The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your FIFA 20 Gameplay

by in Sports Games | Dec, 31st 2019

FIFA 20 has been out for almost three months now, and things are finally starting to look better. Week in and week out, we see continuous gameplay updates, and the game’s esports section seems to be flourishing too.

But today’s piece isn’t going to talk about any of that. Today’s piece is more like a guide than your typical dose of EsportsTalk FIFA 20 news. This here is a Bible! Your very own FIFA 20 bible that’ll optimize your gameplay, tighten your defense, and loosen up your attack. It WILL change your life!

Okay, perhaps I’ve exaggerated a bit there.

However, don’t you dare take my FIFA 20 Tips & Tricks guide for granted. Perhaps it won’t change your life, but it could get you that perfect FUT Champions score… which is the same, come to think of it.

FIFA 20 Going Strong

I’m sure you recall the state of FIFA 20 shortly after its release. The game had massive career mode bugs, and the multiplayer components were packed with bugs. The situation wasn’t as critical as it was back on FIFA 19, but the bugs were still present, and plentiful.

However, over the last two months, the game has been fixed multiple times. Update in and update out, the gameplay became smoother, and the game became much more enjoyable. EA’s golden egg, FIFA Ultimate Team, is having a splendid season too. I know some of you won’t agree with me on this one, but I do believe EA is finally starting to listen to the fans and what they want.

FIFA esports scene is flourishing too. Several top-tier league partnerships have been announced. The second ePremier League season is in full flow. Even though KONAMI is doing its best with the eFootball.Open, FIFA seems to be miles ahead in all things esports.

Considering all that, it’s no surprise FIFA 20 tips and tricks are in high demand these days. Numerous talented players are looking for that extra bit of information that can help them push their gameplay to the next level. Nuances often decide the champions at the highest competitive levels, and these guys know it.

Top 10 FIFA 20 Tips & Tricks

So, if you’re among them, if you’re looking to up your gameplay whether to get back at your friends/colleagues or make a name for yourself on the pro scene, the following list of FIFA 20 tips and tricks ought to be of interest!

1. Don’t Overuse Sprint

One of the most common FIFA 20 mistakes I see people doing is overusing that darn sprint button. Yes, sprint is excellent – it allows your players to run really fast and quickly reach your opponents third. However, sprinting is also great for losing possession and destroying promising chances. Don’t overuse sprint!

When should you use the sprint button? I only use sprint when I see a lot of free space ahead of my player. Whether we’re talking about the flanks or straight up in the middle, if there’s enough space ahead of my player and I won’t risk losing the ball if I push it forward, I’ll do a quick sprint followed by right stick pointing towards the open space. This allows your player to leap forward. If timed right, you’ll be able to execute a skill move to pass the first incoming player and create a chance in front of the goal. Theoretically, at least!

2. Explore Different Formations and Custom Tactics

Moving on with our FIFA 20 tips and tricks, let’s focus our attention on custom tactics. They’ve been in the game for quite some time already, and their presence added a bit more tactical depth to an already stale competitive environment. The fans loved the recent addition of effective game plans, which are increasingly popular in FUT, too.

Effective game plans allow you to create up to four different formations, custom tactics, and player positions and switch through them in-game without having to suffer through menus. It’s a great way of mixing things up in the middle of a match and keep your opponent guessing your playstyle.

Our FIFA 20 Tactics Guide ought to shed more light on the topic. It pins down the best formations in the game and talks about dynamic game plan experimentation. It’s pretty short, too, a quick read that could help you learn the tactical basics.

3. Invest Time in Mastering Timed Finishing

When’s the last time you’ve played against a player who went for timed finishing on most of his shots? It was quite a long time ago, right? Well, that’s because most people don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

As you probably know, timed finishing is more difficult in FIFA 20 than it was in FIFA 19. The timers for successful timed shots are narrower because the general opinion was that timed shots were way too OP in FIFA 19.

To be honest, they still are, it just takes a bit more time to properly set up your shots and get used to the new timers. Arm yourself with patience (I have a feeling I’ll say this a few more times in this article), keep working on your consistency, and you’ll be all good sooner than you think.

Timed shots are second to none in terms of shot lethality. If you nail them down to perfection, your goalscoring, especially tight one on one runs, will massively improve.

4. Possession is Crucial

Disregard the typical “possession means nothing, chances mean nothing, only goals count” mindset. That’s worth zero in the world of FIFA! Possession means everything! If you have it, you’re running the game, switching gears, and controlling every aspect of the match. As long as you can score a goal and retain it, you’re as good as gold.

But people score plenty of goals via counter-attacks. Yes, that’s true, but playing counter-attack doesn’t mean you have to give up possession altogether, it just means you have to be proactive after regaining it.

