Top 10 Apex Legends Skins

by in Apex Legends | Aug, 13th 2019

Apex Legends arrived in February 2019 and immediately took the video game world by storm. Instantly, it went from no one knowing about it at all to a surprise announcement and launch. Within the first few days, weeks, and even month, it was breaking records left and right.

For those who don’t know, Apex Legends is a battle royale game that’s similar to PUBG and Fortnite. Like those games, it offers a healthy amount of cosmetic customization for players to unlock and purchase for their characters. This is a tried and true formula that works for many other free to play games like it.

What makes this one stand out, though, is that it utilizes several set characters that you choose from a la Overwatch, and you can customize them to an extent with various skins that vary from simple to stellar. Considering the game recently came out, there are actually a fair number of skins available.

Top 10 Apex Legends Skins

What makes it really awesome is that the Apex Legends skins aren’t limited for each character since there are so many characters. Instead, each character has dozens of different skins to choose from right now that offer a good bit of variety.

Now, admittedly, many of the skins are similar to other ones found on other Legends and then repurposed to work for that specific character. Regardless, though, there are quite a lot of Apex Legends skins to choose from and hence my list.

I set out to look at all of the skins that are available right now in the game and decide which ones I think are the very best ones around. I am going to break this down into a top 10 list going from the least best on this list to the very best one that you will find in the game.

I am basing this top 10 Apex Legends skins list on a few different factors like overall appearance of the skin, how well it works with a character or all of the characters, visual effects, and uniqueness. Without further ado, it’s time to jump in and look at the very best Apex Legends skins.

10. Quicksilver

Pathfinder Quicksilver Apex Legends Skin

The first skin is a Pathfinder exclusive skin. Quicksilver is a legendary Pathfinder skin that looks pretty darn sweet. Now, I’ll be honest — I’m not a huge fan of Pathfinder’s skins, especially the exclusive ones. But Quicksilver is, without a doubt, the best of the bunch.

Quicksilver makes Pathfinder look like he just walked right out of a Tesla factory. The robot has a slick dark gray paint job with a nice metallic style. I also like what the skin does to his signature smiley face in the middle, featuring a pentagon design of sorts around it that looks nice.

It also has the tiniest bit of red accents to it that I really appreciate, and they make the skin really pop depending on the lighting. Being that it is a legendary skin, you are going to have to shell some cash or really hope for RNG to be on your side so that you can open it up in one of the crates.

9. Victory Lap

Victory Lap Apex Legends Skin

Newcomer Octane is the latest character to join the roster. Unfortunately, since he is a newer character compared to the rest, he doesn’t have nearly as many skins as the rest of the group. However, the skins he does have are some of the most unique and interesting ones out there.

Case in point is the Victory Lap skin. This legendary skin is exclusive to Octane and the one that I think is the best, although you really can’t go wrong with just about any of his skins that are available. Victory Lap, as the punny name implies, is a professional dirt bike racer-inspired skin.

The Victory Lap skin features Octane in what looks to be traditional racer gear. While I am partial to darker colors, I oddly enough like Victory Lap more than Gold Rush for Octane. Victory Lap features a helmet and outfit that fit Octane’s “gotta go fast” theme. It’s all wrapped up in a cool blue and white color scheme with some yellow accents.

8. Officer Williams

Officer Williams Apex Legends Skin

Like with Pathfinder, I feel like Bangalore sadly gets the shaft when it comes to exclusive skins. For the most part, they’re pretty bland and don’t do much to stand out from the rest of the skins, especially for legendary ones. However, that’s not the case with Officer Williams.

Officer Williams is a legendary exclusive skin to Bangalore that has her look like a cool cyberpunk cop. Her outfit has a cool pattern to it, and it features a silver and dark gray color scheme. The various stripes along the outfit also give it some texture.

Last but not least, the facial additions are a nice touch, too. The Officer Williams skin has Bangalore wear some awesome sunglasses that look straight out of Robocop and a headset, too. Without a doubt, this is the skin to get if you’re looking for a nice Bangalore option.

7. The Revenger

The Revenger Apex Legends Skin

Mirage is one of the proudest and haughtiest characters out there. He is pretty into himself, so it’s no surprise that his best skin (in my opinion) is a golden one. The Revenger is fancy as can be, featuring a futuristic armor that is both stylish and protective.

The Revenger takes the normal Mirage armor and makes it gold, and I mean gold. While some of the other skins on this list have gold or yellow as a secondary color, gold is at the forefront with The Revenger. This legendary exclusive Mirage skin is the one you want if you wish to show off.

If you’re a fan of the Deus Ex series, this is likely the skin for you. The armor has sharp edges and just a bit of dark gray to accent it that gives it a beehive-like design. For some odd reason, I’m also really drawn to the sweet-looking calves section.

