Top 10 Fortnite Crossover Events That Need to Happen Besides Avengers

by in Fighting Games | May, 2nd 2019

Fortnite has had two major crossover events thus far with the Avengers and Marvel as a whole. 2018 saw the release of the Infinity War movie, and in celebration, Thanos invaded battle royale. It happened again a year later in 2019 with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

This wonderful movie saw an amped up, beefier version of the Thanos event from the prior year with two big teams of superheroes versus Thanos and his army going up against one another. With an Avengers crossover event, it seems like there can be a Fortnite crossover with just about anything at this point.

Top 10 Fortnite Crossover Events

The question is: what Fortnite crossover events should happen now? Disregarding Avengers for a moment, I want to take a look at the top 10 crossovers that I’d like to see happen in Fortnite. I’m basing this list on my personal love for the property, relevance, and how well it would work in battle royale.

10. X-Men

Xmen 10 Header Image

This first entry on the list is a bit of a cheat, hence its placement. The X-Men are officially part of the Marvel universe, but I did say that I wouldn’t include the Avengers, specifically. In fact, I think the X-Men work even better than the Avengers.

The whole premise of the X-Men is a team of superpowered mutants that have varying powers. I think that it would be great to see a dozen different characters or so make their way into Fortnite for a limited-time event.

Similar to the Endgame event, each match will randomly select one of however many powers for each player to have. There could be Wolverine’s claws, Cyclops’ laser eyes, Storm’s weather-changing abilities, and so on. It basically writes itself.

But unlike Avengers, I would like to see it make its way into more than just a single mode. It would be nice to see squads, duos, and solo modes for the X-Men Fortnite crossover event.

This would lead to the ultimate superpowered battle as a hundred players duke it out, each with their own set of awesome powers. Players could go solo or team up with a squad, each contributing their own strengths and weaknesses to the group, much like the X-Men.

9. Pokemon

Pokemon 9 Header Image

This may seem like a weird crossover at first glance, but I think that Pokemon would work really well. Think about it for a second: the little pocket monsters invade the battle royale island and Save the World PvE modes.

You’re able to find and pick up special PokeBall items around the map that you can then use to collect monsters as you see them. Doing so will unlock them for you in Fortnite as pets that you can carry around with you on your back or have them follow you around.

This could even lead to a limited-time mode where players can fight alongside their Pokemon pals in battle against other Pokemon Fortnite players. That last part is optional, but the ability to collect Pokemon to join you as cosmetic items alone would be amazing.

It also helps that Nintendo is already working well with Epic Games, actively promoting the game on Nintendo Switch. This sort of platform-exclusive event would drive even more players to the Switch version of the game.

8. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball 8 Header Image

As a huge anime fan, it would be wrong of me not to include some epic anime crossovers with Fortnite. The first one that came to mind was Dragon Ball. Everyone knows Goku and his Super Saiyan antics, but how awesome would it be to see that in Fortnite?

The Dragon Ball Fortnite crossover event could introduce a limited-time mode where players can try to collect the seven dragon balls that are scattered around the map, much like the Infinity Stones in the Avengers crossover.

This could be a team event, too, where collecting all seven balls either wins the game or allows you to make a super-awesome wish like changing the map, having the dragon Shenron attack everyone, and so on.

Alternatively, it could be a solo mode where players simply need to find one of the dragon balls to gain some epic boost with each of the seven balls having a different bonus. Regardless, this crossover could lead to some awesome skins.

7. Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros 6Header Image

Following up on a Pokemon limited-time event would be hard, but much like with Endgame, it would make sense to up the antics. The perfect crossover then would be Super Smash Bros. This would be absolute insanity since it’s already the biggest video game crossover to begin with.

This would allow for skins and epic mashups of video game franchises like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Sonic, and, of course, Pokemon with Fortnite. The event pretty much writes itself as you can picture all of these characters battling around the map.

However, it isn’t exactly the most original crossover, which is why it isn’t higher than this. I don’t see too much potential for a limited-time mode, so the focus would make most sense on awesome skins and perhaps changing the map up temporarily with Smash elements.

6. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 6 header Image

When I thought of possible anime crossovers, Attack on Titan was the one that made the most sense, even more so than Dragon Ball. Picture this for a second: you jump into a normal match of battle royale and hear something behind you.

You turn around, only to find a huge, lumbering titan running towards you, flailing arms and goofy face in all. A limited-time mode featuring the titans spread around the map would be crazy. You would have to deal with not only the danger of other real players but also these hungry titans ready to chomp you up.

