Top 10 Most Hated League of Legends Champions

by in League of Legends | Aug, 13th 2020

League of Legends is an endlessly beautiful game. There’s just no other way to put it. We’ve all been playing on the Summoner’s Rift for years (if not a whole decade). Yet, it’s still as refreshing and entertaining as ever, in no small part because of Riot Games’ valiant efforts to keep it so. But not everything about it is great. League’s polarizing 150th champion serves as a good reminder that not all champions are equal. Some of the League of Legends champions are hated and despised across the globe, and mostly with good reason.

Let’s focus on the most detested champions in the game, the ones that make you want to Alt + F4 mere moments after spawning on the Rift; the ones that are the reason why so many mice and keyboards have destroyed over the last 10 years in uncontrollable fits of rage.

No such listicle can be truly objective, but we’re confident you’ll find this list as honest and accurate.

Why the Rage?

Players start complaining when there’s very little counterplay. With most newer champions being victims of an evident case of power creep, it’s becoming harder and harder to enjoy the game if you’re looking for an even fight.

Some champions simply have too much of everything baked right into their kits. Others might be overly simplistic yet still have a ton of power that’s easily attainable through simple item spikes. There’s also a good number of champions who are just awful to play against — think Zoe, Tahm Kench, Soraka, etc.

At least when, say, Lee Sin flashes, ward hops, and kicks someone into oblivion, you can say “GJ” before bursting into tears. You know that such a string of abilities required an insane amount of skill and precision, not to mention immaculate execution. You might get angry regardless, but you don’t have anyone to blame. If a Tahm Kench devours his (nearly dead) ally, you kind of have the right to lose your mind, seeing how all it required was a simple button press. No skills, no mechanics, no impressive game knowledge — nothing.

Still, having such a wide spectrum of champions (both loved and despised with equal fervor) makes the game so darn fun. This variety might give you an intestinal ulcer because of the immense amount of stress and anger it creates.

Sadly, much like in life, you can’t have the good without the bad.


Everyone has a support they dislike playing against, but arguably none of them are as obnoxious as Blitzcrank. He brings such a baffling amount of utility to the table and, when piloted right, can single-handedly (pun intended) win his team the game. You’ll get hooked, knocked up, and silenced all in a matter of seconds. If you misposition even for a split second, there’s a good chance you’ll get punished severely. And don’t even think about trying to juke his pull. There’s no rhyme or reason behind Blitzcrank players’ direction when throwing it out. Do you have Flash up? Great! Use it whenever possible and remember: if you don’t have vision of this mechanical abomination, always assume he’s in the nearby brush, just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Or pull, rather.

Master Yi

It feels like everyone hates Master Yi except Master Yi mains. He’s a cool champion overall with an interesting kit, but he’s also obnoxious in every way, shape, and form, especially with even the smallest leads. When a Master Yi gets rolling, you might as well just shut your computer down. There’s no hope whatsoever. Now sure, you might say that crowd control can neutralize a speedy Yi with relative ease. While that’s undoubtedly correct, sometimes you just don’t have enough CC in your team comp to fight back (and you can’t draft as well because of random solo queue allies and one-trick ponies).

Whenever this happens, your Yi-related trauma grows even bigger. What agony. The way this Wuju swordsman can cut down through entire teams in mere seconds is just baffling, but only when you pair him with a support like Taric, Yuumi, or Morgana (that spell shield sure does come in handy) that his true potential is unleashed.


Morgana’s binding is a joke that almost transcends the game itself. You only need to be its victim once to understand what all the fuss is about fully.

When you get hit by a binding, you might go for a stroll in the park or do the dishes because you won’t be moving anytime soon. On rank one, her binding lasts for two whole seconds. Once the game starts, you have somewhere between 400 and 600 health. Staying in one place for two seconds can at the very least cost you a Flash, if not your life. When maxed out, Morgana’s binding lasts for three seconds — 50% more than what was already a disgustingly long duration.

And it’s not just the binding duration that’s infuriating but the subsequent layering of damage and CC that comes your way in quick succession. Once those mid and late game team fights break out, if you’re locked in place for three seconds without an avenue for escape, you might be dead.

And please, don’t be one of those people who try to flash after getting hit by a binding. It’s too late because you’re dead, even though you might not realize it. Take the L and think about your actions while your death timer counts down. Don’t make a bad situation even worse.

Morgana’s binding is one of the most despised abilities in the game. It’s also relatively easy to land with its obscenely large hitbox and mind-blowing projectile range. Get some cooldown reduction, and you’ll be throwing these left, right, and center!


Where does one even start with Soraka? She’s not particularly disgusting early on, but once she gets a couple of items (that synergize oh-so-well with her ability kit), she can single-handedly keep her entire team alive during the heat of battle. She can top-up an ally in a blink of an eye. You’re just standing there, fuming with rage after using all of your most potent abilities.

Serves you right for not banning this goat-like monstrosity!

