Top 10 Best Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Maps 2020 Including Nuketown 84

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 28th 2020

Activision and Treyarch have crafted one of the finest multiplayer experiences in the Call of Duty series with Black Ops Cold War. The gameplay is frenetic, tight, and exciting, while the locations are varied and interesting. For this post, I wanted to rank the best Black Ops Cold War maps 2020.

Black Ops Cold War Launched With a Tight Selection of Maps

With the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on Nov. 13, the game launched with 10 maps in total for the multiplayer side of things. Eight of those maps relegated to only the normal multiplayer experience, with two more for the new Fireteam mode.

Furthermore, three of the maps on the multiplayer side of things have bigger versions used for the two Combined Arms games modes at launch, with smaller versions of these three maps used for the normal modes like regular Domination and Search & Destroy.

If you have only checked out the basic multiplayer game modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, then you may have missed out on a wide selection of the maps that are in the game. But in total, at launch, there were 10 maps that you could check out, not including the smaller variations.

Ten maps is a pretty basic, standard amount. Treyarch went further to make sure that all 10 of them are brand new maps that we have never seen before in a Call of Duty game. That originality remained that way until the launch of Nuketown 84 a couple of weeks after the game came out.

Nuketown 84 was the first post-launch map to join the roster and the first one to be a returning map from a previous game. As always, Nuketown is in a Black Ops game, but this iteration focused on setting it close to the singleplayer campaign time.

Top 10 Best Black Ops Cold War Maps 2020

With the addition of Nuketown 84 into the mix, the map count became 11 for the current version of Black Ops Cold War. Before the year ends, I wanted to make the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War maps 2020.

Out of the 11 maps that are currently in the game, I wanted to rank them based on many factors to help you know which ones are the best and which ones to avoid when voting for the next map to play on. There are a lot of factors that went into determining the best maps.

The top 10 best Black Ops Cold War maps 2020 were based on my personal preference, how balanced the maps are, the look of them, how fun various game modes are on them, how flexible they are for allowing for different playstyles, how popular they are, and many more.

Since I am only doing the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War maps 2020, that means that one map will not make the list at all. That map is none other than Satellite, which other than maybe one other map on this list, is the only one that is straight up bad in this game.

Satellite is a problematic multiplayer map that is unbalanced and ultimately favors snipers over anything else. While it isn’t as egregious as it was in the beta test for the game, this map is still a waste of time and one that I highly recommend avoiding at all costs.

But other than that, let’s get started with the top 10 best Black Ops Cold War maps 2020.

10. Nuketown ’84

Kicking off this list is possibly a controversial choice, but I stand by: Nuketown 84. I mentioned that Satellite wasn’t the only potentially bad map in the game and the other one is Nuketown 84. I do think that this map is pretty bad.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nuketown as I feel that it is way too popular and overused in every Black Ops game, but I appreciate some aspects of it. However, this version of the map is the worst one. It fails to live up to the standards set before it.

For starters, the speed of Black Ops Cold War doesn’t lend itself well to Nuketown anymore, making this map feel even faster than ever before. Secondly, this could have been a chance to expand the map and make it slightly bigger for once, and that was a missed opportunity.

Then there is the visual style of this version, which is the worst to date. There is like one color on the whole map that is brown and makes everything look the same and horrible. It’s a dirty, dingy version of Nuketown that muddies the legacy of this beloved location.

9. Ruka

For the next map on this list, we get to the pretty good or at least decent ones. Such is the case with Ruka, one map that many players may have never played on if you avoid the Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode. It is one of the exclusive maps for that playlist.

Ruka is a forest map with lots of trees and hidden areas to sneak up on your enemies in Fireteam Dirty Bomb. It is an alright map with a one-note style that doesn’t make it look too great visually. But more importantly than that, it just doesn’t do much to stand out.

Ruka is a pretty repetitive map with little to no interesting spots. The large size of it doesn’t help with this as there isn’t much variation to find. When it comes to the Dirty Bomb game mode, the other map option is a better choice.

8. Alpine

Alpine is the more preferred map for the Fireteam game modes and is another exclusive one that you wouldn’t find in normal multiplayer. I vastly prefer Alpine as it has a snowy mountainous terrain that lends itself well to the massive 40-player game mode.

There are many places to hide and sneak up on enemies, the lodges and other buildings are cool, and it feels like it could be a solid battle royale map if it was ever used for that. But that isn’t to say that it is perfect as, like Ruka, it has its fair share of problems.

Alpine is pretty one-note as well, with the same standard white snow everywhere that you look. There isn’t much variation to the areas, making it only marginally better than Ruka. If anything, this tells me that Treyarch needs to work hard to release a fantastic Fireteam map in the future.

7. Garrison

With those maps out of the way, the only ones left are the traditional multiplayer maps that you will encounter in Black Ops Cold War. All of these remaining maps are good, but Garrison is the least good out of all of them. It isn’t a bad map at all but a pretty solid one that I like.

