Top 10 Call of Duty Warzone Skins

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 7th 2020

The Call of Duty franchise has been going on for a long time now and the latest addition to the series is the battle royale-focused Warzone spin-off. This game has a lot of great cosmetics you can use to customize your appearance, but what are the very best Warzone skins in the game?

Call of Duty Warzone Is the Latest Addition to the Franchise

That is something that I am going to set out to let you know in this top 10 best Warzone skins guide. After all, Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best games to come out of the long-running first-person military shooter franchise in a very long time.

We have had some excellent spin-offs in recent years for the series like the Call of Duty Mobile game as well as the continuation of the annualized mainline games, but Warzone has quickly carved in its niche in the series with its beloved game modes and map.

Warzone not only allows for the classic battle royale genre that its predecessor Blackout started in the franchise, but it amps it up even further and it all takes place on a wonderful map that is varied in gameplay and featuring unique components like the buy station, Gulag, and contracts.

Warzone Fortunately Shares Cosmetics With Modern Warfare

But by far, one of the most important aspects of Call of Duty Warzone is the fact that it shares a lot in common with the 2019 mainline entry: Modern Warfare. Both games use the same engine, graphics, and gameplay systems to showcase the awesome multiplayer content.

As such, the two games are intertwined when it comes to the cosmetic items that they each offer. Not only will your account level and the battle pass that you have in each game cross over with one another, but you get to use many of the same cosmetic items that you already own in both games.

As such, this is great for players who already checked out Modern Warfare before the release of Warzone. That said, what about the players who don’t own Modern Warfare and just downloaded the free-to-play standalone version of Warzone? Fortunately, I’ve got your back.

Top 10 Best Warzone Skins: List

In this guide, I aim to show you the top 10 best Warzone skins that you can find in the game. What’s great about this is that these skins can all be found in Modern Warfare as well, and buying or unlocking them in one game will make them available in the other as well.

In the case of both games, they don’t use the standard character skins or customization that you might expect from a game like this. Instead, you use Operators, which are the like characters from both factions in the main Modern Warfare plot to choose who you want to look like.

In this way, we can have a wide variety of characters, some of which are quite recognizable to players who have stuck with the Call of Duty franchise for years now and others that are newcomers. Though there are a lack of options for creating your character, these are still good in their own right.

Without further ado, let’s jump into my list of the top 10 best Warzone skins in the game. These Operators are based on the overall look of the skin, how unique it is compared to other ones in the game, and so on. Even though I ranked them on my personal opinion, all 10 of these are well worth checking out.

10. Alex

First up on our list of the top 10 best Warzone skins, we have Alex. A trend that you will see throughout this list is Operators who have unique features or outfits that make them stand out from the rest of the soldiers. Case in point: Alex, an otherwise standard soldier for the most part.

What makes this character so interesting is the fact that he has a face covering that gives him this aura of mysteriousness and intrigue that keeps you wondering more about it. Also, he has some small but stylish green specs that he wears around his eyes.

Then there is the helmet and outfit that cap off this fairly standard but just different enough character who is worth mentioning on the list. While not nearly as radical as some masked characters that we will get to later, Alex is fairly easy to get Operator skin that you should check out.

9. Otter

For many of the same reasons as the first Operator, Otter is an intriguing character who doesn’t mind showing his face but is interesting nonetheless. This skin features a male soldier who is all decked out in some of the finest camo that you will find in the entire game.

Seriously, Otter is all about blending into the environment as he has a camo suit, headwear, and even the paint to match it. He is dedicated to his stealthy craft, to the point that he wears camo paint on his face as well. Couple this with the headgear and you have a character who is also rather strange and mysterious.

Not to mention, there is the practicality of somewhat having some camo to your soldier when you go into battle if that makes any gameplay difference at all. If you want an oddly, nearly obsessive camouflaged soldier, then look no further than Otter.

8. Grinch

The oddly named Grinch is an interesting character who, if you couldn’t guess it, is rather similar to the first two Operators on this list. Sporting a camo outfit, complete with a hood to top it all off, Grinch is one soldier who looks serious about taking out terrorists on the battlefield.

In the normal version of this character skin, Grinch also has a face mask that somewhat disguises his actual identity during combat. But maybe that isn’t enough for you when it comes to combat. If so, you might want to check out some of the skin variants that you can unlock or buy for Grinch.

