Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Skins 2020

by in PUBG | Nov, 25th 2020

Tencent has done a great job with PUBG Mobile, offering a tight battle royale experience on mobile that represents the full product on consoles and PC. Android and iOS users have been treated throughout the years to some pretty nice skins, but what are the top 10 best PUBG Mobile skins 2020?

PUBG Mobile Handles Skins Differently Than Most Games

Before I get into the top 10 best PUBG Mobile skins 2020 list, it’s worth noting that this mobile battle royale game handles skins and outfits a little bit differently than other games out there in its genre. Like its full console and PC predecessor, it is mainly all about the clothing that you have.

Instead of having it based on the actual skins you wear in the game (most of the time) like in other games, you are equipping various clothing items to your character to make them your own. You have to deal with stuff like shoes, shirts, and the like to customize your character’s design.

This is an interesting approach to the usual skin situation where it is less about the full skins that you can equip but the interesting combinations of clothing that you can find and show off in matches online against other players.

You could find a top and bottom that go together really well that usually others wouldn’t think to use and so on. But there are some crossover skins as well that are available in the game. As such, I have compiled a top 10 best PUBG Mobile skins 2020 list to go over all of the greatest ones out there.

Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Skins 2020

My top 10 best PUBG Mobile skins 2020 list is all based on my personal opinion, of course, but these are good places to start when it comes to figuring out what you are going to be wearing in your matches across Vikendi, Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and the like.

But I will be upfront here and let you know that this game’s clothing is pretty good. In the end, it is all about the crossover outfits that you can get. I did try to highlight some important clothing that you should check out, for sure, but the bulk of this list is crossover clothing and skins.

It is tough to compete with something designed around something iconic or recognizable to fans, in all honesty. The regular clothing will always pale compared to something that you know and love from a fan-favorite TV show, character, or movie.

I have ranked these on my personal preferences like the details that went into the outfit, the popularity of the character or property it has crossed over with, the general look of the clothing in PUBG Mobile, and other criteria. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Urban Padded Jacket

When it comes to PUBG Mobile, many of the clothing from the main PC and console game crosses over to the Android and iOS version. One such clothing item is the Urban Padded Jacket, a very nice but simple jacket that is well worth picking up for those colder areas.

The Urban Padded Jacket is fashionable, having a nice darker aesthetic, a fluffy collar around the neck, and some nice textures to the jacket’s actual patterns. It looks great and goes well with many different colors, tops, and pants in PUBG Mobile.

It is versatile when it comes to pairing it with other items, but it is also a fantastic addition for camo on some maps. The dark color of this outfit will blend in well with certain maps in PUBG Mobile, helping you out just a little bit when it comes to staying hidden and getting the drop on enemies.

9. Police Shirt

The police shirt outfit is what it sounds like: you will be able to look like a police officer of your own. I would also loop in the other emergency services outfits like EMTs and those available in the mobile game. These are great looks for those players who want to stand out.

You can roam around the maps looking like the sheriff of Miramar or the police officer ready to take down the bad guys. They aren’t just great for roleplaying either, as many of them are pretty stylish, too. While it would be nice to tuck your shirts in, that’s something we will have to live with for now.

Also, believe it or not, some of the shirts are good for camo in the game and the sheriff-looking police shirt. The light brown nature of it will help with those dustier maps like Miramar and the like so you can blend in more.

8. Crystal Bandit Set

The last of the normal clothing in PUBG Mobile is the Crystal Bandit Set. This is one of the most bizarre outfits that you can get in the game, but we aren’t complaining. The Crystal Bandit Set kind of sounds exactly like you would think: it is an outfit made of, well, crystal.

You kind of look like a superhero or mutant of some sort with your crystalline outfit that covers your body head-to-toe when you wear this. The outfit itself looks like a mix of crystal and ice that covers your whole body in a one-piece set of sorts.

It is all pretty one-note on its own but looks gorgeous and super shiny. It goes well with other clothing items, too, so that you can look sparkly, famous, and rich while wearing this into battle. That is if you could get your hands-on this pretty rare clothing set when it was out.

7. Leon (Resident Evil 2)

From here on out, it is all about the crossover items you can get in PUBG Mobile. The game has had only a few crossovers thus far, but each of them has been pretty substantial and strong. One such crossover was with Resident Evil 2 around the time of its release.