Garrison takes place in a huge warehouse location where there are corridors, some outdoor sections, and many hiding places that cater to different playstyles. It is a pretty confined space overall that is varied and feels good, but it does have some issues that keep it from reaching higher.

For one, it does feel like Garrison tries too hard to be flexible given the size of this small to medium map. This makes it slightly unbalanced and a bit unpredictable compared to the rest of this list. While not quite luck-based, there are too many counters and corridors to balance it that it damages the map slightly in the end.

6. Checkmate

Checkmate is better than Garrison but oddly similar in a way. Like Garrison, it takes place in a warehouse, but the difference is that Checkmate’s entirety is inside a massive building. It is a smaller map than most, but there is something almost instantly recognizable about this location.

The spawns are solid, centering around this plane that is in the middle of the map. The plane itself is detailed with some rooms and a long corridor with some surprisingly well-placed hiding spots, making Checkmate great for objective-based modes like Domination and Search & Destroy.

Both spawn points are balanced well, too, making one better for sniping and having a wide view range while the other has a safer chance of getting into the plane, making both sides worth playing on. If anything, Checkmate is the most “Call of Duty” of the maps in the game, making it instantly familiar but also not doing too much to change up the formula.

5. Cartel

When the beta test happened, I hated the Cartel map, but the actual launch has changed my opinion greatly to make it one of my favorites around. The first of the three maps on this list can expand into a larger version for the Combined Arms mode. This is a solid map.

Taking place near a jungle, there is a lot of grass, hills, and rocks in the outdoors sections, plus a couple of buildings, vantage points, and a large warehouse to explore. There is a lot of variation to Cartel, but this does come with some unbalance to it as well.

The hills and higher points give you a better view of the surrounding areas, definitely favoring one side of the map over the other. It isn’t as problematic in practice as it sounds on paper, which is good, but it does make the non-Combined Arms version of Cartel not fun. But in the larger Combined Arms: Domination and Assault modes, it is a solid map.

4. Miami

When it comes to the stunning visuals that the next-gen hardware and new graphics cards for PC can handle, the real showcase for it all is the Miami map. The only one taking place at night, which is unfortunate, Miami is the neon-splashed, shiny city that you would expect in the 1980s.

It is an interesting map with a more diagonal spawn point-style that centers around a couple of blocks of Miami near the water. Some hotels and other buildings give a wide range of close combat interiors plus some range in the outdoor sections in the middle.

Miami is a beautiful map and works well with a variety of game modes, especially the objective-based ones. With so many interior spaces, there are many places to hand stand-offs and hide in wait to take out an unsuspecting VIP or bomb-carrier.

3. Armada

Armada is the second map on this list, with both a smaller version for normal modes and a bigger one for Combined Arms. I’m not sure about the size exactly, but it could be the largest multiplayer map outside of the Fireteam ones, but it is hard to tell with this one.

Armada is set in the middle of the ocean aboard several ships and some sunken ones as well. As such, there are lots of boats, machine guns, corridors, interior spots, sniping ranges, and more. Armada is one of the most varied maps around and pure Call of Duty joy to play.

As the only water-based map, there is nothing like sneaking up below someone from the depths of the sea and taking them out quickly and quietly. Unlike Cartel, this map is excellent for its larger version, but the smaller one is excellently designed to feel huge and have lots of verticality unique in Black Ops Cold War.

2. Moscow

The runner-up for the best map in the game to date is Moscow. Another striking example of how good the game can look, this map takes place in the daytime in an area of Moscow. It isn’t a huge map by any means, but it has a lot of density between the streets and various buildings.

Even after spending dozens of matches on this map, I still feel like I don’t have a firm grasp of its layout, unlike the others, which isn’t necessarily bad. I feel like I am always learning a new camping spot or vantage point. It continues to be one of my favorites.

Moscow is also one of the only maps in the entire game that I feel is great not just for objective-based game modes due to the intricacies of the design but also for the eliminations-focused Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. It is a blast to run around the spaces, looking for the next target to take out.

1. Crossroads

In the end, there is no comparison with Crossroads, the very best map that Treyarch has released for Black Ops Cold War bar none. It is not only the best map in the game but one of the best maps that the Black Ops series has ever seen released across its now five mainline games.

Taking place in the snowy tundras, Crossroads is also the only other snowy map besides Alpine in the game. However, it couldn’t be more different as there is a visual variation to Crossroads with dirt and lots of buildings to explore never to make it feel old.

It is a tighter experience in its smaller version, but one that still feels dense and large compared to other maps, but it truly excels with the Combined Arms version. I won’t deny that I am a Battlefield fan, too, and this map is the closest that Call of Duty has ever felt to Battlefield. I honestly love the mix of the two.

Each of the six main points in Domination and the five in Combined Arms: Assault are fantastically placed and designed to make either side work as your spawn place. While I prefer one side to the other, it is a matter of preference rather than balance. Crossroads was an instant favorite from the moment I first played on it. It remains as such after dozens and dozens of matches there. Future maps added to the game will have a hard time beating or even matching this masterful location.


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