Top 10 Best PUBG Skins 2020

by in PUBG | Oct, 15th 2020

What are the best skins that you can get in PUBG in 2020? That is something that is not only integral to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but is important to every single battle royale game out there. As such, I am going to try and determine what the best PUBG skins of 2020 are.

PUBG Skins Are a Bit Different Than Other Battle Royale Games

But before I am able to help you determine my picks for the top 10 best PUBG skins 2020, it is worth noting that this task is much harder for PUBG than other games in the genre. That is because PUBG handles the skins system a lot differently than every other battle royale game out there.

Perhaps it is because PUBG is the game that popularized the battle royale genre or just because it tries something different that no other game wanted to replicate for some reason but here we are. Instead of the usual skins that players equip to change their character’s look, they are clothing-based.

Sure, you are able to create your own battle royale character to play as in the game but that only goes so far. You are able to further customize your character with the outfits that they are wearing. Unlike other games, you don’t just equip an entire skin to change their looks.

Instead, you are picking up various pieces of clothing that you then wear on your created character. You have the top, the bottom, shoes, and so on that you can equip on your character. And you aren’t limited to only wearing one set a time either as you can mix and match clothes as well.

If you really like the hoodie or shirt of one set and the pants of another, you are free to equip them together and make your own skins style that you can show off in battle. This makes picking the top 10 best PUBG skins 2020 a tougher situation but one that I would like to accomplish.

Top 10 Best PUBG Skins 2020: Criteria

To figure this all out, I am going to have some criteria for this top 10 best PUBG skins 2020 list. While you can mix and match clothes, for the most part, I am going to consider the sets as one. I might hone in on the hoodie or pants as my favorite part but I’ll generally consider them together as one spot on this list.

To determine which will feature in the top 10, I am going based on a number of factors like the overall visual look, the quality of the clothing set, how popular they are, how hard it is to get them, how much players want to get those clothing items, and more.

One thing that is worth noting is that this list is exclusively only for the main PUBG game on consoles and PC. This list is not actually for the PUBG Mobile version of the game on Android and iOS. That game has some special skins of its own that we will have to cover in a different top 10 list entirely.

Of course, be sure to also keep in mind that this list is all about the character outfits and skins that you can equip for battle, and not for your weapon skins. Those weapon skins change the look of your guns and actually work differently than the clothing skins, so you can find out which of those are the best in PUBG right here.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive right into this list to figure out which are the best PUBG skins 2020 across the more than three years that PUBG has been available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

10. Floral Shirt

When it comes to PUBG skins, one of the simplest outfits that you can wear starts with the floral shirt. This shirt is just your standard relaxing beach button up shirt that you can don when battling it out across the various battle royale maps in the game.

While the floral shirt is rather simple, it does look stylish, especially when you include the black floral shirt that looks particularly great when it comes to the color scheme. It is perfect for visiting places like Miramar and Sanhok where you want to look comfortable but great at the same time.

But the style of the black floral shirt isn’t the only reason that it is included on this list. It is, in fact, one of the rarest shirts that you are able to pick up in terms of drop rate. It is really hard to get this shirt from a crate, even for the slightly less rare white floral shirt as well, but you will be the talk of the match if you can find it.

9. Rabbit Set

Moving away from the stylish looks in battle royale, we have one that is quite niche but looks good nonetheless and that is the Rabbit set. This set is mainly great because of the special rabbit hoodie item that you are able to wear that looks cute and hilarious at the same time.

PUBG | PINK Rabbit Set AUTO - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds In-Game Items -  Gameflip

The hoodie is mostly a standard pink color with a cute little rabbit in the middle of it that is holding a carrot in its hands. The cherry on top of this rabbit hoodie are the rabbit ears that are atop the hood. It adds that extra bit of cuteness and style that you don’t see too often in PUBG.

While the spot mainly goes to the standard Rabbit set in PUBG, it is also worth mentioning the Battle Bunny skin that is a lot different than this one. It keeps the bunny motif but makes it much more alluring to the eyes, which could be appealing to some players.

8. Nightclub Dress

Speaking of alluring to the eyes, one of the strangest but also welcome clothing sets in PUBG is the Nightclub Dress set. It is exactly what it sounds like and is a standard cocktail-style dress that you can equip on your female character to look like the hottest thing to walk onto the map.

The Nightclub Dress is stunning to look at and will make players wonder if you are trying to take them out in battle or if you are about to take the city by storm. When you couple this with the pantyhoses that come on the bottom, it only completes this beautiful outfit.

The Nightclub Dress is actually one of the more expensive outfits in the game currently as it is somewhat rare and popular. If you want to look like a million bucks while you survive, you are going to need to shell out some serious cash on the marketplace to pick up this outfit.

7. Chengzi’s Set

When it comes to crossover skins in PUBG, there aren’t quite as many as you would expect, especially when compared to other games in the genre like Fortnite and even PUBG Mobile oddly enough. But there are some rather popular and great crossover skins that came as part of the streamer collection.

