Top 10 Fortnite Alternatives for iOS and Mac Users

by in Fortnite | Oct, 13th 2020

When it comes to Fortnite battle royale, there is no doubt that it is one of the battle royale genre kings. The same can be said even on mobile platforms where the game has long been one of the biggest money makers on both Android and iOS. This has even led to many games like Fortnite on iOS.

While the game isn’t super popular on Mac, likely due to the fewer players on that platform, it still had an audience on there before Epic Games had its title removed by Apple. So, there is no easy way to play Fortnite on both iOS and Mac devices from now on.

It Will Likely Be a Long Time Until Fortnite Returns to iOS and Mac

Unfortunately, the sad news is that we don’t know when exactly Fortnite will return to iOS and Mac devices. We tried our best to predict when that will be, but the reality is that this could be the future of one of the largest games in the world.

It all began with Epic Games deciding to circumvent the 30% cut that Apple takes from all games on its platform. With Epic Games doing that, supposedly without permission, Apple took Fortnite off the iOS store and made Epic unable to develop for its platforms anymore.

While you can still technically play Fortnite on iOS if you had the game installed on your device and never deleted it, you will not receive updates for the game. You are permanently stuck in season 3 when the arrival of season 5 is already looming closer.

There will also possibly come a day when battle royale will not work even on the existing Fortnite apps on iOS and Mac. This only makes the whole matter worse since it will likely be a long time until Fortnite returns to iOS and Mac, due to the lawsuit.

Lawsuits can take a long time to really resolve itself and doubly so since the trial date for the beginning of this long road ahead of us isn’t going to happen until May 2021. When will the trial begin? Who knows how long it will take for the actual resolution to be made?

Top 10 Games Like Fortnite on iOS: Criteria

It is a major problem that we will potentially have to wait at least a year to play Fortnite on iOS again. Unless the two companies agree behind closed doors, it is unlikely that even that will happen since trials can take a long time.

As such, I will give you the top 10 games like Fortnite on iOS that you should know about. These are the 10 games that play or have similarities to Fortnite in one way or another that you shouldn’t dismiss since they could be solid alternatives in the meantime.

While you wait for Fortnite to return, these games like Fortnite on iOS could be your friend for the time being. And who knows? You might end up liking these games a lot and want to keep playing past the time that Fortnite returns to those Apple platforms.

To pick the top 10 games like Fortnite on iOS, I had a few things that helped me determine this list. For one, they had to have similarities to Fortnite in some way. They are both battle royale games or similar aesthetic or game modes. There had to be something similar there.

Beyond that, though, they were ranked on this list in a couple of different ways. Sure, how similar they were played a part, but more importantly than that, the game’s quality was a valuable asset. There are plenty of Fortnite knock-offs if you’re willing to look for them, but chances are, they don’t play very well.

So, the top 10 games like Fortnite on iOS below are worth checking out at least for a little bit. The ones in the top spots on the list have the chance to become your new favorite game while Fortnite is gone. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look.

10. Battle Destruction

When it comes to Fortnite knock-offs, Battle Destruction wears its inspiration on its sleeve. It does so probably a little too much. This is a game built just like Fortnite, where you survive to the end while building across the map.

In so many ways, it is just basically copying Fortnite. The look, the character skins, the weapons, the UI, and the map are all heavily inspired by Epic Games’ wonderful title. Battle Destruction is a pretty close game to Fortnite but not without some issues.

For one, the graphics are not very good at times. The title’s performance is iffy at best. While it can seem like Fortnite, Battle Destruction pales compared to the high-quality nature of Epic Games’ title. It is a decent alternative but one that probably won’t keep you hooked for long.

9. Rocket Royale

Like Battle Destruction, Rocket Royale is very much taking inspiration from Fortnite. In this game, you have a similar third-person gameplay style to build forts and defend yourself from the enemies. However, it does have its unique take on battle royale.

Instead of trying to be the last player or squad standing, you are trying to build your rocket first and escape. Meanwhile, other teams can try and take you out to stop you. It is a unique concept that dives deep into the building aspect of Fortnite.

In this way, it can be appealing if you are a fan of the popular battle royale game’s building sections. But if you prefer the more survival nature of Fortnite, then Rocket Royale might not be for you. Not to mention, the character designs and graphics are unique but not in a good way at all.

8. Knives Out

Not to be confused with the excellent murder mystery movie, Knives Out is another battle royale game that likely takes some inspiration from Fortnite. Unlike the others that I have mentioned thus far, it doesn’t have the cartoony cel-shaded look inspired by Fortnite.

Instead, it is more of a realistic look similar to PUBG and other battle royale games. But what makes Knives Out a good game like Fortnite on iOS isn’t its battle royale features but what it does outside of the normal survival game mode.