You could even take this one step further by implementing the signature gear from the series, allowing you to act like one of the Survey Corps members yourself. Grappling isn’t new to Fortnite, so it would only take a few changes to make this work in practice.

5. Jurassic World

Jurassic Worlld 5 Heaer image

This is a similar Fortnite crossover event to the previous entry, but slightly different. Trade out the terrifying but hilarious titans with equally terrifying dinosaurs from Jurassic World. Spread various types of dinosaurs across the map, in addition to other real players.

It would make things so much more intense because fighting a T-Rex could be extremely challenging, requiring you to work together with other players or just run for your life. You could even lure hordes of velociraptors to enemy players and watch as they are massacred.

It’s a compelling crossover event with one of the biggest movie franchises around that isn’t owned by Disney. After all, the Baller vehicle in battle royale is already pretty close to the hamster wheel vehicles used in Jurassic World.

4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones 4 Header Image

Fantasy is a genre that Fortnite has only briefly flirted with, adding the sword only for a little bit before vaulting it. A Game of Thrones crossover would be an amazing way to dive right into fantasy, if only for a limited time.

How awesome would it be to actually ride on a dragon in a match and blast away your opponents with fire? This event could also see the return of the sword, bigger and better than ever. If Epic really wanted to go all out, it could even recreate the huge ice wall from Game of Thrones.

Players could, perhaps, even take out the wall and crush everyone around it if enough players damage it. Last but not least, there are the White Walkers. Fortnite has had zombie-like creatures invade the game before, so it makes sense to have these menacing ice undead running around, terrorizing players.

This is also one of the few on this list that would work amazingly in Save the World as well. Epic’s player versus the environment mode doesn’t get as much love as battle royale, so this is a great one on this list for invading the map with White Walkers.

3. DC Comics

DC Comics 3 Header Image

It would be wrong to not mention Marvel’s biggest superhero rival in DC Comics. A DC Comics Fortnite crossover event would be a great way to hype up some new movie or just for fun. There are plenty of ways that this event could differentiate from Avengers, too.

For starters, players could check out different abilities using the DC superheroes. Like I mentioned already, grappling has been a part of Fortnite before, so it only makes sense to have it as part of Batman’s abilities in this limited-time mode.

Players could also throw and direct his Batarang, similar to the sadly vaulted remote rocket launcher. Superman could imbue players with the ability to fly around the map, perhaps in a limited fashion, and use his super strength and heat vision.

There are plenty of other hero abilities players could use like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and many more. Lastly, we could see the DC universe influence the battle royale map for a bit of time. For instance, Tilted Towers could take on a darker appearance similar to Gotham.

And if Epic wanted to make this event similar to the Thanos Marvel event, it could simply introduce Doomsday or any other notable villain for players to have a chance to use.

2. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead 2 Header Image

Admittedly, these final two appearances on this list are probably some of my most favorites. However, I do think that both work extremely well in the grand scheme of things as well. The Walking Dead is a horror post-apocalyptic show that lends itself well to battle royale.

Much like with Game of Thrones, this could be all about zombies invading Fortnite. You could run into hordes of walkers around every corner on the map, in addition to normal players. Instead of tying the zombies to crystals like with similar past events, they could be literally everywhere.

This might encourage players to actually stop fighting one another temporarily and work together to survive. It could even have a limited-time mode where survival is key. You might have a squad of players and have some new mechanic you need to watch out for like hunger or thirst.

If a walker happens to bite you or you die, you then get turned into a walker yourself and can continue the match, but now trying to kill your former teammates.

What makes this better is it works well with Save the World, too. Simply turn the zombies there into walkers and up the difficulty of surviving with your friends.

1. Star Wars

Star Wars 1 Header Image

The best Fortnite crossover that could possibly happen, in my opinion, is with Star Wars. Disney has already allowed Marvel, so why not Star Wars, too? In my opinion, this works even better than Marvel as players could finally wield a lightsaber and use force powers.

The possibilities are truly endless for this potential crossover event. We could see Star Wars-themed skins, emotes, and so on for players to collect. There would be awesome challenges potential as well.

Perhaps you could even customize your own lightsaber and select what color it is. This event would work well for a big team mode, too, as you could have the Jedi versus Sith. Depending on which team you are on, you could have different force powers like force push and force lightning.

This would be perfect for promoting a new movie like with Avengers: Endgame. Participating in dozens of lightsaber-wielding fighters duking it out would be a dream come true for Star Wars fans like me. This event could even cater to those who don’t care about Jedi with Boba Fett-like jetpacks and blasters.


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