Top 10 Best Apex Legends Seasons: Which Is the Best?

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 12th 2021

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games of all time. It is beloved in the community as a fan favorite for many. Recently, at the time of writing this, the battle royale title reached an important milestone, so now it is time to rank all of the best Apex Legends seasons. 

What players will find is that there are 10 seasons in total that have been released for Apex Legends at the time of creating this list, not including the preseason content that happened from the launch of the game until the release of the first actual wave of new content known as Season 1. 

Top 10 Best Apex Legends Seasons List

Since the launch of the first season in early 2019, there have been 10 seasons to date. They are each unique and interesting in their ways. Some of them focused on updating the existing maps in the game at the time, while others introduced a brand new location to explore. 

Still, other maps offered new types of game modes, limited-time events, game modes, and so much more. For sure, there are some tropes that every single season pretty much follows, but some are better than others in the content that it brought to the Apex table. 

Some of the content that we always know is going to be in a new season includes map changes to at least one of the maps in the battle royale game, a new legend character to unlock and play as, a new battle pass with items to progress and unlock, and at least a couple of limited time events.

But then others took it a notch further than that, like adding excellent characters that stand out among the growing list of legends, new locations to explore, new game modes to enjoy, and balancing changes that helped the game become better and better.

In making this top 10 best Apex Legends seasons list, I made sure to rank them depending on the content and changes that the particular season brought to the community. Of course, the ones that did not do that much or just stuck to the expected status quo did rank very high on the list. 

At the same time, if a season did something radically different in the grand scheme of the game, it pretty much was guaranteed a spot higher up on the list. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 best Apex Legends seasons list, based solely on my thoughts. You may have different rankings for some of them, so be sure to let us know what your picks are. 

Before I get started, though, I want to shout out to the preseason period that is the runner-up that did not make the list. It is not on the top 10 best Apex Legends seasons list because it is technically not a season. If I did choose to include it, though, it would probably be somewhere in the middle given its sheer amount of content in starting the entire game. 

10. Season 1

To begin this list, I think that the worst season in the game is certainly the first season that happened. This is the one that started the trend that is still going strong today. Not much has deviated from the content that the first season brought to the table. 

The addition of a battle pass system, a new legend to check out in Octane, and other minor changes set the stage for the seasons to come. In this regard, it is monumental for creating the system that is still used for the latest seasons to come out for Apex Legends. 

With that said, it is the most barebones season of them all, hence its placement on the top 10 best Apex Legends seasons list. Sure, it added a battle pass, new legend, and event, but not much else other than that. It laid the foundation for the much better seasons of battle royale that would come later on. 

9. Season 2

Coming up next on the list is the second season known as Battle Charge. This is a strange season, too. It followed up on the first one by expanding it some but did not do much else beyond that. This was like part two of setting the foundation for what Apex Legends would look like. 

Because of that, Season 2 is just the bare minimum of what makes an Apex Legends season what it is. It did bring about the release of ranked seasons, which is a solid addition that we take for granted now, but that only puts it a step above the first one. 

It also introduced seasonal map changes with some changes to Kings Canyon, but, again, this is all standard stuff. Even the addition of Wattson, which was welcome, and the L-Star were just standard content that pales compared to some of the bigger changes that would come later on. 

8. Season 6

Boosted was the season that brought along with it the release of the new legend Rampart. After that, we come now to a much newer season of sorts in Season 6. The problem with this season is that it is pretty cookie-cutter, with only a couple of changes to make it seem interesting. 

It goes slightly above the second season because it had some solid limited-time events, like the Aftermarket and the crafting system that is now a core part of the gameplay. There is also the long-awaited Volt SMG from Titanfall that players were excited about. 

But everything else in Season 6 was pretty lackluster, including Rampart, one of the worst legends to be added to the game post-launch, and the okay map changes that happened on World’s Edge. You can tell this season was holding off for the greatness that would come after. 

7. Season 10

For the seventh season on the top 10 best Apex Legends seasons list, we have the most recent one in Season 10. Known as the Emergence season, this is the second one that has officially done away with the numbered seasons in favor of choosing a theme. 

This was likely done to prevent players from thinking that just because it is the 10th season does not mean it will be as groundbreaking as some of the other ones. Like the previous season, this is one of the most predictable and uninteresting seasons to date. 

