Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games in 2021

by in General | Sep, 11th 2021

Battle royale games are now at the heart of online multiplayer games in 2021, making up most of the success and popularity of games on mobile, PC, and consoles. As we are now several years into this genre, it is now time to reevaluate the top 10 best battle royale games 2021. 

Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2021 List

The top 10 best battle royale games 2021 is an update of our 2020 list that went over the same criteria and many of the same games but updated to reflect the changes this year. There are some new games on this list and plenty of returning favorites, but all good games are worth playing. 

For reference, I did not look at my 2020 list when creating this one. I decided to go in fresh this time and let the past nine months determine what I think about these games based on their merit, rather than relying on what came before. 

However, I think there are likely some major changes since my personal preferences and reflections on certain games are no longer the bright and shiny titles that I once thought they were. Furthermore, other older games were able to make a comeback after a rough 2020. 

As for how I assembled my top 10 best battle royale games 2021 list, many factors go into this, including the overall quality of the game, gameplay, the popularity of it, uniqueness, my thoughts on the game right now, and how it handles events and other optional content.

Through this, I believe I was able to come up with a definitive list of the top 10 best battle royale games 2021 that you need to know about at this time. Fortunately, there are games on this list across every single platform, from mobile to PC to all current consoles, so there is something for everyone. 

It is also worth mentioning that I only considered games that are out right now. Even though I’ve had the chance to play PUBG New State, it is not considered for this year’s list, given that it is not fully out just yet. Without further ado, let us look at our picks for the top 10 best battle royale games 2021. 

10. Super Animal Royale

When it comes to brand new games this year on the list, there is one of the oddest picks: Super Animal Royale. Unlike other games on this list, this bloodbath does not feature humans or even have 3D graphics like almost every other game here. 

Instead, Super Animal Royale takes place on a 2D plane amid an abandoned safari park. The animals there go wild and start destroying one another until only one is left standing. There are various weapons and other equipment that you can use to show that you are at the top of the food chain in this game. 

What makes Super Animal Royale stand out is the overwhelming customization of your animal from species to colors and various cosmetic items and the 2D perspective. It is unique and coupled with the gameplay’s primal feel, giving it a real Hunger Games style that I like. 

9. Tetris 99

Returning this year is Nintendo’s own exclusive battle royale title that is still going strong, and that is Tetris 99. Free-to-play, so long as you have the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, the premise is simple, bizarre, and surprisingly fun: 99 players drop into individual games of Tetris to outlast opponents.  

You are playing your own game of Tetris and trying to survive as long as possible while dealing with 98 other players who can send any of their cleared blocks over to your screen to make it harder for you to win in the most intense game of Tetris ever. 

While I’m not that good at Tetris myself, that is part of what makes Tetris 99 so fun: I can enjoy playing it even though I know that I will likely not make it too deep into the top 10 if I even reach that mark. There is a sense of strategy and pacing unlike any other game on this list, making it a unique battle royale game here. 

8. Naraka: Bladepoint

Next up on the top 10 best battle royale games 2021 list, we have one of the newest games: Naraka: Bladepoint. This is also one of the unique titles on this list as it features a massive focus on melee combat and some ranged weaponry, like bows and arrows. 

Unlike most other battle royale games here that are all about guns and other weapons, Naraka brings it to a more simplified approach that ends up being deep, rich, and challenging. Sixty players drop into a melee-focused match where the gameplay is methodical and not a shooter’s swiftness.

This requires a different style of pacing and thinking to win in Naraka: Bladepoint that carves out a niche that was sorely missing in the battle royale genre. The one element that holds this game back right now from being much higher is the price point. Requiring a purchase for a battle royale game in 2021 is a tough pill to swallow that I think only one game has found success with (more on that one in a bit). 

7. Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a game that I think does not get enough love these days. Too many people are sleeping on this battle royale title. Essentially Harry Potter the battle royale game. Unlike most other games, players select one of two magic classes and hop into a match with movement and attacking. 

Though the map and art style are a little too Fortnite-inspired, in my opinion, the gameplay is stellar here and my favorite among any game on this list. Being able to send out environmental area of effect hazards to annoy enemies and then reign down fireballs to demolish enemies never gets old. 

On the other hand, the movement is fantastic, too, with different equipment that helps you move in different ways, be it teleporting or dashing through the skies as a flying mage. And the best part is that it is one of the few games on this list that is available for all consoles, including Switch. 

