Top 10 FIFA Players to Use on a Budget

By Corey Dieteman

January 11, 2019


Budget FIFA Players

FIFA 19 is one of the most popular sports video games in the world, but the Ultimate Team game mode is so much more than a sports game. It can be considered a trading card game (TCG) with real-world players, card strategy, and a transfer market. Trading in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team is one of the most essential features in the game mode. That’s why finding the best budget FIFA players is key.

The ten players listed below are in no particular order and feature players with cards currently valued at less than 3,500 coins on the transfer market.

Quick disclaimer: Player prices in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team fluctuate throughout the year due to squad building challenges and other in-game challenges.

Timo Werner | Red Bull Leipzig | ~1,500 Coins

Timo Werner Fifa 19 Card

One of the best budget FIFA players at striker is Timo Werner.

Werner is German and plays in the German league, making him very easy to link to a team. He has exceptional pace at 93, and decent dribble at 82.

His shooting is okay but can be improved with a chemistry style boost like a sniper or deadeye.

Werner boasts a four-star weak foot and high attacking work rates, which helps him in-game. He is a bargain of a card at around 1,500 coins.

Geoffrey Kondogbia | Valencia CF | ~1,400 Coins

Geoffrey Kondogbia

There are very few base gold cards under 83 that are still viable in FIFA 19, and Geoffrey Kondogbia is one of them.

Kondogbia is an absolute beast in the midfield and is perfect for the central defensive midfielder (CDM) role. The French midfielder’s card doesn’t feature a stat below 73.

At the same time, he boasts 88 physical and 83 defending. He is 6-foot-2 with four-star skill moves. If you place a powerhouse chemistry style on his card, he becomes a 91-rated CDM, with boosts to 86 passing and 92 defending.

Lucas Hernandez | Atlético Madrid | ~2,000 Coins

lucas hernandez

Lucas Hernandez is the best cheap left-back in the Spanish league.

The French defender has an 82-rated card with 82 pace, 80 defending, and 78 physical. One of his best attributes is that he is 6 foot with high defensive work rates and three-star weak foot.

Hernandez’s price has recently decreased to make him viable for a budget squad. He used to be around 14,000 coins but has since dropped to around 2,000. Hernandez’s country and league make him very linkable.

Use this player and you’ll have no trouble finding a spot in starting XI.

Quincy Promes | Sevilla FC | ~1,500 Coins


Quincy Promes made a name for himself in FIFA 18 and quickly became a fan favorite.

He was hard to link though since he played in the Russian league and is from the Netherlands. In FIFA 19, Promes made a move to the Spanish League and is now easily one of the better left midfielders.

Promes has 90 pace, 83 shooting, 83 dribbling, and five-star skill moves. Those skills and his four-star weak foot make Promes a serious offensive threat.

Pair those two stats with 83 stamina, and you have a lethal player in your attack.

Wilfried Zaha | Crystal Palace FC | ~850 Coins


Wilfried Zaha is an absolute steal of an 82-rated card the FIFA 19 player on a budget.

Zaha’s price being around 850 is a shocker for the quality of the card and the league he plays in. Zaha has five-star skill paired with a three-star weak foot. He has 91 pace, 87 dribbling, 74 shooting, and 73 passing.

All things considered, he has decent composure for shooting. The only downside to Zaha is that he only has 76 stamina, which won’t last him the entirety of a game. He’d likely need to be subbed off around the 70th minute.

However, if you’re beginning your Ultimate Team on FIFA and are building a Premier League team, Zaha is a must.

Allan | Napoli | ~1,500 Coins


Allan’s card is very similar to Geoffrey Kondogbia, meaning he’s better suited as a central defensive midfielder rather than central midfield.

The pros to Allan’s card are his 81 dribbling, 82 defending, and 80 physical. He has great reactions which prevent him from being out of position, while his tackling and marking are superb.

Arguably the best stat for Allan is his 95 stamina, meaning he’ll last through the entire game and you won’t have to sub him out. The Brazilian has four-star skill moves and a three-star weak foot.

He is very linkable since he’s from Brazil and plays in the Italian league.

Rodrigo | Valencia CF | ~3,000 Coins


Rodrigo is the best budget FIFA players when it comes to Spanish strikers.

When you’re looking for a great striker, you want a player with pace, shooting, dribbling, and skills. Rodrigo has all four of those qualifications. He has 90 pace, 81 shooting, 82 dribbling, and four-star skill moves.

The only downside to Rodrigo is his lack of stamina and composure. His 78 stamina just won’t last you an entire game. With his composure stat being around 77, he may struggle to find the back of the net at times.

However, he is one the best striker cards you can purchase for under 5,000 coins.

Eric Bailly | Manchester United | ~1,000 Coins


Eric Bailly has been a go-to player for any player on a budget.

Bailly plays for one of the most popular clubs in the world, Manchester United in the Premier League, which makes him very linkable.

Bailly was downgraded in FIFA 19 but still has a great card with 74 pace, 82 defending, and 82 physical. His card also features a high defensive work rate, which is ideal for all defenders.

The fact that he’s hovering around 1,000 coins in January is an absolute steal and makes him one of the best budget FIFA players in the game.

Wojciech Szczesny | Juventus | ~2,500 Coins


If you’re looking for the best goalie in the Italian league, look no further. Wojciech Szczesny replaced the Juventus’ legendary goalie Buffon and has done the position justice so far.

Szczesny is a 6-foot-5 goalie with 85 diving, 87 reflexes, 81 handling, and 82 positioning. Applying any of the chemistry styles makes him a viable goalkeeper for an Ultimate Team squad.

I’ve used his 86-rated in-form card and found him to be a fantastic player. He stopped everything, and I never had to worry about my goalie.

I only went away from him because I built a different league team, and Szczesny is hard to link due to his nationality.

Alessandro Florenzi | Roma | ~2,000 Coins


The right-back position in FIFA is sparse. Still, each league has a few options to choose from. Alessandro Florenzi is the stand-out for the Italian league and has been for a while.

Florenzi has 84 pace, 81 dribbling, and 90 stamina. His defending is average, but if you add a chemistry style to his base card, he becomes a beast on defense.

Florenzi is easily linkable since he is an Italian in the Italian league.

For 2,000 coins, a player can have a high-tier right-back they’ll use for most of FIFA 19.

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