Top 10 Fortnite Game Crossovers We’d Like to See Happen

by in Fortnite | Mar, 30th 2021

When someone mentions Fortnite battle royale, there is a lot that probably immediately comes to your mind: the battle royale genre, building to survive, tons of skins and cosmetics, and the insane number crossovers that have happened throughout its time in the industry. For this purpose, I am going to give you some Fortnite crossover ideas I have. 

Fortnite Battle Royale Has Established Itself as the Crossover Machine

Over the few years that Fortnite has been around, it has evolved from a simple battle royale entry that injected colorful environments. The battle pass and building into its game to the crossover machine that it is today. It used to be that we praised the game for its live events. 

Now, we are praising the game and looking forward to the next major crossover that it will have with pre-existing IP in the world. Thus far, it has mainly focused on comics, TV shows, and movies, but there have been the occasional video game crossovers. 

In this way, it has come to almost challenge Super Smash Bros. as the only other game series that is truly trying it on this level. It has somewhat surpassed Smash Bros in that it has helped publishers who wouldn’t normally come together be in the same video game. 

You have the likes of Kratos from Sony’s God of War series to Master Chief from Microsoft’s Halo series coming together in the same game. That was previously impossible to see in the industry as those two publishers are direct competitors. 

Before bringing up the other video game crossovers that have happened in the past, like Tomb Raider, Borderlands, and more, all in all, though, the number of video game franchises that have crossed over with Fortnite battle royale are pretty slim compared to movies and the like. 

Top 10 Game Fortnite Crossover Ideas We Have

As such, I would like to see more Fortnite crossover ideas that have to do with other video games in the space rather than more movies and TV shows. I’ve already gone over those crossovers in a different post that you should check out. 

With Lara Croft and Master Chief now in the game recently, it opens up the door for more Fortnite crossover ideas like these that have to do with other video games. I think it is likely that we will see a trend of more game characters and places coming to Fortnite in the future. 

To help with this, I have come up with 10 Fortnite crossover ideas that I would like to see come to fruition in the battle royale game at some point in time. I think these 10 are ones that either work well with Fortnite’s aesthetic, make sense, or would be amazing to happen. 

For the most part, I focused on the biggest titles out there as this is something that Fortnite seems to hone in on, making good on the biggest crossovers around, rather than smaller ones. However, there are a couple of smaller, indie titles that I listed as well. 

Of course, this is my personal opinion on the matter. It has little to do with what we already know about what is coming to the game (with maybe one exception). So, without further ado, here are the top 10 game Fortnite crossover ideas that I have for the future and explain why I chose them and what I would like to happen for them. 

10. Crash Bandicoot

First up, there is Crash Bandicoot. The Activision-owned property is a 3D platformer that is beloved across the ages. Starting as a PlayStation-exclusive property before moving to all platforms, it was dead for quite some time. 

But it has experienced a resurgence lately, including a brand new sequel for the first time in a long time that is quite good. Crash is his all-time fame right now and would make perfect sense as a crossover character in Fortnite battle royale. 

I know that Crash has been long rumored and desired for Smash Bros, but it would be interesting to see him in Fortnite, too. All Epic needs to do is create a skin for him, throw him in the item shop, and his colorful aesthetic will fit well with the battle royale game and likely be quite popular. There isn’t much to say more about this; hence, its low placement on the list. 

9. Gears of War

But there is a lot that I could say about this next entry, one that is perhaps a little bit controversial. We already have one Xbox exclusive in Fortnite in the form of Master Chief; I would like to see another one happen more, though, like Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. 

There are a few reasons that I would want this. They tie directly into why this is so controversial and might not happen. If you didn’t know, Epic Games’ history is intertwined with Gears of War as the last property that the developer made of note before Fortnite. 

Sure, Paragon and other titles like those, but I think that the Gears of War series was the last big hit for Epic and made me fall in love with the developer long before Fortnite. Gears of War is one of my favorite shooter series. I think it would be great to see that history come to the forefront in Fortnite. 

Something simple like a Marcus, Dom, or Kait skin would be great in Fortnite, but the problem is that Epic Games might feel weird about this one. Given that it was its baby at one point, some strange feelings might keep this one from happening, hence, why it is placed here. Regardless, I hope we can see this someday. 

8. Ghost of Tsushima

The last entry was another Microsoft one after Master Chief, so why not have another Sony one after Kratos? My pick for this would be Jin from Ghost of Tsushima. This title is one of the fastest-selling games for PlayStation and easily the most hyped new exclusive series at this time. 

Jin is a pretty awesome character, blending both the samurai and ninja aspects into one. His look is iconic and would fit well as a skin character in Fortnite. Furthermore, here is where I would like to introduce some more Fortnite crossover ideas beyond just skins and other items.

Ghost of Tsushima has one of the most stunning video game worlds ever created with its signature flower fields and the like. I would love to see something like this come to Fortnite, like in the form of a new biome or just an inspired location that is well made in Creative mode. 