But, what’s the best way of retaining possession? The best you can do is arm yourself with extraordinary midfielders, mix things up with varied passing, and learn how to control the pace of the game in your opponent’s half.

5. Explore New Passing Options

FIFA 20 paved the way for several new types of passes. The more, the merrier, no doubt about it. By double-tapping either the through or direct pass, you’ll get a slightly lofted ball that’ll evade your opponent’s feet.

Combine R1/RB with either through or direct pass and you’ll get a driven, faster ball that’s more difficult to intercept. Combine R1/RB with lofted through ball (L1/LB), and you’ll get a wicked pass that’ll split the opponent’s defense apart and create space on the flanks.

As stated earlier, mixing up your passing does wonders too. It will keep your opponents guessing and allow you to have even more possession… and possession is crucial!

Once you’ve mastered passing, I’m sure you’ll notice you’re setting up the game’s pace much easier than before. Not to mention, pitch-perfect passing and keeping possession can drive your opponents mad.

6. Earning Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team

Seeing as FUT is the game’s most popular game mode, and the fact that most FIFA esports matches are played in FUT’s ecosystem, it becomes clear obtaining more coins bears great importance. And it’s true, the more coins you have, the better your squad will be.

If you’re not lucky enough to pack a 2 million card, and you don’t want to spend ridiculous money on large quantities of FUT packs, your best chance of acquiring good players/more coins is squad building challenges and exploiting the transfer market.

If you want more info on how to get the best out of the FUT transfer market, our in-depth FIFA 20 Transfer Market Guide comes free of charge! It tackles the best ways of making money on FUT and brings forth essential ways to exploit the transfer market. Coins won’t come overnight no matter how hard you try (unless you pack a beast, that is), but the FIFA 20 tips in that piece ought to help you get the foundations in.

7. Learn New Skill Moves

If you love pacey wingers and breaking your opponents’ defenses right next to the lines, then investing time and effort into learning new skill moves is of utmost importance. They’re great for bursting through the backdoor, getting rid of a single opponent separating you from the goal, but they can also be used as a way to control the tempo, draw aggression from the opposing players and create more space for a pass in behind.

Also, fancy skill moves are a great way to piss off your opponents. Whether it’s your best friend or a completely random guy on FUT, the end results of a well-timed fancy skill move are always the same – TONS OF RAGE! If you love making people rage quit, then perfecting the new skill moves and scoring timed shots out of the box is the best way to do at the moment. Yep, that’s it – that’s one of the dirtiest FIFA 20 tips in this list.

8. Perfect Your Set Pieces

Even though goals from open play are of crucial importance, perfecting your set-piece game is important in the long run. Set pieces, whether we’re talking about corners, throw-ins, or free kicks, can yield many promising goal opportunities, and the experts utilize them near perfectly. If you want to up your game, having a master’s degree in set-pieces is a must-have in your skill arsenal!

Skill games are a great way of perfecting your set pieces. Free kicks, to be more precise. The score count allows you to set up goals and monitor your skill level and consistency. If you’re still not sure how the new free-kick mechanics work, don’t be afraid to watch a few YouTube tutorials. They’re a great starting point and, when combined with skill games, ought to yield great results and get you more clinical from direct free kicks.

9. Play Through Skill Games

Playing through FIFA’s skill games section is one of the essential FIFA 20 tips out there. Most players play skill games only when they’re waiting for the match to load. Yes, from time to time, they might get stuck in a loop, trying to beat their colleague’s record, or worse, their own.

However, these short sessions don’t help in the long run. If you want to get better at FIFA, no matter your current skill level, if you haven’t played through the skill games, now’s the time to do it!

FIFA skill games will lead you from the most basic control lessons to demanding training sequences that’ll leave you baffled at times. Never underestimate the power of skill games. As mentioned above, they can be useful for a wide variety of things.

10. Keep Focused

Last but not least – keep focused! All of the above is important, but it all crumbles down if you don’t have a positive mindset coming into every online game. If you don’t believe in yourself, in your ability to win, you won’t win. It’s as simple as that!

Arm yourself with patience, don’t dive all in and don’t be too disappointed if things don’t go as planned right off the bat. A quick counter-attack or two can bring you right back up on level terms. If you’re on the winning end, though, never let your guard down. Complacency is a bitch – don’t be afraid of parking the bus if push comes to shove.

Before You Leave…

As time goes on and FIFA 20 gets more updates, I’m sure some of my FIFA 20 tips will become obsolete. Don’t worry, if EA goes berserk once again and the gameplay becomes vastly different, I’ll make sure to update this piece. Football’s coming home!


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