Top 10 Best Fall Guys Maps/Minigames of Season 2

by in General | Oct, 19th 2020

Mediatonic has done an amazing job with Fall Guys, creating one of the very best games to come out in the battle royale genre in a long time. That is because, unlike other games like Fortnite, it isn’t really a battle royale game. So, we are going to go over the best Fall Guys maps season 2. 

There Are 4 New Maps in Fall Guys Season 2

Season 2 of Fall Guys just started at the time of writing this post but the season is already going strong. There is a lot to the second season that expands upon what we saw in the original one since the game’s launch. There is so much new content for players to enjoy. 

Season 2 is all about the medieval times with knights, wizards, and more filling up the new season pass with content for players to collect. There are new skins, patterns, and more for players to check out and collect over the next couple of months that this season will be around. 

But the real stars of this season are the four brand new maps that are in the game from now on (as far as we know). The four new maps are Knight Fever, Egg Siege, Wall Guys, and Hoopsie Legends. All four of these offer something new, either a brand new style or just switching an existing formula like from Egg Scramble to Egg Siege. 

Overall, the new maps in season 2 are alright. Three of the four of them are just okay, not the worst, but not the best either. As such, you will only find a single new map from the latest season on our top 10 best Fall Guys maps season 2 list. 

Top 10 Best Fall Guys Maps Season 2: Criteria

To help you know which maps to prepare for because of how challenging or amazing they are, and to also let you know which of the maps are simply put going to be the easiest around, we have come up with a top 10 best Fall Guys maps season 2 list. 

This list is up to date with the initial launch of the second season including the four new maps that have been released for it. As far as we know, these are the only new maps that are going to be released for this season but that could change in the near future. 

A lot of criteria come into how we picked this list for the best Fall Guys maps season 2. There is the sheer popularity that each map has, my personal preference after months of playing the game, the difficulty, how fair the map is, what it does differently compared to everything else, and so much more.

There is a lot to unpack in figuring out what the very best Fall Guys maps season 2 are, so without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look. With almost 30 maps to its name, there are a lot of them out there so this list only represents the very best maps in the game in season 2 in my opinion. 

10. Gate Crash

When it comes to the top 10 best Fall Guys maps season 2, you can rest assured that these represent everything that this non-battle royale has to offer. The first one on this list is none other than Gate Crash, which stands out as one of my personal favorite maps. 

GATE CRASH - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Pass the walls. Credit to GameWith for most images in this article

It isn’t super noteworthy or anything like that as it is a very simple map that you will typically encounter early on in that match. There are various gates that you need to pass through, all opening and closing at different periods of time. 

What I really like about Gate Crash is that it follows a distinct rhythm. If you know this map well, you can almost do it with your eyes closed because the gates are systematic in that they change on the same cycle every time. I love that standardized nature that makes this one more about how you can time things and less about luck and other annoying parts of Fall Guys. 

9. Roll Out

Roll Out is the map where you are all on a massive cylinder that is rotating constantly. There are different sections of the map that are divided up and rotate in different directions and at different speeds. There is a complex nature to figuring out when to run or jump to the next section. 

ROLL OUT - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Survive the spinning wheels

Since you have to go back and forth constantly to ensure you don’t fall off, this is one of the most fast-paced maps in the game. You have to be moving at all times in order to do well here and also plan far in advance so that you don’t end up trapped in a small area and can’t get to the next section in time. 

Roll Out is one that has a lot of reflex involved in it and, while it isn’t one of my favorites personally, I do think that it represents Fall Guys as a whole well. There is a challenge but not too much and RNG only comes into play very slightly so you are at least in a fair environment. 

8. Hex-a-Gone

When it comes to the maps that end out the game with a winner crowned at the end, I’ll be honest in telling you that I am not a fan of most of them. Some of them, like Fall Mountain, are fine but heavily RNG-focused so it doesn’t deserve a spot on this top 10 list. 

HEX-A-GONE - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
The bane of PC players

That said, when it comes to the endgame maps, the best one out of all of them is easily Hex-a-Gone. It is the map that I want to see the most when I make it to the end of the game, which is unfortunate since I don’t even really like it all that much; it is just much better than the other options. 

The final players start out on a platform of hexes that will disappear after someone has touched them. There are multiple layers of this and the player who is left at the end after everyone has fallen completely down wins. It is difficult, trolling at times, but Fall Guys at its pure chaotic fun core. 

7. Hoopsie Daisy

When making this list, I didn’t expect to have any or maybe just one of the team games on here as they are the worst of the worst. If I had to make the worst list, you would find a bunch of team games at the bottom. But in really researching everything, I realized that there are actually two really good team games if you’re lucky enough to get them (I usually don’t).

HOOPSIE DAISY - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Hoop there it is

The first is Hoopsie Daisy in which there are teams that have to go around a map and jump through hoops to score points for their group. The team with the least number of hoop points when the timer runs out loses the match. There is some luck in being in the right place at the right time when new hoops spawn but it is a great map overall. 