The remake of the popular survival horror game came with some crossover skins for PUBG Mobile. You’re going to see a couple of these show up on this list, but the first one I want to go over is the Leon set. You can get a set of clothing items that look like Leon from Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Leon is a fan-favorite character in the Resident Evil series for a reason, and this iteration of him is pretty good. You can dress up as this junior police officer on the first day of his job in PUBG Mobile, certainly turning heads as you pop them off in online matches.

6. Recall (Blackpink)

The Recall set is one that came out recently, right around the time of one of the most surprising crossovers that we have ever seen for PUBG Mobile with the Blackpink crossover event. Yes, that Blackpink; the popular K-pop group that has taken the world by storm and online battle royale games like PUBG Mobile.

The Recall feels very Blackpink-inspired with a tight pink and, well, black aesthetic that looks nice together. It isn’t certain if this was intentionally done or not to make it very Blackpink-like, so it may not be a crossover outfit in the first place.

Regardless, it is an excellent one that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you play more feminine-looking characters in PUBG Mobile. You will not only look stylish and attractive, but you will have one of the best-looking outfits in the entire game.

5. Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

One of the most impressive and on point crossovers that PUBG Mobile has ever had is The Walking Dead. One of the biggest TV shows of all time, crossing over with one of the biggest mobile games of all time was a smart move. It led to some truly great outfits at the same time.

While there were several in this crossover event that happened, a few of them stand out as the best of the bunch. The first of these is Daryl Dixon, who made waves for being the popular character played by Norman Reeds in the show.

This version of the crossover skin does a pretty good job of replicating what the actor looks like in the fabled role. He is a solid tonal fit for the battle royale game. After all, The Walking Dead is basically like one big survival game if the undead took over the whole world.

4. Claire (Resident Evil 2)

When it comes to the battle between Claire and Leon’s better in Resident Evil 2 Remake, the choice is way too close to pick. But I think Claire is a slightly more exciting option as she is not nearly as popular as Leon is when it comes to the fan base.

She is also just as solid of a character who has more than proved how awesome she is. She also fits PUBG Mobile well since there aren’t too many skins who are females. If you want to play as a girl in the game, there are few better choices than Claire.

3. Ghidorah’s Carapace (Godzilla)

This next pick is a pretty odd one, for sure, that you might not expect. It comes from the crossover between PUBG Mobile and Godzilla of all things. No, the skins you can get from the Godzilla crossover won’t have you running around as the giant lizard kaiju terrorizing matches.

But you can get clothing based on various monsters that are in the Godzilla movie franchise. There are two main ones that you can get, with both Godzilla and Ghidorah represented. They are very similar to one another, but honestly, the Ghidorah one is way better.

For some reason, these outfits make you look like a dragon wizard from centuries ago rather than a modern-day monster movie. In Ghidorah’s case, the character wears a black and brown outfit with amazingly intricate designs of the Ghidorah creature throughout it and an excellent hood with yellow on the inside.

2. Michonne (The Walking Dead)

The final two skins on this list are from The Walking Dead. As of right now, Michonne is the main character of the TV show, or at least she was until her sudden departure from the series recently.

She is one of the most popular characters in the show and is a face for the group as one of the most powerful fighters around. Few things are more iconic fighting-wise in The Walking Dead than Michonne and her katana that she uses to slice and dice her way through enemies.

And with this skin, you can do just that. Not only do you get to look like the TV show version of Michonne in the game, but you can permanently wield her katana in the matches. This is an amazing and unique situation that we haven’t seen before. Well, outside of the No. 1 pick.

1. Negan and Lucille (The Walking Dead)

My No. 1 pick goes barely to the best villain in The Walking Dead series: Negan. No villain has been better at the forefront of the zombie show or said eeny meeny miney moe quite as well. The biker jacket and outfit that he has on is both iconic and wonderfully designed.

And you can look just like him in PUBG Mobile if you have his outfit. Like with Michonne, it doesn’t just end with the outfit, face, and hair. You can also wield his faithful bat, Lucille, in battle permanently if you were able to unlock this skin while it was around.

There is nothing like striking fear into your foes, especially if they’ve watched The Walking Dead, by walking around as the menacing but charming Negan while also pulling out your barbed wire baseball bat to bash in the enemies that come across you. It is the best skin in PUBG Mobile currently.


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