Top 10 Fortnite Streamers You Might Not Know About

by in Fortnite | Jul, 29th 2019

I’ve created this top 10 Fortnite streamers list with the purpose of helping you find someone new to check out on Twitch. These streamers are ones that you might not have heard of before, so don’t expect to see SypherPK, Pokimane, or any of the massively popular ones here.

Instead, this top 10 Fortnite streamers list is designed to introduce you to people who dedicate time and money to bringing some excellent content to their fans. There is also a good mix of pro and non-professional players on this list to cater to every type of fan.

This top 10 Fortnite streamers list was decided by a number of factors including how underrated the person is, how skilled they are at the game, their streaming personality, the quality of their streaming content, and how entertaining it is to watch them. 

Because of the sheer variety of streamers that are on this list, there is no way to rank them from best to worst. As such, this list is in no particular order with streamers from around the world for you to check out and enjoy. It’s worth noting that all of these do stream in English.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 Fortnite streamers that you might not know about at this time, but you should. 

1. CouRageJD

CourageJD Fortnite Gif

There is a lot that can be said about CouRageJD, as he is quite simply the kindest streamer on this list. While some streamers will stir up drama, call out others, and belittle their fanbase, those aren’t issues that you have to worry about from CouRageJD. 

Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlap is a well-known name from the Call of Duty community who stepped away from that game to focus on streaming efforts, including lots and lots of Fortnite. If you are wanting a break from the loud and rambunctious streamers out there, look no further than him.

As I wrote this list of top 10 Fortnite streamers, I popped into a stream of his for a brief moment and was immediately met by wholesome comments about his love for his mom. His gratitude towards her for dusting his streaming setup was heartwarming and a welcome departure from the normally wild and crazy streaming community. 

The cherry on top of watching his streams is that he’s fantastic at shooters as well. You will often see CouRageJD winning matches online with several kills per match. His humbleness is rewarded with a skill that makes him quite unlike any streamer out there.

2. UpshallGames

Ignoring the bizarre name, Upshall is a streamer who has been part of pro teams in the past and, therefore, has some skill to back him up. Upshall has one of the most engaging communities online, as he is always interacting with his fans. 

If you show up for his smaller but dedicated streams, you are likely to be noticed by him and interacted with as that is the kind of guy that Upshall is. He is also great about dedicating tons of content to YouTube as well, which is unusual for many of the streamers on this list, so you can often find him there if you prefer YouTube over Twitch. 

3. PierXBL

A common point that you will find with the streamers on this list is that if you watch them, you will see that all play on PS4 or PC as their most frequent system of choice. As such, you don’t see the Xbox One get as much love as it deserves. 

If you’re an Xbox One player, then you’ll want to watch PierXBL; I mean, it’s in his streaming username, after all. PierXBL is a talented Xbox One Fortnite player who can be found at the top of the leaderboards on that platform. If you’re looking for a niche, no-frills stream, this is the one for you.

Even to this day, long after beginning to stream, PierXBL is still making streams that aren’t full of the visual and filler effects that most streamers these days utilize. If you’re in the market for a streamer who is entertaining and having fun with their fans without the fluff, you need to check out PierXBL.

4. Loeya

Top 10 Fortnite Streamers Loeya Gif

Loeya is a Swedish streamer who has been streaming Fortnite since the very beginning of the game itself. Over that time, she has built a dedicated audience that comes for her personality. Loeya often interacts with her fans, making them feel right at home. 

Like PierXBL, Loeya doesn’t add any unnecessary details to her streams. You come to see her show off her abilities in the game and stay for the personality that she has. She can be funny to watch at times with her victory dances and goofy voices but also serious when she means business.

5. ItsSky

ItsSky is another foreign streamer who delivers solid content and is well worth checking out. This Lithuanian streamer took her real name of Aiste and translated it to English, making it her streaming username in the process. 

Like Loeya, ItsSky is serious about her matches in Fortnite. When you watch her, you’ll find that she often engages with her fans in between the numerous kills that she gets. With her channel approaching its second anniversary since she started streaming, there’s no better time to see what she’s all about. 