6. Fall Guys

Whether or not you consider it to be a battle royale game, I think that Fall Guys undoubtedly is one and an experience that is more than worthy of the genre. The idea is simple yet crazy all at the same time: players arrive in a TV game show where it is all about surviving on obstacle courses. 

For many classic maps, the goal is to reach the finish line at the end of the map and be among the limited number of players who will survive and make it to the next round. But there are other maps, too, like scoring points as a team, playing tag, or some memory games. 

I do think that the more thought-provoking experiences are still pretty lacking in Fall Guys. Still, the sheer number of maps and seasons that have happened thus far have ballooned the game with enough content that, even if you do not like one map, in particular, you are likely to get one you like in the next round. 

5. Call of Duty Warzone

It may be shocking to find Call of Duty Warzone at the number five spot on this list, but that is where it is for me in 2021. Despite being among the very best in 2020, I think that the game has fallen off considerably in terms of quality, even if its actual success is still very, very strong. 

Warzone is the barebones first-person shooter battle royale gameplay that you would expect from the series. It has the classic Call of Duty feel and look in a large battle royale experience. But where it falls off for me is how this game has grown stale compared to the next four games. 

The map of Verdansk has grown old for me. I’m not a fan of the 80s version. The gameplay is not my style of Call of Duty, with the more Treyarch/Cold War feel being more akin to my liking. In my opinion, while still a strong game in its own right, Warzone is in dire need of a major shakeup now that the novelty has worn off and, hopefully, its connection with Vanguard later this year will make the difference. 

4. Call of Duty Mobile

Oddly enough, I rank the battle royale component in Call of Duty Mobile higher than what Warzone currently offers. This is a battle royale list, so I am only judging this based on battle royale, but I think that I would rather play this mobile game than Warzone any day at this point. 

The Isolated map is more interesting and varied than Verdansk, while the gameplay feels nice. With or without a controller on mobile, I have a blast with the lightning speed of this mobile title. I would much rather play it in the end. 

To make matters worse, it has much the same content as Warzone, like the Alcatraz Island, but I still feel that Call of Duty Mobile is better suited to this smaller destination. However, in the end, I think that both games pale in comparison to the next three titles. 

3. PUBG/PUBG Mobile

This year, the number three best battle royale game is a two-piece: PUBG and its mobile counterpart, PUBG Mobile. I decided to bring these two together because they are very similar and different at the same time, but they complete each other simultaneously. 

The main PUBG has the excellent Taego map this year that has finally brought us back to the classic 8×8 map experience that has been sorely missing there. Mobile has made some great moves in terms of content and crossovers this year that is unparalleled. 

PUBG Mobile is, without a doubt, the mobile battle royale experience that players should check out if they are on Android and iOS, and mainline PUBG is finally in a place again where I can recommend it to people. This series that started the battle royale trend is finally looking great again.

2. Fortnite

Coming up in the number two spot this year is Fortnite. In my opinion, Fortnite had a lot of trouble last year in 2020, from the mixed reception to its seasons to the extreme lack of competitions, but for the most part, Season 4 was able to carry it for that amount of time. 

However, I think that Fortnite finally found a more even pacing in 2021 that helped to make it seem better overall this year. Though I was not a huge fan of seasons, the general experience was quite good across 5, 6, and 7, making for seasons worth playing.

And then there are the unique parts of Fortnite, like the crossovers and events that propelled the game further than ever before. It seemed like a new famous character from movies or comics was showing up every single week while events like the Ariana Grande concert raised the bar for what Epic Games can do. Fortnite is looking like a winner again this year as it nears the end of the current second chapter. 

1. Apex Legends

In the end, though, the number one battle royale game this year is Apex Legends. Returning to the top is Respawn’s unbelievably popular and good title. Last year, Warzone’s novelty shined so brightly. The lackluster seasons made Apex Legends step back for a bit. 

However, this year has been win after win for Apex Legends, from new legends like Seer and Valkyrie, who have brought some of the best abilities to map changes and decisions that have set the game up for success in the future. 

That is all before bringing up the numerous in-game events that we have had and the most important feature of it all: Arena. The new game mode is an excellent addition to battle royale that has become some player’s go-to mode. And to only cement the fact that Apex Legends is the best battle royale game this year, its gameplay is the best at this time, which is the single most important part of a battle royale title. 


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