Top 5 FPS Shotguns

by in General | Oct, 31st 2018

There’s something immensely satisfying about video game FPS shotguns. The powerful feeling of loading the next shell with a pump or a break is hard to ignore. Then there’s the actual firing. A good shotgun eliminates most enemies with a single, well-placed blast.

FPS shotguns are all about risk and reward. Lying in ambush, waiting for the kill or charging forward guns blazing with an automatic shotty. Either way, you’re sacrificing capacity and range for the chance to clear the room. They don’t call the Striker-12 “Street Sweeper” for nothing.

FPS Shotguns Top 5 List

Today we’ll be looking at the most satisfying FPS Shotguns. Guns that splatter enemies into tiny giblets, boom like lightning, send survivors flying across the room, and look cool while they do it. These shotguns must have purpose and utility. While procedurally generated loot isn’t necessarily out of the running, these contenders will be tough to beat.

5. Model 1887 (MW2)

FPS Shotguns

Depending on your age, this one will either invoke the endless suffering of Skidrow’s hallways or a resounding “meh.” The Model 1887 has a reputation for being one of the most frustrating FPS shotguns. It has the longest range of any shotgun, can be wielded akimbo, can be upgraded to shoot through walls, and is capable of killing multiple enemies with a single shot. As if that weren’t enough, perks can make it more accurate and deal 40% more damage.

There are no words to describe how aggravating it was to go against a general who knew how to handle these things. Tight hallways became little more than human meat grinders. Small maps like Dust devolved into tornadoes of death as everyone incessantly fired their Model 1887s into the air like celebrating Texans.

No wonder this thing got nerfed.

4. VK-12 (F.E.A.R.)

FPS Shotguns

Trapped in a spooky industrial complex made of suspiciously tight corridors? What a coincidence, that’s exactly what the VK-12 was made for. This shotgun turns the tables on your enemies. Combined with super-human bullet time, you can actually see the shockwave and witness the bloodsplosion as your enemies are gibbed into tiny little bite-sized pieces.

The VK-12 is so effective it could even be called game-breaking. If someone sneaks up on you, you can turn them into mulch with a simple snapshot. Ultimately, the VK-12 shatters the tension of a well-balanced horror game. You’re no longer fighting replicas; you’re hunting them.

3. The Force-A-Nature (Team Fortress 2)

FPS Shotguns

“Any outdoorsman will tell you the most frustrating part of hunting is when a deer simply FALLS DOWN when shot and doesn’t FLY BACKWARD into the forest.”– Force-A-Nature mail order.

This isn’t the most devastating shotgun. It’s not even the strongest shotgun in TF2. So what makes the FaN one of the best FPS shotguns? Well, it has an awesome design, it changes the fundamentals of class gameplay, it has a ton of utility, and it’s just plain fun.

By trading in your trademark scattergun for a sawed-off double barrel, you sacrifice -66% clip size, for 1.1x more damage. Of course, that’s not why you use the Force-A-Nature. You use it because a well-placed shot sends enemies flying across the map.

There’s nothing better than sneaking up on a sniper with tunnel vision and teaching him how to fly across 2Fort. Likewise, there’s something immensely satisfying about launching a medic into a gorge the same moment he pops an uber.

The Force-A-Nature is more than a weapon; it’s a tool. The force of firing this shotgun is so great it causes an airborne scout to fly in the opposite direction, effectively granting you a triple jump. Combine this with the Atomizer baseball bat and your scout might as well grow wings because he’s never walking again.

If you’re feeling gaudy, you can spring for a custom name, custom description, strange status, Australium plating, and a kill counter. The F2P players will love being killed by your gold-plated “NoobLauncher.exe,” really.

2. Super Shotgun (DOOM)

FPS Shotguns

The Super Shotgun might as well be called the mini-BFG. While it’s seen a few changes since its introduction in Doom II, the basics have stayed the same. This classic FPS shotgun has seen some graphical upgrades, but it has been a mainstay in the Doom franchise and video games at large.

First, the Super Shotgun is break action. Space marines don’t pump guns; they break them. Second, the Super Shotgun does 3x the damage of a normal shotgun for 2x the ammo. Also, it’s effective at medium range.

The super shotgun is reliably powerful; it splatters most classic Doom enemies in one or two shots. In Doom (2016) it can down a Hell Knight in three or four blasts. This thing is a monster on the battlefield. When paired with faster reloads, bullet penetration, and single barrel blasts, the armies of Hell will cower before you. I could watch that reload animation all day.

2016 Doom is all about feeling powerful in the face of impossible odds, and that’s exactly what the Super Shotgun does. There may be zombies flooding the facility, demon hordes chewing the wires, and cyberdemons stealing the BFG 9000, but you are a space marine with a shotgun.

Somebody better call the viscera cleanup detail because it’s about to get messy.

1. Boneduster (Bulletstorm)

FPS Shotguns

What if we could combine the sheer power of the Super Shotgun with the splatterpunk schadenfreude of the Force-A-Nature? That’s where the Boneduster comes in. With this four-barreled shotgun, you can have it both ways and reenact your favorite scenes from Phantasm 2! Best of all is how this thing roars. As Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation fame said, “the shotgun sounds like God slamming his car door.”

Similar to the Force-A-Nature, the Boneduster pushes enemies away from you, opening opportunities for exciting skill kills. While the FaN knocks enemies into the air, the Boneduster pushes enemies so hard they splatter into a red paste on impact.

At melee range, the Boneduster shows no mercy. Turn some poor space convict into a red mist, and you earn the “Topless,” and “Legless” skill kills. The Boneduster is a thirsty beast that survives on human blood and unconstrained anger. This is easily the most powerful FPS shotgun ever devised. Doom Guy should probably get one of these.

Oh, did I mention the alternate fire mode? Every gun in Bulletstorm has a snazzy bonus ability. The supercharged Boneduster, true to its name, sends out a shockwave so powerful, it melts flesh from bone Mars Attacks-style. This ultimate attack cuts through cover and revels in vaporizing whole squads of faceless mutants at a time.


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