Top 5 Rocket League Noob Mistakes

by in Rocket League | Feb, 1st 2019

Rocket League is a game about playing football in cars (they call it soccer). Sounds simple enough; put the ball into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible within the allocated time limit. You play with two teammates, so it’s basically a 3 vs. 3.

Well, this is the most common game mode. There’s also doubles and singles game modes, bonus modes, and a ranked ladder for each. However, people still make plenty of Rocket League noob mistakes that prevent them from climbing the ladder.

How come? Well, if you’ve ever played Rocket League, you might already know the answer. The thing is, Rocket League doesn’t have a very steep learning curve – it’s either driving on the ground or flying through the air with boost. But! The high-skill threshold does contain a steep learning curve.

In this article, we’ll be covering the top 5 Rocket League noob mistakes you’re probably making if you have trouble climbing into better divisions!

Top 5 Rocket League Noob Mistakes

Some of these mistakes are relatively easy to fix while others require a bit more training. In any case, if you want to climb the ladder and improve your own skills and gameplay, make sure to fix these mistakes. They aren’t everything necessary to be the best, but they’re a good stepping stone for future improvement. Let’s call it the basics of Rocket League!

So, here are the top 5 Rocket League noob mistakes!

Mistake #1 – Chasing the Ball All the Time

One of the biggest mistakes new players make (and something pro players never do) is endlessly chasing the ball. You have two teammates on your side and aren’t alone when playing the most common game mode (3 vs. 3). There’s no need to charge at the ball all the time.

Another reason why this is a bad idea is that, in lower ranked matches, your teammates will be making the same mistake. Hence, you need to take control. Be the goalkeeper when you can, try to score every once in a while. Basically, think ahead and think strategically.

You’ll also end up crashing into your teammates (or they’ll be crashing into you) by going after the ball all the time. This can cause gaps in the defense, allowing your opponent to score. Be patient. There’s no need to make rash decisions. Go for that opening and protect the goal when you can!

Mistake #2 – Constantly on the Defense

Rocket League is a dynamic game with dynamic gameplay. Because of this, there is no designated goalkeeper. In some of the games I’ve taken part, there were players just placing their car sideways and blocking the goal. Their attack was pretty weak because of this.

In the worst-case scenario, when you’re constantly defending, the enemy team will have three players going after the ball. This might leave them vulnerable for a counterattack, but in most cases, that’s three players going after your goal. And two of your teammates don’t have the numbers. Plus, moving in defense without “a flow” isn’t advisable because you’d have to go slow. Rocket League is about speed and precision. Most of the time, teams that have a dedicated defending player don’t do so well.

Mistake #3 – Not Doing Training Matches

While most games have tedious tutorials that rarely explain everything and last too long, Rocket League’s is actually VERY helpful. Not only can you learn the basics of Rocket League gameplay, but you can also focus on specific areas as well. And, there are three to choose from.

First up, you can train your goalie skills. Again, there’s no designated goalkeeper, but sometimes, you will have to defend your goal as a goalkeeper. In these training sessions, you learn to defend the goal from an incoming ball. All you have to do is divert the ball away from the goal. Second, you can train your striker skills, which teach you how to shoot on goal properly. These sessions are arguably the most fun as they aren’t too difficult and you can pull off some great goals!

Last (and most important), you can train your aerials. Aerials become vital in the later stages of ranked because they are an integral part of Rocket League gameplay. These training sessions are the most difficult to master, but I’d advise trying these out before going into ranked. It will make your job so much easier! Speaking of aerials, let’s move on to the fourth Rocket League noob mistake on this list!

Mistake #4 – Botched Aerials

So many players think they know how to do an aerial only to have it fail. Usually, this leads to conceded goals and issues with team chemistry. Aerial control is not easy and is never presented as easy, yet people try to do them vehemently.

If you’ve been doing an insane number of aerials (with only a couple of successful ones) – stop! Not only will you save yourself some nerves and shorten the time you need to climb the ranked ladder, but it will also give you time to train the aerials properly. Jump into training and choose the aerial training. Master it. When you start winning games because of your aerials, that’s when you can jump into ranked and skyrocket in a short matter of time.

And this isn’t saying you aren’t allowed to play ranked; on the contrary, feel free to! But, the issue arises when you reach a certain ranked ladder, and you can’t climb anymore (pun intended). The players you face are too good, and you’re missing the skills needed to advance. From what I’ve seen over the years, as soon as people start doing great aerials, they continue the climb.

Mistake #5 – Shooting Every Ball Toward the Goal

You know how in football there are wingers that cross the ball into the box so his teammates can potentially get a goal? The same should be present in Rocket League, but it just doesn’t happen. At least not in the lower divisions.

Everyone seems to be running at the ball, attempting to score from absolutely hilarious positions. From trying to reach the ball on the ceiling to shooting from the corner (with a 0-degree angle), players mostly shoot the ball toward the goal.

Instead of making this Rocket League noob mistake, try crossing the ball for your teammates! This is where trust comes into play as well. Sure, they might not succeed in shooting, but you have a much lower chance to get a goal from the side. Mix it up a bit, and you’ll see just how fast someone can climb the ladder!

Honorable Mentions

There are a couple of honorable mentions that aren’t as common, but people still make them.

  • Not using double jump – Giving yourself a boost when driving on the ground is pretty important. Most players learn this soon after they’ve picked up the game, but a select few don’t even know how to do it. You won’t reach far if you don’t jump-boost on a constant basis!
  • Ignoring boost orbs – The heat of battle can sometimes make you forget about your boost and once you figure out – it’s already too late. Always be mindful of where you are on the field and make sure you’ve got boost most of the time.


Making these Rocket League noob mistakes is nothing uncommon. It is also nothing to be ashamed of. But, if you’re looking to chase those high division spots, you’ll have to stop making them. All it takes is some more thinking, strategic play, and lots of aerial training!

Jokes aside, aerial training (and training in general) is very important when it comes to Rocket League. In some situations, you’ll have to be very delicate with the inputs so remember: Training is everything!


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