PUBG | Chengzi's SET CRATE CODE - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds In-Game  Items - Gameflip

These skins were collaborations between PUBG and some of the top Chinese streamers for the game. Through this collaboration, some of the best skins around were released. One of these is the Chengzi’s set that follows the same hoodie and shorts combo as the others but is one of the best around.

This is mainly because of the hoodie that looks fine with the shorts and shoes but actually can look really good with other bottoms. It is a simple black hoodie with nice orange accents and words that elevate it to be worthy of being on this list.

6. Harley Quinn

Speaking of crossover skins, one of the few skins to actually be part of a deal with a major media brand and PUBG is also one of the best in the whole game. That is the Harley Quinn skin that arrived in the game as a promotion between PUBG and DC Comics.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - Officially Licensed Joker and Harley Quinn  Skins Now Available! - Steam News

In fact, the partnership and skin itself is based around the Suicide Squad interpretation of the popular crazy love interest and partner for Joker. Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn is brought to life in battle royale and the outfit arguably looks better than the similar iteration in Fortnite.

While the Harley Quinn outfit looks fantastic in-game, the Joker one that came alongside it is not so good at all. Fortunately, she more than makes up for the lack of quality in the Joker skin and is one of the only crossover skins that is worth picking up in PUBG.

5. Skeleton Queen

At the time of writing this post, we are approaching the spooky season and so it felt right to not only include one of the best outfits but a fittingly scary one at the same time. The best PUBG skin in 2020 for scaring the life out of your opponents before you literally take them out is the Skeleton Queen set.

PUBG | Skeleton Queen Bodysuit - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds In-Game  Items - Gameflip

Skeleton Queen is an interesting take on the usual Halloween-like theme by being both scary and surprisingly stylish at the same time. The base Skeleton Queen outfit has black pants with a top shirt that shows a skeleton body that covers the torso of the character.

But there is also the hardcore jacket that can be equipped on top of the rest of the Skeleton Queen outfit that makes you realize just how great this one is. This is one of the few cases on this list where the entire outfit is worth equipping it all together, instead of just one or two pieces.

4. Xinghun’s Set

The other streamer collaboration skin that we have on this list is the Xinghun’s set. Released at the same time as the Chengzi set earlier in the list, this one is actually a whole lot better and remains my favorite crossover skin that has been released for the game.

The Xinghun set, like the Chengzi before it, is an outfit that focuses on a hoodie and a bottom, which are some sweatpants in this case. The sweatpants are fine but the hoodie is really where it is at. In many ways, it is the game’s answer to the Galaxy outfit in Fortnite.

The hoodie is fantastic, showcasing a stunning galaxy theme that is both colorful, beautiful, and well worth picking up for the hefty price it carries. That is all before bringing up the weapon skin as well that comes with the set and matches it rather nicely.

3. Golden Dragon

When it comes to my personal favorite outfit in the entire game, it has to be the Golden Dragon set. The Asian-inspired outfit is amazing, especially when it comes to the shirt and pants. The pants are pretty simple but complement the top well that is about as aesthetically cool as they come.

The top is a pretty copy-paste Asian top that features a slit across the torso, long-sleeved, and has a mainly red color. But the golden dragon that is across the shirt is rather impressively designed and quite intricate for a pattern on a PUBG shirt.

It is one of a kind and absolutely my favorite, and that extends as well to the Golden Phoenix outfit that is almost just as great. You really can’t go wrong with either one, even if my personal preferences come into place with this outfit.

2. Ivory School Uniform

When it comes to the rare and amazing outfits, one of the most popular ones is the Ivory School Uniform set. School uniforms are surprisingly (perhaps unsurprisingly) popular in PUBG, maybe for that anime aesthetic that many players prefer.

PUBG Player Unknown Battlegrounds Ivory School Uniform Set UHD 4K Wallpaper… | Gunslinger girl, Player  unknown, Xbox one

While there are other skirts and school uniforms in the game, the best one has to be the Ivory School Uniform. The outfit looks really nice with a frilly skirt on the bottom, a suit jacket on the top, and a dress shirt and tie underneath it.

It all goes together perfectly and this is one of those few outfits that is best used all together. What’s more is that the Ivory School Uniform takes the battle royale idea and applies it to the outfit, making it dirtied and somewhat worn from the scourges of battle.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Outfit

When it comes to the best skin in the entire game, there is only one that I feel right giving it to and that is the one that started it all: PlayerUnknown’s outfit itself. Named after the creator of the game, this unique set is both cool to look at and awe-inspiring with the story behind it.

If you see someone wearing the PlayerUnknown outfit, you can rest assured that they are either somehow able to give up the unbelievable amount of money to buy this one or they are one of the trailblazers who made the battle royale game and the genre in general what it is.

PUBG PS4 Players to Receive Free PLAYERUNKNOWN Set

The signature trench coat, undershirt, and gray pants are already excellent on their own but the coat is the main attraction. This is one that you can attach to a multitude of outfits and make them look even better. That is, if you are able to actually acquire it. It was originally given out to those players who pre-ordered it long before it became the hit that it is today, so only a select few got in early and received one of the best outfits in the whole game.


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