Top 5 Black Ops 4 NOOB Mistakes In Multiplayer

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 4th 2019

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a wildly successful game, and it made up to $500 million dollars (that’s a lot of cheddar) just three days after release. As you would imagine, there’s a massive number of people that play this game, and most of them are really bad.

This blog will address the popular Black Ops 4 noob mistakes that are costing you (and your teammates) valuable wins in multiplayer.

There are a lot of bad choices players make when picking a weapon, gear, scorestreaks, and a specialist. For example, somebody might choose the Nomad specialist because they like his slick handlebar mustache. But this player does not realize simply picking Nomad, helps the enemy team quite a bit.

Now let’s get on to the list, and I will tell you the top 5 Black Ops 4 noob mistakes to avoid.

* This post does not address Blackout or Zombies mistakes, only the core multiplayer.

Top 5 Black Ops 4 Noob Mistakes

Before I get started, shout out to Treyarch for their noob mistake, which was creating Zero — the anti-fun specialist that is basically just there to wipe out scorestreaks. Come on Treyarch, seriously? I did a lot of heavy lifting with my Maddox to get that Gunship. Blah, alright, I’m done ranting.

5. Not using the Titan

The Titan is so strong that I consider it a noob mistake not using the gun (though some may argue this weapon is the noob gun).

The Titan has an exceptional fire rate, almost no recoil, the largest ammo capacity in the game (it even has an extended mag attachment), and it is great for taking out long distance targets. Do I need to say much more about this monster of a weapon?

Additionally, you can attach a thermal scope to this light machine gun, and it functions almost like a rapid-fire DMR/sniper rifle. Add the FMJ attachment, and you’ll easily mow down targets through walls.

If you’re having a bad game with that ICR assault rifle — which is simply not doing enough damage —then stop messing around and switch to the Titan! This LMG is so overpowered, it is banned in competitive play according to the official Call of Duty World League (CWL) rules.

But here’s a tip: You can still use the Titan to dominate public games.

4. Too slow drawing their weapon

This is next on my list of the top 5 Black Ops 4 noob mistakes because aiming down sights (ADS) speed is not a priority for newer players and that is one of the main reasons they die so frequently.

This is a very important mistake to address. Because Black Ops 4 is mostly an “I saw you first, now you die” kind of game, you need to have the ability to ADS quickly, so you can kill enemies before they can react.

A good Perk 2 (no, not Skulker) players can use to improve their ADS speed is Gung-Ho. One of the benefits of Gung-Ho is the capability to recover faster from your sprint.

For example, if you’re in mid-sprint and an enemy jumps in front of you, Gung-Ho you can immediately stop and ADS to kill this target — no other perk lets you do this.

Finally, there is the Quickdraw attachment, which is available on many different weapons. This attachment maximizes your aiming speed. Quickdraw gives you a significant advantage over an enemy not using it since your opponent will have to waste valuable seconds trying to draw their gun.

Here is a list of primary weapons with the Quickdraw attachment:

  • ICR-7
  • KN-57
  • Maddox RFB (Has Quickdraw II as well, so you can truly maximize its ADS speed)
  • QKS
  • Spitfire
  • Saug 9MM
  • ABR 223
  • Swordfish (Quickdraw II)
  • Titan
  • VKM 750
  • Outlaw
  • Koshka (Quickdraw II)
  • MOG 12

ADS faster = More Kills.

3. Picking the wrong Specialists

Some players do not understand why certain Specialists are better than others. I have seen many Black Ops 4 noob mistakes, but this is probably the most frustrating.

There is nothing worse than starting a game and seeing somebody lock in Firebreak or Nomad.

A lot of noobs pick Firebreak because he has a cool outfit, but his abilities are very underwhelming. His specialist weapon — Purifier — is a flamethrower that’s only good for taking out close range targets with no map awareness. If you see

Firebreak whip out his Purifier, simply back up and shoot him — you have successfully countered his specialist weapon!

His specialist ability, the reactor core, while good for killing campers around walls, can easily be countered as well by just backing up away from him.

Nomad is a poor choice too because his whole kit is based on random chance. You can put down Mesh Mines in sneaky spots that your opponent might trigger and die. Also, he can call in an AI-controlled attack dog that might kill some enemies nearby.

Relying on specialists that need luck to win is not smart. It is better to pick specialists with more consistent, impactful abilities — such as Prophet, Ajax, and Battery.

Prophet has a tracking device that can stun an enemy and get you a free kill. His specialist ability is also strong — his Tempest rifle shoots shock rounds that can quickly cripple many enemies.

Then there’s Ajax with his 9-bang grenade that can leave an opponent unable to see for a quite a while or Battery with her War Machine grenade launcher that can wipe out an entire squad with one shot. These are the Specialists I like to see on my team.

2. Picking bad scorestreaks

Not picking the UAV as one your core scorestreaks could be number one on this Black Ops 4 noob mistakes list. UAV reveals the location of your enemies, and good intel like that wins games. Also, every kill your team gets with your UAV active will earn you more points toward another scorestreak.

Unfortunately, noobs frequently choose scorestreaks like the RC-XD car because it does not cost much (450 compared to UAV’s 550) and it can get them a free kill! But that is a silly pick because you waste valuable time controlling it and an enemy player can simply destroy the car by shooting it.

Scorestreaks are important, so be wise with what you select.

UAV is the only low-cost scorestreak worth using. I also recommend you choose the Hellstorm Missile, Sniper’s Nest, or Mantis. They all have a significant impact on the game, and only require a moderate amount of points which you can easily earn with kills/assists/specialist abilities.

The Strike team and Gunship are strong too, but you can rack up just as many kills with the streaks I previously mentioned, so use these rarely.

1. Stop using Armor!

Every Black Ops 4 player has experienced has played with 1st prestige player who always spawns in with armor, yet this teammate dies so often, it feels like that player is wearing a blindfold.

Armor is a deceiving piece of gear to a new player because it gives them more health. In the mind of a noob, that health increase will help them survive. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Armor slows you down and makes you a much easier target to shoot. Armor is easily countered by FMJ (instantly shreds armor), and this attachment is available on many popular guns. Finally, armor does not regenerate; if you take a lot of damage, you can regenerate your health but not your armor.

Overall, armor is a bad choice. There are much better options, such as Stim Shot, which lets you heal faster after taking damage or Acoustic Sensor — an overpowered piece of gear that alerts you of enemies nearby on your radar.

Don’t be foolish. Avoid using armor.

Agree or Disagree?

Thank you for reading my top 5 Black Ops 4 noob mistakes list. Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these.

Now go grab a Titan (before it gets nerfed!) and slay some n00bs!


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