6. Quarantine 722

Quarantine 722 Apex Legends Skin

Wraith has some really cool skins, and what’s really interesting is that they try more unique things with her that you don’t find in other exclusive skins, like changing her hairstyle. But the one that I really like the most and deserves to be on this Apex Legends skins list is Quarantine 722.

This legendary exclusive skin for Wraith (my main in the game, by the way) is mostly white with some green and other accents here and there. As the name implies, Quarantine 722 is a medically-themed skin. In a way, it’s like turning Wraith into a weird nurse for some odd reason.

On the chest section, there is a large red emblem with the numbers “722” on it. There are wires and other things spread over the skin, giving it a hospital feel. What really makes it cool to me, though, is the surgical mask that Wraith is wearing on her face. While I don’t really get why she has this skin, I’m grateful for it nonetheless.

5. Dark Side

Dark Side Apex Legends Skin

Dark Side is, in my opinion, the best skin for Gibraltar, and that’s saying something since I do think Gibraltar benefits from having some of the best overall skins in the game. Dark Side, like many of the others on this list, is an exclusive legendary skin for him.

Gibraltar’s armor turns into a more metallic design that is mostly black with some yellowish gold extras here and there. Like with Mirage’s The Revenger skin, the edges are sharp and have a sci-fi feel to them, but it’s not nearly as gaudy as Mirage’s skin.

In a lot of ways, it’s evidence that simplicity is sometimes the best look. It’s highlighted by the awesome markings and face paint that really blend well with the simpler armor.

4. Blackheart

Blackheart Apex Legends Skin

While Caustic is one of the least popular and worst characters to choose in the game, that doesn’t stop him from having some of the best skins. One particular skin that I think is the very best one of his available ones is Blackheart.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love the black and gold aesthetic, and none captures it better than the Blackheart skin for Caustic. This is another legendary exclusive skin that you can only find for the poison-dealing defensive character.

Blackheart features a more wintery-looking outfit for Caustic that has fur but, for the most part, features a dark color. What really elevates this otherwise simple skin is the mask that Caustic is wearing on his face. The oxygen mask is golden and metallic, looking pretty sweet while not being overbearing.

3. Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Apex Legends Skin

Now it’s time to take a step away from the exclusive legendary skins that are available for only one character and take a look at some of the broader skins. Fiber Optics is a rare skin that several characters can equip with slight changes depending on who’s wearing it.

For the most part, though, it’s a darker blue color with black, too. The pattern can vary based on who has it on, but it typically has some stripes of some sort. In addition, there are nice touches for certain characters like Mirage, who has a different blue than the others.

There’s nothing really special or unique about Fiber Optics, but the simple and clean design is appealing. The blue is really nice no matter who has it on, and it goes with just about everything. This is one skin that is easier to get than the rest, too.

2. Daemon Hunter

Daemon Hunter Apex Legends Skin

While Fiber Optics is a cool skin that can be used by several characters, it isn’t the very best one around of this type. The best of the Apex Legends skins that you can find on several characters is easily Daemon Hunter. It is sort of like the opposite of the cool Fiber Optics with red as its main focus.

There is an awesome red triangle-like pattern that is featured heavily in this skin. It makes the skin look like it’s glowing red. Also, this is a pretty universal skin no matter who you’re using it on, so you know what to expect aesthetically.

What I really like, though, are the other deeper red accents of the shoulders for Bangalore and scarf for Wraith. This is a slick and simple skin that will show your opponent you mean business. It only helps that you can use it on several different characters like Wraith, Bangalore, Caustic, and even Pathfinder.

1. The Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor Apex Legends Skin

While the other skins on this list are awesome and all, there’s no doubt in my mind that the number one best skin out of all of the Apex Legends skins is The Plague Doctor skin. The Plague Doctor skin is an exclusive legendary skin that only Bloodhound can use.

There are some exclusive skins like Mirage’s The Revenger that I’d like to see other characters have, but The Plague Doctor is one skin that only Bloodhound should have. As the name implies, it turns Bloodhound into a Plague Doctor outfit complete with the awesome mask.

The Plague Doctor Bloodhound skin is onyx and textured. The helmet is the classic Plague Doctor mask that is both terrifying and awesome. This is one skin that you will want to have if you’re looking to be that scary stalker and utilize Bloodhound’s abilities to the best.

It only helps that Bloodhound’s signature partner is a black crow, and this skin is the best one that goes with the crow on their arm. Without a doubt, I consider this the Bloodhound skin that perfectly fits their style. If you’re a Bloodhound player, I highly recommend you get The Plague Doctor, as it’s easily the best out of all of the Apex Legends skins.

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