Like the next team game on this list, this is one where I really think you can do well even if your team sucks. I have been on several bad teams in Hoopsie Daisy and still won because I was able to jump through enough hoops to make up the difference, which is better than losing just because you have a bad team. 

6. Rock N Roll

The other team game map on this list and even better than the last one is Rock-n-Roll. This map features typically three teams that are rolling a large ball down a path to the goal at the end. It is a simple concept that has quickly turned chaotic because of the general metagame. 

ROCK 'N' ROLL - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Your foes are just as big an obstacle as the course itself

There are little obstacles in your way that you have to go around to make it to the final stretch towards the goal but this final stretch is where things get a little crazy. Many players will just abandon their team to go mess with the other teams’ balls and try to stop them. 

So, it has become a balance between having one or two really good players roll their ball while the other players try to stop the enemy balls. It’s whacky and weird but, again, a situation where I have won many times on my own pushing the ball and wasn’t held back because my team sucked so skill can matter here.

5. Hit Parade

For the final five maps on this list, you will find that there is a common theme between them: they are all earlier obstacle maps that are pure and simple. They represent Fall Guys the best to me, are balanced the most, and have a nice fair nature to all of them. 

HIT PARADE - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Watch your step

The first of these top five is Hit Parade, which is one of the more nonchalant ones on this list. When I see this one pop up in the game, I don’t feel much because I’m just going to breeze through it and win like I did the last three dozen times I’ve done it. 

Hit Parade is a simple obstacle course that takes you across beams to swinging balls, spinning stuff, and so on. Even with the changes to shake it up, I feel like HIt Parade is still pretty easy to win. But I’m not mad about that because it does what a Fall Guys map should do: reward those players who know it well and can do it over and over again. 

4. Knight Fever

The single new season 2 map on this top 10 list is also one of the best maps around: Knight Fever. Like Hit Parade, it is a pretty standard map that takes you from one side to the other through various obstacles. There are swinging axes at the beginning that threaten to end your run. 

Fall Guys Season 2 level Knight Fever revealed | News Break
Can you survive the medieval traps? This image courtesy of News Break

Then there are unique logs that are spinning around like in Roll Out but have some spikes on them that can easily take you out as well. From there, it only gets more complicated with spiked logs that you have to avoid after that. It then concludes with one of the coolest endings in a map with the drawbridges that you have to time like in Gate Crash. 

Overall, Knight Fever embodies the season 2 aesthetic better than any other around. It takes the general idea of it and makes a fantastic obstacle course that, like the others, can be hard at first but is simple once you have learned and mastered its various parts. 

3. See Saw

Disagree with me if you want but I think that See Saw is one of the very best maps that you will find in Fall Guys season 2. What makes this map so great to me is how unique it is. Sure, it is a standard obstacle course but the twists are the platforms that you have to cross to get to the end. 

SEE SAW - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Things get wilder the further behind you fall

Like seesaws, the platforms will tilt one way or another if there are a lot of players on one side. If it tilts too much, all of the players on that side are likely to fall off. While it is a balancing act, that isn’t actually the real goal of this game mode in my opinion.

It is actually a waiting game that is unlike any of the others in Fall Guys. Patience is more important than balancing and timing is necessary, too. It is about predicting what the other players will do and waiting if you need to. Let the guys run onto the platform, fall off, and then you have a clear shot ahead. It is a great map that rewards those who stop to think for a moment.

2. Whirlygig

For the runner-up best game mode in Fall Guys, we have the Whirlygig. In this game mode, it is very similar to our number one pick except that it is all about circular platforms that have a clocklike-hand that is spinning around the platform really fast. 

THE WHIRLYGIG - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
Dodge the fans to make it to the end

In the Whirlygig, it is your job to time the spinning hand and either get around to get to the next platform or jump over it in time. The timing-based nature of this map makes it one of my favorites and it just feels like home. I have the map memorized and I have my preferred route no matter where I start the game. 

It is one of those that even after doing it so many times, I can still be knocked off because of another player or just timing it wrong barely. But even falling off doesn’t matter much here as you can actually pick yourself up and easily make it to the end with a misstep or two, which is unlike most of the maps in Fall Guys. 

1. Dizzy Heights

And last but not least, the number one best Fall Guys map is Dizzy Heights. It is very similar, at least to me, as the Whirlygig but the difference is that you are jumping on spinning platforms where the whole thing is turning in a circle. It will rotate you whether you want to or not.

DIZZY HEIGHTS - Gimmicks & Guide | Fall Guys - GameWith
The classic Fall Guys race

Dizzy Heights is just like the last one in that I have a memorized path that I love to take every single time. Unlike the last one, though, this is one where RNG doesn’t come into play as much as I almost never fall here. As such, there is a fairness to it that you can capitalize on if you know the map well.

Plus, there is the sheer joy of having the platform, especially the ones at the very end, whisk you away as you wait to jump to the next one. It feels exhilarating no matter how many times I’ve done it and it gives that pure joy that Fall Guys is all about.


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