7. Hades

The first indie title on this list is Hades. Arguably the game of the year for many in 2020, Hades has risen from early access sleeper hit to one of the biggest games ever created. And a lot of its history is tied directly to Epic Games, creator of Fortnite. 

As you might remember, Hades began its early access journey as an exclusive on the Epic Games Store and one of the first announcements ever for the new storefront. Today, the Epic store is a tried-and-true PC location that is a legitimate competitor to Steam and Hades is a huge part of that. 

With the connection between the two, it would make sense to give some love to Hades in Fortnite battle royale. Zagreus or any other character from the beloved, award-winning title would work in the battle royale game, plus it would be awesome to see Kratos and another take on Greek mythology in the same game. 

6. Monster Hunter

At the time of writing this, one of the most important video game releases of the year is Monster Hunter Rise. This series has become a giant for Capcom, quite literally being more important than perhaps even Resident Evil or Street Fighter. 

Likely, the Monster Hunter series’s success will only continue to rise over the years, so it is only a matter of time until Capcom and Epic Games come together for some Fortnite crossovers. There are some pretty cool ideas that I have for this one, in particular.

Sure, you could have an interesting skin or two, but my excitement is for the other crossover stuff you could have, like a Palico pet back bling or a special pickaxe. You could even see some limited-time weapons show up in the game and monster bosses to fight on the island, like a Rathalos and so on. There are a lot of really intriguing possibilities with this one. 

5. Final Fantasy

This next one is totally for me. Final Fantasy is my favorite video game franchise in the world, and Fortnite is one of my favorite multiplayer games, so why would I not want them to come together? For the most part, this one is a pretty straightforward crossover. 

As awesome as it would be to see Midgard or an Uldah-like place in Fortnite, I think I would be fine with just some of the most amazing characters in video games showing up in the battle royale title. What I would like to see, though, is a whole train of Final Fantasy skins.

Maybe not necessarily in a battle pass, but just a slew of Final Fantasy characters would be great. Give me Cloud, Lightning, Noctis, Terra, Y’shtola, Balthier, Squall, and others in the game either separately or as a bundle. This would be an amazing thing to see. 

4. Fall Guys/Among Us

The next one is a bit of a cheat, in all honesty, but I would love to see some official Fall Guys and Among Us crossovers in Fortnite. This is a cheat because Epic just bought out Fall Guys developer, so it is only a matter of time until this happens.

We are all but certain to see some weird jelly bean characters from Fall Guys appear in Fortnite, and maybe even some course-inspired areas in Creative. As such, there are some more specific crossovers that I would like to see beyond just Fall Guys. 

As you may know, Fall Guys will be getting the imposter from Among Us as a crossover skin. If that title can get a crossover with Among Us, there’s no reason that Fortnite shouldn’t also get the same. After all, Creative mode has had more than a few of its own Among Us-like knockoffs.

3. The Legend of Zelda

One publisher hasn’t been mentioned out of the big three yet, and that is Nintendo. Some strange things are going on with Nintendo and Fortnite that I will get more into in the next entry on this list, but for now, I would like to see The Legend of Zelda in battle royale. 

Give me those amazing Link and Zelda skins in Fortnite — maybe even a Ganon one — so that I can team up with some of the best characters in the history of video games. This is a pretty simple one overall. There isn’t too much more to be said about this one. 

The one thing that I would like to note is that I want to see some skin styles for Link and Zelda. Give us some different incarnations of the two iconic characters, like Ocarina of Time versions, Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, and so on. This one is just too epic not to happen. 

2. Samus (Metroid)

Speaking of the weird stuff going on between Epic and Nintendo, there is the matter of Season 5 that we need to talk about. Season 5 was themed around hunters and bounties, and as such, we got a lot of hunter crossovers that happened that season. 

That’s why we got Master Chief, a hunter of the Covenant, and Kratos, a hunter of gods. Then, you would think that a crossover hunter would come from Nintendo and it was even rumored/leaked for that to be the case. But that season is now over and nothing happened. 

The rumored character was Samus from the Metroid series, who is a bounty hunter. She didn’t release, though, and we think that it still needs to happen. And it still can since another leaked hunter, Lara Croft, actually came in the next season of battle royale. I think it is only a matter of time until this one happens, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. 

1. Resident Evil

And last but not least, we have the Resident Evil series. There are several reasons why this is No. 1, but it comes down to the beloved series in general, how well it would work, and how likely that I think it will happen. Capcom has crossed over with the Smash Bros series, so I think it is possible to get a Resident Evil crossover in Fortnite. 

It would be great to get some Leon, Claire, and other characters in Fortnite battle royale. It would make sense with the horror vibes we’ve been getting lately from Alien and Predator. But even though these characters are amazing and popular, that is not the only reason why this is No. 1. 

I think you could have an amazing crossover event or even season with Resident Evil. Put a whole bunch of infected and zombies onto the map, give us a mini Racoon City where Boney Burbs is, and you have yourself a pretty solid event and/or season of Fortnite. With Resident Evil 8 coming soon, it feels like this one is more possible than ever. 


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