Top 10 Best Call of Duty Mobile Maps 2020 Ranked

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 15th 2020

Call of Duty Mobile has quickly become one of the greatest mobile games of all time. It has delivered on the promise and idea of having a high-quality console-like experience on a mobile platform. As such, there are a lot of good maps out there. But what are the best Call of Duty Mobile maps 2020?

That is something that I am going to determine in this new post. I will go over the list of the most outstanding maps that have ever been released for the mobile game and give you an idea of the ones that I think you should keep an eye on when you play that sweet multiplayer.

Top 10 Best Call of Duty Mobile Maps 2020 Ranked

Call of Duty Mobile originally released in October 2019 as a full game that anyone could download and play for free on Android and iOS devices. At the launch of the game, several maps were available for the online multiplayer and one map for the battle royale mode.

Since then, Activision has been great about ensuring that numerous new maps are added to the game over time with each new season. A new season typically means that you are guaranteed a brand new map to check out and enjoy.

For more than 10 seasons, the game is now over a year old. It is high time to determine what the best Call of Duty Mobile maps 2020 are. That is why I will give you my top 10 list to help you determine which of these are the best around.

The criteria for these best Call of Duty Mobile maps 2020 is simple: the quality and look of the map, how balanced they are, how fun they are to play on, how well they commit to their style and the overall longevity of learning the map and wanting to keep playing on it.

For this list, I narrowed everything down to the top 10 best Call of Duty Mobile maps 2020, so there are some of your favorites that might not have made this list. Also, I included the battle royale maps and the multiplayer ones, so keep that in mind. Let’s get started.

10. Nuketown

Kicking off this list might be a multiplayer map that would surprise you, but it is Nuketown. Keep in mind that this is my list, so my preferences may differ from your own. I like Nuketown like the next person at the end of the day, but it has never been one of my favorite maps.

It is honestly to the point where I have played too much of Nuketown across numerous games, including now Call of Duty Mobile. It is a relatively small map focused on two houses in a suburban area facing one another where you can go in, out, and around them to fight the opposite team.

Initially released for the first Black Ops game in 2010, there is a lot to love about Nuketown, but it is one of the most repetitive maps around. That said, my boredom with it does not take away from the nostalgia and balanced nature of this beloved location.

9. Rust

Rust is one of the stranger maps that we have in Call of Duty Mobile. Initially released for Modern Warfare 2, this desert-themed map has two teams placed on different sides of a massive structure in the middle. There isn’t a lot to Rust, much like Nuketown, but what is there is intriguing.

In Rust, the massive structure in the middle of the map plays a key role and significantly changes the possible gameplay. There are many different hiding spots and vantage points here that give a clear bonus to those players who like those long-range gunfights.

Rust may not be the most visually appealing map in the game, but it is a classic to me for the interesting matches you can have here, from sniping up top to sneaking around atop the pipes to find the enemy team and so on. It is one that I love to play smaller team-based modes on.

8. Standoff/Standoff Halloween

Hailing from the acclaimed Black Ops 2, there is a reason that players love that game. Part of that has to do with the fantastic map selection, including the excellent Standoff. This is one of the most classic maps out there that features the urban nature that I love about Call of Duty.

In Standoff, you are in a quaint little town to explore the narrow streets and indoors. It isn’t huge by any means, but it isn’t super tiny either, marking a nice in-between for the most part. It works well for both Team Deathmatch as well as the objective-based modes.

Then, Standoff is popular enough that it has solely become the Halloween icon map for Call of Duty Mobile. When Halloween rolls around (as it just did recently at the time of writing this), it is decked out in spooky decor, and there is a reason that this is the showcase for that holiday.

7. Killhouse

Killhouse is one of the oddest maps in the entire Call of Duty Mobile experience. Instead of being based on a particular multiplayer map that you know and love, based on the tutorial map used in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare back in 2007.

Killhouse is a strange map repurposed with the multiplayer experience in mind. I am not the biggest fan of smaller maps like this one, but Killhouse sticks out in my head as one of the best around. It is just one large warehouse with tons of corridors and cover.