Knives Out has a plethora of alternate game modes outside of battle royale that are very similar to the ones that Fortnite has. 50 versus 50, sniper battles, and more seem to be coming directly from similar modes in Fortnite, which could appeal to Team Rumble fans and other limited-time modes.

7. Garena

Garena Free Fire is the next game on this list that is in the pure battle royale genre. While it doesn’t have the building nature of games like Fortnite, it does have the basic battle royale style. Oddly enough, Garena feels more inspired by Apex Legends and PUBG but then not at the same time.

It feels inspired by other games because it is a pure experience with no strings attached, plenty of vehicles to drive around, and no building at all. However, at the same time, it has an art style that is highly reminiscent of Fortnite and games like it.

That said, the one thing that holds Garena Free Fire from being higher on this list is the 50-player matches. Having only 50 players in a match is pretty low. While it kind of works for the fast-paced game, players who prefer 100 players in a match or more should look elsewhere.

6. Cyber Hunter

The next game on this list is Cyber Hunter, which has a more futuristic and fast-paced style than other games. It is mostly the same pure battle royale experience you would expect but slightly better than Garena overall in Cyber Hunter.

The one thing about Cyber Hunter is that this game is gorgeous, given its large open world and many players. It is potentially the best-looking game on this list, except for maybe Call of Duty, and the best part is that it doesn’t dip in quality despite the impressive graphics.

The similarities between it and Fortnite come from the battle royale nature and the gameplay. Instead of having slow tactical gameplay, the gunplay is very similar to how Fortnite handles it. If you are a fan of that style, you will likely be a massive Cyber Hunter fan.

5. Creative Destruction

When it comes to the Fortnite knock-offs, look no further than Creative Destruction. Not to be confused with the lesser Battle Destruction, Creative is a Fortnite-inspired game through and through. It has a similar style, gameplay, and the building aspect that many players love.

If you want to build and survive until the end of the match, then Creative Destruction is probably the game for you. It is the best of the knock-offs out there on iOS and could potentially hold you over until the return of Fortnite someday on iOS.

It looks good and feels mostly good to play, replicating that Fortnite experience in a solid way. While it isn’t Fortnite (let’s face it: nothing is), it is a pretty good alternative. That said, the remaining four games on this list might not be as similar to Fortnite, but they certainly are better games.

4. Roblox

If you ignore Roblox, you are missing out on one of the most similar games to Fortnite out there. You can make your own game in this title whatever you want it to be and share it online with others. This has led to thousands of quality games that are free to check out.

While some of the most popular games include Murder Mystery, Royal High, and others, there are more than a few battle royale games that you can check out in Roblox. The game even has its knock-off versions of Fortnite out there; don’t hide that it is copying that game.

They are pretty decent and can fill the gap until Fortnite returns. That said, what makes Roblox stand out is that it, like Fortnite, has so many options for you to check out outside of the normal Fortnite knock-off experience.

3. PUBG Mobile

When it comes to the purest of battle royale experiences that can compare to Fortnite, two stand at the top on mobile. The first of these is PUBG Mobile, the popular PUBG game that made the battle royale genre today.

The only real similarity between PUBG Mobile and Fortnite is the battle royale genre and that you can play it in third-person. They have different general styles as PUBG Mobile (and PUBG in general) is more of a slower-paced battle royale title.

That said, there is no arguing the quality of PUBG Mobile that started it all. If you need that pure battle royale gameplay, there is nowhere to look other than here. Well, that is except for one other battle royale game on this list.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Though PUBG Mobile is great, Call of Duty Mobile beats it in almost every single way. For starters, this is potentially the best-looking mobile game in existence. It plays better than just about every game out there. The Call of Duty nomenclature means something, and the gameplay is stellar.

This extends to the battle royale experience, too, with one of the largest open-world maps on mobile. There is a lot of variation to it that is worth exploring and looting. But it is missing that building aspect, so that could be something that would be a negative to some.

However, if you want just pure battle royale, there is no greater experience than Call of Duty Mobile on iOS. And when you are bored with battle royale in that game, there are plenty of other normal multiplayer game modes that you can check out to keep things fresh.

1. Minecraft

While Call of Duty Mobile might be the best battle royale experience, there is one game that stands above it when it comes to being one of the best games like Fortnite on iOS. That game is none other than Minecraft, one of the other largest games on this planet.

Minecraft is available on iOS and offers an experience that is both similar but different to Fortnite. If we had to guess, Minecraft was likely the inspiration for Fortnite due to the building nature. Minecraft is all about picking up materials and then building whatever you want with it.

That is something that Fortnite is known for, but Minecraft did it first and much better. And if you are a battle royale fan, Minecraft does have survival matches where you and a group of players (much smaller than normal Fortnite matches) survive and battle your way around a smaller map. It has everything and more, so if you want to see a game that likely inspired Fortnite, look no further than Minecraft on mobile.


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