Top 5 Defensive Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Nov, 1st 2018

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is one of the most realistic first-person shooters on the market. It’s a game of skill and patience. That’s why the key to improving your win rate is understanding how each defensive operators work.

The defensive operators are built to withstand the pressure from attacking operators. They have interesting and unique gadgets to help them on defense.

Top 5 Defensive Operators List

Today we’ll be looking at the top five defensive operators in Rainbow Six: Siege. These choices are only my opinion and not a definitive list.

There are plenty of great defends in R6S, but there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling off a kill with Smoke’s gas grenade or stabbing someone after an interrogation. Speaking of which…

5. Caveira


The first operator to make the list is Caveira. She is your ultimate stealth character coming in with light-armor and the “Silent Step” skill. Her special ability allows her to sneak up on enemies and immobilize them. Silent Step is limited to 10 seconds, and while activated, Caveira can only use her sidearm.

Caveira’s sidearm is called Luison, a unique PRB92 pistol with a modified silencer. Lusion fires subsonic rounds and is wrapped in a rock-based mineral fiber to both insulate and soundproof the silencer. Luison doesn’t kill enemies, it downs them, allowing Caveira to use her interrogation ability.

Interrogations are awesome. Melee a downed enemy, and you can see their teammates through walls for 10 seconds. The interrogation feature is an enormous advantage toward the end of a round. It could give your team the perfect edge to win the match.

Caveira is a popular choice for defending teams. She can also be difficult to play against. I play way too aggressive sometimes, which typically results in death by Caveira. She’s always lurking around the next corner, ready to knock me down.

4. Rook


Rook is one of my favorite defensive operators because of his R1N “Rhino” Armor. His special abilities aren’t going to wow you, but they will save your life.

At the beginning of the round, Rook can deploy an armor pack on the ground. Everyone on the team can pick up a piece of armor, granting a 20% damage reduction. Armor plates can turn a three-speed, one-armor operator into a three-speed, two-armored operator.

Armor plates also prevent death. Equipping Rook’s Rhino armor guarantees operators will be downed instead of killed. Of course, that doesn’t block headshots, and downed characters are still vulnerable.

Aside from his armor upgrades, Rook has a fantastic primary loadout. The P90 and MP5 are great, low-recoil options. In his secondary gadget slot, Rook can use either a deployable shield or two impact grenades.

3. Smoke


Smoke is one of the original defensive operators that still holds up today. He is a medium armored operator equipped with three Compound Z8 remote gas grenades. The gas grenades are remotely detonated and deal damage to anyone in their yellow cloud, including allies. The gas deals 15 points of damage every half-second, making Smoke a viable option in every match.

Gas grenades invite clever gameplay. Plant one on a choke point and plan an ambush. Throw one and immediately activate it. You could even use the smokescreen to make your escape. The gas cloud is thick enough to block vision. Smoke is basically one of the Ghost People from Fallout: New Vegas.

2. Bandit


Bandit is an auto pick on any defensive squad due to his crude electrical devices (CED-1). The CED-1 is a car battery that can destroy gadgets and electrify any metallic surface, including barbed wire, deployable shields, and reinforced walls. Enemies who touch an electrified surface take nine damage per second.

I wasn’t high on Bandit when I first started the game, mainly because I had no idea how to play him. Now he’s obligatory pick for every game. His electrified reinforced walls are a great counter to anyone playing Thermite, Hibana, Ash, or Ying. Bandit’s CED-1 also affect drones and breach charges.

Another benefit to playing Bandit is the MP7. This is one of the best primary SMGs in the game due to its damage and blistering 900 rounds per minute.

Bandit’s only downside is that his shock charges interrupt friendly equipment. Bandit can inadvertently destroy the gadgets of Smoke, Mute, Kapkan, Jager, Valkyrie, Lesion, Ela, Maestro, and Alibi.

A bandit player must always be cautious of their surroundings.

1. Ela


Ela hit Rainbow Six: Siege in September 2017 and is arguably the best defensive operator in the game. She is a light-armored operator equipped with four Grzmot mines. These concussive mines deafen and disorient anyone who comes within range. Ela has a fourth mine to use when she’s downed.

Grzmot mines are great because they can be thrown and stick to any surface, even ceilings. When triggered, they concuss anyone within 20 feet.

Few attackers can counter Ela. While IQ, Thatcher, Twitch, and Zofia pose a threat, I don’t think they’re used enough to worry.


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