There are several pathways through this warehouse building, with both teams starting on opposite sides of it. There is a lot of open space along with open air so that you can get long-range vantage points but be vulnerable at the same time. It is a dangerous and risky map that requires the best players to win.

6. Crash

Carrying on the Modern Warfare train for a moment, Crash is the next map that I think is one of the best in Call of Duty Mobile. This Call of Duty 4 map is a medium-sized one that features two teams on opposite sides of a section of a town that is clearly in the middle of war.

The crash part of the map’s name comes from the helicopter crash site that happens to mark the middle of the map. It is typically where two teams will meet up with one another and start destroying each other, trying to control the very nice helicopter cover point.

Crash is one map that is fine in Team Deathmatch but excels when it comes to objective-based modes like Domination and others. Fighting over points and cover here is excellent, lending itself well to all types of players from close combat fans to snipers and everything in between.

5. Alcatraz

For the middle map on this best Call of Duty Mobile maps 2020 list is one that may surprise you: Alcatraz. One of the newest maps on this list, this one debuted in Season 11 as part of the one-year celebration of the game coming out on Android and iOS devices.

Alcatraz is unlike other multiplayer maps on this list because it isn’t there for the traditional Team Deathmatch and Domination game modes. Instead, it is here for the equally important battle royale experience that players know and love from this mobile game.

Battle royale was already great enough in Call of Duty Mobile. Still, the addition of this map from Black Ops 4 only elevated it, providing a smaller, crazier, and more intimate take on the battle royale mode that I am already a massive fan of.

4. Hijacked

Another classic Black Ops 2 map makes its mark on this list with Hijacked. One of the most interesting things about Call of Duty maps throughout the years have been the fascinating locations that they have taken us to for the sole purpose of taking each other out over and over.

One such random but welcome location back in the Black Ops 2 days was that the Hijacked map took us into the middle of the ocean and set players aboard a ship. The map isn’t as large as you might expect, but the intricate nature is thoughtfully designed.

From taking a dip in the pool to running through the ship hallways, every location and corridor matters. It is where close combat reigns supreme and will be an excellent map for those players who like to show up with their powerful shotguns and SMG weapons.

3. Crossfire

Many different town maps out there in the Call of Duty franchise where you are set in a small town and have to run around an urban environment taking out other players. But one of the maps that does this setting the best is the Crossfire map.

Coming from the original Modern Warfare, Crossfire has players in a town with several buildings and a ton of different play options. The two larger buildings on either side of the town are there for players to try to out snipe one another.

If sniping isn’t your thing, that is fine as this is one of the most flexible maps where assault rifles can also do well. Then there are the indoor buildings that are throughout where the close combat shotguns and SMGs can also do quite well, leading to a map that is one of the best at offering something for everyone.

2. Scrapyard

When it comes to one of my favorite maps in Call of Duty Mobile, it has to be one that encompasses what I love about the franchise so much, and that is the action. Like I mentioned before, I’m not usually a fan of smaller maps, but this map, Scrapyard, is one that has convinced me otherwise.

In the middle of a graveyard for airplanes and other stuff, Scrapyard is a weird map that is both small and dense with stuff. It is one map that lends itself well to close combat fighting and does it in the classic Call of Duty way of having controlled chaos.

Running through the remains of the airplanes, sneaking around the different parts, coming up and getting the first shot on someone are all classic actions that I associate with Call of Duty. This map is one of the best at showcasing it in a crazy but fun and balanced way.

1. Isolated

The very best Call of Duty Mobile map could be considered a cheating one in a way. I think that the Isolated map is the very best one around with no competition, but that’s because it has just about everything that every map on this list has and more.

I mean, it even has parts of maps that were on this list, like Nuketown, that you can visit and enjoy. Isolated has no competition, especially if you are a fan of battle royale. It is a massive map that rivals other battle royale games on consoles and PC with its size and beauty.

There is an overwhelming amount of diversity to this map, which has grown since the game’s launch. There is the desert, the rolling hills, the underground sections, the snowy mountains to the north, the water to the west, etc. Every match can be different depending on where you land, creating an evergreen map that easily beats out any other one in Call of Duty Mobile.


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