Following up on several great seasons, this is no surprise, but it is still something that can be a bit disappointing. The highlight of this season is Seer, an amazing new legend, and the ranked Arena game mode. But, other than that, everything else is just about uninteresting as it gets. 

6. Season 8

From there, we come to Season 8 that is known as Mayhem. What is unfortunate about Season 8 is that it had to follow one of the best seasons in the history of Apex Legends and be just before the following season that would also be among the best in the game. 

Those are some tough shoes to fill. This season had many limited-time events back-to-back that fleshed out what could have been an otherwise uninteresting experience. It did a solid job, turning the tide from here on in favor of pretty good seasons. 

Though Fuse is also one of the worst legends in the game to date, this was remedied by including the 30-30 Repeater and Nintendo Switch platform launch. With so much going on in Season 8, it felt like a good time to play or try it out for the first time if you were a Switch user. 

5. Season 4

Now we finally make it to the top five where every season from here on out is pretty great in their own right. Starting off is Season 4 Assimilation, one of the most controversial picks on this list. However, I’m a fan of this particular season and the place where we truly saw the game take off. 

Revenant is not one of the most beloved characters to release in the game, but the backstory and everything leading to the Season 4 release were phenomenal. With leakers saying one thing and Respawn saying another about who the legend would be, the shocker of Revenant being the real character was awesome. 

Then there were extraordinary events that paved the way for some of the best features to be released in Apex Legends, including the Evo Armor and the first new game mode in duos battle royale. It was a very solid season that was surprising given what came before it and what would come after it. 

4. Season 5

Immediately following up after Season 4 was another similar season with some lackluster parts but more than made up for that in everything else that it did. Like Season 4, Season 5 Fortune’s Favor’s new legend, Loba, was pretty disappointing. 

With that out of the way, though, everything about the season was spot on with the added new items like the mobile respawn beacon and the long-awaited return to Kings Canyon for a much-needed map update. But the real star of the show in this season was a very special addition: quests. 

Like with Season 4, Respawn knocked it out of the park due to the lore surrounding this season. The new cooperative story quests, The Broken Ghost, was fantastic and gave players a reason to come back week after week. It showed that a developer could do something really special in an otherwise standard season to keep the community intrigued. 

3. Season 9

Finally, we come to the cream of the crop with the final three seasons on this list. These are the best that Apex Legends offers and represent the highs that the battle royale title can reach when done right. First up is the third-best season, with the most recent one before Season 10: Season 9. 

The Legacy season kicked out the numbers in favor of themes. It worked quite nicely here, with Legacy telling the story of Valkyrie, the newest legend. One of the best additions in a while, Valkyrie is a powerful legend that has become a fan favorite since. 

It also had a couple of great events, like the Genesis one that brought back the fan-favorite original versions of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge for players who missed them. But the single most important addition was the first-ever non-battle royale game mode: Arena. 

The more Team Deathmatch-style game mode with only two teams and one life per round is different from the Apex Games and is now the sole reason some players boot up the title. Arena changed the atmosphere for Apex Legends. Here’s hoping that another season does it again soon. 

2. Season 3

The second-best season that we have had thus far is none other than Season 3 Meltdown. In a way, you could say that Apex Legends peaked early on as the third season represented the boost that the battle royale game needed to go beyond what other titles in the space were doing. 

Sure, the Crypto legend was not exactly the best addition we’ve seen in the game, but everything else was stellar. The charge rifle? Iconic. The events, like the Grand Soiree and Fight or Fright? Easily the best events that we’ve seen to date. 

And then, more importantly than all of those: World’s Edge. It hadn’t even been a year since its release. We were already getting a second major new battle royale map. This was something that not even Fortnite was attempting that soon, showing that Apex Legends was truly something special. 

1. Season 7

While Season 3 was a fantastic start to the best Apex Legends seasons list, it was surpassed last year with Season 7. Essentially Season 3 2.0 but even better, this season did it once more, adding in a brand new map with Olympus

Now, this is where it becomes my list as some players would be World’s Edge and Season 3 above this one, but I like Olympus a lot more. The areas, environment, and atmosphere feel so different and more stylish than the first two locations. 

Then you add in the sweet events, the long-awaited release of the Steam version for players who do not like Origin, the Clubs for players who wanted permanent groups, and you have an amazing set of content. But the cherry on top of it all is Horizon. He’s a legend that we named the best in the game before, making for a nearly flawless season that is unbeatable at this time. 


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