To be fair, piloting Soraka and not feeding is tricky business. The fact that she’s fairly simple to play doesn’t change the fact that she’s inherently a glass cannon. One positional mistake often means you’ll eradicate in a split second. But if a player can walk the razor’s edge and not feed beyond measure, they’ll have an insanely big impact come mid and late game. Heck, “insanely” doesn’t even cut it. There are but a few worse things in life than a good Soraka player.

Tahm Kench

Whenever someone jokingly says “unbench the Kench,” no one means it for real. Whenever Tahm is picked, there’s not a smile in sight, including the Tahm Kench player. If you creatively build him and perhaps go to a different lane then you might have a bit of fun. Otherwise, it takes a very specific kind of person to enjoy playing an immobile frog that’s picked only for his devour i.e. save.

Tahm Kench — especially in professional play — only exists as a “get out of jail free card” for his low HP allies. In that sense, he’s like Soraka as he can save his teammates by just pressing a single button (hardly mind-blowing). The same frustration arises when playing against Tahm as it does against Soraka. They have very simple abilities that can often decide the outcome of the team fight. Yet, they don’t have to invest anything for such an immense amount of power.

Whoever thought Tahm’s W made sense in the game context was either not suited for the job or was a full-blown sadist. Either way, the end result isn’t good.

On the flip side, playing against a bad Tahm Kench is a thing of beauty! At least there’s a bit of fairness in that regard.


The devil himself needs no introduction.

On the one hand, Teemo is ingeniously designed. Riot took all the necessary steps to create a champion with distinct strengths and weaknesses, while also giving him that little extra something to make him stand out from the crowd — if for all the wrong reasons.

Getting your hands on Teemo often proves to be exceedingly hard, especially once you start running into a mushroom-infested brush. It’s hard to describe this very peculiar brand of anger, but just a single game against a good Teemo player is all you need to understand what we’re talking about fully.

And even if you survive the laning phase with your psyche unscathed, there’s always that moment when you walk into a brush in the late game and lose half of your HP — tick by tick.

Oh, the horror.


Some have described Tryndamere as a “stupid champion,” and it’s easy to see why. He’s a screaming barbarian with anger management issues. He’s hard to catch, packs a punch, and is unkillable for five seconds while under his ult. Being immune to slows or CC is one thing; being immune to death itself takes things to a whole ‘nother level.

But if you’re an OG player, you’ve surely come across a particular kind of Tryndamere — the one who isn’t playing to win lane or team fight. Oh, not even close. These individuals live for the splitpush. They don’t care about their KDA or whether or not their teammates approve of their actions. Instead, they only want to be the biggest possible nuisance imaginable.

And the thing is, this splitpush-only strategy works wonders in lower elo. Stopping a Tryndamere often requires communication, patience, and coordination. All virtues that are so often missing in solo queue. It also doesn’t matter if you’re ahead as a well-timed splitpush can often turn things around entirely. And those five seconds while he’s unkillable? That’s more than enough time to hack away at a turret and get it down from a hundred to zero.

At least the Tryndamere players are having fun. Well, if you can call non-stop split-pushing “fun.”


If you thought that abysmal champion design couldn’t go further than Tahm Kench and Soraka, you were proven wrong once Yuumi released. What requires less skill than pressing a single button? Simple: not pressing anything at all and still being untargetable.

How’s that for an ability kit?

Don’t let the fact that she looks like a sweet little kitty fool you. Yuumi is an absolute abomination. Of course, as if being unkillable while attached to a “host” wasn’t enough. She also brings a fair bit of crowd control, healing, and even damage amplification, just because she can.

From a champion design standpoint, Yuumi makes no sense whatsoever, yet she saw the light of day. The whole world hates this feline monstrosity, as evidenced by her 3.65% ban rate in all ranked games in Platinum and above, making her the most banned support in the game.


Watching a good Zoe in action is often a thing of beauty. Those who’ve mastered this mischievous child-like mage often capable of producing highlight-reel plays with relative ease. Generally speaking, her kit is fairly simple, but that’s only true at first glance. Stringing her abilities and maximizing her damage output does require a ton of skill.

The reason why everyone hates Zoe is because of the sheer fact that she can one-shot squishy targets from a screen away. Take this recent example as proof: a series-defining moment from none other than Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, who managed to annihilate 100 Thieves’ marksman Sun “Cody Sun” Li-Yu in a split second.

That’s pretty much all you need to see to understand the struggle of playing against Zoe.


This is cheating, but the entire assassin category of champions is mesmerizing (when piloted by the right player) and thoroughly disgusting. Akali, Zed, Katarina, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Talon, Yasuo — just to name a few. They’re high-risk high-reward champions. However, they still pack a big punch in certain scenarios and often impossible to contain once given even the slightest lead.

There’s very little counterplay when an assassin champion has a couple of kills, especially if it has a built-in escape (and most of them do). These champions are banned almost every single game — often by default. You don’t even give it a second thought. You just type in the name of the one you hate the most and breathe a sigh of relief. At the very least, if you want to style on your opponents and maximize the potential of these assassin-type champions you’ll have to put in the hours (and have a fair bit of mechanical talent), so at least there’s some balance involved.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that they’re universally despised. Hence their existence on our most hated League of Legends champions list.


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