Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games in 2020

by in General | May, 21st 2020

2020 is in the middle of one of the craziest years ever. We don’t need to remind you about the awful and unfortunate things happening in the world right now, but we do know that there is a bright side to all of this. With our best battle royale games 2020 list, we have some of the best games to play.

2020 Shows That Battle Royale Games Aren’t Done Yet

With so many crazy things happening in the world right now, many people are mandated, recommended, or choosing to shelter at home even if the lockdowns in their respective area or country are removed. This means potentially having a lot of time on your hands.

With so much time on your hands, it is no surprise that many players are turning to games to spend their time as things like going out and everyday routine isn’t necessarily a given. One genre of games that is thriving in this quarantine time is the battle royale genre.

Battle royale games are still relatively newer to the video game scene, but they continue to grow each year with more interesting additions and unique experiences to check out. 2020 shows that the peak of battle royale games is far from over and we expect it to only get better and better from here.

We Could See More Games Release as We Enter the Next Generation

2020 isn’t only the year of some amazing battle royale titles that you can play, but there is something else that is coming later this year as well: the release of the next generation of consoles. This holiday season, players will have the opportunity to play the Xbox Series X and PS5.

These new consoles will arrive as the first new generation of systems since the creation of the battle royale genre in our current gen. It will be interesting to see how these games react to that and how many of them will be at the launch of the new systems.

That said, we even expect there to be new battle royale games that pop up that will be exclusive to the next generation of hardware since they will have more power to work with and can do even bigger and crazier things. But until then, we have our best battle royale games 2020 list to keep us busy.

Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games 2020 Criteria

This best battle royale games 2020 list is based on many factors, including the quality of the games as they are this year, how they stack up to the other games in the genre, how genuinely enjoyable they are on their own, how good it is at getting players to want to come back, and more.

There is so much to this list and there are a lot of factors that went into how we determined the best battle royale games this year. Fan favorites like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Blackout all return from our previous list last year, but the rankings might surprise you this time around.

Though some of our best lists lately haven’t been ranking the games, we went ahead and did that for this one. So, without further ado, here are the best battle royale games that you can play right now in 2020. These games include every modern system from mobile to PC to consoles, including Nintendo Switch.

10. Blackout

Kicking off this list is one game that has, unfortunately, fallen quite far since the last time I did a best battle royale games list. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has its own battle royale game mode in the form of Blackout. This game came in at No. 2 last year but has fallen quite far now.

This is because Blackout is no longer the newer kid on the block. And the problems that are with this still great game mode have become apparent over time as other games have released. That said, there is still an enjoyable experience to be found in the Blackout experience.

Matches take place on a large map that pays homage to everything Call of Duty and the Black Ops sub-series. Players will find areas like Nuketown and more that are fantastic recreations within the confines of the last player standing formula. The main problem and why it is at No. 10 is that it suffers from being only playable if you own the Black Ops 4 game.

9. Spellbreak

At the time of writing this, Spellbreak is still not available for the general public on PC outside of testing and the like. This is a problem that I had last year as well, but since we are nearing the end of its testing, and the game has grown over the past year, it has moved up a spot.

However, it is a game that you absolutely should not ignore. Spellbreak takes the tried and true battle royale formula and turns it into a magical spell-based game instead of a physical first-person shooter.

Gone are the guns and bullets of other games on this list, and in their place are fireballs and ice spells. The spells that you utilize in the game can make it similar to a first-person shooter in a way, but I do think that it is unique enough to stand out.

There are spell combinations, different classes, RPG elements, and so much more to find in this battle royale game. You can stun your enemies and make yourself leap to higher points, and it all works seamlessly in the gorgeous cel-shaded game. Don’t let this game slip off your radar.

8. Darwin Project

Darwin Project is a battle royale game that is available on both consoles and PC. It fits an interesting niche as you won’t find massive 100-player matches here. Instead, it is a much smaller experience where there are only a handful of players who are competing against one another.

They are brought together by another player in the match who is selected to be the showrunner of sorts. This player can tweak the game in interesting ways, giving it a feel similar to the Hunger Games series. In this way, it stands out as a unique experience worth checking out.

However, the smaller number of players and the limited but interesting arsenal might not appeal to everyone. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional guns and explosives, you might want to check out the bow and arrows, axes, and traps that are at the heart of the Darwin Project.

7. Realm Royale

Much of my opinion regarding Realm Royale hasn’t changed at all since my previous list last year, hence, why it moved to the No. 7 position. After all, Realm Royale feels like the most blatant Fortnite copycat on this list, right down to the map you’re on and even the graphical style of it. Originally starting as a Paladins spin-off battle royale, it soon became its own dedicated free to play battle royale game.