6. Aydan: Team Ghost Gaming

Aydan is a streamer who is part of the professional team Ghost Gaming. When you check out his streams, you will find talent like no other, and he knows it, too. One of the key features that helps Aydan stand out from the rest is that, in addition to the expected face cam, he also has a camera on his controller.

This allows the fans to always be able to see what he’s doing with his hands as he’s playing the game on PS4. This has led to fans in the chat referencing his infamous claw techniques that you will see him use as he maneuvers the controller in impressive ways for quick kills.

While many of the players on this list will stream on PC, Aydan is dedicated to console gaming, and you will typically see him on PS4. Despite the limitations of building and editing on console, watching the methods that he employs to keep up his speed is impressive and a work of art that you shouldn’t miss out on.

7. Valkyrae

Valkyrae Throwing Sparkles gif

Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is one of the longest-running female streamers on this list, offering daily content for her fans to check out. What makes Valkyrae interesting to watch is that she doesn’t stray far from doing what she’s set out to do: creating entertaining content with little to no flair.

As such, you’ll find that she doesn’t rely on the more adult side of streaming that some streamers delve into, making for a more simple and clean approach. Even still, she doesn’t let that stop her from constantly interacting with her audience and exuberating her bubbly personality.

Valkyrae is an outgoing streamer who makes it clear that she enjoys what she’s doing, and that passion spreads to the viewer as well. Though she doesn’t claim to be a pro player, you will find that she is one of the best players on this list, regardless, never failing to impress with kills. 

8. TSM Myth

If you’re looking for a more pro player esports feel, look no further than Myth. A member of the world-renowned and beloved Team SoloMid (TSM), Myth lives up to his bold name. A high energy, proactive, and reactive player, his streams are always at max speed.

It can be quite dizzying watching his streams as TSM Myth plays Fortnite like no other. When he builds, it is a dazzling array of nonstop effects that will have you wondering how this guy is even human. The same goes for his quick kills that will leave the enemy wondering what happened to them.

There’s a reason that TSM Myth is the designated captain of one of the greatest esports teams in the entire world. You’ll be hard pressed to find a streamer who knows the game better than he does, especially when it comes to building. 

If you want to enjoy some high-energy, nonstop action, you’ll want to watch Myth’s streams. In contrast to his name, he is anything but a myth when it comes to gaming, but his skill level will certainly have you wondering how this can be true. 

9. One Shot Gurl

If you’re already a fan of CouRageJD or just looking for another friendly streamer, One Shot Gurl, or Julie, is the one you’ll want to watch. One of the newer and least followed streamers on this list, she deserves to have a large audience of fans due to her amazing personality.

Like JD, Julie is a sight for sore eyes in the streaming world. Tune into one of her streams, and you’ll be part of the family. The start of her streams is delightful as she will often welcome each fan individually as they pop into the chat.

She recognizes many of her fans and will remember them from stream to stream. As such, this gives One Shot Gurl a down to earth feel that you won’t find in many other streams. Beyond her Twitch antics, she does have a rather large YouTube channel that is worth a look if you like watching content on there.

10. Brendon Urie

Fortnite Streamers Bredon Urie Gif

The final streamer that you might not know about is also the newest on this top 10 Fortnite streamers list. Brendon Urie might be a name that sounds familiar and for good reason. Urie is not just any streamer but the lead vocalist of the band Panic! At The Disco.

Panic! At The Disco has had a devoted fanbase for well over a decade now, and Brendon Urie has only grown in popularity in the last couple of years. Despite this, it hasn’t stopped him from also pursuing his love of gaming. 

Brendon Urie began a Twitch channel and now regularly streams Fortnite on there, sometimes from the very recording studio that he makes his award-winning music at. You would think that tours, album recording, and everything else would keep this celebrity from being able to stream, but he somehow finds the time to do so. 

Because of this, watching Brendon Urie is unlike watching any other streamer out there, especially for fans of his music. You get to see sides of him that aren’t shown in a performance or music video and feel like you are able to get to know him on a more personal level.

To top it all off, you can sometimes see him team up with other streamers, some of which are also on this list like CouRageJD, and you can even hear his exceptional singing voice. 

From celebrities to pro players to personalities who make you feel like part of the family, these are the top 10 Fortnite streamers you need to watch.


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