Top 10 Fortnite Skins

by in Fortnite | May, 28th 2019

Fortnite is known for its massive amount of customization options for cosmetics and the like. There are skins, of course, that you can select and wear during matches, back blings to show off to anyone behind, gliders for everyone to see when you first drop in, and so on.

The level of customization in Fortnite is unparalleled, and there aren’t really any games quite like it at this level. After all, Epic Games has basically built an empire on this game alone because of its cosmetic items. As such, it can be difficult to know what the best of the best is. That’s where I come in, though.

Top 10 Fortnite Skins

I’ve got for you the top 10 Fortnite skins that I think are the very best around. You can’t go wrong with any of these skins, so they are totally worth adding to your collection if you can. Obviously, this is my personal opinion, so feel free to disagree with the placement of the skins.

Regardless, though, these are all 10 skins that you shouldn’t ignore. Unfortunately, not all of them are available still. This may be a situation of look but no touch since you aren’t able to get them anymore.

I’m basing this list on a variety of factors.

I placed the top 10 Fortnite skins on this list based on creativity in the design, a little bit on the story behind it, the process of obtaining it, and, more important than anything else, its overall look. You will find a full set of skins up to date through season nine. By the way, spoiler alert: only one of the season nine skins made the list.

10. Ace/Wild Card

This first entry on this list is a tie of sorts. While Wild Card and Ace aren’t technically counterparts of one another, they basically are in overall design. Wild Card was originally released as part of the Getaway limited time mode where you were like a thief of sorts.

What’s interesting about Wild Card is that it allows the player to switch between several different masks containing the four card symbols. This was a pretty novel idea when it first came out. Now, the Ace, on the other hand, is a better-looking skin in my opinion but lacks the novelty of Wild Card.

In fact, before the midway point of season eight, Ace is what I used for the longest time. It was my go-to skin longer than any other thus far, hence, its placement on this list alongside the also awesome Wild Card skin. I just love that you almost look like a crooked Little Red Riding Hood, although there is already a skin for the fairy tale character.

Wild Card was available for purchase during the event for a limited time only for 2,000 V-Bucks. That’s the standard price of most paid skins that you will see on this list. Ace, on the other hand, was part of a starter pack and only cost $4.99 to purchase along with some other goodies.

9. Ice King

The Ice King fit perfectly into the snowy season seven theme. If you were able to secure this skin when it was available during season seven, you are able to impress and instill fear at the same time when your opponents see you on the battlefield.

In order to receive this cool skin, you would have had to have reached the coveted tier 100 of the season seven battle pass. That is never an easy feat unless you have a ton of time to dedicate to the effort or a good bit of disposable income to spend on getting your tier up to the max one.

The Ice King skin was worth getting, though, as it is awe-inspiring when you see someone with it in a match. It gives off that super cool (literally) Wrath of the Lich King and Game of Thrones-ish vibe of the classic frozen undead king.

8. Peely

I think everyone loves a good meme-worthy skin in battle royale, and one of the best (and newest) meme-worthy skins to join the game is Peely. Introduced in season eight, this skin is quite simply a banana suit. Well, I guess not technically a banana suit like you see in real life.

Instead, I guess you’re more literally a banana person… creature… thing. Whatever it is that Peely is exactly, it’s one of the goofiest and most charming skins around. The simple design is hilarious enough on its own, but then it’s made even better (sadder?) by the cute, beady little eyes.

If you wanted to get this epic meme skin right now, you would have, unfortunately, just missed the opportunity to do so. It was unlocked by reaching tier 47 of the season eight battle pass. It’s sure to continue to live on, though, in future Fortnite videos.

7. Star-Lord

Season eight didn’t just give us the epic Peely skin. In addition to that, it gave us the second Avengers limited-time event just before the conclusion of the season. This was a truly awesome event that not only saw a sweet new mode but the release of not one but two official Marvel superhero skins.

Black Widow is awesome, for sure, but the Star-Lord skin has an overall better appearance in my opinion, and it does fit the aesthetic of the game much better, too. It also helps that it came with a really nice emote that helps it out more, but that’s besides the point.

Playing as the Star-Lord skin truly allows you to feel like you are Chris Pratt’s character from the movie series Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s goofy and off the wall in just the right ways that make it feel like a natural fit to Fortnite. The Star-Lord skin was a paid skin in the item shop during the event.

