Top 5 Attacking Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Nov, 5th 2018

There are over 21 different attacking operators in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. With so many to choose from, how do you decide which one is the best? It’s a question that has stumped man since the beginning of its existence…or at least December 2015. So, I took on the challenge to figure out who are the five best attackers in the game.

Top 5 Attacking Operators

5. Hibana


Narrowing down the list of the top attacking operators was a lot tougher than I initially thought. Hibana makes the cut because of how useful her unique gadget can be, when used correctly. She is a lightly-armored operator armed with the X-KAIROS, a 40mm grenade launcher. The X-KAIROS is capable of breaching reinforced walls by firing a swarm of explosive pellets. It has three charges and six pellets per shot.

Hibana’s primary weapon and secondary equipment make her a strong attacking operator. The Type-89 is an assault rifle that deals 40 damage at 850 RPM.

The most useful item in Hibana’s arsenal is the stun grenade. The stun grenade can be paired up with the X-KAIROS for the perfect breach. Stun your opponents from a distance and light them up.

Two main counters to Hibana are Bandit and Mute. Bandit’s crude electrical device (CED-1) prevents any breach in reinforced walls. Mute counters by using the GC90 signal disrupter which prevents X-KAIROS charges from detonating when shot into a wall.


4. IQ

IQ is one of the original attacking operators. What makes IQ unique is that no operator in the game can counter her, but she soft-counters at least 13 defensive operators. IQ’s wrist-mounted mobile phone sensor can detect electronic gadgets and equipment within range. She can even use her pistol and the sensor simultaneously.

IQ is a lightly-armored operator with three speed. She has the option of three different primary weapons – AUG A2, 552 Commando, and G8A1. Of the three, I think the AUG A2 is best. It’s a medium-long range assault rifle that deals 42 damage. It can also equip an ACOG scope, which is preferred.

3. Twitch


One of the most underrated attacking operators in R6S. Twitch brings a lot to the battlefield if you understand how to use her. Each round she can deploy two shock drones. The shock drones are bulkier and slower, but also quieter than standard drones.

Twitch is most effective in the drone phase at the beginning of the round. Her drones can destroy the defense’s team cameras and most of their deployed equipment. The shock drone is also a weapon. As the name suggests, it can shock the opposing team, dealing ten damage.

Twitch’s two main counters are the same as Hibana. Mute’s signal disrupter and Bandit’s crude electrical device will shut down the shock drone. As I said before, Bandit is an obligatory pick, so expect firm resistance.

2. Zofia


Zofia joined the attacking operators’ roster in December 2017 as a member of Operation White Noise. Zofia has two unique features about her. She can withstand, which allows her to revive herself, but with only 5HP remaining. The second feature is her unique gadget called the KS79 LIFELINE. This weapon fires both impact grenades and concussive blasts. The concussive ammo causes a shockwave, impairing hearing and causes a dizzying effect.

Zofia is one of the best attackers to breach with because of her KS79 LIFELINE. This double-barreled grenade launcher can quickly blow through two walls in rapid succession and can catch the enemy off guard. Even if the enemy is expecting an attack, Zofia’s concussion grenades make them sitting ducks.

Her main counter is Jager due to his magpie device, which shoots down any incoming projectiles when activated.

1. Lion


Have you ever wanted to see the carnage from above? That’s exactly what Lion brings to the table. Lion’s EE-ONE-D hovers over the map. When triggered, it will detect moving enemies and give an overview of battlefield hot zones. The EE-ONE-D only has two charges, so Lion players need to time their scans just right.

Another feature I like about Lion is his V308 battle rifle. This rifle does 44 damage at 700 RPM, not bad when paired with a 50 round capacity.

Only Mute can counter Lion. Mute’s signal disrupter prevents EE-ONE-D from scanning.


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