Tips for How to Improve Your Black Ops Cold War Skills

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 21st 2020

Activision, Treyarch, Raven Software, and the other supporting studios who worked on the game have released Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. At the time of writing this, it has barely been 24 hours since its release, but we already have some key Black Ops Cold War tips for you.

Black Ops Cold War Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is the fifth main game in the first-person shooter military franchise’s sub-series and is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops game. Set in the 1980’s in multiplayer and the singleplayer story campaign, a lot is going on with this title.

There is more going on with this game than the previous one in the series, Black Ops 4, that only had the multiplayer and Zombies experiences along with Blackout battle royale. This title can be overwhelming for those new to Black Ops or dropped off with so much happening in this title.

That is where we come in. We are going to give you our best Black Ops Cold War tips so that you can leap into the battlefield and be good to go no matter what your current skill or experience level is with the title. These tips aren’t just for the online multiplayer experience, either, though.

We will have Black Ops Cold War tips for all across the board, including the story campaign, the multiplayer as expected, and the all-new Zombies experience available at launch. There are many changes to other aspects of the game as well that we will get into.

Your loadout and the classic create-a-class system is back but works a bit differently for those of you who haven’t played in a while, especially if you skipped the recent Modern Warfare 2019 game. As such, I will also include some specific Black Ops Cold War tips for the loadout and new progression system. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips for the Campaign

To kick things off, we will look at the singleplayer campaign where many players will start their Cold War journey at launch. If you are like us and want to experience the story mainly first and then drop it to focus on everything else for the next few months, you are in the right place.

Developed by Raven Software, the singleplayer story is a direct sequel to the original Black Ops. It features the return of fan-favorite characters like Frank Woods, Jason Hudson, and even you playing as Alex Mason in certain areas of the story.

When you aren’t playing Mason, which is probably most of the time, honestly, you will be playing a brand new character that much of the story will revolve around. As for their name, that is something that you get to pick. You get to customize their dossier as well.

After you complete the intro mission to the game’s story, you will create your operative to find Perseus and take him out. This character creation screen is pretty minimal in creating your character as you won’t see or hear that often at all.

Instead, the character creation is mainly focused on your psyche profile, who you are in terms of backstory, and how that will affect your gameplay. The main parts of this matter the most are your backstory and the personality traits you take on.

The former is your backstory of coming from either the CIA, MI6, or being an ex-KGB member. These are solid options and flesh out your character more, with the main characters like Adler and others responding to you as such.

In my case, I selected the ex-KGB out of curiosity. There were several times that Adler or someone would mention that because I knew the KGB so well, I would be an invaluable asset and stuff like that. But the personality traits that you select are even more important to the actual gameplay.

These are essentially permanent perks across the board. You can’t change them after picking them. With our absolute recommendation being the Survivor one, you can pick two, which gives you 25% more health. From there, it is up to you, but that one is important, especially if you are on those higher difficulty levels.

Another tip that we would like to give for the story is to explore everywhere on a mission level. Take your time, see the surroundings, go into that seemingly unimportant room, and get a feel for everything. Let’s say that you are following someone, and that is your objective, but you go into a side room, and the bar at the top says it’s an objective area.

That likely means that it is either important to progressing the story or a collectible of some kind nearby. There are more than a couple of stealth missions in the story when it comes to gameplay, which may be annoying to some, but takedowns can be rather fun.

Sneak up on an enemy and then essentially assassinate them silently to take them out, or, if you have a silenced weapon equipped, you can use that for ranged attacks; make sure that no one is watching. When it comes to picking locks in these levels, keep in mind that the door lock is your thumbstick, so rotate it all around to find the spot and hold it; it’s slightly different than games like Skyrim and Fallout.

Tips for Multiplayer

One of the main modes that players will keep coming back to is the multiplayer experience at the end of the day. This is where you will probably spend a lot of time playing Domination, Deathmatch, the new VIP Escort, and the return of Control for hours on end.

There is a lot to multiplayer this time around, especially if you are a fan of matches bigger than the usual ones and have a bit of a Battlefield flair to it. When starting in multiplayer, you will probably be level one, which means you don’t have a lot unlocked (more on that part later).

As such, we highly recommend that you use the default loadouts for a good while until you have your bearings and other things unlocked. Even past the point in which you have the create-a-class function unlocked as you still won’t have much to go on, these five default loadouts are packed to the max as if you do have everything.

Use vehicles to your advantage. This is something that I don’t see as much at launch as I would like to, but there are vehicles in the bigger team-based modes like Combined Arms. But I see many players who pass them up and play the game like it is traditional five on five or six on six.