While it isn’t enough to dethrone Fortnite for sure, it does rightfully stand on its own two feet as a competent and interesting battle royale game nonetheless. The general details are all what you would expect from this type of game, but it does have a couple of interesting twists.

For one, there are abilities and classes that you can select for each match, something it did long before other great battle royales like Apex Legends. These abilities like shields and the like allow you to mix up your gameplay and not just do the standard shooting.

You can also have a mount to quickly move across the map at any time. It is worth noting that it is still in early access, but it does have more improvements over most of the other early access games on this list. It is also available on most consoles and PC, so it makes it more accessible than some previous entries on this list.

6. Tetris 99

This next entry on this list wasn’t on the previous top 10 battle royale games I did, but it is certainly worth being here. Tetris 99 is by far the most unique entry here, as it has nothing to do with killing your opponent. Well, it doesn’t at least in the traditional way.

Nintendo surprised us all by making Tetris 99 be one of the main reasons why you would want to get the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. This game allows you to jump into a seemingly normal game of Tetris, except that you are competing in a round of 99 players in total.

You will drop the blocks and try to clear lines like normal, but at the same time, your opponents are, too. This will lead to crazy moments where you are trying to clear lines so that you can send stacks of puzzle pieces to your enemies to knock them out before someone gets you. It’s insane, unbelievably unique, and we couldn’t be more glad it exists.

5. Call of Duty Mobile

Another new entry on this list is Call of Duty Mobile. Released last year for mobile devices, this is the only true mobile-specific entry here. This is one game that you will have to pick up a smartphone or tablet to play. However, it is worth it for the sheer strength of this mobile title.

Call of Duty Mobile is a wonderful experience that truly feels like a console or PC game on the go. There is no other mobile game that captures that feeling as well as this game thus far and one of its main modes is battle royale. This is a complete battle royale, built from the ground up for mobile.

You are going to have the standard 100-player matches, but you also have a plethora of options from your squad size to even the class you will choose. The classes are, albeit, pretty basic but they bring interesting twists like being able to go invisible or heal your teammates.


PUBG is in a strange place in 2020. While we did think it might have reached its peak last year, it has somehow found a way to stay relevant throughout the year thus far. PUBG made some interesting changes that have pleased the community while becoming more open and honest in general.

But enough about the business changes because what about the game itself? Well, one of the biggest and most important changes it made was not actually to its battle royale game but to the game as a whole by adding other modes like Team Deathmatch and the like.

This doesn’t do anything for the battle royale fans, though, which is why it dropped a place from last year’s list. That said, there are some great moves the game has made for battle royale like wonderfully redoing Vikendi and making that map better than ever before.

3. Apex Legends

Moving up a spot from its position last year, Apex Legends has grown quite a lot in its first year on the market. While last year it seemed like a half-formed game that we weren’t too sure about just yet, this year, it is a different experience.

Apex Legends has gone through several seasons already, mastered its ranked system, added some brilliant new legends like Revenant and Loba, and so much more. But the same amazing core experience of its class-based battle royale system is still here.

Abilities are just as important as ever before, with a different metagame existing entirely compared to how it was a year ago. With more changes on the way this year for the game and the recent return of the Kings Canyon map, there is no doubt that Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games around.

2. Fortnite

This might be a shocking move, but Fortnite isn’t the best battle royale game this year in my opinion thus far. The game that took the world by storm is still one of the greatest and most popular games around, but it hasn’t done enough this year just yet to keep its throne.

While it has made some awesome changes like the generally good season two release and the insane Travis Scott event, the core battle royale experience in Fortnite hasn’t changed enough or improved upon what was started last year with the launch of chapter two.

That said, there is still no social experience in gaming that quite lives up to the unbelievable pedigree that Fortnite has. It has easily shocked us time and time again with its ability to create games like Party Royale and more that we didn’t even know we wanted. But it isn’t the best battle royale game this year.

1. Warzone

Who would have thought that the No. 1 game on this list would also be the newest? I hesitated honestly to put Call of Duty Warzone here at the top, but it hasn’t failed to make an excellent move after move since its launch to prove that it isn’t just for show.

Warzone launched earlier this year as the battle royale component to Modern Warfare. It is both the game mode for that title but also its own free standalone experience. Since launch, it hasn’t just been a great game, but has consistently made new content for players like new modes, weapons, and more.

Warzone is an exceptional battle royale game on its own as well. You have massive matches of up to 150 players where you battle on the huge map of Verdansk. There are vehicles, perks, and more. Then there are the new features that it came up with: bounty contracts, the Gulag duel respawn system, and more that other games should be copying.

It is the best pure battle royale experience available right now and it looks like this won’t change anytime soon.


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