Top 10 Fortnite Superhero Seasonal Crossovers We Should Get in Battle Royale

by in Fortnite | Jul, 21st 2020

Epic Games has made Fortnite into the pop culture video game that brings together not just other games but so many different movies, TV shows, and comics together to create a massive crossover event. As part of this, there are so many different Fortnite superhero crossover skins under one roof.

Fortnite Superhero Crossovers Look to Be a Staple Now

It is shocking to think that, in the same match, you could have people like Harley Quinn hanging out with Kylo Ren and Star-Lord all in the same match, but here we are. Somehow, Epic Games has created such a massive force to be reckoned with that the likes of Disney and DC Comics can tolerate having their characters in the same game together.

In addition, what began as a special crossover event once or twice a year has now exploded to become a permanent staple in Fortnite. The Fortnite superhero crossover skins are now a major part of every season in chapter two, as both seasons two and three had their own crossover characters.

It began with the release of season two where Deadpool became the main crossover character and it wasn’t just a small event for a couple of weeks, as the entire crossover event happened throughout the entirety of the season. There were numerous weekly challenges for people to complete.

These would earn the player rewards and the like, leading up to the actual Deadpool skin and its variants. This has continued in season three, but this time around, the crossover is actually with DC Comics and Aquaman is the main focus of the season. But it doesn’t have to stop here.

Top 10 Fortnite Superhero Crossovers We Want to See

Since the Fortnite superhero crossover events seem to be a permanent seasonal feature, we are already looking forward to the release of the season four character in a few months. While we don’t know who that will be or any of the future ones, it’s certainly a good time to speculate.

As such, I have come up with the top 10 Fortnite superhero crossover events that I would like to see happen in the next season or any season after that in battle royale. These characters could be the major focus of the season, converting one of locations into their lair, adding their skin, and so much more.

For the criteria of picking this top 10 Fortnite superhero crossover list, I definitely leaned in hard to the popularity side of things, but I also considered stuff like iconic nature, someone that players of all ages will like, uniqueness, and having a counterpart already in the game.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 Fortnite superhero crossover ideas that I would like to see implemented in a future season.

10. Watchmen

I decided to kick off this Fortnite superhero list with a rather interesting one. Technically, the Watchmen are kinda sorta part of the DC Comics multiverse/universe/whatever you want to call it, but I won’t get into that right now. But in a way, this one stands out among the others on this list.

Because they aren’t necessarily originally from either Marvel or DC Comics, I wanted to include the Watchmen here. This group of strange superheroes spawn a cult and ever-growing fan base that all began with some comics, a bizarre cult classic movie, and a critically acclaimed TV show spin-off.

The Watchmen aren’t necessarily kid-friendly, but there are things like John Wick in the game already, so I digress. In a way, Doctor Manhattan is the shoe-in for being the main focus of a season, but there could easily be someone else like Silk Spectre or even Rorschach.

What is great about this crossover, though, is that you could use it to also introduce the rest of the group, including Nite Owl and Ozymandias, through the item shop when the skin debuts for the main character of the season. This has been done with both Deadpool and Aquaman, and it will likely continue.

9. Flash

Next up is a much more fan favorite character and that is the Flash. Flash is an easily recognizable character for both kids and adults, with a hit TV show that is still going to this day. The DC Comics superhero is the standard likable guy who runs really fast, so there isn’t anything super exceptional or bad about him.

Flash would be an equivalent to Aquaman in a way, though a little bit less popular these days if you were to ask me, so he seems like a natural sequel to Aquaman in season three. There are a few options for skin variants that you could use for the Flash, so there is room for a solid character here.

8. Thor

Next up is the god of thunder himself and our first Marvel character on this list: Thor. Putting aside the popularity of Thor for a moment, there is the fact that we have had Jonesy as one of the main characters of the limited Fortnite lore that we know of since the beginning of the battle royale game.

And let’s be honest with ourselves, Jonesy is basically Thor and it is about time that the superhero god came to Fortnite in an official capacity besides just wielding his hammer for a limited time event. Thor would get so many players hyped for the new season and picking up that premium battle pass.

Then there is the fact that we could have some awesome skin variants like the unfortunately hilarious fat Thor from Avengers: Endgame. This could be one of the variants that players are able to unlock through some additional challenges and would lead to some hilarious moments in matches.

7. Black Panther

From here, we come to another popular character in the Marvel universe right now and that is the Black Panther. It is strange that we have such little information about a sequel movie right now, but a Black Panther 2 is inevitable at some point.