But that isn’t the case. Vehicles are designed to be an essential part of attacking that point or capturing a location, so be sure to use those massive gunboats and tanks when you can. And then there is the matter of selecting which game mode(s) you want to play.

While you cannot select a specific map to play on and queue up for it at launch, you can pick some of the modes. You can select and deselect any modes you want or don’t want to see in your queue in the quick play section.

Let’s say that you like the objective-based modes like Domination and Search and Destroy; well, you can remove everything else and only queue up for those modes. You can even do it for a single game mode, so if you like something or want to try a specific new mode, you can do that.

The wait time might be a few seconds longer than usual, but I found that it didn’t take too long, even for a more niche mode like Control. As for specific game modes like the new VIP Escort, I have a couple of tips: if you are the VIP, don’t rush in as you are the key to victory or defeat. You only have a pistol, so be sure to take advantage of the free spy plane.

On the other hand, if you are defending and can easily locate the VIP, that is a quick trip to victory. When it comes to the Combined Arms modes, do the objective. Unless you communicate with your team, be the person to go and do the objective. I see this a lot where I’m the only person (out of 12 people) doing the objective or even near it. They wonder why we lost. Winning will get you more XP, so it is worth the effort.

Tips for Zombies

On the Zombies side of things, we have three main modes: normal Zombies, Dead Ops, and Onslaught (if you’re on the PlayStation side for now). The latter two are minor modes that are fun, but normal Zombies is where it is at. While it has expanded gameplay, there is only one map at launch.

This is a bit disappointing, but that is a topic for another time. One very important thing to note about Zombies is that you can use your primary weapon from multiplayer here. So, if you have a tricked out gun that you have given the best attachments to in the Gunsmith, this is the place to show it off.

No longer do you start with just a pistol and have to work your way up as you can start with one gun from your arsenal, so pick your favorite assault rifle, sniper rifle, SMG, etc., and go to town. When in doubt, aim for the head of the zombie as it will deal more damage and probably give you more points if you kill it.

Melee is fine in the earlier rounds but should not be used much, if at all, in the later rounds. Zombies this time around has objectives that show up on your screen; follow these when you can and progress through the massive map. This will unlock the important machines like the Pack-a-Punch.

Upgrade when you can. Don’t focus too much on weapons. Figure out your two main weapons early on and stick to those, using your points on expanding the map, upgrades, and ammo when you can. Communicate with your team, even with the ping system, if you don’t want to say anything. For those who want to say something, the PS5 controller has a mic built-in.

When it comes to the mystery box, this is something that we recommend you save for later rounds like 10 and up. What’s new this time is that the later rounds have higher chances of getting a better weapon so save your points for the more important stuff in the meantime.

Speaking of rounds, you can leave and “win” the match earlier than intended if you want to keep all of those nice bonuses. To do this, make it to round 10 and if you feel like your team is lacking. Try to agree to do an Exfil or a quick game end before reaching round 20 by heading to the radio icon and interacting with it.

You need the majority to agree to this (three or more). You can escape with your bonuses. But while you wait, the horde of zombies will become stronger than ever, so you need to survive until you can extract. It is much better than dying and losing some of the bonus items. If you choose not to do this at wave 10, you can still do it every five rounds after that.

Tips for Your Loadout and Progression

Lastly, I would like to give you some Black Ops Cold War tips for your loadout and the progression system. The loadout is more critical than ever before in this title since it is now shared across multiplayer and Zombies. You want to figure out what weapons work best for you.

It is best to experiment since there aren’t too many guns at launch anyway and see which one you like the most. You don’t unlock guns that often try out new ones that seem interesting when you get them and keep this going, focusing on only the weapons you like and are good with.

This is because it is rewarding to have a favorite gun and stick with it. You will level that weapon up as you use it and unlock new attachments to use in the Gunsmith, making that weapon even better and better. While we won’t recommend most items for your loadout since everyone is different, I highly recommend the stimpack.

This item will take the place of your tactical equipment, like stun grenades and the like, and allow you to start instantly recovering your health when you use it. You can use it every 10 seconds, so this item’s reusable nature is so important, especially for stuff like Search and Destroy.

When it comes to prestige, there is a new seasonal prestige system that we have already gone over in a separate post but works differently than you might remember it. Every season, you will have the chance to prestige four times and three times during this launch window.

For now, though, we think you should focus on reaching the max level of 55 as that is when the seasonal prestige system will start for you. At 55, you will have unlocked all of the major weapons, perks, and so on and will be able to craft a complete loadout.

When it comes to weapons, you can even click on them and see what requirements are necessary for every camo, including the mastery ones. These aren’t hidden or anything like that, so you can start working towards those precious gold and diamond camos when you start the game.


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