Top 10 Shooters That Could Use a Battle Royale Mode

by in General | Sep, 16th 2020

There are many amazing battle royale games right now from the family-friendly building-centric Fortnite to the gritty and soldier-based Call of Duty Warzone with many more on the way. But here are the top 10 battle royale shooters that need to happen in the future.

More Shooters Need a Battle Royale Game Mode

Though we are not starved at all for battle royale games to play, there are still some massive franchises out there that are sorely officially missing a battle royale portion. After all, some games have added battle royale game modes to their already existing franchises.

Some of the best examples of this are Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone/Blackout. In Apex’s case, it was a new start for the Titanfall series without the old name holding it back. It has succeeded with flying colors, becoming one of the most popular battle royale games around.

And then there is Call of Duty Warzone and its predecessor Blackout that took the popular battle royale genre and brought it to the biggest first-person shooter franchise out there. Of course, this was undoubtedly a success to the point where it changed the series’s future.

It is clear that players are willing to check out battle royale game modes, when done right, for their favorite existing shooter franchises, and they can do extremely well. But even with so many battle royale games out there, a vast majority of them are new IP like Fortnite, PUBG, and Hyper Scape.

Top 10 Battle Royale Shooters That Need to Happen

As such, I set out to come up with the top 10 battle royale shooters that need to happen. I found 10 of the most popular or interesting shooter games out there that deserve the battle royale attention for one reason or another.

On their own, these games might be a popular or unique take on the genre already or they could offer some impressive gameplay that would fit well with the battle royale genre. Whatever the reason, they don’t currently have a battle royale mode and certainly need one.

I ranked these top 10 battle royale shooters that need to happen based on many factors: how well the genre would fit into the gameplay, the likelihood of it happening, how popular the game is already, if I think it could be rather successful or not, and the uniqueness that this game could bring to the genre. So, without further ado, let’s dig right in and take a look.

10. Valorant

Kicking off this list is one of the newest games that you will find here: Valorant. Given how popular this take on the first-person shooter genre from Riot Games has been, there is no way that I couldn’t include it on this list of battle royale game modes that need to happen.

The tactical nature of this game with the Overwatch-like abilities thrown in there makes for a tough and hardcore first-person shooter that isn’t for everyone. But it is extremely fun and would make for a natural fit for the battle royale genre.

However, there are a couple of reasons that it is in the lowest spot on this list. As a newer game, there is still a lot that Valorant has to prove with its initial base game, let alone a battle royale mode. Plus, the likelihood of it happening anytime soon is slim as there are still so many more characters and modes that need to happen before that.

9. Doom Series

A rather strange entry on this list that I still think would be awesome to happen is for a Doom battle royale game. It doesn’t necessarily have to come as part of the latest title, Doom Eternal, either. It could be its own standalone game, a game mode for the third entry in the rebooted series, etc.

But when I think about first-person shooter gameplay, I am always reminded of my love for it beginning with Halo and Unreal Tournament/Quake. The latter games had this fast-paced arena nature that is unfortunately lacking in the current shooter space.

Doom fills that niche pretty well but mostly does so as a singleplayer game. Though there have been multiplayer modes, they haven’t always been great or substantial, hence the lower ranking. That said, the arena nature and demon-infused gameplay would be unique and amazing in a smaller battle royale setting of maybe only 20-30 players.

8. Destiny Series

While we’ll get to Bungie’s other franchise that they made in a little bit, Destiny is the Halo creator’s current series. With Destiny 2 chugging along with no third game in the series in sight currently, the title could certainly use some new game modes.

One multiplayer game mode that would certainly add some longevity to the game is a battle royale mode. It could work a lot like Apex Legends, focusing on a three-player team setting where everyone can pick their Warlock, Titan, and Hunter characters and take them online.

Given the floaty nature of Destiny 2, it would make sense to have a rather large map with plenty of verticalities and maybe 60 or so players like Apex Legends. Being able to charge up your ultimate ability to throw down and wipe out a team of three in one go would be amazing, and it needs to happen.

7. Splatoon

Nintendo has been known to get down with the battle royale genre before with Tetris 99, which somehow takes the last player standing format and brings it to the Tetris series. And then there is a Mario take on it that will be coming out soon at the time of writing this.

But so far, Nintendo hasn’t given us a battle royale game mode that is the typical first or third-person shooter style. The only game that could do this, though, is Splatoon. This more family-friendly take on the shooter genre has been long requested to get a battle royale game mode, and it is time for it to happen.