Presumably, in that movie, the Wakandan superhero will have a new or improved suit of some kind and it would be great to see a crossover season where he is the focus sometime around the launch of that movie or soon thereafter.

This would allow players to not only grab his new suit from the movie, but his old one as well as a skin variant through some additional challenges. It would be cool, too, to have some additional characters from his story like Shuri or Killmonger join the game as additional skins in the item shop.

6. Superman

There isn’t a lot to say about Superman that hasn’t already been said. One of the first superheroes to reach that pop icon level of fame around the world, the Man of Steel is who he is. But there is something strange about how Fortnite hasn’t introduced him into the game in some capacity.

After all, we have his equal DC Comics icon and rival at times, Batman in the game already. So, it would make sense to eventually add Superman to the game and we expect this to happen at some point. The only reason he is so low on this list and not higher up is that I do think Superman is a rather boring and safe character.

That said, there is room for some interesting skin variants and other characters to come alongside Superman in the same season. It would be great to have a Clark Kent alter ego skin variant as well as some famous rivals or pals like Supergirl and Doomsday join the game at the same time.

5. Wonder Woman

A much more interesting and desired DC Comics character in Fortnite would be Wonder Woman. So far, Epic Games has been great about introducing female character crossover skins as well as male ones. We’ve had people like Harley Quinn and Black Widow already join the game.

But when it comes to powerful female heroes, few can compare to Wonder Woman, which only makes her exclusion up until this point even more bizarre. We’ve had two guys already with Aquaman and Deadpool, so it seems like the perfect time to introduce Wonder Woman next.

Over the years, Wonder Woman has had some interesting outfits and designs, so it would be a great chance to pay homage to that with some really cool skin variants that players can unlock, in addition to her base skin that will likely be based on the recent film version.

4. Wolverine

When it comes to superheroes, Marvel specifically, it is a shame to not mention the X-Men. Perhaps the most popular and greatest group of superheroes, this family has already invaded Fortnite with some mutants like Deadpool, Cable, and the like.

But it is unfortunate that some of the mutants are in the game without arguably the most popular and best of them all: Wolverine. Though the character doesn’t have much hope these days for more films with Hugh Jackman hanging up his suit, Wolverine’s popularity is still high.

It would be great to see this character join Fortnite for one season and there are plenty of iconic suits that you could use for his skin variants. Sure, you could have a base movie version suit as the standard that everyone gets, but you could also have the beloved yellow suit from the comics as well. Plus, there are just so many other X-Men that could join Wolverine at the same time.

3. Joker

The final DC Comics character on this list is by far the most requested one from me and rather unique as well compared to the others here, and that is Joker. Joker is by far the very best supervillain of all-time (in my opinion) and easily one of the best villains ever created.

This already sets him apart from the other superheroes here are actually heroes and not straight psychopathic murderers like the Joker. But it would be cool to see Epic Games break expectations at some point and make a supervillain the focus of a season and there is no better choice than Joker.

In fact, whenever Halloween rolls around, it will likely be around season four so it would be a great season for Joker to join the game. There are so many different skin variants that could be used plus you could introduce other characters in the item shop like Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Bane.

2. Iron Man

With the second-to-last Fortnite superhero crossover I would like to see in a season, I thought about including Captain America but refrained from doing so and included Iron Man for obvious reasons that you likely know but I won’t get into here.

Iron Man was the one who really kickstarted the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it today and has made it what it is. Tony Stark is one of the most iconic pop culture characters in the history of entertainment and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

There is no better way to honor this beloved playboy hero than to have him introduced into Fortnite for a whole season. And when it comes to what suit he gets in the game, well, there are so many different options that I would love to see three or four different skin variants for the character.

1. Spider-Man

Though Iron Man is amazing and beloved, there is no superhero quite like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Perhaps the best superhero of all-time, Spidey is loved by kids, adults, and everyone in between. The season of battle royale to get this character as a skin will be a truly special one.

As such, Spider-Man really deserves to be in Fortnite and in a huge way. There should be additions to the game like a web shooter item of sorts that works similar to the grappling hook, plus amazing skin variants like the black suit symbiote Spider-Man, Iron Spider, and so on.

And then there is the limitless potential for other beloved characters from the Spider-Man universe joining the game at the same time in the time shop like Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Green Goblin, and even Venom, the latter of which is so huge that he could have his own season as well. Without a doubt, Spider-Man is the number one superhero that should be in the game.


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