pretty sick contestants too, so there will be everything to play for starting on October 18th. Oh, I almost forgot – the total prize pool amounts to $100,000, $50,000 of which goes to the winners. Frankie, everyone’s favorite interviewer, will be hosting this event, creating yet another reason to tune in to the fun.

LoL 2019 World Championship


If we’re talking about the most prominent esports events in October 2019, then LoL 2019 World Championship is the first one that comes to mind. It’s the biggest, most lucrative, and highly prestigious esports event that serves as the icing on the cake of yet another splendid season of LoL esports.

LoL Worlds 2019 feature 24 teams, two play-in stages, group stage, with playoffs as the wrap-up. It stretches out to more than a month of fast-paced LoL action, a real treat for all LoL fans who’ve been waiting for months for LoL Worlds 2019 to kick off.

The likes of SKT1, Funplus Phoenix, and G2 Esports seem like the most likely candidates to take that big-eared trophy home. With a successful regular season behind them and excellent adaptation to the current meta, these four teams are leading the power rankings ahead of the group stage clashes.

As for the prize pool, League of Legends World Championships shows off its lucrative nature with a whopping $2,225,000 in prize money. And that’s just the starting amount which will increase through in-game item sales. Just a reminder, last year’s LoL Worlds sported roughly $6.5 million, and chances are this year’s iteration will surpass that by quite a bit.

RLCS Season 8 NA & EU


The last of our esports events in October 2019, is RLCS Season 8. Yep, the eighth regular season of Rocket League Championship Series kicks off on October 5th and 8th, and will showcase the hottest RL talents from both North American and European franchises. More precisely, the North American iteration starts tomorrow, while Europeans will have to wait a few more days to see their favorite Rocket League teams shine.

As for the favorites, Renault Vitality, G2, and NRG seem like the most prominent title contenders. However, the hectic Rocket League pro scene is prone to upsets, so who knows, perhaps we’ll see a brand-new team emerge to greatness. We all love good Cinderella stories. Perhaps RLCS Season 8 gives us a proper one to reminisce for years to come.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it in terms of the most prominent esports events in October 2019. I’m sure you got the gist of it just fine.

Moving forward, there’s a good bunch of esports events coming up next month too. CSGO will be the front runner once again, with ECS Season 8 Finals, Asia Championships, and Intel Extreme Masters XIV Beijing.

The aforementioned PUBG Global Championship is scheduled to start on November 8 and ready to splash out more than two weeks of chaotic battle royale extravaganza.


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