6. Raven

Edgar Allan Poe would be proud of the Raven skin in battle royale. This epic and slightly terrifying skin is pretty awesome to look at, except when you’re on the other side of its attacks. With everything from the frills on the outfit to the color scheme and more, there’s a lot to love about this skin.

What really tops the Raven skin is its shadowy face that you can’t see anything of except its menacing, purple, glowing eyes. Seeing those eyes light up from far away can be almost enough to make me run and hide inside a bush.

The Raven has popped up a few different times as part of the ever-rotating daily item shop for the typical 2,000 V-Bucks or around $20. There’s no telling if it will ever pop up again in the shop, so be sure to grab it if you ever see it in the daily rotation.

5. Overtaker

The Overtaker skin is one that I happened to miss when it first showed up nearly a year ago in the item shop. This skin is an epic mix of slick style and power at the same time. What I really like about it is its interesting mix of different styles.

It gives off a ninja vibe with the katana-looking sword and such, but the helmet feels like a slick biker helmet. Even still, though, the overall outfit has this cool sci-fi futuristic theme to it as a whole.

So, overall, the Overtaker skin feels like this awesome futuristic ninja biker mix, and it works surprisingly well. This is another skin that first made its appearance in the item shop. Unlike others on this list, though, it was only sold for 1,500 V-Bucks rather than the usual 2,000.

4. Dusk

Fortnite Dusk Skin

Dusk is one of the most menacing but also stunningly beautiful skins in the entire game. It works well at balancing its creepiness with the beauty, making it worth checking out, especially if you prefer to use female characters.

Dusk is great in this regard since it gives you the option to play as a terrifying woman who is powerful and just generally awesome. What’s also great about the Dusk skin is that it does have a bit of a Halloween vibe to it, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop back up in the future.

It also helps that it is, like the Overtaker skin, one of the cheaper skins around since it only costs around $15 to purchase it in the game. If you’re looking for a good skin to grab right out of the gate, this is a great candidate when it comes to our top 10 Fortnite skins list.

3. Lynx

Fortnite Lynx Skin

While the Dusk skin is a pretty awesome female skin, I do think that there is one female skin that definitely beats it out in just about every way possible, and that’s the Lynx skin. For one, this skin isn’t nearly as scary, so it can appeal to more people.

Lynx is, in many ways, like the female version of the Omega skin, which I do love, but I think Lynx is a much better version. It is basically a futuristic, cyberpunk, Catwoman skin. The outfit is tight and slick, with an awesome feline helmet and simple aesthetic.

What makes the Lynx skin even better, though, is its customization. If you want, you can always just play as the colorful girl underneath the suit and ignore the suit itself. Or, if you’d like, you can wear the full suit but with several different colors to choose from.

What makes Lynx even more awesome, though, is it’s one of the most accessible skins on this list as well. It was released alongside the season seven battle pass as a tier-one reward. So, all you had to do was purchase the battle pass, and you already got this skin. Unfortunately, it does mean it’s not available anymore.

2. John Wick

Poor Reaper skin. It’s a skin that plenty of players know and love since it is one of the most famous skins in the entire game. However, it’s now basically obsolete since there is an official John Wick skin now. Players can look a whole lot more like Keanu Reeves’ titular character from the action movie franchise.

This John Wick skin is an official one that is in collaboration with the movie studio in celebration of the release of the third movie in the series. As such, this official John Wick skin looks really good and much more like Keanu Reeves than the original Reaper skin did since it was an inspiration.

It’s a great collaboration skin that is, arguably, better than the Marvel stuff simply because it’s, oddly enough, become part of the overarching story and what makes it so special. It is likely that we will begin to see tons of new memes and videos featuring this new John Wick skin soon.

1. Galaxy

Unfortunately, the number-one skin on my top 10 Fortnite skins list is also one of the hardest to get, period. That skin, of course, is the Galaxy skin. It’s easily one of my favorite skins to see, and it’s quite frankly one of the best-looking skins. Honestly, if this doesn’t deserve its place in our top 10 Fortnite skins list I don’t know what does.

There really is no skin that looks anything like the Galaxy skin. It looks like a whole lot of money went into creating this skin, which is possibly the case. That’s because this skin was created in collaboration with Samsung.

As such, the only way that you can actually get this skin is to purchase a certain Samsung device, and it’s possible that time for redeeming this skin has now passed. This also, conversely, makes it basically the most expensive skin in the game since you have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to get the skin. Regardless, it shows it in the grandness of the skin with its gorgeous purple color scheme and effects.


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