If it can’t happen for Splatoon 2, then it would be a natural fit for the third entry in the series later down the road. Battle royale would be intriguing in Splatoon 2 as it would not only offer another family-friendly alternative besides Fortnite, but it would allow players to dive underground and hide for a while, giving an element of surprise to the genre.

6. Rogue Company

The other new entry on this list is Rogue Company. This game is barely out, but I am already asking for it to get a battle royale game mode. Like Valorant, there is a lot that Rogue Company still needs to prove, and it is certainly pretty early in its life cycle.

With only three game modes to its name, there is a lot that the title is still missing from the usual multiplayer match types. I mean, there isn’t even a standard Team Deathmatch game mode available yet. But the third-person gameplay that is here is already pretty solid and available on multiple platforms.

It would be a natural fit for the battle royale genre, not to mention that the developer Hi-Rez Studios isn’t new to the genre. Though a near knockoff of Fortnite, Realm Royale is a fun game to play, and the more grounded style of Rogue Company would work even better.

5. Overwatch 2

When it comes to gameplay styles that need a battle royale game mode, there are few better options than the Overwatch series. Though the ship has certainly sailed on the original game, Overwatch 2 is still coming in the future, and there is a chance for it to get a battle royale mode.

This was the game that revamped the shooter space by clarifying that it didn’t have to be all about just the gunplay as it could have abilities and classes that could shake the genre up. It breathed new life into the genre, and it could do the same for battle royale games.

Sure, Apex Legends has already done the whole powers thing, but Overwatch did it first and arguably better with more unique abilities. I think Overwatch 2 needs a battle royale game mode, albeit one on the smaller side and limited in some way to ensure there is still some balance.

4. The Division 2

This next battle royale game mode request is a bit of a strange one, not because The Division 2 is a bad game to get the mode, but it sits in the unique spot of its predecessor having a battle royale game mode but the sequel not having one at this time.

The original Division’s Survival mode remains my favorite part of the entire experience. You may think I’m crazy, but I bought the whole game to play that mode. I ended up putting only about four hours into the main game, just enough to unlock the Survival section.

Then I put well over 60 hours (this is no joke) into the Survival mode alone and never touched the main game ever again. I adore this mode’s nature, where you start with nothing and have to scrounge for materials, all while dealing with a blizzard.

The Division 2 is still lacking this mode. I think it will get one, but it needs to happen as soon as possible to put another 60 hours into it.

3. Star Wars Battlefront Series

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game that wasn’t just controversial but part of a controversial series. In the end, though, it became a genuinely great game that is still worth playing today, but the new content for it is now over. We shouldn’t expect anything new in the future.

But there is inevitably (hopefully) going to be a true Battlefront 3 someday. I imagine that EA has learned this time around. One new game mode that I would like to see is the Star Wars take on battle royale. Putting these two together would be a match made in heaven.

There are a few ways that you could do this, like having a ground-based battle royale experience where there is a massive map on one of the famous Star Wars worlds with beloved vehicles scattered around. Or, you could have space, ship-based battle royale mode in the sky. Either way would work and certainly be a stunning addition to the genre.

2. Gears of War

It isn’t just happenstance that the final two games on this list are both Xbox titles; it just so happens that both of these games are marquee examples of the shooter space. Both lack a battle royale experience. Gears of War 2 is one of my favorite games of all-time, with thousands of hours in it.

Gears of War 5 has continued the excellent multiplayer and brought it back to a place where I love it again. There is nothing else like this series’ third-person, cover-based gameplay. Others have tried, and they still fail to live up to it.

So, I would love to see a battle royale game mode that takes full advantage of this sometimes quieter, slower, and more systematic gameplay approach. Imagine a massive map with 15 teams of four players each, slowly moving their way across the map, thinking about how to fight their opponents while avoiding the encroaching storm. It sounds too good to be true, and it needs to happen someday.

1. Halo

While Gears of War would be an amazing choice for battle royale, there is only one game series that needs it more than any other, and that is Halo. Halo Infinite is coming next year at some point, and it will bring the next iteration of multiplayer.

When it comes to first-person multiplayer, I do believe that Halo is still the king and the one that birthed it on consoles. It is high time for Halo to do it again and make a special version of an already existing thing at the top of the genre.

Yes, it is time for a battle royale mode. If done right, this could be my personal favorite battle royale game to play. Imagine a huge map with 100 players in total, with Warthogs, Pelicans, etc. all scattered around the map. Some players hide out on high points, sniping the vehicle players, while others still look for the iconic explosive weaponry to take everyone out. It sounds like the perfect wild experience that should already exist.


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