He has a couple of different Ghillie suits that you can use for his character to make him go even more incognito and Swamp Thing than ever before. The best part is that you can easily unlock him by simply completing the challenge of getting 100 eliminations in multiplayer.


The next character on this list is a rather interesting one as it is unlike the others who have personalities, names, and allegiances in the Call of Duty series. This character is none other than the SKSF skin. Introduced in season three, this skin is one of the more traditional ones.

The SKSF Operator skin is one of the military sim skins that you can get for the Coalition faction. For some reason, there aren’t any available yet for the Allegiance faction, but this one is one of the few that are available at this time.

If you just want a soldier skin with no frills attached to it, then you should check this one out as it is easily the best in its category. The SKSF skin features a soldier wearing standard gear that looks nice enough on its own but has a darker aesthetic that is countered by the awesome orange goggles.

6. Iskra

For the most part, there aren’t too many female Operator options available in Warzone and Modern Warfare, but this one is one of the few that are available. Iskra is one of the newest skins on this list at the time of publishing this and is a paid character.

She is unique for being one of the Urzikstani natives who is trying to help rid her land of the Al Qatala terrorist threat. So, not only does she already have a much more compelling and personal reason for joining the fight, but she is a rather cool skin on her own as well.

She has a unique outfit that is both fitting and not at the same time. The underlying shirt and pants are rather light and tight for a soldier going into battle, while the jacket is hefty and large. This gives an interesting contrast within her outfit that is unique and fitting for this already different type of soldier.

5. Syd

Also one of the few females on this list, Syd is a great choice for those players who need an Operator skin on the Allegiance side of things. For the most part, Syd is one of the most standard soldiers around in the game and has a very basic look to her.

What makes Syd work out so well, though, is that she is the pinnacle of that standardized military look. Her outfit, for example, has a nice blue tint to it that makes it glow better and look nicer on the field. Then there is the fact that she has a rather large and distinct headset that many players might relate to online.

4. Thorne

Like Syd, Thorne is one of the more standard characters in the game. Well, at least at first glance, that is. When you look at the basic outfit that Thorne has available to him, it is the typical gray and drab soldier gear that you would expect from a military game like this one.

Sure, the hooded jacket is nice and all but everything else is just so typical that I wouldn’t be surprised if you passed this one up for something more extravagant. However, what many players might not realize is that there is a customized Thorne skin that takes this soldier to a much higher level.

While many characters just swap out colors for its skin variants, Thorne takes off part of his suit and paints his body in whiteish-gray stripes. It is awesome and worth checking out for this alone, as the paint goes not just on his face but across his body as well.

3. Mara

Mara was one of the first female Operators that you could pick in Modern Warfare and, therefore, one of the few options when Warzone launched as well. She is a standard soldier type that fights for the Coalition faction.

What makes Mara interesting is her skin variants that are all largely similar to one another but with some notable differences. The standard look is a darker outfit for Mara that looks nice on its own, but can be swapped out for a greenish one that has a striking red bandana.

She also has a more heavy-duty soldier outfit that features a sweet helmet and facial changes that show that this Mara has been through a lot in this war.

2. Mace

We started this list with a couple of characters with interesting masks and other gear on their faces, and we are going to end this best Warzone skins similarly. The runner-up on this list is none other than Mace, a terrifyingly unique soldier that you can play as.

If you are the type of person who likes to make your enemies run in fear at the sight of you on the battlefield, then look no further than Mace. He is quite frankly the Punisher of the warzone, featuring an instantly noticeable skull mask on his face and interesting markings on his arms.

While not the best one on this list, Mace is certainly the most unique of the bunch and someone that you should never take lightly if you come face to face with the skull man himself in battle.

1. Ghost

Similar to the runner-up, the number one best character that you can play as in Warzone (and Modern Warfare) is Ghost. This character is easily the most famous of the bunch on this list and that is a huge reason why he comes out on top of everyone else.

But even before getting into that, the Ghost skin is just as excellent on his own. This hooded soldier is wearing a pretty cool outfit that is made famous by his skeleton mask that is a lot different from Mace, but just as fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

And the awesome look that Ghost has isn’t even his only benefit. Many players have a long-running history with this character as he is someone who has been in the previous Call of Duty games. If you want someone who is both great in design and integral to the Call of Duty franchise, look no further than the Ghost himself.


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